How to tell someone you like them over text or in real life

How to tell someone you like them over text or in real life

As humans, it is natural to get attracted to other people. Some of the things that catch our attention are looks, sense of style, personality traits, sense of humor, a smile, a good scent, and so much more. If you have a crush that you would like to tell how you feel, here are the best tips on how to tell someone you like them.

how to tell your crush you like them
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It is not an easy task to walk up to someone and express your deepest feelings towards them. Some topics make people get nervous, and this is completely normal.

You would be surprised to know that even some of your celebrity icons and very attractive people also get nervous when it comes to the topic of how to tell your crush you like them.

I think we all have been in a situation where we were head over heels about someone. You always want to see them, listen to them, look at them, smell them…Okay! I am sure you get the idea now. You may fail to admit it openly, but it is something that happens.

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It is a beautiful feeling which can become overwhelming if not controlled. Therefore, you want to make sure that you do not become obsessed with anyone and, rather, stay relaxed and composed to avoid doing things you might regret in the future.

How do you tell someone you like them?

Depending on how deep your friendship or relationship is, there are various strategies to approach someone and let them know your feelings.

Girls are amazing, and it is impossible not to fall in love with them. Based on your personal preferences, it is not hard to find one who will fill up your life with joy and love. If you have found her already, learn how to tell her you like her without making either of you feel awkward.

How do you tell a boy you like him? Admitting that you are attracted to a boy can also be a challenge, simply because you do not know how he will respond. However, you never know until you try, right?

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If you want to learn how to tell a girl you like her or how to tell a boy you like him, these are tips that will help you nail it.

1. Drop hints

how to tell a girl you like her
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As it may feel quite weird to directly reveal your feelings to someone without knowing if they actually like you, you can incorporate hints when you are spending time together.

Some of the things you can do are smiling, teasing them playfully, and making eye contact. You could also try lightly touching their wrist, arm, or hand when having a conversation within a close range.

These things help relieve the pressure that may be existent between both of you. They act as an indirect message that you like the other person, and they will make a move too if they feel the same way.

2. Be confident

Confidence is almost a requirement to make it through life. In this case, you should try and be as confident as you can when speaking to your crush, as it is an attractive trait.

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However, do not feel pressured to impress them as you may end up doing too much. Do some breathing exercises, relax, and be yourself when going to express your feelings.

3. Have a deadline

When it comes to some matters, there is no perfect time for execution. Therefore, it is advisable to set a date in which you will break the news to your crush.

Whether you will be feeling nervous or not, promise yourself that the day will not end before you have that conversation.

Additionally, do not set a date that is too far as you do not want to have two months of overthinking and analyzing the possible outcome each day. Do it as soon as you can so that anxiety does not eat you up, figuratively speaking.

4. Avoid complicating the situation

how to tell her you like her
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As much as it is important to believe that there will be positive feedback, you should keep in mind that this may not be the case. Rejection makes us feel bad, but since you will not know the outcome until you do something about it, give it a shot and expect anything as a response.

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Express yourself in a manner that shows them that they can feel free to speak out about how they feel, or not. They should not feel pressured to tell you what you want to hear, but rather, be honest.

Every person is obligated to have their feelings. If yours are not reciprocated, be ready to move on with your life peacefully, hoping for better results in the future.

5. Ensure that you are comfortable

You could be trying to ensure that your crush does not feel weird, and you end up forgetting that you ought to be comfortable as well.

Therefore, make sure that you pick an environment and time which will be favorable to both of you. If you both enjoy watching movies, you could arrange to watch one together and tell them you like them during or after the activities planned.

6. Consider the outcome if you keep silent

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Before doing anything, it is crucial to evaluate if it is necessary or not. In this case, think about what would happen if you failed to express your feelings to your crush.

If they moved away, would you feel guilty and start blaming yourself for not making a move? If yes, go ahead and shoot your shot.

Regret is painful, and you do not want to be its victim. You will be left wondering what would have been, and this is not beneficial for your emotional, mental, and, sometimes, physical health.

7. Avoid overthinking

how to tell a boy you like him
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As human beings, we sometimes tend to overthink after meeting someone we are attracted to. You start thinking about how they would make a great partner, all the trips you could have together, sleepless nights talking or having fun, and so on.

When you begin having such thoughts, it will make it harder to deal with rejection if it happens. Therefore, it is advisable to live in the moment and be patient.

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8. Look at the bigger picture

Sometimes, our feelings are not always reciprocated. When this happens, it is necessary to remember that we are loved. This could be by a friend, family members, a pet, and, most importantly, ourselves. This is why self-love is very important as we need to be enough for ourselves despite anyone’s opinion.

9. Sharing the information with loved ones

Interestingly, people have different opinions on whether to share confession plans with loved ones or not. This is because everyone has their point of view, and it could get confusing.

When you tell your close friends or a close family member that you are about to confess your feelings to someone, they may try to talk you out of it as they could fear seeing you hurt if rejected.

At the same time, things may turn out differently, and they may encourage you to do it. They could tell you that you are a great and lovable person, and this will boost your confidence. If things do not go well, they will continue encouraging you and boost back your confidence as you wait for someone else.

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Therefore, sharing such information has its pros and cons as the outcome is unknown. In this case, it is advisable to follow your gut and do what feels right.

10. Be positive

how do you tell someone you like them
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As much as it is advisable to be realistic, stay positive, and surround yourself with good vibes and energy. Whether you get the response you want or not, you may be a bit shaken if the outcome is the latter, but you will be okay.

