Male and female tiefling names: find a fitting name for your character

Male and female tiefling names: find a fitting name for your character

If you want to use tieflings in your fantasy games, then you will need to find the right tiefling names that fit your character. Have a look at some tiefling names that can help you brainstorm the options you like.

tiefling names
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Tieflings are well known for their somewhat ambiguous nature of being half-human and half-animal with spectacular intelligence and strength. According to mythology, they are believed to be from a generation of the devil and bad omens. They live amongst the humans, act like humans, and often change their get-ups so no one can identify them. Unfortunately, this means that both male and female tieflings are forced to rely on their cunning wits to get by.

What are some good tiefling names?

Though many people think that tieflings are dangerous creatures, there are quite a number of harmless ones. Here is a list of some good tiefling names you can put into consideration.

Tiefling female names

What are some good tiefling names?
A photo of a female majestic tiefling. Photo: @tieflingsorcerer
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  • Archon: (Derived from Arshu), meaning tears of Joy
  • Euphoria: (Ancient Greek origin) meaning to bear
  • Gueshoon: a name of a wise tiefling
  • Ianonia: (Old Norse origin) referring to a Scottish island
  • Karisa: (Italian origin) meaning dear one
  • Larissa: (Latin root) meaning cheerful
  • Mahavira: derived from Malavida, a Spanish word, which means low life
  • Nephviri: derived from Nefertiti, a queen from ancient Egypt
  • Orianna: (Latin origin) meaning golden
  • Quake: Derived from Quake, meaning tremble
  • Valxi: Derived from the Sanskrit poet Valmiki, who wrote the epic poem, Ramayana
  • Carrie: Derived from Hebrew origin, meaning my Princess
  • Zhera: (Arabic origin) meaning flower
  • Zilla: (English origin) refers to an English slang used as a suffix to signify a monster. An example is a name Godzilla.

Male tiefling names

If you are searching for boy names for tieflings, then this list of names will give you the best solution for your search.

Male tiefling names
A photo of a male tiefling. Photo: @tieflingsorcerer
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  • Amus: (Arabic origin) meaning uncle; Could be used for a wizard
  • Bachar: (Iranian origin) meaning youth
  • Casthos: derived from the Greek word, Castor, meaning to shine
  • Damakos: (Nepali origin) refers to a municipality in Nepal. An outstanding name for those who came from far away.
  • Darius: (Greek origin) meaning calf
  • Erthor: from Elder Scrolls Oblivion and refers to a sorcerer.
  • Guxes: is derived from guys and could be one of the legendary and yet modern last names
  • Kairon: (Gaelic origin) meaning dark-haired
  • Kilmos: (Greek origin) meaning to lean
  • Mordai: derived from the Hebrew word, Mordechai, which means warrior
  • Theseus: derived from Greek, refers to the Athenian king, Theseus
  • Valerius: derived from the Latin word, Valerius, which means healthy
  • Farmer: this name is derived from Kashmir, which is often called Heaven on Earth
  • The radius: derived from Sharad, an Indian word meaning Autumn

Unisex tiefling names inspired by virtues

Here are some of these names.

tiefling names
A photo of a tiefling. Photo: @tieflingsorcerer
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  • Free: (Old English origin) meaning not in bondage
  • Glee: (Old English origin) meaning mirth
  • Ideation: (Greek origin) meaning to form a specific idea
  • Laughter: (Middle English origin) meaning to laugh
  • Panic: (Greek origin) meaning sudden fear
  • Piety: (Latin root) meaning devout
  • Pleasure: (Old French origin) meaning pleasing
  • Awe: (Old English origin) meaning dread
  • Closed: (Latin root) meaning reserved
  • Courage: (Latin origin) meaning bravery
  • Cunning: (Old English origin) meaning skilled
  • Devotion: (Old French origin) meaning a profound religious experience
  • Exciting: (Old French origin) meaning to be agitated
  • Extreme: (Old French origin) meaning utmost
  • Fear: (Middle English origin) meaning fear or danger
  • Poetry: (Greek origin) meaning composing poems
  • Possession: (Latin origin) meaning act of owning
  • Promise: (Late Middle English origin) meaning to put forward
  • Void: (Anglo-French origin) meaning vacant
  • Woe: (Old English origin) conveying sadness

Tiefling last names

Here are some tiefling surnames that you can consider:

tiefling last names
A female tiefling. Photo: @tieflingsorcerer
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  • Bram: An amalgamation of Fresh and Faith, it is a name closer to a name given to the humans
  • Brightwater: It is a mix of Expert and Delight
  • Graylock: It is a blend of Pheki and Ekmus
  • Griswold: The mix of Nethfaris and Aetrut comes up with this tiefling surname
  • Markolak: This name is a mix of Phexibis and Casper
  • Mubarak: It also finds a place in top search and is a blend of Carrion and Bright
  • Oyal: It is one of the top tiefling surnames in character, which is made up of Frimaea and Andros
  • Rockharvest: This name has come from Panic and Expertise, and many ieflings share the name.
  • Vadu: It finds its place on the generator site and is a mix of Aranrus and Iniseis.

Tiefling surnames inspired by virtues

  • Abandon: (Latin origin); to leave something or someone
  • Chance: (English origin); a chance
  • Dawn: (English origin); early morning
  • Death: (German origin); end of life
  • Farewell: (English origin); bid goodbye
  • Integrity: (English origin); following moral principles
  • Assurance: (English origin); a promise or confidence
  • Balance: (Latin origin); two things of equal importance or size
  • Beauty: (Latin origin) meaning a look that offers pleasure to the eyes

Tiefling names inspired by myths and legends

These are mythical characters, and their names are based on some virtues and emotions found in them. Have a look at some of these names

tiefling names
A young tiefling. Photo: @tieflingsorcerer
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Male tiefling names inspired by myths and legends

  • Morthos: (Tiefling origin); adamant believer of luck
  • Palacios: random word meaning true knight
  • Skamos: Tiefling male name with fascinating origin.
  • Akemnos: common tiefling races name
  • Amnon: (Hebrew origin) meaning faithful
  • Barakas: (Islamin origin) meaning blessing power
  • Ekemon: It is one of the enclaves of tiefling.
  • Dados: (Tiefling origin) is the name of a warrior in tiefling
  • Lucis: (English origin) meaning reduced pigmentation
  • Mordai: (Jews origin) taken from the name of the sister of Esther

Female tiefling names inspired by myths

  • Anakin: (Japanese origin) idealistic, determination, and innovation
  • Akta: (Sanskrit origin) night
  • Briseis: (Greek origin) beautiful Princess
  • Cruella: a tiefling Druid in the knight of nothing
  • Damaia: random name with Potugal origin
  • Kallista: (Greek origin); most beautiful
  • Larissa: (Greek origin) implying citadel
  • Orianna: (Latin root); gold
  • Rieta: (Spanish origin); pearl
  • Taran: a fictional character from The Chronicles

How do tiefling names work?

Tieflings are a race of rouges who are named after their virtues or any other qualities they possess. These names are given to them out of some noble qualities. Each name is a quality that symbolizes the willingness of a tiefling to stay in the world irrespective of their bogus nature.

There are numerous tiefling names out there for someone looking for such titles. As is apparent from the list, some names have common meanings while others sound unique. So, which name did you find most captivating?

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