What is the spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex-partner?

What is the spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex-partner?

The dream world is a unique and bewildering environment that even the most intelligent hardly understand its dynamics. It becomes more confusing when you dream about your ex-partner, especially if it has been years since the two of you separated. Finding the spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex will help you know what you ought to do to stop such dreams.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex
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No doubt, the most unpleasant dream one can have is about their ex. Are you there wondering why you keep dreaming about your ex-partner? Worry no more because the following spiritual meanings will give you all the answers you need.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex-boyfriend

It is common for ladies to dream about an ex-boyfriend even if they are already in a new relationship. It doesn't necessarily mean they want to get back with the person. There could be several meanings, and here are some of the many reasons.

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1. Unresolved feelings

It could be unresolved feelings about your ex haunting you. Haunted feelings do not mean romantic feelings but how things ended between you and your ex-boyfriend. There is a possibility that you never received any closure when the relationship ended. Maybe the other person suddenly ended it, which completely shocked you. The more you think about the breakup, the more likely it will haunt you in dreams.

2. Being anxious about your new relationship

It is never easy to get over a breakup. It can take weeks, months, or even years to get over the things that happened in a past relationship. Now you are in a new relationship, and you are scared that the same patterns may repeat themselves, and therefore you are overly precautions. The dreams you are having may be your subconscious mind's way of weighing up your current partner.

3. You miss parts of the relationship

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Perhaps you are dreaming of your ex-boyfriend because you are missing parts of your life with them. Sometimes it can be confusing whether you are missing the person or parts of the relationship, but there is a great chance it is parts of the relationship. For example, it could be something you did together, places you visited often, or maybe the place you lived together.

4. You are destined to reunite in the future

Maybe the reason why you broke up with your ex-boyfriend was external. It could be your ex was the right person for you and that you were perfectly compatible. If you are meant to be together, destiny will find a way of reuniting you, and dreaming about your ex means you ought to reunite in the future.

5. You lost touch with your inner-self

Dreaming of your ex-boyfriend is one of the common dreams when you have lost touch with your inner self. Feeling connected to your ex does not mean you want to get back to them. Sometimes, it means you neglected your needs and gave too much of yourself in past relationships.

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To help you regain a sense of yourself, you need to analyze yourself and see if there is a way that you can do things differently and then ensure that you do things right in your next relationship.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex-girlfriend

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex-girlfriend
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Dreams often represent an aspect of your life that you are conscious of. Dreaming about your ex-girlfriend could be triggered by some of the reasons below.

1. You are not over your ex-girlfriend

Could it be you are dreaming of your ex-girlfriend because you still have feelings for her? It means that you are not completely over her. To move on, you need to evaluate yourself and know why you still have feelings for her. Once you deal with these unresolved feelings, you will be free to move to a new relationship.

2. You secretly want her back

Dreams are a great tool for manifesting what we want. How can you tell that you secretly want her back? If most of the time you are thinking about her or every single thing reminds you of her. Often our thoughts manifest themselves in our dreams.

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3. You are comparing your current relationship with your old one

Dreaming about your ex-girlfriend could mean that you are holding memories of your past relationship. You are trying to see some of the qualities you saw in your ex-girlfriend to your current girlfriend. It could be you are not experiencing the kind of happiness in your new relationship that you had experienced with your former girlfriend.

4. Something is making you sad

Dreaming about your ex-girlfriend can mean that things in your life make you unhappy. Instead of dealing with the problem, your subconscious is taking you back to your ex-girlfriend, who made you happy. Take time to evaluate yourself to determine what is currently bothering you to work on the problem and eliminate it.

5. You are trying to forgive your ex after a bad breakup

Seeing your ex-girlfriend in a dream could be your brain's way of creating an opportunity to forgive her if the relationship ended with insults or fights. The dream reveals that you need to make peace with her. Do you want the dreams to stop? Ensure you forgive her when you wake up and when your mind is conscious.

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Spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex kissing you

Spritual meaning of dreaming about your ex kissing you
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If you dreamt about your ex-partner kissing you, you are likely curious to know what the dream means. Here is the spiritual meaning of the dream.

1. You are worried about finding someone who will love you

Dreaming about your ex kissing you can mean that you are afraid you will never find another person who will love you the way they did. Worrying leaves you desperate and lonely for companionship, which is why you dream about your ex-kissing you. You need to take action and find another lover.

2. Indicates that you are not meant to be together

Are you frequently dreaming of your ex kissing you? The spiritual meaning behind the dream is that it's time to get over the past relationship. Such a dream helps you get clear about who you should be with.

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3. Fear of losing your ex

It could indicate that you are worried about losing your ex. But, on the other hand, it can also mean that you have a strong sexual attachment to that person.

4. They were cheating on you

If you dream of your ex kissing you and feeling terrible after the dream, it can mean that they were cheating on you. Many people tend not to admit that their ex cheated on them, and therefore their subconscious mind will create dreams of their ex kissing them, but in a way, they will feel guilty.

5. Intimacy dissatisfaction

If you saw yourself in a dream engaging in a passionate kiss, it indicates that you lack intimacy satisfaction in your current relationship. Likewise, your ex could be yearning for the same amount of passion in their current relationship.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex hugging you

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Spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex hugging you
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Sleep is paramount to everyone as it allows you to relax and dream. But sometimes, dreams can be a source of stress, especially if you keep dreaming about an ex you don't talk to anymore. Dreaming that your ex hugs you corresponds with the following meanings.

1. Represent ties that bind the two together

Hugs represent affection. Dreaming that your ex hugged you in a dream indicates the ties you once shared with your ex before breaking up. It does not necessarily mean that you miss your ex.

2. Your ex is undergoing difficulties

Dreaming about your ex hugging you from behind has a spiritual meaning that the ex-partner is going through hard times in their life. These difficulties may deny them peace and fulfilment.

3. Great days ahead (happy life ahead)

The spiritual meaning of your ex hugging you indicates that you will have active and beautiful days ahead. You will also be able to get rid of your troubles and, as a result, experience relief and relaxation.

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Dreaming about an ex can be baffling. However, to decipher a dream precisely, it is a good idea to seek its meaning. The above spiritual meanings of dreaming about your ex-partner will answer all your questions about your dreams.

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