100+ unicorn names with meanings from movies and popular culture

100+ unicorn names with meanings from movies and popular culture

A unicorn is a rare mythical creature that has been around for a long time. It is described as an animal that looks like a horse with a single horn on its forehead. Unicorns are known to be pure and innocent. However, their beauty, grace and power have made people want to name their kids or pets after unicorns. Fortunately, there are many good unicorn names from movies and popular culture to choose from.

unicorn names
Unicorn fantasy mystical-dream. Photo: pixabay.com, @rayshrewsberry
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Many people have different opinions on what a unicorn's name should be. Most unicorns are named after flowers or nature. Others are named to reflect power and strength. All in all, unicorn names are cute and great.

Cute unicorn names

Aside from being beautiful and majestic, cute unicorn names is a way for people to remember you. In addition, the name can be a great conversational starter and help you make more friends. Below are some cute unicorn name ideas you can use.

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  • Amethyst: Precious one
  • Solstice: When the sun stands still
  • Caprina: Whimsical or playful
  • Rohesia: Kind
  • Anamika: Full of grace
  • Zeni: God’s grace
  • Primana: The protector
  • Victoria: Victorious
  • Olive: Olive tree
  • Odyn: Inspiration
  • Star: Star
  • Saphire: Blue
  • Topaz: Golden gem
  • Tango: Touch
  • Tulip: Turban
  • Trixie: Bringer of joy
  • Faye: Loyalty or belief

Popular names for unicorns

cute unicorn names
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Unicorns are creatures that many kids look up to. They, therefore, form great names for children. Kids can be proud of their names if they reflect their best unicorns. Here are some names for unicorns.

  • Amber: The sky or jewel
  • Sparkle: Glisten in Light
  • Gemma: A gem
  • Jewel: Precious stone
  • Chiara: Bright or light
  • Tangerine: Native of Tangier
  • Dessa: Wandering
  • Uni: A Dane Sigfried
  • Stellar Flare: Of the stars
  • Majesty: Royal bearing
  • Hesperos: Evening star
  • Cobalt: Household goblin
  • Arryn: The light bringer
  • Enigma: Speaking in riddles Lilac Mist
  • Argyra: Silver
  • Celestia: From the stars

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Good unicorn names

names for unicorns
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Unicorns are amazing and unique creatures and deserve an equally good name to reflect that. A good name for a unicorn is beautiful, magical, and unique. Check out these names that are good unicorn names.

  • Andromeda: Advising like a man
  • Hippolyta: Horse let loose
  • Zinnia: Flower from the aster family
  • Bud: Messenger or friend
  • Aurora: Dawn
  • Miyuki: Deep snow
  • Bella: Beautiful
  • Blanca: White or pure
  • Amor: Love
  • Grace: Charm or goodness
  • Minuette: A pretty small one or a delicate person
  • Minato: Sheltered harbour
  • Arabella: Little Arabian woman or playful

Male unicorn names

What's more interesting than some magical unicorn boys' names? These are some great boys' names inspired by unicorns you can use.

  • Clementine: Merciful
  • Snips: Strong and wise
  • Galaxy: Large system of stars
  • Pegasus: From a water spring
  • Urania: Heavenly
  • Julian: Downy or youthful
  • Loki: Knot
  • Yuki: Snow flower or happiness
  • Topaz: Golden gem
  • Ursula: Bear
  • Joseph: One will add
  • Xenia: Welcomed guest
  • Jasper: Treasure
  • Fernaco: Daring or adventurous.
  • Iris: Rainbow
  • Isa: Salvation of God, strong-willed
  • Charlie: Free man

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Good names for unicorns

good unicorn names
Unicorn frying in the sky. Photo: pixabay.com, @cocoparisienne
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Good unicorn names have a way of making your little one feel special and powerful. They are perfect names for a boy or a girl. Bearing that unicorns are magical creatures, make sure you choose a special name for them. Here are a few ideas.

  • Astra: Of the stars
  • Danika: Morning star from Denmark
  • Marigold: Golden flower
  • Necia: Fiery
  • Floriana: Blossoming or flourishing
  • Anamika: Little sister or the ring finger
  • Dusha: Soul
  • Fern: A green plant that loves shade
  • Leila: Dark or night
  • Vega: Falling vulture
  • Jade: Precious stone
  • Lavender: Purple flower
  • Unique: Only one
  • Ulani: Cheerful
  • Velvet: Soft fabric
  • Wanda: Shepherdess or wanderer
  • Willow: The willow tree
  • Wrynn: A streak of sunlight seeking through a thunderstorm".
  • Winter: Fresher or brisker

Female unicorn names

If you are looking for sweet names for your little girl, keep reading. These female unicorn names are perfect for your cute little girl. They are not only feminine but also very powerful. This means they can stand on their own if need be.

