What boys want: 10 things guys like in girls

What boys want: 10 things guys like in girls

You may have tried different tricks to get a man’s attention, and all of them may have been in vain, so now you wish to know what boys want in girls. Sincerely, what boys like about girls vary, but there are some common things that they look for in girls.

What boys want
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There might be a long list of what guys want in a girl, but in this one, we narrow down to the most important ones that seem to cut across the preferences of all men. So, if you are craving for guys’ attention, pay attention and learn a few handy tips.

What do guys want in a girl?

What boys like in girls do not have anything to do with sophistication, but simplicity. As you will find out, it is the simple things that count when it comes to what guys want in a girlfriend.

1. Always wear a smiling face

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What guys want
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It might seem simple and less effective, but a smile brightens up your face. It shows that you are in good moods and easily approachable.

Smiling not only enhances your appearance, but it also goes a long way in making a guy feel comfortable around you. So, put on a smile, be jovial, and you will get that attention you deserve from men.

2. Laughing

This goes hand in hand with smiling. If you do not smile or laugh, you will put off any guy who might be interested in you.

Laugh whenever necessary but do it reasonably and genuinely. During your first conversation with a guy, he is likely to be humorous, and that does not mean that you laugh at every joke he makes.

Laughing quells tension between the two of you, and it is the best way to connect if you are just starting to know each other.

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3. Intelligence

What guys want in a girl
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What boys like in girls sometimes goes beyond physical appearance. For guys, a woman’s intellectual capacity is an essential consideration.

Can you talk and reason logically? Every guy wants a woman who can hold meaningful conversations and one who will not just keep mum while the guy does the talking.

Conversation is a critical aspect of every relationship as it is the basis on which you can get to understand your partner better.

4. Honesty and confidence

Honesty builds trust in relationships, and that is another important thing men look for in women. Do not be shy to tell a man how you feel about him or a particular situation.

You must not necessarily tell him all the details but speak out your mind to let him know your opinion.

Moreover, what guys want in women is confidence. Always stand up for what you believe in as that defines your character. A self-confident woman knows her self-worth, and she will likely draw men close to her.

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5. Natural beauty

What boys like in girls
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Makeup will significantly enhance your appearance and make you easily noticeable. However, you should not overdo it such that it seems that you depend on makeup solely to make you beautiful.

Makeup can be quite deceiving more so when used to conceal some aspects of the body. Men have become quite cautious, and they prefer women in their natural skin. Start appreciating your natural appearance, and you will attract men.

6. Self-reliance

Do not over-rely on a guy to the extent that you become clingy and bothersome. In such a scenario, a man will opt to stay away from a woman who excessively depends on him.

Find a way of taking care of yourself and your needs so that you give the man some space. By showing that you do not really need him in everything, you make him want you more.

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7. Fragrance

What boys like
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Maybe you did not know about this, but your scent can be a miracle worker if you want to attract a guy. Wear unique perfume with a pleasant fragrance that will always announce your presence when you are around him.

Such a scent can stimulate lots of emotions within him that makes him attracted to you. The fragrance reminds him of you even if the smell comes from someone else.

8. Femininity

You could opt to maintain a feminine look, and that does not mean that you will look weak. Express your femininity by how you dress as well as how you carry out yourself and lots of men will want to associate themselves with you.

9. Love

What guys want in a girlfriend
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Everyone needs love but are you ready to love? Do not just focus on receiving love but be willing to share the love with everyone and everything around you.

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Men are keen on women who take care of people and things such as pets. By showing love and respect, you look lovable

10. Manners

Men try as much as possible to avoid any instances of embarrassment, especially in public places. If a woman is well-mannered, a guy would feel much confident to walk around with her knowing that she cannot trigger any situation that would cause shame.

Men like well-mannered women as such ladies are the ones they would confidently take home to meet their parents or friends.

How do you know if a guy wants you?

So, how do you tell if a guy wants you when you have played your part to attract him? Reading and interpreting the signs are important so that you do not get it wrong. Check out these clues that would ring a bell about whether he is interested in dating you.

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  • He is always ready to dedicate time for you - Even if he is committed to other things, he is ready to allocate part of his time to spend with you. Guys are always will to make sacrifices to get time with a woman they are attracted to.
  • He appears a bit nervous - Men are known to be bold and courageous, but not when they are close to the ladies they love. Some feeling of nervousness creeps in when a man is near a lady he loves, and he no longer exudes the boldness he portrays when with friends.
  • He introduces you to his friends - Does he willingly take you to meet his friends? If so, that is a good sign that he genuinely wants you. Such a man is proud of you and is ready to be associated with you. You are not an embarrassment that he would prefer to keep away from his friends.
  • He listens to you - Your opinion will always count for a man who wants you. Even though he might make the ultimate decision in some instances, he will take into account your concerns before making up his mind. A boy who wants a girl will pay the utmost attention to what the girl says.
  • He says it - He might show signs of interest in you but most important of all, he must say it. By saying that he wants you, you can erase any doubts you had in mind.

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As you can see, it does not require considerable effort to achieve what boys want. Find out what you are not doing right and start doing it right away; you will be fascinated by the attention you will receive from men.

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