200+ top Igbo names for boys and their meanings: unique names for your baby boy

200+ top Igbo names for boys and their meanings: unique names for your baby boy

A name not only declares one's identity but also expresses the bearer's unique self. As a parent, you should look for a name that reflects your cultural heritage, especially if you hail from Nigeria. This list of the best Igbo names for boys is a great way to start since it also provides their meanings.

Igbo boy names
Photo of a newborn baby covered with a blue blanket. Photo: pexels.com, @lauragarcia
Source: UGC

The Igbo or Ibo people are an ethnic group occupying Southeastern and present-day south-central Nigeria. Igbo is the primary native language of the Igbo people. Apart from their language, Ibo people are connected to their cultural beliefs. The naming of children is one crucial part of their belief system. This explains why this list of Igbo boys' names will come in handy for any parent.

List of Igbo names for boys

Most Igbo names are constructed to bear a specific meaning. Ibo people name their children based on the following factors:

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  • The happenings around the time of the child's birth.
  • The parents' conditions at the time of the child's birth.
  • Location of the child's birth.
  • Circumstances surrounding the child's birth.
  • The child's position among his siblings.

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With the limitless options for naming your child, you might want to check out these nice Igbo names and meanings for baby boys.

Classic male Igbo names starting with A

If you are on the lookout for the best and old Igbo names, these are some of the options you could consider. The list also provides their meanings.

AbaezeBranch of kings
AchebeHe who is under the protection of the Goddess
AchikeGive praise to the father
AfamefunaMy name will not be lost
AkachiThe hand of the Almighty
AkachukwuThe hand of the Almighty Lord
AkaolisaThe hand of Almighty, the wealth of God
AkunnaThe wealth belongs to my father
AmaechiNo one knows tomorrow
AmakaKing of ravishing gorgeousness who is versatile and spontaneous by nature

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Common Igbo boys names starting with B

These are the common Delta Igbo names for boys:

BerechiIf not for the sake of the Almighty
BeluolisaIf not for God
BunkechukwuThe one who belongs to the Almighty
BugarachukwuekeneCarry all thanks to the Lord
BelusochukwuIf not for the sake of the Lord
BeluProvides God approves
Beluchi Were it not for God
Birinachi Dwell in in the Lord
BinyelumStay with me
BuikeThe strength gained from the experience of the past

Unique Igbo names for baby boys starting with C

Igbo male names
A person covering an infant with a swaddling blanket. Photo: pexels.com, @yungsaac
Source: UGC

What are the most unique Igbo boy names? Below are the options that could tickle your fancy:

ChetachiA man who always remembers the Lord
ChibuezeGod is king, God is the father
ChibuikeThe Almighty is my strength
ChibuikemGod is my power
ChibuzorThe Lord leads
ChidiebereThe Lord is glorious and great
ChidiadiGod is present
ChidinduShow the whole world that the Lord is alive
ChidozieMay the Lord fix it and make it good for you
ChiekezieOur heavenly father has made it for me
ChukwuenekaFather has been kind to us
ChikeThis is a short form of ‘chineke’ which means God the creator
ChibidoroLord started
ChikamsoI am following God
ChineduGod leads

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Cute Igbo names for boys starting with D

If D is your favourite letter, these are the options to consider:

DaluolisaThank you, lord
DiarachukwunduLive for the Almighty
DebareOne born during good times
DeberechiLean onto the Lord
DikomaA good-hearted warrior
DumbiliLive with me
Dumkenechukwu Praise God with me
Dumebi God leads me in my daily life
Dumtochukwu Praise God with me
Daberechi Lean on God

Cute Igbo names for boys starting with E

What is the most popular Igbo name? If you are looking for cute and not-so-popular names, these are the options you could consider:

EbubechukwuThe greatness and the glory of God
EchezonaDo not forget
EjikemeIt is not by power or might
EkeneThe one who receives a lot of praise
EkenedilichukwuOffer thanks to the almighty one
EnyinnayaA friend of his father
EsomchiOne who follows in the footsteps of the Lord
EzesinachiThe chief is from God
EzeudoKing of peace
EzesinachiThe chief comes from above

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Nice Igbo names for boys starting with G

Are you looking for Igbo baby boy names in 2022? These are the best options to consider.

