50+ interesting topics to talk about with your significant other

50+ interesting topics to talk about with your significant other

One excellent way for people in relationships to feel closer is by finding fascinating topics to talk about. These involve thought-provoking things that give partners a chance to become creative, connect on a deeper level, and ultimately feel closer.

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The more you get to know someone, the easier it gets to run out of things to say to them. That should not mean that it is okay to recourse to silence; instead, look for some interesting topics to talk about.

What are good topics to talk about?

Here are some captivating topics you can talk about with your significant other.

1. Your passions in life

If you feel like your talks have grown stale, what could spark the passion more than a conversation about your passions? You will get the most interesting answers and probably be surprised about your partner's passions that you do not know about.

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2. Your likes and dislikes

It is important to talk about the things you two like and dislike about each other right now. What do you find most attractive about your significant other? What do you consider to be their flaws?

3. Faith and religion

If you have not talked about this yet, it is a great topic to connect on a deeper level. This is not something you talk about with someone you barely know because it is a significantly intimate topic.

4. Future plans

Talking about your future goals is very important because it gives your partner an idea of your life goals. They get to know about your focus in life and your future aspirations.

5. Vivid memories

Are there any memories that you can recall so vividly that you feel like it was yesterday? It could be something funny or something romantic.

6. Influential people in your lives

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Some of the best things to talk about with your girlfriend are often open-ended. They are rooted in genuine curiosity and the desire to understand. So, get to know the people that have influenced your partner's life.

7. What you are grateful for

When you focus on gratitude, you feel better, happier, livelier, and ready to take on the world. If you talk to your partner about what they feel grateful for, you will help them feel better about themselves, you, and everything going on around them.

8. Daily worries and issues

This is very important to discuss on an everyday basis as it connects both of you in a better way. You feel light once you share your problems with someone.

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9. Embarrassing situations

Have you ever slipped and fell on a puddle? Such embarrassing situations make great topics to talk about with your boyfriend. Turn an awkward situation into a comedic moment by telling your partner a funny story about it.

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10. What you would do if money did not matter

This is arguably one of the most interesting topics of conversation. You might just be surprised at what your partner would do if money was not a problem.

11. Favorite vacation destination

Most of us feel great when we talk about vacations. Some of us like to go to warm places, other to places by the ocean while others like to be in the mountains. Vacation destinations comprise one of the most interesting topics to talk about.

12. Strangest date

Ask your partner about the weirdest date they have ever been on and share yours as well.

13. Global events

Healthy debates about world events will keep your mind sharp. While you may not change your mind about some world events, you will understand why your partner believes the things they do, helping you grow closer.

14. Love languages

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Your significant other probably has no about which of the five love languages they embody. Try and start a conversation about the ways you best like to give and receive love (words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and/or physical touch).

15. Childhood memories

Your childhood is a huge part of who you are today. It is no wonder then that your childhood is one of the fascinating things to talk about with your boyfriend.

16. Your family

If you are in a seasoned relationship, your significant other undoubtedly wants to know your family more and be part of them.

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17. Confess your struggles

It is important to share your struggles with your partner. Avoid the temptation to say that everything is okay. Ask for help from them, and you might be surprised at how easily they can get a solution.

18. Your guilty pleasures

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Most of us have our guilty pleasures, and they make us more charming and uniquely beautiful. Maybe you both love watching Big Brother on weekends, which is just one more thing you have in common.

19. Short term plans

You may not want to discuss kids or marriage yet, but talking about your future can help you feel connected and in it for the long haul. Even if you just talk about next week and what you are going to be doing together, it will help you feel connected and part of something bigger than yourself.

20. Workplace

You can talk about subjects like these to let your partner know about your daily life. They will connect better with you and have a lot of questions to ask about your workplace each day.

21. Your shortcomings

It is okay to make an honest mistake, but it is not okay to pretend it did not happen. If you do something inconsiderate or hurtful, admit your fault. Do not judge yourself, but explain yourself.

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22. Which decade would you relive if given a chance?

Perhaps your naturally curly hair and affinity for old-school jeans mean you would thrive in the 1990s, or your love for soul music takes you back to the 1980s.

23. Old hobbies

Hobbies are an important part of your significant other's past. They are the things your partner did because they loved to do them. These things make some of the most interesting topics to talk about.

24. Your dreams

If you have some dreams in life, then your spouse should be the first to know about them. They will not only be by your side when you are trying to fulfill them but will also help you achieve them.

25. Your current feelings

Are you looking for deep conversation topics? Try sharing your genuine feelings with your partner. Your emotional health is every bit as important as your physical health, so you will need to take care of it.

