50 all-back Ghana weaving hairstyles for trendy looks 2023

50 all-back Ghana weaving hairstyles for trendy looks 2023

African women love all-back Ghana weaving hairstyles because they are universal, long-lasting, and suit formal and informal occasions. Wear Ghana styles if you have a busy lifestyle that does not allow you to visit the salon as frequently as you would like.

latest Ghana weaving all back in 2022
All back Ghana weaving hairstyles. Photo: @braidsforwomen, @braidsforwomen, @thatfunkywater, @braidsforwomen, @BlessAfricanHair-Braiding, @braidsforwomen (modified by author)
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There are more all-back Ghana weaving hairstyles this year. Hairdressers keep inventing new styles daily. Most of them post their work on social media for advertisement purposes. Check out the latest Ghana weaving all back.

Beautiful all-back Ghana weaving hairstyles

Hairstylists worldwide learn how to plait Ghana all back hairstyles because they attract the most clients. These hairstyles are now popular among women of other races, not just African ladies. Below are captivating all-back Ghana weaving hairstyles for classy women:

Simple weaving hairstyles with attachment

trending Ghana weaving styles
Big Ghana lines. Photo: @braidsforwomen, @braidsforwomen, @eagle6355, @braidsforwomen, @braidsforwomen, @braidsforwomen, @braidsforwomen, @braidsforwomen (modified by author)
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These are some of the latest Ghana weaving all-back in 2023. You can have a bun at the back or curly extensions. Add shiny beads to your hair to make it more attractive. A slow hair stylist will take around one and a half an hour to plait any of these hairstyles. A fast one will complete it in less than an hour to do a simple all-back weaving with natural hair.

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Trending Ghana weaving styles

trending Ghana weaving styles
Attractive hairstyles. Photo: @BlessAfricanHair-Braiding, @braidsforwomen, @Onelga Vanguard, @thatfunkywater, @TrendingHairstyles, @braidstylestrend, @thatfunkywater, @maboplus (modified by author)
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These are some of the most popular all-back hairstyles in Nigeria. You can plait a mohawk design, bob-cut, or any other creative look that comes to your mind. Bob cuts look great on ladies who love short Ghana weaving styles.

Tiny all-back Ghana weaving

short Ghana weaving styles
Cornrows and braid strands combo. Photo: @braidsforwomen, @braidstylestrend, @WeddingDigestNaija, @WeddingDigestNaija, @braidsforwomen, @braidsforwomen, @braidsforwomen (modified by author)
Source: UGC

It would be best if you were patient when plaiting tiny all-back hairstyles with attachments. They take longer than big cornrows, especially when you want the extensions to fall on your back. You can start with the simple big cornrows that gradually plait tiny ones. A good hairdresser will give you value for your money.

Unique all-back hairstyle for ladies

tiny all back Ghana weaving
Unique cornrow styles. Photo: @amnobletouch, @braidsforwomen, @braidsforwomen, @Dolly Stephanie, @AfroSr, @braidsforwomen, @braidsforwomen, @thivenaija, @braidsforwomen (modified by author)
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Choose a unique all-back hairstyle for ladies from these images, and be assured that they will look good on you. The side-part cornrow styles look great on oval-shaped faces and add softness to square-faced folks. You can elongate a round face or soften a heart-shaped face with a front-part style.

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Colourful Ghana weaving hairstyles

all back hairstyles with attachment
Colourful Ghana weaving hairstyles. Photo: @November Love, @dyhair777, @braidhairstore, @Erlende Alexandre, @glamour, @stayglam, @glamour (modified by author)
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Plait Ghana cornrows from the forehead to the middle section of the head. Complete the other half of the head with braids or curly hair extensions. You can hold the extensions of the cornrows into buns for a more classy look. You should also consider mixing colours to a chive e a bight look for a party.

Mixing maxi and mini cornrows

simple weaving hairstyles with attachment
Mixed maxi and mini cornrows. Photo: @braidsforwomen, @africanamericanhairstyles, @Maggys salon, @dglamourplace, @bellatag, @socialbeautyclub, @braidsforwomen, @braidsforwomen (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Mix tiny and big cornrows when plaiting big and straight all-back Ghana weaving styles. You can also add curves to make them look more attractive. Do not worry about your short hair. A professional stylist with enough experience knows how to create chic Ghana braids on short African hair.

What is Ghana weaving?

Ghana weaving or braids are African cornrows of all ages.

How do you do a straight-back braid step by step?

Weave Ghana braids with synthetic or natural Kanekalon or other hair extension brands. Kanekalon's popularity began in Japan. The brand is famous worldwide, including in west African countries.

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Kanekalon comes in many colours for all skin tones. Most African ladies love shades of black, blonde, brown, red, green, and blue. Follow these steps to plait a simple all-back Ghana weaving hairstyle:

  • Wash your hair with warm water and shampoo.
  • Rinse and comb using an electric comb with wide teeth to avoid hair breakage.
  • Rub oils and moisturizers into your hair and scalp.
  • Divide the hair into two halves (from the forehead to the back of the head).
  • Tie one half with a rubber band. Plait one half, then move to the other.
  • Start plaiting cornrows from the left or right ear to the head's centre.
  • Section a portion of the hair near the ear (from the forehead to the back of the head).
  • When plaiting, use a very tinny piece of synthetic hair strands at the forehead.
  • Add more synthetic hair strands as you plait towards the back of the head.
  • You can add more synthetic hair strands to elongate the extension.
  • Some women love their cornrow extensions to fall on their shoulders or extend to their backs.
  • You can use multiple colours of Kanekalon synthetic hair strands to beautify your hair. Beads and ribbons are also excellent all-back Ghana braids decorations.

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How do you make Ghana weaving last on natural hair?

Kanekalon braids hairstyles last for 2-3 months if you take good care of them. Do not rub your fingers or use objects on your itchy scalp because you loosen the cornrows. Instead, apply dandruff oils when your scalp itches.

Avoid dusty places and stay in the sun for a long time because your head will sweat. Do not let water from the shower or rain get into your cornrows if you do not have a hair drier. Wetness in your head will make the scalp to it and smell.

Can I wash my Ghana weaving?

Wash them with warm water and shampoo. Massage the shampoo lightly into your scalp and squeeze the foam down your cornrows instead of running your cornrows. Rinse the cornrows with warm water and dry them in a hair drier.

How do you style Ghana weaving?

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  • Plait cornrows with a side or front-part style on at forehead.
  • Mix curvy and straight lines when plaiting cornrows.
  • Mix big and small cornrows.
  • Plait cornrows from the forehead to the middle of your head and complete the other half with braid strands, crochet, or curly extensions.
  • Hold cornrows running from the forehead to the middle of your head in a bun and let the braid strands, crochet, or curly extensions completing the other half of your head to fall on your shoulders or back.

These 50 all-back Ghana weaving hairstyles look beautiful an anyone. Make a list of styles you need for the whole year. One style can last for two to three months if you wash and dry it with a hairdryer.

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Some of these hairstyles are expensive but worth the cost. Your hairstylist will help you know the quantity and types of braiding materials you need.

Source: Legit.ng

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