Smiling is also necessary as it facilitates the boosting of one’s mood, lowering the heart rate, and reducing stress. Therefore, smile and keep calm.

How to tell someone you like them over text

Do you know how to express feelings to a crush? If you find it hard to do it face to face, texting might just be the best alternative for you.

Have you ever thought about how to tell your crush you like him over text, or how to tell a girl you like her over text?

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Communicating your feelings through text can reduce the intensity of shock from the situation. It also allows the recipient to have enough time to come up with a meaningful response. Here is how to tell your crush you like them over text. These tips may also apply if you intend to communicate your feelings in real life.

1. Starting a conversation

Most, if not all, people would not like to be described as basic. Nothing is interesting about appearing basic, so make sure the person you like does not put you in that category.

Instead of starting your conversation with the familiar ‘hi’, ‘hello’, ‘what's up’, or ‘hey’ with multiple e’s or y’s, do something different. You can send the greeting, but make sure you add something to it.

You could ask them what they have been up to all day, or any other relevant question that resonates with the basis of your friendship. If they had told you they were to do something or go somewhere, ask if they did it and how it went.

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By doing this, you will be able to kick-start a conversation as they will feel that you are concerned about them. It is incredibly thoughtful to follow up on someone in a regulated manner.

2. Avoid using abbreviations

how to tell someone you like them over text
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It is important to note that not everyone understands abbreviations. If you are in the habit of sending abbreviated messages to your friends and loved ones, try and avoid it when texting this person of interest.

Additionally, typing full words is attractive. It shows that you took the time to type out all the words, showing the other person that they are important to you.

3. Do not double text

If you do not get a response right away, avoid double texting at all costs. This will save you from appearing desperate and clingy.

If you are the type of person that gets nervous when waiting for a response, find something to keep you busy. As it can be hard not to think about it even when occupied, try doing something you love. This way, as much as you could be thinking about getting your message replied, the anxiety will be minimized.

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4. Use emojis

Using emojis is a great way to spice up a conversation. Based on the emotions being conveyed in a particular text, add an emoji or two to make sure that the point gets home.

5. Send funny texts, pictures, videos, or GIFs

Happiness is one of the most sought out things in this world. Now more than ever, you can put a smile on their face by sending a funny text, picture, video, or GIF.

how to tell a girl you like her over text
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Look for appropriate funny videos to go along with the topic at hand. If they tell you something funny, instead of replying with laughing emojis all the time, look for a GIF or video on laughter and use that instead.

6. Realize that there is nothing to lose

Before you met this person, you were eating, breathing, and living your life. They may have brought some joy into your life, but this does not mean that they are the only person capable of doing this.

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Therefore, what is the worst that can happen if your feelings are not reciprocated? Remember, you were still living before you met them, and this will continue whether they choose to be in your life or not.

7. Give compliments

Whatever you like about your crush, take this opportunity to let them know. This could be their sense of humor, beauty, style, smile, and so on. Do not overdo the compliments, but rather keep them appropriate and simple.

8. Avoid playing games

As much as you may use emojis, GIFs, videos, and compliments, do not overdo them. If you overdo these things, they may fail to take you seriously and view you as a mere joker.

Additionally, do not play the game of time. This game entails responding only after some time is gone, mostly based on how long the other person took to reply.

It can be tedious and boring for both parties to text each other only after 10 minutes are over. Act mature and leave such games for people who do not know what they want.

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9. Ensure they are focused

how to tell your crush you like him
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In such a situation, timing is key. Try to have an idea of their schedule so that you can express your feelings at the right time.

The best time to do it would be when they are relaxing. This could be after they are done with their day’s activities and simply unwinding.

10. Analyze their mood

As you will have texted for a while, identify how they are feeling based on how they will be communicating. You could also use the information they are sharing with you to understand where their thoughts and feelings lie at that moment.

11. Tell them how you feel

After you have analyzed their mood and figured out it might be a good time to do it, take your chance. Ensure that the text is short and straight to the point.

You could say that you like them and would like to hang out sometime if they are available. If they are the type of person who prefers to go out for dinner, instead of asking them to hang out with you, tell them you would like to take them out on a dinner date after expressing your feelings.

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Take a look at this example. ‘I have come to like you a lot and would like to know you better. It would be my pleasure to take you out sometime.’ This is a clear and direct message.

An additional tip is to add a joke if you can. For example, if you know that your crush is a fan of a particular celebrity, you could mention their name after the major text.

You could say something like, ‘After we hang out, we might just come across *name of celebrity*, and it will end up being the best day of your life. Just imagine meeting both of your favorite people in one day! It’s crazy, I know’.

Adding a silly joke will help reduce the tension for both of you as it creates a friendly atmosphere. When you add a joke to a serious statement, doesn’t it make it less severe?

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12. Keep calm

how to tell your crush you like them
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It is crucial that you give them space to analyze the information. During this time, take deep breaths, smile, or do something you love. You could also repeat words of affirmation to yourself as you are a lovely human being, and anyone would be lucky to have you in their life.

13. Respond appropriately

If you get a positive response, take time to rejoice. Make sure your crush is aware that you are happy and waiting to take them out.

In case your feelings fail to be reciprocated, that is not the end of the world. Believe that rejection is redirection, and the best is yet to come.

Do not be triggered to be rude, petty, or disrespectful to them. Tell them you understand and appreciate their honesty. If you want your friendship to continue, feel free to let them know.

There is no perfect way on how to tell someone you like them. Figure out what you are comfortable doing and take a shot at it. There is something worse than missing the goal, and that is not pulling the trigger.


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