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26. The definition of romance

This is one of the most important things to talk about with your significant other. Everyone views romance differently. While some enjoy surprises and being swept off their feet, others enjoy cuddling and being validated.

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27. Favorite food

This is irrefutably one of the easiest topics to talk about with your crush. They should know about your favorite food so that they can hopefully cook for you someday.

28. Your next vacation

Are you wondering what to talk about with a guy you love? How about your next vacation together? Talking and planning about this will give both of you something to look forward to together.

29. Goals outside the relationship

It is important to remember that you are two people who happen to be in a relationship together. It is equally important to take some time to talk about the goals you both have outside the relationship.

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30. Your biggest fear

Most people have something they fear in life. Tell your partner about it and ask about their biggest fear too. If any misfortune falls upon either of you, you both will be there for each other.

31. Your hypothetical 'last suppers'

Imagine tomorrow you were going off to prison to serve a life sentence, what would be your last meal in the real world? The possible answers make this one of the most interesting things to talk about with your crush.

32. Who you do not want to be like

You have probably already asked your partner who they look up to, now ask them who they absolutely do not want to be like. If you often wonder how to keep a conversation going with a girl, such questions will give you deeper insight into who she is.

33. Friends

Your significant other should not only know all your naughty, sober, dirty, funny, lazy, and crazy friends, but they should also be popular amongst them. Ask your partner about their friends and try to be friendly with them too.

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34. Hidden talents you want to master

Give your partner the chance to openly imagine what it would be like to be the world-renowned guitarist or sports star they dream of being. If possible, help them achieve their dream.

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35. Moments that make you happy

Not only will this topic give you insight into your significant other, but it will help them gain insight into themselves. Asking them when they feel happiest will force them to reflect on what they really enjoy doing and why.

36. Your proudest moment

Talking about subjects like these connects both of you on an emotional level. You not only get to know about the other person's achievements but also know about what has made him the happiest in life.

37. Your exes

While most people would rather avoid this topic, it is undoubtedly going to come up at some point, so you might as well broach the subject on your own terms. Find out what your partner liked most and least about their former love interests.

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38. Self-improvement goals

If your conversation revolves around such intense topics, then you show your partner the focused part of your personality. They perceive you as someone who has an aim and vision in life as well as an awareness of his/her weakness and is trying hard to improve.

39. Sex talk

Sex talk can be really fun with your partner, especially if they are not overly shy. Indulge in a lot of sex talk and ask your partner a lot of questions if they are comfortable with the subject.

40. Times you have both been brave

This is one of the best things to talk about on a date. What is the bravest thing you have ever done? A question like this will open the floor for you both to reveal moments in your lives when a bold choice you made changed you for the better.

41. What you would do to change the world

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Ask your partner what they would do to change the world if they had the unlimited ability.

42. Cars

There is an opinion that only men are usually interested in cars, but in today's world, more and more women are not only drivers but also car lovers. So, you can always ask what brand your significant other loves.

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43. Career goals

Most people have a career goal, and it is important to know your partner's. Ask them some questions regarding their work and see if you can guide them to do better.

44. Health

It is very important to be interested in the health of your significant other. This will help them feel your care and create an atmosphere of trust in your relationship.

45. Politics

Do you know your partner's political views or whether they interested in politics at all? If your answer is no, then it is time to ask them.

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46. Anything that makes you laugh

Tell jokes and stories involving hilarious incidents. Amusement always brings people closer, and the ability to laugh at oneself is key to a happy relationship.

47. Your first date

Exchange ideas regarding what stood out on your first date. You can even go as far as reliving your first date, which will help foster intimacy as well as reconnect you to why you enjoy being around each other so much.

48. Your bucket lists

Whether they are dying to go skydiving or to take a cooking class, this is the perfect opportunity to learn new things about your partner, then solidify plans to check items off your lists together.

49. Pets

Does your partner like animals? Do they plan to get one? Talk about the possibility of having a pet together.

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50. Some gossip

Indulge in some juicy gossip when communicating with your partner.

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51. Last time you cried

This can be a touchy issue but if you are both comfortable with each other, it can be quite an intimate topic.

52. When you found out you liked each other

Ask your partner when they found out they liked you and let them know when you did as well.

53. What do you like about getting old?

Find out what they look forward to doing when they get old.

54. Which animal you would be

If you were an animal, which one would you be, and why?

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55. Helping the less fortunate

Talk about the possibility of contributing to a charitable cause and explore the options you might consider.

As outlined above, there are numerous topics to talk about with a person you love. Which one did you find most interesting?

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