Topics to chat with a girl on WhatsApp that are fun for both parties

Topics to chat with a girl on WhatsApp that are fun for both parties

Being in a new relationship is exciting and nerve-wracking. Mostly, many men do not know how to start a conversation with a girl they have just met. It is, therefore, necessary to know what to say to initiate and keep the conversation going or else you will lose her. And these are the topics to chat with a girl on WhatsApp that she will likely enjoy. Dr. Sam Ayila, a marriage counselor, relationship coach, and sex therapist, offers insights on initiating a conversation and discussing important topics with a girl you love using WhatsApp.

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You have just met this girl you have been crushing on, and she gave you her number. You are over the moon but you are not sure what to chat about on WhatsApp. Do not fret as there are numerous great topics to chat with a girl on WhatsApp. These topics will get her attention and improve your relationship with her.

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How to start a conversation on WhatsApp

In an interview with, Dr. Sam Ayila, a marriage counselor, relationship coach, and sex therapist, shared tips on how men can kick-start a creative and enjoyable conversation with a lady they are interested in using WhatsApp. He mentioned:

  • To be readily accepted, start with the focus of the group you both met (if that is where you met)
  • If you have followed her before, check the things that interest her on her daily status and send her such materials.
  • Be sure you understand the correct meanings of emojis very well before you use any. Any wrongly used one will end your conversation prematurely. Only use emojis if they know their purposes well.
  • Special compliments on the DP (display photo) will also ease the mode for conversation.
  • Make your chats and language as simple as possible (that is not the time to be a professor of English)

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Topics to chat with a girl on WhatsApp

Starting a conversation with a girl you like on WhatsApp needs you to balance the anxiety and still be interesting. How these first chats go will determine if you get blocked even before the relationship starts. Here are the interesting topics to chat about on WhatsApp with a girl.

1. Hobbies

One of the best topics to chat with a girlfriend on WhatsApp is hobbies. Knowing how both of you spend your free time is a great way to understand each other. Common hobbies are always a point of conversation.

2. Food

Food is one of the interesting topics to discuss with a girl and its a great icebreaker. Whether it’s a new dish you saw online or your favourite cuisine, chatting about food is a good starting point. You also get to know where to plan a date.

3. Family

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Conversations around family are great, and they show you are interested in the people she cares about. You can ask if she has siblings, which parent she is close to more, and how close she is to her family. You can share about your family as well.

4. Work and career

This is an everyday life topic and is a good starting point. From horrible bosses and projects, you loved to office events, and talk about everything work-related. Ask her about her future work goals and share yours.

5. Her communication style

Communication is the basis for a working relationship. This makes it an important topic when getting to know someone. Is she a call or chat person, does she shut down when she is upset? You will avoid many conflicts and create a deeper connection with her once you understand her communication style.

6. Future plans

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If you are wondering how to keep a conversation going with a girl ask about her future plans. Knowing what your girl's plans for the future are is a great way to create interest. Do not make this sound like an interview, but make it interesting.

Dr. Sam emphasized that when discussing future plans with a girl you love, it's crucial to first establish a permanent definition for the relationship, among other key considerations, such as:

  • It would be best to determine where the relationship is planned to end; that will help the extent of commitment.
  • Don't make commitments before discussing anything about future plans.
  • Initiate other real-life stories or even myths concerning the subjects you desire to discuss in the future and listen to her opinions in every respect.
  • The future of any subject must also be noted in the context of her demography.
  • It would help if you also tried to be in sync with the current realities of life expectancy before delving into how the future will look in every subject of life.

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7. Fitness and health

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If you are big on health and fitness, bring up the topic and let her know what motivates you. You can ask about her favourite workout and how many times she hits the gym.

8. Where she lives

Ask her about where she lives and what her immediate environment is like. Ensure you are not prying too much and always respect her privacy. Be general, and you don’t need to ask for her home address at this point.

9. Day's events/happenings

Simple daily experiences can be the source of intriguing or light-hearted conversations. Ask her what were her rose, thorn, and bud. The rose is the best thing, the thorn is a negative thing, and the bud is a new insight she had.

10. Habits and daily routines

Understanding her routines gives insight into how her life is structured. Ask what is her daily routine, and her favourite night-time ritual. This may even spark a thoughtful small gift idea for her. You also know a bit more about her daily schedule on when to text or call so you do not distract her.

