100+ cute pet hamster names for your tiny furry best friend

100+ cute pet hamster names for your tiny furry best friend

Finding cute hamster names should not be challenging if you go through the list of names compiled below.

cute hamster names
Orange and white hamster on grey surface. Photo: pexels.com, @Sharon Snider
Source: UGC

What are some cool hamster names? Below are some of the most popular, funny, and cute hamster names.

What is the most popular hamster name?

Hamsters are often linked to their playful and affectionate nature. It might be challenging to choose a good hamster name now that there are tons of them everywhere. Here are a few popular hamster names to consider.

  • Vladimir: a sociable friend who is short
  • Bolt: one who likes doing things fast
  • Ling: best suits a slimmer friend
  • Stubby: being short and thick stubby fingers
  • Snowy: thick hairs mainly attributed to coldness
  • Bear: one who prefers to have few friends and easily gets irritated
  • Gizmo: quickly changes character, more so when threatened
  • Patch: having patches on the body
  • Fluffy: a soft, cute behaviour
  • Chewy: one who has a liking for chewing stuff
  • Cashmere: a soft character
  • Cheeky: friendly
  • Comet: long-haired
  • Chibi: a Japanese name meaning tiny
  • Chubby Cheeks: with adorable chubby cheeks
  • Cocoa: with a brown skin complexion

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Funny hamster names

Below are some of the funny hamster names you are surely going to like.

  • Hamlet: home, foolish and dull
  • Mo: rebelliousness
  • Caesar: the long-haired one
  • Sir Squeaks-a-Lot: having a liking of making a shrilling voice
  • Mr Cheeks: with attractive cheeks
  • Miss Chunky: chubby looking and quite attractive
  • Bunny: funny look –alike meaning ‘little rabbit.’
  • Chante: to sing
  • Afton: from the Afton River
  • Cinnabon: good, gentle, kind
  • Chubby: a cheeky character
  • Nibbles: who likes to nibble
hamster names
A pet hamster. Photo: pexels.com, @Juris Freidenfelds
Source: UGC
  • Tinkerbell: mischievous fairy
  • Achilles: a Greek hero of the Trojan war
  • Hamsterdam: named after a famous movie series
  • Sir Paws: the watchful one
  • Hampton: from the village by the town
  • Gingersnap: to seize quickly
  • Tank: big and strong body
  • Lady Fluff: makes you feel safe
  • Ricky Bobby: fighting chicken
  • Napoleon: lion of the new city to symbolize braveness

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Good names for hamsters

What kind of name do you give a dwarf hamster? Some of the most popular ones are Alfie and Charlie. The following are other hamster names that describe your short furry best friend.

  • Bashful: the quit or shy one
  • Baxter: originates from early middle English and means the baker
  • Chase: the hunter
  • Svetlana: common Orthodox name meaning light, shining, luminescent, blessed
  • Cuddles: one who has a liking of embracing closely
  • Mao: Japanese origin name meaning ‘true centre.’
  • Kumquat: a symbol of prosperity
  • Mishka: an Arabic name for the niche of light
  • BaoBei: a baby
  • Kroshka: baby-girl
  • Snezhana: snow
  • Dan Dan: judge; God is my judge
  • Xia Xue: a Chinese name meaning studious
  • Vovka: ruler of the world/ people/peace
  • Mushu: a Chinese name meaning beard
  • Soyuz: a Russian term for ‘union.’
  • Vladimir: of great power
  • Niko: people of victory
  • Peanut: meaning groundnut
  • Pepper: spice name
  • Puny: minor
  • Snow White: white as snow
  • Tia: a crown of princess

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What are good hamster names?

