90+ happy wedding anniversary quotes for parents from loving kids

90+ happy wedding anniversary quotes for parents from loving kids

Celebrate your parents’ lasting love with happy wedding anniversary quotes that honour their bond. From cute messages to funny wedding anniversary wishes, these wonderful anniversary quotes for parents will make them feel extra special on their special day.

wedding anniversary quotes
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The institution of marriage is one of the most challenging one for many based on several cases of divorce worldwide. Therefore, it essential to appreciate your parents for always sticking together. Find some cute anniversary quotes for parents to send them on their special day of the year.

Happy anniversary mom and dad quotes

Seeing your parents growing older together is a great blessing. Make their day memorable by sending them these happy anniversary quotes for parents.

  • Mom and dad, I feel incredibly grateful to call you my parents and watch your love blossom throughout the years.
  • The only thing better than having you for parents is my children having you for grandparents.
  • Marriage is the golden ring in a chain whose beginning is a glance and whose ending is eternity.
  • Because of you both, the world knows that truth and love exist. Keep these beliefs alive and cherish one another.
  • Remember the yesterdays, plan your tomorrows and celebrate your today! Happy anniversary to a lovely couple.
  • Happy anniversary to the best parents in the world! I love you both.
  • You two are a living example of how a couple can be committed to their love and nurture a family‘s growth year after year.
  • You’re the parents all kids hope to have. Don’t know how I got so lucky, but thank you for being an amazing couple.
  • Most people find it hard to believe in "forever", but seeing the never-ending love between both of you makes me believe in "forever".
  • Dear parents, congratulations on another year of togetherness. I wish you a joyous wedding anniversary and many more special years together.
  • May your life be filled with happiness and us. Hope you enjoy today, tomorrow and lifetime with each other, love you!
  • Sending my love and respect to my wonderful mom and dad on their most special day.
  • You’ve already spent many lovely years together; I wish you many more years of happiness in each other’s company.
  • Everyone wishes they had parents like you, partners like you, and a family like ours! Congratulations on another wonderful year as couple!
  • Every day, I’m so inspired by your long-lasting and genuine love.
  • Congratulation on another year of love and happiness. Wishing you many more years and milestones of happiness to come!
  • If I get the chance to be born million times, then I will pray for the same parents. Happy anniversary!
  • You have always taught us to attain milestones in life. Congratulations on attaining one yourself.

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Wedding anniversary wishes for parents

happy anniversary to my parents
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It is a great blessing to have loving parents celebrating their marriage anniversary. Celebrate your parents’ love and commitment with one of these cute anniversary wishes for parents.

  • I wish you more love, joy, and happiness in your life.
  • Happy anniversary to the parents that inspire me every day. Best wishes to you two for all the years to come.
  • Happy anniversary, you old lovebirds! Your long-lasting and beautiful love inspires me every day.
  • May you be blessed with many more happy and loving years together. You are my life’s biggest inspiration.
  • In this world of fake promises, you two are examples of true love and dedication. I wish someday I will have a happy married life of these many years.
  • May every year that passes bring you closer to one another. Stay happy and in love, guys.
  • You both inspire me every day to be the best version of myself that I can be and to always treat those I love with respect and kindness. Best wishes for the years ahead.
  • Warmest wishes to the wonderful two of you on your special anniversary.
  • Thank you for being such wonderful parents to me. I wish you all the happiness in the world.
  • Thank you for showing us what a happy marriage looks like. I am so proud to call you my parents.
  • I hope this wonderful marriage between you two lasts for another thousand years. You two have always been the greatest parents in the world.
  • Couples like you are hard to find nowadays. Your long-lasting marriage almost seems like a fairy tale to us.
  • You two are what soulmates look like, and I am so lucky that my parents are such lovebirds.
  • I wish you stay as young as you both look and may always shower your love as the “best couple goal.”
  • Mom and Dad, you have a most special marriage, one that breathes love and is spoken by the soul and felt by the heart. Best wishes as you celebrate another year of joy.
  • You both have been my pillars in life. Today, let’s raise a toast to the day your hearts came together.
  • Wishing you both continued love and happiness for many years to come.

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Cute anniversary message to parents

happy anniversary parents
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Celebrate the wedding anniversary of your parents by sending them anniversary messages to show care and admiration for their unconditional love.