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11. Role models

Ask who her biggest role model is. Find out who your potential girlfriend looks up to and who inspires her. Ask about the character traits she most admires in that person so you can understand her better. You can also share who your mentor or role model is.

12. Travel plans

Travel topics are always great and fun if you don't know how to chat with a new girl on WhatsApp. Get to know where has she been and her next travel destination. See if your best destinations match or not, and maybe you can use this information to plan something in future. Some good questions to ask include:

  • What is your favourite travel destination?
  • What cool thing(s) has travelling taught you?
  • If you could go anywhere with all expenses paid tomorrow, where would that be?

13. Intimacy

Intimacy is on of the most emotional topics to talk about with a girl. It's a hot topic, so save this for when both of you are comfortable with each other. This conversation is great to have at night because it can be steamy. Give her the space to talk about her feelings about what she likes or doesn’t like.

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14. The man of her dreams

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Get to know what her dream man looks like, so you know if you fit the bill. If she likes you she will be impressed and will want to give you details. Here are a few questions you can ask her.

  • What type of guys do you enjoy hanging around with?
  • What male behaviour bothers you?
  • What do you value most in a man?

15. Pet Peeves

Pet peeves are a great topic to discuss when you do not know what to discuss with a girl. Get to know what bugs her and keep it light. This conversation will give you a chance to know what to avoid to win her over.

16. Fashion

If you are not sure how to chat with a girl without being boring, try fashion. Most girls love to talk about the latest fashion trends. Introduce a fashion topic, and you will have a happy first chat. If you are not sure where to start, ask the below questions and let the conversation flow.

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  • Are you an online shopper or an in-store shopper?
  • How would you describe your style and fashion?
  • What is your favourite and least favourite colour?

17. Music and movies

If you are wondering how to start a conversation with a girl on WhatsApp, talk about music and movies/TV shows. Most people love music and movies as two are great topics for chatting. Get to know her favourite and worst movies and music genres. Below are some interesting questions about music you can ask.

  • What song do you have on repeat?
  • Dead or alive, who’s the best singer?
  • What's your favourite movie of all time?
  • Movie theatre or Netflix and chill?

18. Hangout spots and events

One way of getting to know a new girl is by asking her where she likes to hang out. What are the areas in the city where she likes to hang out? Know her favourite restaurants, coffee joints, and other hangout areas.

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19. Jokes

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Finding a girl with a sense of humour is always a plus, and the earlier you find out she is funny the better. Some of the funny topics to chat with a girl on WhatsApp include pranks, pet names, and weird stuff. To ignite a conversation with humour, here are some funny questions to ask a girl over text.

  • If reincarnation exists, what would you like to be in your next life?
  • What is your weirdest deal breaker?
  • What was the funniest prank someone pulled on you?
  • What is your pet name if you have any?

20. Childhood memories

When your girl opens up about her childhood you’ll be able to see how you connect. The following questions could be asked to get more information.

  • What is the most memorable moment from your childhood days?
  • How were your friends growing up?
  • Did you enjoy your childhood?

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Dr. Sam also pointed out that discussing memories and past events can be "very dicey," depending on how directly it affects individuals. He said:

  • Please don't start a talk about a matter you are uncomfortable discussing. Especially such that comes with painful memories.
  • You must also apologize when you notice a specific subject brings hurtful memories to the other person.
  • Whichever way those memories go (good or bad), make every effort to pick out the lessons from them and make them exciting experiences that you will end up appreciating God to have gone through.

21. Talk about love

Love is the end game here, right? Loving and being loved is one of the greatest feelings, and everyone loves to talk about love. This is more so if you like the girl. Get to know her past experiences with love and her definition of love.

22. Personal interest

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One of the interesting topics to discuss with a girl is her interest. Ask her what drives her and what she is passionate about. Let her open up about what she wanted to do when she was young. Her experiences in high school and college will also be a great point of conversation.

There are many topics to chat with a girl on WhatsApp, and it's vital to find ones that you both like. Whether it is discussing your shared interests, or stories, or even chatting about your dreams and aspirations, the ultimate goal is to keep the conversation engaging and respectful. Just be genuine and attentive. In the long run, you will be sure to have a great time chatting with the her.

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There are numerous things to know about a new partner when you start dating. The easiest way to know them is by asking the right questions. These questions will help you strengthen your communication while also learning about your potential partner. This will ensure that you date the right person and avoid problems that stem later in relationships.


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