If you are looking for good hamster names with positive meanings, look no further! Here are good names with their meanings that you can call your tiny best friend.

good hamster names
Hungry little hamster enjoying a tasty treat. Photo: pexels.com, @Ellie Burgin
Source: UGC
  • Eri: my guardian
  • Truett: little, honest
  • Mantyre: son of the carpenter
  • Chongo: ambition, determination, strength and professionalism
  • Ayaan: the gift of God
  • Ethan: firm
  • Christopher: bearer of Christ
  • Winnie: soft, fair
  • Madison: son of Maud
  • Tirrell: thunder ruler
  • Maddock: beneficent
  • Ade: crown, royal
  • Adish: just, wise
  • Adriel: congregation
  • Agostino: greatly praised
  • Clarinda: bright
  • Jenestia: newcomer
  • Cinnamon: my fortune is yours
  • Tia: princess of crown
  • Manya: bitter
  • Siania: health
  • Jeniffer: the fair one
  • Alice: the noble one
  • Alexandra: defence of humankind
  • Hamelia: the guardian of the forest
  • Mouse: timid
  • Paul Bunyan: called after a humorous person
  • Budweiser: named after a famous beer from Budweis
  • Pom Pom: a boy’s name of French origin meaning ‘apple.'
  • Zeus: Hercule’s father, the king of the Greek Gods
  • Rian: king
  • Rex: king

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Unique hamster names

Are you looking for unique pet hamster names? Here are unique hamster names for your new fluffy friend.

  • Goldilocks: with golden hair
  • Squeakers: shrilling sound
  • Sweetie: a gentle person
  • Lily: flower name
  • Dragon: courageous
  • Cinderella: girl by cinders
  • Speedy: fast pacer
  • Cressida: gold
  • Dia: daylight
  • Jellybean: intense desire for new experiences
  • Butterscotch: sweet character
  • Dolly: the gift of God, cute child
  • Donut: a sweet
  • Nutmeg: musk nut
  • Dorene: gift
  • Floortje: flower
  • Hazel: tree
  • Gretel: pearl
  • Cheeky: boldly rude, imprudent
  • Nibbles: small, quick bites
  • Niblet: someone with a beaklike nose
  • Bitsy: pledged to God
  • Tiny: follower of Christ
  • Dust Bunny: a lint of fluff or dust
  • Puffles: diligent, dependable, curiosity
  • Cotton: the comfortable one
  • Kerry: blessed poetry
  • Kiki: double happiness
  • Kyla: lovely
  • Furball: an obnoxious person
  • Nox: night
  • Po: night
  • Pablo: small and humble
  • Churro: good looking
  • Waddles: swaying movements
  • Beefcakes: muscular and attractive
  • Little League: named after a major league baseball
  • Wiggles: hurry up
  • Zelda: happy

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Cute names for hamsters

What is the cutest name for a hamster? Buttercap, Zelda and Yogi are a few of the adorable hamster names. Below is a list of other cute hamster names.

cute hamster names
Cute fluffy hamster in a cage. Photo: pexels.com, @Ellie Burgin
Source: UGC
  • Chumlee: pretty
  • Daisy: resembling the beauty of a daisy flower
  • Fudge: having a fudge coloured appearance
  • Frodo: a name from the movie Lord of the Rings
  • Foody: who loves food a lot
  • Ivory: one who loves the colour of ivory
  • Jojo: cute
  • Kujo: sweet
  • Larry: simple
  • Midnight: for a friend with black coat hair
  • Magoo: for a friend that reminds you of a cartoon character named Magoo
  • Nemo: a name after a popular movie
  • Nosey: a cute nose
  • Ozone: pretty
  • Pumpkin: a friend that has a round head like a pumpkin
  • Peanut: one who has a liking for peanuts
  • Rocky: for a strong
  • Bernard: brave as a bear
  • Blake: meaning black
  • Bob: bright, fame
  • Buster: tough one
  • Ethan: strong
  • Felix: successful
  • Fluffy: rise and fall
  • Jusper: treasurer
  • Logan: little hollow
  • Malin: small warrior
  • Sparky: to scatter
  • Sweeney: hero
  • Teddy: wealthy protector
  • Tiny: little one
  • Yin: in the shade

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Which of these pet hamster names did you find interesting? Make sure you select the most suitable one for your furry best friend.

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