Ankara evening gowns for special ladies

Ankara evening gowns for special ladies

Every woman should attend events and look stunning there! Take a look at impressive dresses we have gathered for you in our post and choose beautiful Ankara evening gowns for special ladies!

Ankara evening gowns for special ladies

At first, let’s choose the beautiful styles for evening dresses, and then find an occasion? Anniversary or wedding, birthday, corporate, and a party with friends - a real fashionista has many reasons to surprise others with a new refined outfit. Nigerian ladies want feeling like a queen. And beautiful Ankara evening gowns can help them.

Ankara evening gown
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Ankara evening gowns for special ladies

The season 2018 is rich in a wide variety of exquisite outfits. So, among the most relevant trends of Ankara styles for ladies we can note the next:

Ankara one-shoulder evening gown
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One-shoulder Ankara gown styles 2018

Open shoulders, undoubtedly, can be named one of the favorite trends in 2018. Dresses of this style strike with the harmony of unusual and beautiful characteristics. Apparently, such gowns were made under the influence of ancient Greece. The dresses with an overstated waist and a freely falling hemline are graceful, elegant and even solemn. Asymmetry tailoring and maxi length can accompany the bare shoulder line in the dress.

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Ankara one-shoulder evening dress
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In other way underline it by a deep cut for a demonstration of a slim leg. With this style designers realize their creative ideas. For example, the hemline is emphasized by the folds of the drapery or asymmetrical peplum can be added on the waist. Otherwise, you can make a deep cut and use a flowing transparent train.

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Ankara corset evening gown
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Evening dress with a corset 2018 – bustier gowns

Ankara gown with a corset is a great option if you want to emphasize and adjust your waist. If the dress has a corset, it’s enough to pinch the views of men around. The secret of special attention is that the corset highlights the waistline, tightens the chest and accentuates the view on the hips.

Ankara corset evening dress
Ankara corset evening dress, picture from

The corset dress is a universal outfit. It suits almost every lady: slim and with extra pounds, as well as short and tall. Since recently, the style of the 60s and 70s has returned to fashion, so the corset is gaining new popularity. You need to be careful when choosing accessories because inappropriate option can completely ruin the image.

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Ankara evening mini gown
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Ankara evening mini dresses 2018

In 2018, designers do not change the main trend - femininity and use classic techniques in creating fashionable evening dresses. Elegant and fragile silhouette can be emphasized with the long or medium-length dress of a fitting silhouette. Emperor styles and Greek dress deserve special attention.

Empire evening dress
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Empire evening dresses 2018

Another actual style 2018 is a dress in the Greek style with an overstated waist and beautifully flowing draperies. All models look very simple, feminine and elegant. The most popular length is maxi. The zest can be added with an asymmetrical hem and a neckline with lace trim.

Ankara beaded evening gown
Ankara beaded evening gown, photo from

Beaded evening dresses 2018

Women cannot pass by something brilliant. This modest weakness is enjoyed with pleasure by fashion trendsetters, using beads and sequins to create their outfits. No woman can remain indifferent to clothes embroidered with shiny elements.

Therefore, with the appearance of such items, they instantly became popular and found their fans. No matter how close the model is, it creates a very feminine image.

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Ankara evening gown with feathers
Ankara evening gown with feathers, photo from

Ankara evening gowns with feathers and fringe

The outfits with feathers and fringes are at the peak of their popularity today. You can choose a dress with feathers and fringe or choose a clutch with such decor. The image is moderately flirty.

Ankara multi-layered dress for a wedding
Ankara multi-layered dress for a wedding, photo from

Multi-layered dresses

Multilayeredness can be used on sleeves, dress’s skirt or along the entire length. But keep in mind that such dresses are large enough, so they are not good for plus size ladies.

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Ankara evening mermaid gown
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Mermaid dresses

Mermaid gown is quite a popular style of dress. It is also called "fish." It’s one of the favorite options among Ankara long gown styles. Such dress fits the body, and the skirt expands from the knee to the bottom. This style looks very nice. Besides, it perfectly emphasizes the figure, especially the hips.

Ankara evening gown with open back

Dresses with open back

For very solemn occasions it is worth refusing too deep cuts or décolleté. But you can emphasize the open back. The best thing for such Ankara dress is lace trim. It will give even more lightness and grace to your image.

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Ankara evening gown with chiffon and lace
Ankara evening gown with chiffon and lace, photo from

More trends for Ankara dress styles

Ankara dresses with transparent inserts of chiffon or lace. These dresses are made from bright fabrics as well as pastel textiles. Such gowns are very feminine and give grace to your image. If you want to observe decency, choose dresses with transparent sleeves or hemline.

If chiffon or lace inserts are placed in the décolleté area, they can still be decorated with 3D ornament, crystals, stones, appliqués, and fringe.

Ankara evening gown with frills
Ankara evening gown with frills, picture from

Dresses with ruffles and flounces give a special charm. Besides, such decoration looks very nice and spectacular, ruches and frills add volume to the necessary part of a figure, gently adjusting the total look.

Ankara yellow evening gown
Ankara yellow evening gown, photo from

Colors of beautiful Ankara gowns

The color palette of evening dresses in 2018 is represented by a riot of different colors. Among the most noteworthy are the outfits in rich red, yellow and purple tones. Also, dresses of green, wine and fuchsia colors take their place in new fashion collections.

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Ankara red evening gown with floral pattern
Ankara red evening gown with floral pattern, photo from

A soft color palette is represented by a wide palette of pastel tones and white. For special occasions, Ankara models can be decorated with silver, gold and bronze textiles. Ankara prints for evening dresses should be floral or geometric and small in size.

Ankara evening dress case
Ankara evening dress case, photo from

Get chic in Ankara gowns

If you have a small stature, then pay attention to the dress with an overstated waist. As for length, the best option is up to the knee. It is desirable that the bottom of the item is simple.

If you need to make the thighs a little slender, then you should pay attention to the dresses expanding from the belt line.

Ankara dress with short chiffon wavy sleeves
Ankara dress with short chiffon wavy sleeves, photo from

The girls with broad shoulders should take Ankara dresses with short chiffon wavy sleeves. Such style perfectly hides this shortcoming, and you will look unique.

Remember, that in the selection process, it is very important to consider not only your desires but also the type of figure. Do not blindly follow fashion or new trends. See more photos:

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Ankara evening gown with long sleeves
Ankara evening gown with long sleeves, picture from

Ankara evening gown with the decor
Ankara evening gown with the decor, photo from

Ankara evening gown with open shoulders
Ankara evening gown with open shoulders, photo from

Gowns made with Ankara should emphasize your individuality, give you maximum comfort and a sense of self-confidence. We wish you success in finding the perfect dress!

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