100+ royal princess names from history and popular culture

100+ royal princess names from history and popular culture

A lovely name for a pretty young princess will give her a sense of identity and help her develop a royal personality. This causes mothers to choose attractive royal princess names with lovely meanings in the hopes that their daughters would have the same nature, character, and appearance.

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What is a royal name for a girl? Royal titles carry a lot of weight in terms of power, rank, and authority. Choosing a name for your infant girl might be a difficult task. You can always choose from a variety of cute princess girl names with various meanings. You might wish to think about them as a new parent when naming your child.

What are beautiful royal princess names for girls?

Parents use royal princess names regardless of their ethnicity or faith. It is the dream of every parent for their kids to have royal qualities when they become adults. Here is a list of adorable royal baby girl names to consider.

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  • Adelaide: Noble
  • Alice: Noble
  • Amelia: Work
  • Anastasia: Resurrection
  • Annabeth: God is my oath
  • Ariella: Lioness of God
  • Beatrice: One who brings happiness
  • Bella: Beauty
  • Bianca: White
  • Boudica: Victorious
  • Cersei: A bird
  • Charlotte: Petite
  • Clara: Clear
  • Colette: Victory of people
  • Eloise: Healthy
  • Georgette: Farmer
  • Gianna: God is gracious
  • Guinevere: Fair one
  • Isabel: God is my oath
  • Isla: Island
  • Joanna: God is gracious
  • Josephine: Jehovah increases
  • June: Youthful
  • Katarina: Pure
  • Laila: Born at night
  • Leah: Light of the sun
  • Mae: Flower
  • Mariam: Star of the sea
  • Mary: The beloved one
  • Matilda: Battle mighty
  • Merida: The victory of Augustus
  • Michiko: The child of a beautiful wisdom
  • Natalie: Birthday of the Lord
  • Nina: A friend
  • Pearl: A beautiful gemstone
  • Penny: Weaver
  • Ruby: Red or a gemstone
  • Sarah: Princess
  • Scarlette: Red
  • Sofia: Wisdom
  • Xena: A guest or a stranger

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Adorable princess names in history

What name means beautiful princess?
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Nowadays, parents ought to choose a meaningful name for their children, and charming princess names may come in handy. They inspire strength and beauty in them even though they may not come from a royal family. Here are some of the most lovely, adorable, and lovely princess girl names you may give your newborn daughter.

  • Aimee: Beloved
  • Alexia: Defender of men or helper
  • Amalia: The industrious one
  • Caroline: Strong
  • Charlene: A simple woman
  • Earla: A noblewoman
  • Edith: Prosperous war
  • Fiona: Fair or white
  • Grace: One who is gracious
  • Helen: Light
  • Henrietta: An estate ruler
  • Jade: Stone of the side
  • Jesse: A gift
  • Laurel: Victory or triumph
  • Letizia: Joyful one
  • Louise: Famous warrior
  • Malka: A queen
  • Matilda: Little battle maiden
  • Maxima: The greatest
  • Miranda: Worth of admiration
  • Morgan: Sailor
  • Narissa: Sea nymph
  • Nicole: Victory of the people
  • Olga: The holy or blessed one
  • Olivia: An olive tree
  • Pocahontas: Playful
  • Regina: A peaceful queen
  • Robin: Bright flame
  • Salma: Safe
  • Savannah: A grassy land
  • Soraya: The noble one
  • Stella: A star
  • Thalia: To bloom
  • Tiara: A delicate queen
  • Ursula: A little female bear
  • Vannessa: A star
  • Wendy: Fair browed
  • Willow: A friend of peace
  • Winnie: Happiness
  • Zoe: Life

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Fierce warrior princess names

warrior princess names
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Give your little girl a name that reflects the powerful woman she will grow up to be. This is the greatest selection of warrior names for girls if you're seeking a list of names that inspire the strength of a warrior princess.

  • Adira: Strong, noble, powerful
  • Alessia: Defender of men
  • Alexandria: Defender of humankind
  • Amira: Imperial
  • Andrea: Manly, Strong girl
  • Audrey: Noble strength
  • Bellatrix: Female warrior
  • Bridget: Strength, exalted one, power
  • Brielle: Warrior of God
  • Callan: Battle or rock
  • Camilla: Warrior maiden
  • Cassandra: Man's defender
  • Diana: Supplier, the original warrior
  • Evanna: Brave fighter
  • Harlow: Army
  • Isa: Strength, power
  • Kelly: Warrior
  • Lenna: Lion's strength
  • Louella: Famous warrior, renowned fighter
  • Louisa: Renowned warrior
  • Lulu: Famous warrior
  • Maeve: The warrior queen of Connacht
  • Maia: Brave warrior
  • Malin: Strong, little warrior
  • Marcella: Warlike
  • Martina: War-like
  • Matilda: Battle-mighty
  • Meredith: Protector of the sea
  • Morgan: Sea warrior
  • Moxie: Boldness and strength of character
  • Myla: Soldier, merciful
  • Nikita: Unconquered
  • Olivia: Elf army
  • Payton: Fighting man's estate
  • Rosabella: Noted protector
  • Sacha: Defending warrior
  • Sandra: Protector, defender of man
  • Tyra: Thor's warrior
  • Valda: The battle heroine
  • Valentina: Strong, vigorous, powerful
  • Valerie: Strength, healthy
  • Zelda: Gray fighting maid

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Best royal names for girls

royal baby girl names
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Most parents pick royal female names for their daughters because of their profound meanings. They are certain to encourage their children to be great in life. What is a royal name for a girl?Here are a few nickname ideas to consider when naming your little girl.

