100+ male and female elf names, their meanings and origins

100+ male and female elf names, their meanings and origins

A considerable number of humans have always been fascinated by magical and mythical stories. Some people are drawn by the desire to explore whatever lies beyond the physical realm. It is out of such desire that characters such as elves were created. These creatures are inarguably some of the most popular characters in the fantasy genre of films and literature. Elves are also known to have some nice-sounding mystical names. What are some of the best elf names, and what are their meanings and origins?

elf name meanings
Three elves and a mystical animal. Photo: pixabay.com, @ractapopulos
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What are some good fantasy Elf names? Here is a look at some cool elf names you can name an elven character.

Amazing elf names for boys and girls

Are you looking for some fascinating elf family names? Well, look no further.

Male elf names

If you are considering giving your newborn boy an Elvish name, here are some top options to consider for first names.

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  • Bari: A Scandinavian designation, meaning 'magical being.'
  • Ingálvur: Faroese for ‘elf ancestor.’
  • Amdirthor: This one is of Sindarin origin, meaning 'overwhelming forest of hope.'
  • Arod: From the Elvish culture, and means swift or brown.
  • Hermey: German name meaning 'soldier.'
  • Callon: Derived from the Sindarin culture and meaning 'hero.'
  • Gandalf: Comes from Norse mythology and means' elf wand.'
  • Robin: Come from English culture and stands for' fame' or 'bright.'
  • Álfur: Icelandic for 'elf.'
  • Claude: French name said to mean 'lame.'
  • Tommy: This one is derived from the Elvish spirits known as Tommyknockers.
  • Kimo: Derived from pop culture and syands for 'gentle.'
  • Jack: English for 'gracious.'
  • Quant: A Germanic word meaning 'prankster' or 'imp.'
  • Círdan: Means' ship maker' in the Tolkien language.
  • Iston: Tolkien Quenya for 'wise one.'
  • Theoden: Rohirric for 'ruler.'
  • Ailwi: An ancient English term that means 'noble elf.'
  • Álváró: A Spanish, Chilean, Portuguese, and Hungarian name for 'elf warrior.'
  • Bailey: A popular term in Elvish culture. It means 'judge.'
  • Eldacar: Sindarin title meaning 'helmet.'
  • Poldo: Quenya name depicting 'a big and strong person.'
  • Samuel: From the Hebrew and Sindarin cultures and means' name of God.'

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Male elf last names

male elf names
A male elf with gifts. Photo: pixabay.com, @sipa
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Here are some nice-sounding Elvish last names for a boy.

  • Logon: Sindarin for 'one who is warm at heart.'
  • Algar: English culture title for 'elf spear.'
  • Elving: Swedish for 'elf river.'
  • Duwende: Comes from Philippine folklore meaning 'a man the size of a small kid.'
  • Garrett: Sindarin for 'support' or 'saved.'
  • Bernard: This one is Germanic for 'brave bear.'
  • Merdaer: An evil and dark Elvish tag meaning 'a doomed trickster.'
  • Ernest: English title that means 'serious.'
  • Eldarion: The term is derived from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and meaning 'son of the Elves.'
  • Basil: means' king.' And is derived from the kids' show Johnny and the Sprites.
  • Bucca: Derived from the Old Cornish culture and means' nature spirit.'
  • Clurichaun: An Irish mythology designation meaning 'mischievous.'
  • Legolas: A name from popular literature, meaning 'green leaves.'
  • Niall: Gaelic for 'cloud.'
  • Albwin: Germanic for 'elf friend.'

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Magical elf names for a boy

Here are some mystical sounding elven names for males.

  • Alberad: This one has Germanic origins and stands for 'elf counsel.'
  • Peregrin: A rare Elvish name meaning 'traveler.'
  • Sennin: Japanese for 'immortal mountain fairy.'
  • Egnor: A common Elvish title from literature, meaning 'fell fire.'
  • Lindir: Sindarin for ‘fair singer.’
  • Nickel: A name of German origin meaning 'goblin.'
  • Peri: A name from Persian mythology meaning 'beautiful winged spirit.'
  • Elegast: Germanic designation meaning 'elf spirit.'
  • Joralf: A name of Norwegian origin, meaning 'chief elf.'
  • Keijo: Finnish for 'fairy' or 'elf.'
  • Noralf: A Norwegian title that means 'elf from the north.'
  • Alvin: English for 'elf friend.'
  • Rohan: Sindarin for 'horse kingdom.'

