20+ party girls' night games for a fun time with your girlfriends

20+ party girls' night games for a fun time with your girlfriends

Girls are always looking for an excuse to hang out, especially now that things can get very hectic with life. Girls' night games are a sure way to have some fun. The endless chats, laughs, and drinks are a great way to release stress and fatigue from the hustle and bustles of life. More than having fun, they help to get to know each other better and create a strong bond with each other.

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The day is here, and all the girls have shown up for the girls' night out. The food is ready; drinks are popping but what next? Here are some fun activities you can partake in and enjoy.

Top 20 ideas for fun girls' night games

Girls' night games are a great activity to do when you are hanging out with your girlfriends. Fun girls' night games will make your party one to remember. Regardless of the meeting point, you and your girls will enjoy these activities. Below are a few game ideas for a fun time with friends.

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1. Truth or dare

This is one of the most popular girl night games that will keep the party going. In this game, players are asked truth or dare. If a person picks truth, they must answer a question; if they pick dare, they will have to do something other players can decide upon. They are not allowed to change their mind once they have made a choice, but they can pass the question. This, however, attracts a punishment.

2. I went to the market to buy

This game starts with the question "I went to the market to buy…". You need to say something you can buy in a market and pass it on to the next person. They have to repeat what you said and add it to the list. The lists keep growing and might look like this: "I went to the market to buy tomatoes, mangoes, eggs, etc." If one forgets any item on the list, they are out.

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3. Try to escape the room

What is more fun than a group of girls trying to escape a room? Put the girls in, lock them in turns in a room in the house, hide the key, and let them try to escape. Make sure there is a timer, and the fastest group wins.

4. Two truths and a lie

When ladies' night games are mentioned, two truths and a lie cannot be left out. The idea here is to give three statements, two of which are true and one false. The girls must guess correctly which is which, and if they don't, they are out.

5. Dance-off

Dance off is among the most fun girl night games that will put the group's heart rate through the roof. The girls are divided into two groups, and one must be the judge. Each group is given a few minutes to practice a routine or freestyle. Both groups compete against each and the judge decides the winner.

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6. Scavenger hunt

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Games for girls' night list is not complete without the scavenger hunt. The idea is to hide items around the house and communicate the perimeter to the group. You then come up with a list of those items and let the girls find them and bring them to you. Whoever finds the most items in the shortest time wins.

7. Just say no

This is a guesswork game where the girls choose a character and using a yes or no answer they try to guess each other's character. When one thinks they know their opponent's character they say it aloud. If they are wrong, they are out and if they are right they gain a point.

8. Who is most likely to...

'Who is most likely to' is one of the most hilarious party games for ladies. You start by writing down cards with various questions and then the group is asked who is most likely to do what the question asks. For example, "Who is most likely to take too long in the bathroom?". Everyone must point to the person who fits the brief. Whoever gets the most votes takes the card. In the end, you will find out how well you really know each other.

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9. Charades

Charades is one the most popular icebreaker games for ladies' night. This game is all about acting out prompts. One of the girls is chosen and a word is whispered into their ear for them to act out. It could be a character or movie or even an item. Everyone else will attempt to guess what the answer is.

10. The hot seat

In this game, the girls take turns on the hot seat where they will get questions from the other girls and they have to answer honestly. The goal here is to know each other. This is one of the best girls' night game ideas that will keep you entertained.

11. Would you rather

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This game is a great way to get your friends to loosen up as they get to know each other better. Basically, one is presented with two scenarios and the question is asked "would you rather". The question should put them in a dilemma to make the game more interesting.

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13. Bowl of questions

In this game, interesting questions are written down on pieces of paper and thrown into a bowl. The girls will each pick a question randomly and they are supposed to answer them aloud. An example of the question is, what is the best place you have visited? These questions are great for the girls to bond with each other.

13. Guess the tune

This game is a good icebreaker game for ladies' night that is best played in a controlled environment. One person becomes the DJ and chooses random bits of different songs. The goal is to give the rest a hint of what song they are singing. The first person to guess the most songs correctly wins!

14. If you know what I mean

This game works well if people have dirty minds. Everyone must start by imagining a situation like "you are in a forest", then everyone takes turns exchanging sentences that end up with "if you know what I mean", with a fun or sexual word. Make it as raunchy as possible to spice it up. The first person to run out of these phrases is out! This goes on till the last person wins the game.

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15. Stoney face, no laughing

This game is a lot of fun since everyone must think about sentences that seem impossible to say or hear without being tempted to laugh. Questions are written on a piece of paper and put in a bowl. Everyone picks one and tries to read it out loud with a straight face, if you don't make it, you are out.

16. Truth or drink (relationship version)

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This game can get very personal so don't push it. The goal is to have fun with the girls and not to fight so be careful with this one. The rule here is that the questions being asked are about relationships. If one is uncomfortable answering then they must take a shot and if they answer then the person asking must take a shot.

17. Never have I ever

This game is also known as ten fingers which starts with one person in the group saying what they have never done. The rest of the players respond by putting a finger down if they have done it. Whoever runs out of fingers first has to do whatever the group comes up with.

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18. Where is the water?

Choose a drink that is the same colour as water and fill half of the shot glasses with alcohol and the other half with water. Each girl must take one shot and the others will guess whether it is alcohol or water. If the guess is correct the person must take another shot and if wrong the person making the guess takes a shot. This is one of the best girls' night drinking games you should play.

19. Karaoke shot

Who doesn't like karaoke and alcohol? Ladies will start by taking shots before taking to the stage for the karaoke. They will keep taking shots and each must perform a specific song without making mistakes. One is disqualified if they omit words until the last lady is left standing.

20. Rocking around

Rocking around is a good to break the ice and get ready to have some fun. Basically, music is played as the ladies dance around and they must freeze when the music stops. Failure to freeze leads to elimination. The last person standing wins the game.

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21. Blindfolded makeover

Who doesn't like makeovers? But what if you tried to do it with your eyes closed? Get all your makeup out, put a blindfold on, set a timer and go to town on one of your friends while the rest get to watch and laugh. When the time runs out, take the blindfold off and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

What games can girls play together?

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There are many games girls can play on their game night. Board games are great, especially if you already have them at home. This may include but is not limited to chess, deck builder, scrabble, and monopoly. You can also just download some games to your phones. Drinking games are hilarious as the alcohol takes things to the next level (drink responsibly, though).

Competition games are also great as they bring people together in teams. All these are great ways to make sure all the girls have a time of their life.

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How do I host a girls' game night?

Hanging out with the girls for a game night can range from having a PJ slumber party indoors or hitting the club downtown where playing games can make the night fun. Make sure you invite your girlfriends early enough so they can save the date.

Having some interesting food and a variety of drinks for the night is key to having a great time. Have a list of games and music to finish off the party and if possible arrange for some gifts for the winners.

What are some fun night games?

When the ladies come together they want a night of fun and laughter. This can be spiced up by playing some games such as drunk Jenga, board games, blow cards and drink murder.

Whether it is a girls' party or just a girls' night out, girls' night games play a huge part in spicing up an already fun-filled time, and this is the whole point. With great games, the ladies will have a time of their life filled with laughter and fun. So next time you are meeting the girls, loosen up and have a blast on your girls' night out.

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