50+ Ankara styles for men to rock in Nigeria in 2024 (photos)

50+ Ankara styles for men to rock in Nigeria in 2024 (photos)

Ankara typically refers to outfits made from African printed fabric. Today, these include virtually everything from shoes, trousers, dresses, jackets, hats, and shorts. While the material has been in existence since the 19th century, it only began gaining popularity a few decades ago. In Nigeria, Ankara was typically associated with women's clothing. However, it has now become accepted across all genders. So, what are some of the best Ankara styles for men today? Usman Aliyu, the founder of Arewafamilyweddings, sheds light on the contemporary trends in Ankara styles for men.

Latest ankara styles for guys in 2022
Some excellent Ankara styles for men. Photo: @eugenedwise, @iamdayveeeed, @urbanphunk_made_in_kenya (modified by author)
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It is not uncommon to come across men dressed in Ankara in modern-day Nigeria. The style has spread across much of Africa but is still more prevalent in West African countries as compared to other regions.

The best Ankara styles for men in 2024

Here is a look at some of the latest Ankara styles for guys in 2024.

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Senator outfits

Ankara styles for men in 2022
Nice-looking senator outfits. Photo: @eugenedwise, @osasu.daniels, @ankaraexclusivemen, @shopadio, @ankaraexclusivemen, @ankaraexclusivemen (modified by author)
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Senator outfits are among the best-looking and most popular ways to try out the latest Ankara native styles for guys. These outfits are typically combinations of slim-fit trousers coupled with a long shirt that stretches several inches below the waistline.

This fabric's versatility gives men a lot of room to experiment with numerous designs, colours, and patterns. Bold people can opt for colourful shirts and trousers, while more conservative ones go for plain trousers and shirts with just a hint of printed fabric.

You also get to choose how low you want the shirt to stretch. Have the shirt drop a few inches below the waistline for a more formal look. Those looking for more casual Ankara senator styles for guys can have a longer shirt stretching to the knees.


latest Ankara styles for guys in 2022
Ankara shoes. Photo: @rezysplace, @ritaandnathan, @ritaandnathan, @touashop, @ankaraworld_, @afronote, ritaandnathan (modified by author)
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African printed fabric gives a nice, playfully casual touch to otherwise boring shoes. Ankara shoes are particularly appealing for people looking to brighten up their non-formal shoe collection. The shoes come in numerous designs, including all-fabric shoes, half-fabric, and those made from other materials but with a small touch of printed fabric.

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When it comes to shoes, some of the best men's Ankara styles and combinations include the suede-fabric combo, leather-fabric combo, and the bold all fabric design.


ankara senator styles for guys
Different Ankara short designs. Photo: @wuhart_clothing_n_accessories, @ankaraexclusivemen, @ankaraman_ (modified by author)
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Ankara shirts are quite possibly the most common male clothes made from printed fabric today. This is attributable to the ease of tailoring and the wide range of styles and designs available. One can choose to have their shirts in round-collar, half-collar, or the conventional full collar design.

Ankara shirt styles for guys vary greatly and include using the printed fabric on the entire shirt, combining it with other materials, or having it in a very small quantity to add a hint of colour, especially on dull-coloured shirts.

One is also at liberty to choose between short and long sleeves, pocketed or plain, and buttoned or unbuttoned shirts.

Suits and coats

ankara designs for men
Ankara coats and suits. Photo: @allthingsankara, @phelicx, @chris_ara_b, @ankaraman_, @gemogibespoke, @tangartis, @classyclothingss, @neopele78 (modified by author)
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Years ago, printed fabric suits and coats were quite rare. The casual nature of the material was considered somewhat unsuitable for the typically formal suits and coats. However, the fashion industry has come a long way since then. Today, one can see numerous men sporting printed fabric coats and suits.

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If you are feeling bold enough, you can try the all-Ankara suit that has a matching coat and pair of trousers. If you do not like the attention that comes with the bold colours and patterns of printed fabric, go for plain materials with small patches of printed fabric.


male ankara designs for 2022
Ankara trousers. Photo: @aris_luther, @justken_7, @nonsky, @stylebycue, @mo_fabrics_more, @iamdayveeeed, @m16_fashion_home, @bidzstitchesworld (modified by author)
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Ankara trousers come in various styles, designs, fits, and patterns. Those with a bold sense of fashion can go for three-quarter length trousers, while the more conservative ones can opt for typical length trousers. In addition, printed fabric trousers can be paired up with t-shirts, plain shirts, or printed fabric shirts.

Today, some of the most interesting Ankara designs for men are often expressed in trousers and shorts. The numerous possibilities make it possible for anyone to find something that suits their fashion taste.

Hats and caps

ankara shirt styles for guys
Printed fabric hats.Photo: @welcome_to_my_ghana_market, @afropopular, @maikyursapparels, @katyaartbooth, @lipasabymnk, @owoiyagold_classical_design, @toyor232 (modified by author)
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Hats and caps are among the most common male head outfits. Traditionally, hats and caps were made from conventional fabrics such as denim, cotton, and polyester. Today, numerous men across Nigeria can be seen wearing hats and caps made from printed fabric, either entirely or partially.

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ankara styles for men in 2022
Printed fabric hoodies. Photo: @aphoenixcrafts, @urbanphunk_made_in_kenya, @kulcha_kernel, @atampaempire, @ogesfashion, @gakenicloset, @urbanphunk_made_in_kenya, @creativedominion (modified by author)
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Hoodies are the perfect outfits for casual night outs, trips to the park, and numerous other instances. They come in numerous designs that incorporate printed fabric in varying designs and styles. One of the best male Ankara designs for 2024 is the chest printed design. This one has printed fabric across the chest area, with the rest of the hoodie made from plain-coloured cotton.

Other common designs are pocket-printed and zippered designs.

Style tips from expert

In a discussion with Usman Aliyu, the visionary behind Arewafamilyweddings, he explains the evolutionary journey of Ankara fabrics in men's fashion, he said:

Since 2021, Ankara is a fantastic option for not only women but men as well. The attractive, vibrant print looks equally splendid regardless of age, race, or colour. Usually, men don't wear colourful clothes because the norm dictates that bright is feminine while monotone is masculine.

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Aliyu also provided insights into some of the latest Ankara styles for men, encompassing:

  • Funky Ankara jacket.
  • Ankara blazers and pant.
  • Formal Ankara tuxedo.
  • Simple crisp shirt and vivacious Ankara pant.
Selecting the perfect Ankara print is the first step to elevating their (men's) wardrobe, considering both event and body shape when making choices.

Meanwhile, he also disclosed some of his preferred Ankara styles for men, which include:

  • Ankara Jacket - It's simple and not over the top, as some might consider a full Ankara outfit to be. The artful placement of my Ankara choice is prominent and the design is not too shabby.
  • A touch of Ankara on the shirt. Mr. Usman adds, "This way, I can incorporate what I love and standout while maintaining normality".

There are numerous Ankara styles for men in today’s fashion industry. The material’s versatility has made it possible to have everything, including shorts, shirts, trousers, suits, hoodies, and even shoes. Why not give this printed fabric a try today?

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Legit.ng recently explored the best Ankara styles for ladies. Ankara refers to the native wear made from African printed fabric. Today, it comprises some of the most popular and versatile outfits for men, women, and children.

Ankara has, for decades, been a favourite for women looking to give their outfits an African touch. Today, one can find Ankara dresses, skirts, trousers, shorts, and numerous accessories. This guide has you covered if you have been looking for an updated Nigerian Ankara styles catalogue.

Source: Legit.ng

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