53 things to do with your girlfriend that will be fun for both of you

53 things to do with your girlfriend that will be fun for both of you

Moments spent together as a couple are the most cherished. Therefore, if you intend to spend some time with your girlfriend, strive to make it as memorable and exciting as possible for both of you. There are plenty of things to do with your girlfriend, but in this list, you will find the most fun activities you can indulge in.

What to do with girlfriend when bored
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If you are looking forward to a moment with your girlfriend, you better think of the things you will do together to make it exciting. Let it not be a dull encounter, as there are numerous fun activities you can engage in. Here is a list of things to do with your girlfriend you can consider.

Cute things to do with your girlfriend

Give your girlfriend the best experience she will live to remember by coming up with interesting activities you can both participate in. Such activities are not only fun but also help to strengthen your bond. If you cannot find the best things to do, here are worthwhile suggestions.

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Fun things to do with your girlfriend

Always make time with your girlfriend a fun-filled moment. Come up with interesting things to do together so that she enjoys your company. Here are some ideas you can explore.

Fun things to do with your girlfriend
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  • Geocaching - Hide an item at a location and let your girlfriend try to find it using the GPS coordinates you provide her. Alternatively, someone else can hide it, and you cooperate to find it.
  • Read an interesting book - There are numerous books with catchy stories of different genres, such as romance, crime, and fiction. Identify what you like and read the book together.
  • Try karaoke - Who can master the lyrics of a song and sing best? You don’t have to be a pro singer to enjoy this. You can do it at home or visit a nightclub that offers karaoke.
  • Play a video game - Gaming is common nowadays, and everyone seems to enjoy it. Moreover, there are plenty of online games you can choose from.
  • Attend a music festival - Watching your favourite music play can be satisfying. Find out her favourite band and take her out to watch them play.
  • Drive around your city - How well does your girlfriend know your city? Drive her around the city while playing songs she likes. Show her your favourite joints in town.
  • Try a Sudoku or Crossword - Sudoku and Crossword are pastime games and perfect brain teasers. Solve the puzzles together and gauge how good you are with words and figures.
  • Attend to a pet - If you both share a love for pets, why don’t you dedicate time to attend to the pets you have? You can groom, feed, and take them out for a walk.
  • Go bungee jumping - This is not for the fainthearted, and it would be suitable if your girlfriend loves activities that give an adrenaline rush.
  • Explore an abandoned building - An old abandoned building might seem a scary place to go to. However, if you like such thrills, you can try them out.
  • Take online quizzes and compare results - Take a try at numerous trivia questions available online to test your knowledge on different things. You can also find answers for guidance.
  • Find your dream home - Do you dream of having a home together someday? Find property listings in magazines and visit various locations to see the designs of houses.
  • Window-shop online - Numerous online stores are available, and you can check them together to compare the prices of things you want to buy.
  • Visit the tallest building in the city - If your city has skyscrapers, visit the tallest and go to the highest floor. From there, you will have a perfect view of every place in your town.
  • Listen to your favourite music - Take time to come up with a playlist of your favourite songs. Spend your time listening to music.
  • Night game - Game night is a perfect way to spend time together. For more fun, you can invite a few friends.

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Special things to do with your GF

Give your girlfriend a unique treatment by involving her in special activities. These activities will make her feel valued and appreciated.

Cute things to do with your girlfriend
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  • Write her a song - Instead of telling her everything you like about her, make it enjoyable by singing a song. Compose a song for her, but you do not have to be perfect.
  • Read her a poem - Alternatively, a poem will do. Look for romantic poetry and recite it to her, making her feel special.
  • Build her something - Be it a decorated bottle or an origami piece of art, she will be delighted to have something specially made for her. You can rely on YouTube tutorials for guidance.
  • Go on a photo shoot - Pictures create long-lasting memories of special occasions. Identify a beautiful location and take her on a photo session.
  • Engage in a Q&A session - You can dedicate time to know each other better. You can have a question-and-answer session where you ask one another random questions on different topics.
  • Farmers’ market trip - As a couple, you should prioritise eating healthy foods. Take a trip to the farmers' market to shop for fresh produce.
  • Engage in farming activities - Farming is enjoyable and may not require special skills. If you have a kitchen garden, plan a few activities, such as planting vegetables.
  • Workout activities - Keep your bodies fit by visiting a gym near you. Alternatively, you can follow an online workout session together.
  • Start a vlog - If you both have a hobby you want to share with others, start vlogging. This is also a source of passive income.
  • Climb up onto the roof - Take a look at your neighbourhood by spending time on the roof of your house. It is also a perfect spot for uninterrupted couple talks.
  • Attend a public lecture - If there is an ongoing public lecture at a nearby college, attend it to gain knowledge.

