Best Ankara styles for husband and wife for a stylish night out

Best Ankara styles for husband and wife for a stylish night out

Love is such a beautiful thing and showing your love for each other to the world is impressive. If a couple loves fashion, then Ankara will be the first one that comes to mind when looking for match outfits.

Best Ankara styles for husband and wife
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Picking a design with identical Ankara prints can be excellent for a date night. Whether going to an event or a night out with friends, Ankara can make a significant difference. Here are some of the best Ankara styles for husband and wife for a night out, social event or while attending church.

The latest Ankara styles for couples 2022

Due to the vibrancy and diversity of African cultures, Ankara fashion style ideas are extremely diverse. This is a popular fabric for male and female attire in Nigeria and many other African countries. Here are some of the latest Ankara styles for husband and wife.

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Matching dashiki prints for couples

husband and wife outfits
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Designers are constantly designing Ankara fabrics, and you may have noticed that people will create many outfits once a fabric is out. In addition, African print is now international, meaning anyone can wear Ankara outfits.

Another good idea for men and women is the Ankara with dashiki print. Whether you are a man or woman, you can find a good dashiki print, present it to your tailor and suggest a design you love.

Off-shoulder mermaid dress and Ankara suit

Best Ankara styles for husband and wife
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The couple has to be extra creative with the latest Ankara styles for a husband and wife. The good thing is that these prints come in different colours. Because a piece of fabric can combine two to three colours, a couple will have various choices.

Also, regarding the design of the husband and wife outfits, the Ankara fabric is versatile. A husband can choose a design they love, and the wife can do the same. What they need is to have a similar print of the Ankara.

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However, some suitable Ankara styles for husbands included a mermaid dress for the lady and a full Ankara suit for the man. The mermaid dress can also incorporate an off-shoulder design for a more stylish look.

Plain and patterned traditional outfits

Latest Ankara styles for husband and wife
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A husband and wife can choose Ankara outfits for events such as a traditional wedding, a traditional ceremony, or a regular event. This is because there are so many options for Ankara styles for couples.

Wearing similar outfits as a couple portrays your unity. So why not include some African print into matching outfits for a couple?

With that said, women have a wide range of Ankara styles to wear. They have peplum tops, skater dresses, mermaid dresses, Ankara tops, and many more, while the men have few choices.

However, men can choose to have plain pants and an African print coat that matches the African print on their lady's dress or top.

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Ankara tops and pants for couples

husband and wife outfits
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This is another latest style for couples to wear. A couple can decide to wear Ankara print matching tops and matching pants. This is a unique look. Whenever you want to go to a shoot, you can be sure to create memories of such an outfit.

Wearing matching pants attracts positive feelings and sends out positive vibes. The pants are available in a variety of styles and can be customised to fit the perfect couple's look regardless of body type or preferences.

The same as the Aso Asebi style, the cotton-made fabric is lightweight, breathable, and easy to care for. In addition, Ankara pants are typically sewn with a combination of beautiful prints.

Ankara dress and African print shirt

husband and wife traditional wear
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Africans have many traditional events, starting with engagements, weddings, and dowry ceremonies, to mention a few. To show their love and unity, husbands and wives have adopted the idea of wearing matching outfits to traditional ceremonies.

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These days most couples wear matching Ankara prints to these formal events. However, apart from attending formal events, a couple also should come up with traditional wear.

Most Africans have traditional wear according to tribe or nation. You can adapt the style of your tribe or what most people consider fashion in your country. Some traditional wears do not dictate the fabric, but the design might have to follow the culture.

If this is the case, you can use an Ankara to create traditional wear for a couple. In addition, for husband and wife traditional wear, they can opt for a long flowing dress for the lady and a shirt with African print for the man. The lady's dress can have African prints that match the print on her husband's shirt

Ankara dresses and men's dashiki suits

Ankara styles for couples
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Long dresses for women and an Ankara dashiki suit for men are one of the latest Ankara styles for couples in 2022. With this outfit as a couple, you can be sure to turn heads as you walk together to a function.

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The combination is classic yet modern, which makes it one of the trending outfits for couples in 2022. Some ladies prefer the mermaid dress to have some lace which keeps the dress up to the latest trend of laces.

Ankara print suit and a mermaid dress

latest ankara styles for couples 2022
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Of course, a typical dress and a regular suit are among couples' native styles that couples love to wear. So why not involve some Ankara?

The man can have an African print, and the lady can wear a dress with the same print. As simple as that, but it can make you look great and unique.

As a lady, you can choose the kind of dress, and lucky enough, ladies have a wide variety of dress designs to choose from.

A peplum top and skirt and African print coat

couples native styles
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Peplum tops are among the best designs that help you hide your tummy if you look through pictures of Ankara styles for couples.

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You can wear such tops with a figure-hugging skirt to enhance your curves. The man on the other side can have plain pants matching the skirt and a coat with an African print that matches that of her lady.

Matching Ankara shorts, dress and skirt

couples outfit
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Most of these Ankara couple styles come in fascinating and complementary pairs, done creatively. Ankara shorts are becoming increasingly popular.

You and your partner can match in Ankara shorts. The man can wear his shorts with a simple shirt and a coat, while the woman can wear her shorts with a nice top and a coat.

Ankara shorts are ideal for hot summer days. You can also complement your man's outfit with a simple off-the-shoulder shift dress and stunning heels.

Wear a knee-length Ankara dress made of the same fabric as your man's kente shorts and shirt. The man can wear his shorts with a collared buttoned shirt.

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Ankara men's suits and female jumpsuits

latest style for couples
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Ankara men's suits and women's jumpsuits are great looks for a modern couple. Matching colours and fabrics should be used to complement couples' outfits. The woman can also wear Ankara pants and a top that appears to be a bodysuit.

Ankara jumpsuits are among the most popular women's outfits. This functional, fashionable, and highly adaptable piece of clothing can be made in various styles, colours, prints, and lengths.

When it comes to female jumpsuits, there are numerous Ankara styles to choose from. Tight, loose, short, medium or long shorts are examples.

Matching Ankara jackets and hoodies

latest style for couples
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Ankara jackets are distinctive and elegant. These are the best outfits for romantic date nights. Combine the jackets with solid-coloured jeans or sweatpants.

Ankara jackets can be worn as part of a simple outfit. These jackets are often full of colours and come in various designs.

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Ankara hoodies for couples are also a fun option for couples with children. Dress everyone in these hoodies to stay warm and stylish on a family outing.

Ankara shirts for couples

latest ankara styles for couples in 2022
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The couples' Ankara shirts are simple and elegant. The lady can choose a shirt dress with prints similar to her husband's. Wear them with mini denim skirts, trousers, and calf-length jeans shorts. These shirts look great with ankle and knee-length boots.

Other latest Ankara styles include long shirts for men and Ankara dresses with laces for women. If you are a woman with an Ankara fabric and lace, wondering what to do with them, you can use them to create the latest Ankara dress.

Men, on the other side, have embraced the long shirt style. This style involves a man wearing a long Ankara shirt that goes down to their thighs or even further to the knees. Skater Ankara dresses with laces are also trending as one of the latest African print designs.

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Ankara print designs for couples come in different fabrics, prints, and colours, making them the best for a couple's outfit. The examples shared above are sure going to make you the envy of other couples in town.

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Ankara has long been a favourite of women looking to add an African flair to their outfits. Ankara dresses, skirts, trousers, shorts, and various accessories are now available.


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