  • Agnes: Pure or the holy one
  • Aiko: The loved one
  • Amiera: A leader
  • Amina: The truthful one
  • Anita: The graceful one
  • Ariane: Most holy
  • Astrid: Beautiful goddess
  • Athena: The wise one
  • Aurora: Goddess of dawn
  • Barbara: A foreign woman
  • Brigitte: The exalted one
  • Calliope: One with a beautiful voice
  • Camila: Young religious servant
  • Corina: A maiden
  • Eilonwy: A dear
  • Estelle: A star
  • Evelyn: The desired one
  • Fatima: One who abstains
  • Fredrica: Peaceful ruler
  • Gabriela: God is my strenght
  • Henrietta: A home ruller
  • Hessa: Destiny
  • Jahzara: A blessed princess
  • Leanore: Very compassion
  • Letizia: Joyful one
  • Maxima: The greatest
  • Melanie: Black
  • Olga: The successful one
  • Pauline: Small
  • Rosalina: Gentle horse
  • Sibylla: Prophetess
  • Stephanie: Crown
  • Suri: A beautiful princess
  • Taki: Falling water
  • Theodora: God's gift
  • Umatilla: Many rocks
  • Vera: The truth
  • Zara: Blooming flower

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Disney princess names for your baby girl

princess girl names
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Choosing the ideal name for your adorable baby girl is a difficult undertaking. However, have you considered baby girl names for the ultimate Disney fan family? Here are some classic Disney-inspired names that your little girl will definitely love.

  • Abigail: Father's joy
  • Adelaide: Noble
  • Adella: Noble
  • Alice: Noble and kind
  • Anna: Joyful
  • Ariel: Lioness of God
  • Aurora: Dawn
  • Belle: Beauty
  • Charlotte: Free
  • Cinderella: Little ashes
  • Clara: Bright or clear
  • Elsa: God is my oath
  • Emma: Universal
  • Esmerelda: Emerald
  • Eve: Life or living
  • Faline: Catlike
  • Isabel: God is my oath
  • Jane: God is gracious
  • Jasmine: Gift
  • Kiara: Gift from God
  • Kimberly: Ruler
  • Mariana: Lady of the sea
  • Merida: One who has achieved the honour
  • Moana: Ocean
  • Mulan: Wood orchid
  • Nala: Water in the desert
  • Pocahontas: Playful one
  • Rapunzel: Lamb's lettuce
  • Snow White: White as snow
  • Tiana: Princess

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Unique baby girl names that mean princesses

princess names
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From all across the world, there are some unique names that are particularly feminine. Such names are appealing for portraying nobility. However, it is critical to give your girl a name that she will not regret when she becomes of age. Consider utilizing the tags below if you want a unique name for your lovely angel.

  • Adalinda: A dragon princess
  • Alyssa: The noble one
  • Aricia: Princess of the royal blood of Athens
  • Aricia: The princess of Athens
  • Avantika: A beautiful queen of Ujjain
  • Camilla: Princess warrior
  • Candace: A queen mother
  • Damita: Baby princess or a little lady
  • Damyanti: One who is soothing
  • Deoch: Mythical princess of Munster
  • Diahann: Divine
  • Eadlin: Noble
  • Empress: Female ruler of an empire
  • Erendira: Name of a princess
  • Erica: Ever powerful
  • Farsiris: Daughter of a Persian king
  • Fazaid: Happiness
  • Gladys: Royalty
  • Iseult: Light skinned
  • Izella: A devoted princess
  • Juno: Queen of heavens
  • Kiana: The divine
  • Princy: A prince like
  • Putri: Daughter of the princess
  • Quille: The God of feminine powers
  • Rahni: A queen
  • Raina: Paradise
  • Revika: Like a sunray
  • Rhianna: Great queen
  • Sadie: A noblewoman
  • Saranna: God has shown favour
  • Soraya: A jewel
  • Suri: Goddess
  • Tiana: Fairy queen
  • Zadie: The prosperous

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Other girl names meaning princes

They include:

  • Ameerah
  • Amira
  • Raniesha
  • Azmik
  • Bano
  • Saina
  • Sally
  • Sarai
  • Tiana
  • Zarouhi

One of the most enjoyable and stressful elements of having a new baby is deciding on a name. The royal princess names listed above are fantastic options for you.

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