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Romantic activities to do with girlfriend

Romantic activities enhance the bonds of a relationship. Make your girlfriend feel loved by engaging her in the following activities.

Activities to do with girlfriend
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  • Take her out on a date - Make your girlfriend feel loved by taking her out on a romantic date at the best restaurant in town. You can plan for it together or do it as a surprise.
  • Prepare her a sumptuous meal - Learn a recipe online and let your girlfriend help you prepare a delicious meal.
  • Indulge in PDA - Some people prefer showing love in a public place, and if you and your girlfriend do not mind, you can indulge in PDA.
  • Watch the sun go down - Evening walks are always romantic. Alternatively, you can find a perfect spot to watch the sun set.
  • Give her a massage - After a busy day, one only wants relaxation. Help her unwind her day by massaging her gently.
  • Act your favourite movie/TV scenes - Even if you are not a professional actor, you can recreate scenes from your best movies and TV series at home. Pretend to be your favourite character in the film.
  • Watch a romantic movie - If both of you love watching movies, create a list of films and TV series you want to watch. You can binge-watch the movies or invite friends for company.
  • Go wine tasting - You can explore numerous wine varieties and flavours. Visit a wine shop and put your taste bud to the test by sampling different wine flavours.
  • Clean the house - House chores can be overlooked to be less tedious. However, when there is a lot to do, it calls for a combined effort. Engage in cleaning your house together to ease the work.
  • Weekend retreat or staycation - If you are tired of spending your time at home, you can opt for a staycation at a hotel in town. Experience a different environment together.
  • Learn a few dance moves - The two of you can attend a dance class near you, or you can watch dance videos and practise the moves at home.
  • Pick flowers - Flowers are one of the best romantic symbols. Walking to a flower farm or garden to pick different flowers and smell their scents.
  • Go on a shopping spree - Give her a treat that she will live to remember by taking her on a luxury shopping spree. Let her have anything she wants.
  • Take a walk - Walking together and holding each other’s hands is romantic. Take her on a nature walk.
  • Stargazing - The night sky is always beautiful, especially when all stars are visible. Choose a perfect spot and spend time watching stars and identifying different constellations.
  • Sketch her body - You do not have to be an artist to do this. Using a pen, draw patterns or write nice things about her on her skin.

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Places to go with your girlfriend

You can choose to go to several places and do activities when you do not feel like spending time indoors. Here are suggestions of places you can spend valuable time with your girlfriend.

Places to take your girlfriend
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  • Picnic - A picnic is not only romantic but also affordable. Think of a place with a serene environment away from noisy urban areas to set up your picnic site. You only need a sizable mat, snacks, and refreshment drinks for the whole day.
  • Outdoor activities - Sometimes, there is much more fun outside than inside, especially when the weather is favourable. You can play outdoor games such as scavenger hunt, couple limbo, and capture the flag. You can also opt for swimming or hiking, depending on your environment.
  • Volunteer - You can spread love to people who need your assistance by participating in activities that benefit them. What skill can you teach them, or what can you donate to them? You can visit an orphanage, hospital, church or teach students a unique skill you have.
  • Museum - A trip to a museum is also another fun activity. You will have alone time with your girlfriend as you learn about art, history, and culture.
  • Thrift shop - If your girlfriend loves fashion, a thrift store around will likely give her an excellent experience. You can make it fun by trying out different outfits and complementing each other's appearance.
  • Food festival - Take your girlfriend to a food festival near you if she is a foodie. You can sample different recipes, and she will surely enjoy the day. At the festival, you find the best local dishes and recipes you have never come across, and you can try them later together.
  • Art class - She would not mind learning something new if she loves art. With many art classes offered nowadays, you can easily find a short-term service where you can spend a few hours of the day with your girlfriend and learn an art tip.
  • Amusement park - Amusement parks are always fun-filled, and you can be sure to find an activity that excites both of you.
  • Local event - Are there interesting local events in your area that are fun to attend? Always look for fun activities in your area, such as football matches and other exciting competitions.
  • Visit a nearby town - Do not be confined to your hometown. Experience a new environment by visiting new places where you learn about new cultures and meet interesting people.

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With the above list of things to do with your girlfriend, there is no room for boredom. Both of you can surely have the best moments whether you spend time indoors or outdoors. If you do not mind, you can invite friends for more fun.

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