Female elven names

female elven names
Two elves posing. Photo: pixabay.com, @ractapopulos
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Besides having amazing male titles, the Elvish language also has numerous female names. Here is a look at some amazing ones to consider.

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  • NiennaIt: This one means 'tear' in the Elvish Quenya language.
  • Ronda: Tolkien for ‘firm.’
  • Ann: Means 'a gift' in the Elvish Quenya language.
  • Tara: Quenya for 'one who is elite or wise.'
  • Elnora: Greek term meaning' compassion.'
  • Vanora: This one is of Welsh origin and stands for 'white wave.'
  • Idril: Sindarin for 'sparkling brilliance.'
  • Tiên: Vietnamese designation for 'immortal celestial being' or 'fairy.'
  • Alfreda: A term of English origin meaning 'counsel.'
  • Lobelia: Elvish for 'brave girl.'
  • Nessa: Quenya for 'one who is always youthful.'
  • Teniya: Russian title meaning 'fairy queen.'
  • Eowyn: Elvish for 'horse joy.'
  • Abina: A name of African origin meaning 'a person born on Tuesday.'
  • Elanor: Derived from Sindarin and meaning 'the sun' or 'sun star.'
  • FredaIt: Germanic term meaning 'tranquility' or 'peace.'
  • AubreeIt: A title of French origin meaning 'a ruler.'
  • Tallula: From Native American culture and stands for 'leaping water.'
  • Melian: Sindarin for ‘dear gift.’
  • ElvaIt: A variant of the English name Elvina, meaning 'a friend.'
  • Arwen: An extremely rare Sindarin title meaning 'noble maiden.'
  • Aredhel: This unique and lovely Elvish title is Quenya for 'a noblewoman.'
  • LiaIt: A female Elvish title meaning 'a thread.'
  • Aerin: A fancier version of the Tolkien term, Erin, meaning 'ocean.'
  • Sylph: An Ancient English name for 'nymph of the woods.'
  • Estel: Derived from the Sindarin language and meaning 'trust' or 'hope.'
  • Yavanna: Tolkien Quenya for 'a giver of fruits.'
  • Sânziana: A tag with Romanian origin and meaning 'the holy Diana.'
  • Parineeti: Hindi for 'beautiful fairy.'
  • Vena: Short form for Alvena, meaning 'a friend' in Elvish.

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Magical female elf names

female elf names
Two smiley elves. Photo: unsplash.com, @ErinMcKenna
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Are you looking for mystical or magical elf names for your female character or child? Here are some amazing options and their related elf name meanings.

  • Elbereth: Sindarin for ‘star queen.’
  • Galadriel: Derived from the Sindarin language and meaning 'a girl with radiant hair.'
  • AlmaIt: A lovely Elvish designation with the meaning 'a girl with good fortune.'
  • Rina: Quenya for 'the crowned one.'
  • Shaperai: is a Pashto title that stands for 'fairy.'
  • Glóredhel: Derived from the Tolkien language, meaning 'elf of the golden light.'
  • Tinuviel: Tolkien Quenya for 'daughter of twilight.'
  • Sheelin: English name that stands for 'fairy pool or lake.'
  • Parisa: Persian for 'like a fairy.'
  • Ronda: This one means 'firm' or 'solid' in the Quenya language.
  • Flavia: Latin for 'the yellow-haired one.'
  • Haleth: Sindarin for 'the exalted one.'
  • Melaine: This one is from Greek mythology, meaning 'dark' or 'black.'
  • Siofra: Derived from Gaelic culture and meaning 'elf.'
  • Aoibheann: Irish for 'radiant' or 'beautiful.'
  • Luthien: Sindarin for 'daughter of flowers.'
  • Gunnalf: Swedish for 'battle elf.'
  • Calen: An Elvish term meaning 'the green one' in Sindarin.
  • Parizad: Persian for 'child of a fairy.'
  • Soni: A Japanese term for an elf meaning 'fairy princess.'
  • Olivia: A common name in several European languages. It means 'elf warrior.'

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What is a good elf name?

When looking for a great elven title or designation for your character or child, it is important to consider its meaning and sound. Some names sound extremely nice but might have bad meanings. Additionally, you want the meaning to reflect a trait you would want your character to have.

There are numerous elf names out there for someone looking for an elven name. As is apparent from the list, some names have common meanings while others sound quite magical. Which name did you find most captivating?

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