How to have a fun conversation with your girlfriend: 25 things to talk about

How to have a fun conversation with your girlfriend: 25 things to talk about

If you and your partner have nothing to talk about, this relationship probably will not have a high chance of working out. You should know how to have a fun conversation with your girlfriend – both in person and on the phone.

How to have a fun conversation with your girlfriend
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Are you wondering how to have a good conversation with your girlfriend? Or perhaps which things to talk about with your girlfriend on the phone? In either case, we believe that this article will be helpful for you, and you will discover many thrilling conversations to have with your girlfriend.

How to have a fun conversation with your girlfriend

How do I keep a conversation going with my girlfriend? The best way to initiate a friendly discussion is to find meaningful topics for your girlfriend and relationship. Here are some good conversation starters with your significant other.

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How can I talk romantically to my girlfriend?

Romantic conversations strengthen your connection and increase your partner's confidence in the relationship. While most people might find it cliche to talk about the same topics, these are some exciting conversation starters you could use.

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1. Talk about things that you have in common

How to have a fun conversation with your girlfriend
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If you have met and fallen in love, you must have something in common, unless it is just a casual dating thing due to physical attraction. If this is something more profound, you must be connected with this person and notice many similarities between the two of you.

The things we share in common can make us connect on multiple levels. This is why bringing these things into the conversation is an excellent idea because it will make both of you feel close and have a sense of understanding each other.

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2. The things you like about her

Every person enjoys hearing about their positive sides. And if you have fallen in love with your partner, then naturally, there are things you like about her. You would want to make your significant other feel better by listing the qualities you find attractive in her.

For example, you can talk about how you felt when you first met her and reminisce about these memories together with her.

3. Have conversations about vacation destinations

Everyone feels better after talking about their favourite places for vacation because we start getting visuals of this place when we speak about it. This is another thing that shows how different we are because some people enjoy calm vacations at the seaside, while some like active trips to the mountains.

It is essential to know what kind of vacations your significant other enjoys because you might be planning holidays with her in the future, and you need to be aware of her preferences.

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4. Talk about sex

What should I talk about with my girlfriend at night? Sex discussion is one of the good topics to talk about with your girlfriend at night. Engage in a lot of sex chats and ask her many questions. You will get to understand more about what excites you both.

5. Talk about your future together

This is one of the most interesting topics to talk about with your girlfriend. The depth of these discussions usually depends on how close you are and how long you have been together. For example, if you have been dating for not a very long time yet, you are probably not ready to discuss marriage or kids.

But if you have been dating for a long time and are at ease with one another, you might discuss marriage and children and other relevant topics such as the house you want to live in.

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Cute questions to ask your girlfriend

If you are not comfortable having kinky conversations yet, you do not have to fret. These fun questions to ask your girlfriend are an excellent conversation starter, especially if the relationship is in its early stages. Her answers will help you gauge your compatibility and whether you will make a great couple.

6. Ask about her hobbies

How to have a fun conversation with your girlfriend: 25 things to talk about
A couple is watching a movie. Photo:, @Andres Ayrton
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Every person has a hobby that they like doing, making them unique. Hobbies are a significant part of our life, and they shape our personalities in different ways. If you are dating someone, you should be interested in finding out about their hobbies, because they are a great insight into the person.

Your significant other most definitely has some hobbies that she likes doing. It is a brilliant way to know more about her and learn some unexpected things that you would never usually think she would do.

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7. Ask her about her definition of romance

We all have very different definitions of how the perfect romance would be. Some people think it is like a fairytale depicted in dramatic movies where the girl is regularly swept off her feet. The others are down for a more casual relationship where the most romantic thing is watching a movie with pizza at home.

8. Ask who she looks up to

It is always interesting to find out who your significant other's role model is. It will help you understand her goals, purposes, and intentions better.

You can also get interested in why she chose this person to look up to and how she wants to be like them. It can be anyone – her family member, friend, or favourite celebrity.

