20+ things to talk about with a girl to keep the conversation alive

20+ things to talk about with a girl to keep the conversation alive

It is a good idea to come up with a strategy to make your discussion with any girl more interesting and alive as you get to know her. Are you eager to learn more about her while at the same time trying to make a good first impression? You will need to come up with a unique and interesting topic to keep her engrossed in the conversation.

what to talk about with a girl
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To connect with a lady, you must use your words and know the appropriate topics to discuss with her. Avoid topics that are biased or too personal. Instead, consider learning about her deeper desires, personality, and whether she is the type of girl for you. Below are some easy topics on how to keep a conversation going with a girl.

Things to talk about with a girl

Ladies are very emotional and open-minded during a conversation. It is how you ask her the queries that will deepen the meaning of the interaction. Check out some ideas below on what to talk about with a girl to ensure you never run out of topics to discuss.

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1. Hobbies

If you met for the first time on Facebook, you have a lot to learn about each other and talk about. Hobbies are among the things to talk about with a girlfriend. You can always inquire about her interests and make appropriate suggestions.

For example, if reading is her leisure activity, you can always recommend various recent books based on the type of books she enjoys. Her interests will also reveal her mindset, which can help you decide whether or not to pursue her.

2. Food and drinks

Everyone drinks and eats; some are a little more passionate and gourmet than others. So, if you are looking for things to talk about with a girl at work, you could always ask her about her favourite cuisines and the top restaurants, wine shops, and cafes she's visited. You can even discuss one culinary difference, which will make for an exciting conversation for her.

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3. Family

Family is one of the things to talk about with a woman. Most people enjoy discussing their parents, siblings, and friends. If you ask her about family culture and values, she might also tell you about her family. It will also give an idea of whether the girl you like is your type, traditional or modern, and how much her relatives will influence your daily lives if you pursue the relationship further.

4. Childhood

Childhood is among the topics to talk about with a girl. It is something everyone has had to deal with. Some of your most precious memories originate from this period, while others may be more embarrassing. So have some enjoyment with a lady and tell her about your childhood.

Reminiscing about your childhood will help relieve conflicts and make you appear more relatable. It can also help to reveal vulnerabilities while also fostering trust and intimacy. So, whether you see this girl as a friend or more, your childhood memories are a secure way to connect.

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5. Travel

things to talk about with a girl
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Talking about travel always makes most girls happy. Again, the key here is to request more than an impersonal list of vacation spots. Inquire about the most exciting city she has visited and what she liked about it. These kinds of conversations will set her imagination on fire and put her in a good mood, both of which she will begin to associate with you.

6. Favourite celebrities

Girls adore Hollywood entertainers and stars. They also enjoy gossiping about them, their love lives, and their fitness regimen. So, you can always talk to your girl about famous people and Hollywood stars. Remember to tell her about the celebrity you adore as well.

7. Life and religion

Everyone has their life philosophy and religion based on their experiences. But put that aside for a moment, and inquire about what she desires to do with her life and her outlook on life in general. Is she living each day as if it were her last, or does she plan out every detail of each day? Finally, ask her about her views on religion and her family's religious views.

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8. Pets and animals

If she has a pet, she probably adores it. She will probably show you images and videos and tell you a story. A girl's love for her pet reveals an intimate aspect of her personality that she may not even realize she's showing to you.

9. Her town or city

Where people are from and where they grew up can reveal a lot about themselves. The main reason for asking this question is to direct the discussion toward subjects that will provide you with more information about her beliefs and values. Understanding what she holds for and how she came to maintain those beliefs is helpful.

10. Fears

topics to talk about with a girl
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When you are interested in a girl, inquire about her fears. These questions hit the spot, and if you are consistent enough even with your questions without being invasive, you can keep this conversation going all night long.

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11. Best hangout spot

Take the time to learn where she likes hanging out. For example, you can compare bookstores or libraries if you're both book lovers. If she spends time at local parks, she enjoys being outside.