  • Can’t imagine a more perfect pair who deserves a more perfect day! Wish you a happy wedding anniversary, Dad and Mom.
  • Happy wedding anniversary to the amazing couple and to the parents that all children would like to have!
  • Congratulations on the silver jubilee of your wedding! Always stay happy and blessed!
  • No one is better than you, mom and dad. Happy anniversary to both of you!
  • May your passionate love for each other grow with each passing year. Here is wishing you another glorious wedding anniversary, dear parents!
  • Love is when a single soul is living in two bodies, and you are a real proof of that! Happy wedding anniversary, dear mom and dad!
  • Mom and dad, you are the ideal married couple all lovers hope to be. Enjoy your wedding anniversary!
  • Happy wedding anniversary to the most wonderful parents in the world! I love you both.
  • Seeing you live out a real-life fairy tale makes me believe in everlasting love that is passionate and true. Happy wedding anniversary, dad and mom!
  • You two make me realize true love does happen! Whatever I am today is only because of both of you. It's my honour that I'm your son!
  • I can only hope that my husband and I can share one day the kind of bond you two have. Mom and Dad, best wishes on your anniversary.
  • My wonderful parents, you are a solid proof that “once upon a time” can truly end in “and they lived happily ever after”.
  • Happy anniversary to the most amazing parents on earth. I am so grateful for all the care you have nurtured our family with.
  • Happy anniversary, mummy and papa! I always thought you two were more than a married couple; you were best friends.
  • My dear parents, you are living proof that “happily ever after” does come true for a chosen few.
  • Dear parents, may this special day give you all the happiness and joy that you both deserve.
  • I am glad I will never know why couples separate and why couples fight. I am so lucky because my mom and dad are each other's best friends!
  • When I see you, I often think that you are the couple people truly wish to be because you both are amazing, and I wish you all the best.
  • Happy anniversary to the best parents a kid could ever wish for. Your love, happiness and joy is the most important thing to me!
  • Dear mom and dad, your marriage is like a guide for others and shows what true love is.

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Funny anniversary quotes for parents

parents anniversary quotes
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Sometimes, you should give your parents a good laugh. If you know they have a great sense of humour, inject some laughter into their special day with the following funny anniversary quotes for parents.

  • I love you both, even when you guys get wrinkly and old.
  • Today’s your anniversary! You are just an odd couple, but you make a perfect pair. Happy special day!
  • Watching you two is like watching a romantic comedy on screen. I’m proud of you, dear parents.
  • Dad, winning Mom’s heart was actually my lucky victory. Happy anniversary!
  • The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret. But whatever you two are doing is working.
  • Happy anniversary mom and dad. It’s time you two go on a vacation and make peace with each other.
  • You’ve been together so long you be granted an honorary P.H.D in EACH OTHER.
  • I have been foolish, I have been crazy. But this is all because I have parents like you.
  • I couldn’t imagine where I’d be without you two, literally! Happy anniversary.
  • Happy anniversary to my dear parents. Keep annoying each other for eternity. You are the funniest parents in this world.
  • Two love birds, your three children, and a mortgage – that makes us all a special family. Happy anniversary to our beloved parents.
  • You still behave like newlyweds. Happy anniversary!
  • Happy wedding anniversary, mom and dad. But why should I wish you when you didn’t even invite me to your wedding?
  • Earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, or volcanoes – nothing has the power to shatter the love between my mom and dad. Not now, not ever.
  • It’s really sad that today you can’t celebrate a special anniversary. Well, because you have a special lovey-dovey every day.
  • I deserve a trophy because I know it’s your anniversary. Are you thinking to give a reward? Why not go outside our dear ward?
  • Your love story is nothing less than a Tom and Jerry cartoon. We enjoy seeing you love and fight with each other.
  • You two are a living example of how two nutty people can come together and be even nuttier as one.
  • Mom and dad, I’m certain I will never find love since you two have raised my standards so high. I believe I shall die alone.
  • The longer two people stay together, the more they look like each other. Hopefully, you two don’t grow matching beards.
  • You are as good together as peanut butter and jelly.
  • I’m tired of choosing sides between you two. Please, stop annoying each other and make a peace agreement on this extraordinary day!
  • Every year, we celebrate this day of your union. But I still wonder why you both married each other in spite of being so opposite.

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Short anniversary wishes for parents

happy anniversary mom and dad
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Mark your parents wedding anniversary by sending them of these beautiful short anniversary wishes expressing your happiness for their milestone.

  • Happy anniversary mom and dad. I pray that God blesses your marriage for all eternity.
  • No words can describe my wishes for you, my dear parents! Happy wedding anniversary!
  • You both are proof of love in a single soul divided by two bodies. Happy anniversary!
  • Happy {year} anniversary! I pray that God continues to bless you both with a long life.
  • You are the role model for all parents over the world. Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!
  • The bond between you two amazes me! Wishing you a lovely anniversary, mom and dad!
  • Wishing my lovely parents a happy anniversary. May God always keep you happy!
  • You two are a great inspiration to all of us. Happy anniversary!
  • Best wishes today and all the days to come. Happy anniversary to the both of you!
  • Happy anniversary mom and dad! Cheers to many, many more! We love you all so much!
  • Continue being an awesome couple! Happy anniversary, you guys.
  • Another year of an amazing partnership. May you have many more!
  • May you never stop loving each other like you always have.
  • Here’s to many more years of happiness and love. Happy anniversary mummy and papa!
  • Happy anniversary to both of you, mummy and papa; your love warms my heart.
  • I feel so lucky to have you as my parents. Wishing you a happy anniversary!
  • Love is blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener. Happy anniversary.
  • May God always lead you to the path of happiness.

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When it comes to your parent’s anniversary, there is never a better day to express your love for them. Celebrate their love by sharing the above happy wedding anniversary quotes for parents to make their day extra special.

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