9. Ask her about things she does not like

It is also essential to discuss the things she does not like. It will make you learn a lot of new information about her, and she will feel closer to you by sharing her deepest fears.

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Usually, people do not want to become something they are afraid of or struggling personally with. You will understand her thoughts and worries and learn more about her moral compass if you ask this question.

10. Ask her what makes her feel happy

This question is good not just because you will learn more about your woman but also because she will learn more about her personality. Inspiring each other to be happy is essential in every relationship.

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Things to talk about with your gf

Are you wondering how to have a fun conversation with your girlfriend? Understanding her thought process and opinions would help you know her values. These are the conversation starters you could use if you wish to engage her in deep conversations:

11. Discuss gratitude

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Romantic questions to ask your girlfriend
A couple is walking in a park with a dog. Photo:, @Andres Ayrton
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Every person feels grateful for something that happens in their lives and what they have. Therefore, it is an excellent topic for discussion because focusing on gratitude is a very positive thing: it is much better than dwelling on negativity and complaining about how everything goes wrong.

You can ask some specific questions – for example, about the thing that she feels the most grateful for or the person she is thankful to for being in her life.

12. Talk about God

If you have still not talked about the religious and spiritual topics with your girlfriend, perhaps you have a chance to connect with her on a deep level by discussing them. These are deep topics and certainly not what you usually discuss with strangers, so you must have a certain level of trust.

Sometimes, you might be aware of the basics – for example, if you go to the same church, you know what she believes in. However, for many people, this topic is something brand new to discuss, and it will give you a good insight into the beliefs of your significant other and her convictions.

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13. Talk about embarrassing moments

You can discuss this topic with a trusted person because most people who have had embarrassing moments in their lives are not ready to discuss them with those they barely know.

This topic is reserved for the closest people. At first, it might be awkward to discuss, but it is also helpful because we all have low moments. Showing each other that you are regular humans who make mistakes and giving insight into each other's lives is important for closure.

14. Ask her for advice when you feel stuck or need guidance

If you believe your woman can assist you with her opinions, you should consider asking her for guidance on specific topics you are unsure about. You can also seek her advice on starting a business, advancing your education, and more.

15. Talk about each other's goals outside of your relationship

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It is very significant to keep in mind that you and your significant other are two separate people who have their own lives and goals. You happen to be together because you make each other happy, but also you are your person, and so is she.

You should be free to discuss different goals that have no connection to your relationship: for example, personal matters, career, or health goals.

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What should I talk about with my girlfriend?

On easy days when you do not feel like having serious conversations, you could discuss easy topics that help you know each other better. These conversation starters could entail talking about your preferences, beliefs and values. These are some of the topics you could use:

16. Discuss childhood memories

Everyone's childhood has shaped them as a person and made them who they are today. It was a critical period in our life when we were learning many things about ourselves and the world.

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Our childhood taught us many important lessons and has had many moments that changed our entire life. Childhood is an intimate topic for every person, and your significant other is not an exception.

17. Discuss your favourite TV shows and movies

What questions make a girl blush?
A couple is looking at a laptop. Photo:, @Polina Tankilevitch
Source: UGC

We all have those shows and movies that we love watching, which keep us on edge. Every popular show, movie, book, game, or other media piece has a large fan base worldwide.

Perhaps your significant other is a fan of the same thing that you like? For example, if you both enjoy watching a specific TV show, you can watch it together, discuss it.

18. Talk about your family

If you are in a long-term relationship, your significant other may be overly interested in learning about your family. Talk to her about your family a lot so she can learn more about your background. She needs to feel connected to you and be a part of your family.

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If you are in a new relationship, perhaps you could give her some brief details about everyone in your family. You can also inquire further about her family and culture. If you share the same cultural background, you can discuss it.

19. Talk about favourite food

Are you wondering what to talk about with your girlfriend anytime? Then consider discussing your favourite foods, the fruits you love most, and your favourite snacks. She can prepare them for you someday or even order them the next time you both go on a date. You should be aware of her options as well.