Discovering that you both go to the same club for after-work drinks could be a great reason to get together again. Knowing you have similar interests in how and where you spend your time will allow for a smoother start to your relationship or friendship.

12. Dreams

Ask her to discuss her extraordinary dreams with you. Dreaming is a normal part of life. However, she will not start sharing them with anyone she has just met. She will only bring it up if she believes you are unique. When you tell her about your dreams, she will tell you about her visions, aspirations, and desires.

13. The people around you

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Pick a stranger randomly and talk about their stories. Then have your date with your girl and tell her about your experience. Once she's gotten the hang of it, you can start getting more creative and ridiculous with your stories. If you do this, you will have a great time.

14. Her motivations

Why does she desire the things she likes? What exactly are her true motivations? Most men never go this far. Instead, try to figure out why she wants the things she does. Doing this out of curiosity demonstrates that you are interested and not nervous to delve a little deeper.

15. Entertainment

how to keep a conversation going with a girl
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Discussing preferred kinds of entertainment will almost certainly keep a conversation going. Favourite music and movies are fun things to talk about with a girl. It reveals a lot about a person and can help you develop new topics to discuss with a girl.

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Feel free to bring up issues such as a book you recently read or the last live show you attended. Find out if she enjoys sports and if you both support the same team. There may even be an opportunity in the future to make plans to do something fun that you both adore.

16. Her achievements and success

Everyone has significant accomplishments that they don't always brag about. So, when you ask her which accomplishments she is most proud of, notice how her eyes light up. Then, allow her to talk about the things she is most proud of, whether a promotion, following her aspirations, or a career milestone. With this one, you'll have her attention.

17. Current events

Current events make excellent topic starters. It is a good idea to bring up non-political events if you and the girl have opposing viewpoints. You can discuss it if she opens up about her beliefs. Consider a local festival, or inquire about a recent novel or recently released film. Stick to more positive current events or topics to which everyone can relate.

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18. Talk about her

Having talked about many topics with her, encourage her to tell you about herself! If you show interest in her as a person, she will feel more at ease opening up to you. You can use what she says to generate new questions and responses that keep things flowing naturally.

19. Happiness

What brings her joy? It may be a simple task, but it is highly beneficial to your relationship. You can discuss what makes the other person happy so that you know what to do to make her happy. It could be the ideal way for her to fall in love with you.

20. Talk about intimacy

If you believe you are in a position to discuss more personal and sensitive topics, go ahead. You can easily express your feelings for her at this point. As previously stated, it all depends on your familiarity and closeness with the girl.

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Intellectual and personal subjects are a form of shared affection that allows you to let down your guard and share a part of yourself with the other person. However, use them with caution and without prejudice!

How to talk to a girl online

how to talk to a girl you like
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Some people struggle in online conversations because they don't understand why they are there in the first place. If you are using an online dating platform to hook up or potentially date someone, whatever your intentions, you must be regarded as loveable and make an excellent first impression.

Emotional topics to talk about with a girl

Good conversation topics emotionally engage a girl. When a woman becomes 'emotional' with you, you notice her laughing, her pupils dilate, and she is having a great time. Some of such topics include her dreams, passions, motivations, regrets, deepest secrets etc.

Topics to talk about with a girl in high school

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For high school students, you can discuss topics about their academic challenges, best subjects, the course they intend to pursue in college, score targets, and relationships with others.

Things to talk about on the phone

When running out of ideas on how to talk to a girl, you can consider discussing simple things like how she spent her day and her plans for the day.

The best topics to discuss with a girl are those that hold her attention in conversations with you. Fortunately for you, the recommendations above provide excellent starting points. After that, the rest is entirely up to you!

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Inquiring into your relationship with your partner might help you get to know them better and determine if you are ready for long-term commitments. In addition, you may ensure greater connections with your significant others by asking the appropriate questions.

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