100+ halfling names and their meaning for your D&D character

100+ halfling names and their meaning for your D&D character

Halflings are an imaginary race that are described as cheerful and friendly beings. They cherish friendship and family. Furthermore, halflings in Dungeons and Dragons are always ready for adventures to protect their families and friends. They treasure adventuring, for they see it as an obligation. Would you like to know what halfling names to use for your D&D character?

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Halfling names tend to be melodic and usually range from short to relatively long. Moreover, each name has a significant meaning. Check out the halfling names and their meanings below.

Halfling names for girls

Female halfling names differ from those of males in several ways. For instance, they tend to be more melodic than those of males. Additionally, halfling female names are longer compared to those of males.

  • Seraphina: fiery-winged or burning ones
  • Asphodel: means lily
  • Hilda: battle woman
  • Mazzy: means a precious pearl
  • Balbina: stammered
  • Merry: cheerful, happy
  • Bonita: means pretty
  • Diamond: brilliant, of high value, Invincible
  • Merla: blackbird, bright sea
  • Arabella: beautiful
  • Mirabella: wonderful, wondrous beauty
  • Ayita: first to dance
  • Susannah: lily, true beauty, joy
  • Alora: means a dream
  • Lavinia: purity
  • Belinda: beautiful, pretty
  • Charmaine: charm, cheerful or friendly
  • Lidda: beautiful one
  • Gelvira: means holy strength
  • Berylla: light green precious stone
  • Rimita: one with knowledge and understanding
  • Portia: an offering
  • Primula: means first
  • Angelica: an angel
  • Asphodel: a lily flower
  • Ruby: precious stone
  • Brunella: a girl with a brown hair
  • Armida: little armed one
  • Aiko: little loved one
  • Malva: slender
  • Belladonna: a beautiful lady
  • Peony: means healing
  • Rose: famous type
  • Arabella: beautiful one
  • Carlotta: means strong
  • Bellisima: attractive

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Halfling names for male

Males in Dungeons & Dragons are intelligent, wise, strong, and leaders. Therefore when choosing a halfling name for a male D&D character, it should define their personalities. Here are some of the male halfling names and their meanings.

  • Garret: a ruler with a spear
  • Cottar: a farm labourer or tenant occupying a cottage in return for services
  • Adelard: means noble strength, brave
  • Bill: protector with a Gilded Helmet
  • Otho: prosperous, wealthy
  • Anson: son of the divine
  • Andwise: means full of wisdom
  • Hob: bright light
  • Ronald: means rule
  • Beau: handsome
  • Olo: famous land, handsome
  • Kepli: independent one, strong, full of determination and reliable
  • Bodo: commander, lord
  • Balbo: stammered
  • Drogo: to bear or to carry
  • Hildigrim: means battle
  • Adric: blessed ruler
  • Frodo: wise one
  • Dudo: doubt
  • Eder: flock
  • Largo: means tall
  • Rufus: red-haired
  • Rorimac: red king”
  • Haldon: a rock or a stone
  • Barner: someone who lived by a barn
  • Joyas: rejoice
  • Tarkas: wondering as waters
  • Adelard: means noble strength
  • Valkas: means “strong” or “healthy”
  • Gokin: means charisma

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Halfling family names

They include the following.

  • Hornblower: one who blows a horn
  • Oldfur: a family with old fur
  • Goodbody: a family of good people
  • Orgulas: one with the potential to attain spiritual insight
  • Goldsworthy: field of feast
  • Heartblossom: a giving heart
  • Dale: valley
  • Dudley: people’s field
  • Bunce: unexpected gain

Cool halfling surnames

halfling names
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Do halflings have last names? The answer is Yes. Halfling names consist of two parts. The first part has a personal name and the last part a surname or a family name. The following are halfling last names and what they mean.

  • Ashworthy: powerful and complete
  • Moonward: towards the moon
  • Longfoot: means ‘generous’ but likes to see a return from your giving
  • Headstrong: one determined to have one’s own way
  • Hamson: one who always attracts success and wealth
  • Dudley: strong as a bear
  • Faneth: happy or joyous
  • Fleetfoot: swift of foot
  • Billberry: one who always strives to stay out of trouble
  • Bolger: a leatherworker
  • Brandybuck: head of the sea
  • Bullroarer: refers to a communicating instrument
  • Dale: one who lives in the valley
  • Devix: someone innovative, independent, courageous
  • Gardner: a weapon
  • Gammidge: means “The winding river”

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Ghostwise halfling names

They are secluded from the outside world and live nomadic life in clans. What do Ghostwise halflings look like? They have slightly dark skin and light brown hair. Their physical appearance is a result of spending most of their time in the sun.

Female ghostwise names

The names include the following.

  • Rosmita: an independent and strong leader
  • Lyle: from the island
  • Jolly: one with an attractive disposition

Male ghostwise names

The names are as follows:

  • Kordon: extremes in health, fortune and spiritually
  • Fosco: meaning “dark” or “dull”
  • Koros: one who is compassionate, generous, loyal
  • Largo: means tall
  • Odo: means wealth
  • Morro: one with a protruding nose
  • Sancho: means sacred, holy
  • Roscoe: deer wood
  • Tolman: this term refers to a toll collector
  • Polo: brave wanderer
  • Vigo: settlement
  • Conrad: brave, wise, experienced counsellor

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Funny halfling names

funny halfling names
Funny halfling names for D&D characters. Photo: pngkit.com
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If you are looking for funny names to suit your D&D character, the following list will help you.

  • Spoony: foolish or silly
  • Finster: threatening
  • Bungo: dugout
  • Littleman: not powerful, wealthy or famous

Badass halflings names

The following list contains badass halfling names and their meanings.

  • Glowearth: a glowing area
  • Tosstopple: a light win in a war
  • Mosshollow: means “an empty swamp”
  • Brushbluff: a pretender
  • Twilightbridge: a bridge where a soft light glows from the sky

What are good halfling names?

Each halfling name is good when it has a significant meaning. Even so, there are different factors to consider when choosing halfling tittles. Some of the factors include physical appearance, mannerism and personality.

For instance, when choosing a halfling name for your Dungeons & Dragons character, consider the following abilities: intelligence, charisma, wisdom, strength, constitution and dexterity. This will enable you to give a reason as to why you chose a certain name.

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Halfling names have varying meanings. Also, some are short while others are long. In most instances, those of females tend to be longer compared to the male ones. Hope you found a satisfying name for your D&D character.

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