20. Talk about your high school and college moments

We all have exciting memories to tell about our high school and college experiences. This is one interesting way to have conversations with girlfriends, particularly if you are both relaxed and in a good mood.

One of the best fun times is reminding each other of all the cheeky and creepy stuff. If you are both still in college, you can discuss college life and how your first day in college was.

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What to talk about with your girlfriend

Some topics require an added level of maturity and vulnerability to discuss. Most couples choose to sweep them under the rug. However, they are necessary since they are the cause of most breakups. So, if you were unsure of how to talk to a girl about your emotions or other deep topics, these are the topics that would help you gather the courage to do so.

21. Talk about your fears

Vulnerability is awkwardly attractive, and girls love men who open up about the most sensitive emotions. Talking about your fears makes her feel that you let her into your life. It also strengthens the relationship by making her understand that you trusted her with crucial information.

If you are in a dilemma, involve her by sharing your fears. She will help you navigate the situation and understand how to handle it if you experience the same issue in future.

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22. Ask her about her fears and reassure her

What are some cute questions?
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While it is essential to discuss your fears, engage her to find out more about her fears as well. A good boyfriend should be a shoulder to lean on. Talking about her fears helps her build confidence that you have her back.

If you sense that she is troubled, help her open up. Reassure her that you are home and she can always confide in you. It helps her feel understood, valued and loved.

23. Talk about money

Conversations around money tend to be awkward, especially during the early stages. During the relationship, you might encounter incidents that require you to share your expenditures. If you do not have talked about money and how to navigate the dynamics of the relationship, you might end up resenting your partner. You do not want things to get there.

While it might be awkward, inquire about her take on money and her view on how it influences the relationship.

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24. Ask her what she expects from relationships

Being in love and in a relationship is beautiful. However, do you know your partner's prospects about the relationship? Are they in for the long haul, or are they enjoying the moment while it lasts?

This might not be one of the cutest questions to ask your girlfriend; however, it is necessary. It will help you evaluate whether you are on the same page. It will also help you manage your expectations.

25. The relationship's traditions

Relationships differ depending on the traditions a couple agrees to implement. Being on the same page on these traditions helps you stay grounded and manage each other's expectations. It also helps understand how you wish to be treated and what your partner interprets as love.

Conversations around the relationship's traditions could be about how to mark special occasions, how often you should go on dates, what they prefer as gifts, to mention a few.

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What should you not talk about with your girlfriend?

What should you not talk about with your girlfriend?
A couple is arguing. Photo:, @Alex Green
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If you were stuck on how to talk to your girlfriend, the options mentioned above would provide the best conversation starters. While at that, there are no-go zone topics that could water down your effort to prove you love your girl. These are the things not to discuss with your girlfriend.

1. Past sexual experiences

You are barking the wrong tree when you start inquiring about her past sexual encounters or talking about your experiences. Your girlfriend is not interested in knowing about them. Neither is she confident to talk about her past. Let the experiences remain as memories.

2. Your thoughts about their friend being hot

Being honest with your girlfriend is important. However, before starting a conversation with your girlfriend, ask yourself how beneficial the topic will be to the relationship. Telling her how hot her friend is will awaken her insecurities and ruin her trust in you.

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3. Your previous relationships

Your previous relationships are a no-go zone, not when you have many things to say to your gf. Badmouthing your exes will make you look bad. She will focus on what you can do, and the likelihood of her trusting you will be minimal.

4. Negative comments about their family or friends

If you want to start an argument with your significant other, the fastest way of doing so is by making mean comments about her family or friends. There is a high chance she will defend them. So, watch what you say about the people she cares about.

5. Comparing her with other girls

Comparing her with other girls heightens her insecurities and makes her feel unappreciated. When you start talking about how beautiful other women are, she might feel jealous and demeaned. Be cautious about how you compliment other women in her presence.

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These are some of the best ways on how to have a fun conversation with your girlfriend. Every couple's relationship will improve if they learn to talk to each other about many different things and truly listen to what they say.

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