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  • Blossom: Flower-like
  • Wilda: To strive
  • Phoenix: Dark red
  • Crystal: Something clear or precious
  • Lily: Purity and innocence
  • Moriba: Curious seeker of knowledge
  • Rain: Abundant blessings from above
  • Cinnamon: Spice name
  • Andrea: Manly or virile
  • Serenity: Peaceful
  • Kleo: Glory
  • Daisy: Day's eye
  • Sadie: Princess
  • Yasmin: Jasmine flower
  • Unico: Unique
  • Javiera: New house, bright
  • Lotus: Lotus flower
  • Eldora: Gift of the sun

Funny unicorn names

male unicorn names
Unicorn in the forest. Photo: pixabay.com, @silviap_design
Source: UGC

Unicorns are considered funny creatures, and many are given funny names. So if you are looking for a hilarious name, look no further than this list of funny unicorn names.

  • Jolly Ginger Naps
  • Cassiopeia
  • Fleur
  • Razz Berry Julie
  • Merry Lily
  • Oleander
  • Hesperia
  • Knight
  • Periwinkle
  • Cassie Fluffies
  • Twilight
  • Flykra
  • Neptune
  • Sunny Angel Glow
  • Onyx
  • Aliz
  • Crystal Pop
  • Princess Candy Sparkles

Names for a unicorn

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Getting a good name can, however, pose a challenge. Here is a list of some names that you can find interesting.

  • Maya: Good mother
  • Hilla: Cloudberry
  • Valeri: Strong or powerful
  • Cunhur: From the people
  • Ruby: Deep red precious stone
  • Quirina: Warrior
  • Phoebe: Bright
  • Pearl: Precious
  • Etana: Strength of purpose
  • Opal: Precious gem

Cool unicorn names

names for a unicorn
White unicorn standing in water. Photo: pixabay.com, @cocoparisienne
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Unicorns are overloaded with cuteness, coolness and mystery. They are like the magical, sparkly ponies every child wants. So to match their sparkly-ness, here are some cool unicorn names.

  • Bluebell: Flower
  • Calypso: Hidden
  • Dandelion: Lion’s tooth
  • Amor: Love
  • Rhea: To flow
  • Dessa: Long journey
  • Eldora: Gift of the sun
  • Cassiopeia: Constellation
  • NIkephoros: Carrying victory
  • Lycus: Wolf
  • Ariadne: Most Holy
  • Juno: Juno
  • Papoy: Fun
  • Rainbow: Iris

Best unicorn names

Coming up with some amazing unicorn names is no doubt very challenging. Here is a list of unicorn names to help you select a moniker for your baby or pet.

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  • Primrose: First rose
  • Cornelia: Horn
  • Delphine: Woman from Delphi
  • Esmeralda: Emerald
  • Pixie: Fairy
  • Quilin: Shapely, strong
  • Quinzel: Ray of sun
  • Nyx: Night
  • Tiramisu: Lift me up

Cute names for unicorns

female unicorn names
Photo: pixabay.com, @silviapdesign
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Unicorns have the cutest names you can think of. So if you are looking for unicorn names for yourself, your pets, or your baby, you've come to the right place. Below is a list of cute unicorn names you can choose from to satisfy your unicorn fantasies.

  • Baxter: Baker
  • Tacita: Silence
  • Vanora: White wave
  • Lunaria: Moon-like
  • Philipa: Lover of horses
  • Rohesia: A woman who is like a famous horse
  • Coral: Sea growth
  • Bliss: Intense happiness
  • Astrid: Divinely beautiful
  • Titch: A small person
  • Twizzler: A free-spirited individual

Unicorn names for stuffed animals

Below is a lovely collection of cute names you can consider.

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  • Clover: Meadow flower
  • Cassie: Fluffies: shining over man
  • Jelly Puffs: A pioneering spirit
  • Dashing Kimberly: From the royal fortress meadow
  • Lala Pony: Laurel
  • Poppy: Red flower
  • Susie: Lily Flower
  • Buttercup: Herbaceous plant

Unicorn names from movies

funny unicorn names
Unicorn in the forest. Photo: pixabay.com, @elg21
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Unicorns are characterized by being cute, strong, and adorable creatures. Their depiction in movies and films is legendary and mystical. Check out these unicorn names from famous movies and animation shows.

  • Iris: Goddess of the rainbow
  • Indie: Independent Or Indian
  • Kai: Sea
  • Lotus: Lotus flower
  • Maximus: Greatest
  • Nirvana: Bliss
  • Olympia: From mount Olympus
  • Yaria: Holy
  • Zara: Radiance
  • Zora: Sunrise

What is the most famous unicorn?

Charlie the Unicorn is one of the most famous unicorns. He's an old colt who is grey. He is very grumpy and suffers from depression.

What do you call a baby unicorn?

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A baby unicorn is called a foal same as a baby horse.

What should I name an evil unicorn?

  • Cruella: Evil or cruel
  • Reaper: Saint death
  • Brutus: Heavy or dull
  • Rampage: Rave

Unicorns are mystical figures representing many good things that inspire our lives. Most people remember their favourite unicorn from childhood. Unicorn names are great for kids, pets or even animals. You can choose a unicorn name for your little one or a pet from the list above.

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