GaniruGood luck
GolibeRejoice, a joyous fellow
GosifechukwuShow the light of the Lord to all
GosioranachimdikeShow the world that my Father is mighty
Ginika What can be greater than our heavenly father
Ginikawa There’s nothing greater than a child
Ginikachukwu What is greater than the Lord
Gesiye Truth

Modern Igbo names for boys starting with I

male Igbo names
A woman playing with a baby in a man's hand. Photo: pexels.com, @pnw-prod
Source: UGC

These are the best Igbo names for boys starting with I:

IkemMy strength
IkembaStrangth of a nation
IfebuchechiA display of god’s desire
IgwebuikeStrength in numbers
IkemefunaI shall not lose my strength
IwegbunaBe glad
IzuchukwuGod's counsel
IwegbunaBe glad
IheanachoEveryone's desire
IfeanyichukwuGod is most the powerful
IsinachiYou are from God
IfemyolunnaEverything that I asked from the heavenly father

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Modern Igbo names for baby boys starting with J

These are the rare Igbo names for baby boys:

JachikeHail God
JachimikeHail my God
JidechukwuHold God
JidennaHold on to your father
JideoforHold on to your truth
JamalamchikePraise God for his strength
JayammaPraise to the Lord

Modern Igbo names for boys starting with K

Most modern Igbo names for boys have mortal or godly attributes attached to them. They include:

KachisichoLord's desire
KambiliLet me live, or I shall live
KamdilichukwuLet me live for the Almight
KwentoA man who protects the name of his family gets destroyed
KanayochukwuLet us keep begging from the lord
KaodinakachiLeave your destiny to the Lord
KufreabasiDo not forget God, one who always remembers God
KristibuezeChrist is the king
KelechiGlorify the Lord
KaetochukwuMay God be praised
KamsiyonnaThe way I asked
KaneneLet us look up to God

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Cute Igbo names for a baby boy starting with L

unique Igbo boy names
Photo of a father carrying a newborn baby. Photo: pexels.com, @lauragarcia
Source: UGC

If you are expecting twins, these are some of the unique short Igbo boy names for twins:

LotachiRemember God
LotannaRemember the father or the God
LotachukwuRemember God
LotennaRemember father
LewechiLook unto the Lord
Lebechi Look unto the Lord

Cute Igbo names for boys starting with M

Most parents tend to veer away from common names. Therefore, this list provides unique options to consider and their meanings.

MachieReplacement of a lost gem
MaduenuA term meaning The impermanence of life
MadukaPeople are worth more than riches
MuochukwudebemPreserve me
Mmaduabuchukwu Man is not God
Makuachukwu Embrace Jehova
Mkpulunma A thing of beauty
MunachimsoThe one who always agrees with God
MuonanuThe spirit can hear
MunachisoI am with the Lord

Common igbo names starting with N

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Are you looking for Igbo baby boy names in 2022? This list will leave you spoilt for choice on how to name your newborn.

NaetochukwuKeep praising God
NchedochukwuGod’s protection
NdubuisiLife is important
NdukaLife is more precious
NdukakuLife is more important than wealth
NdukweAs long as there’s life
NebechiLooking up to God
NkemnasochukwuMine pleases God
NkennaBelongs to the father (God)
NkennanyeremThe one given to me by God
NkwwachiGod’s promise
NnabuenyiMy father is great
NnabuifeMy father is great
NnamdiMy father/ my God is alive
NnanyelugoGod has given victory/honour
NwabuezeA child is a king
NwachimerezeA child who God crowned King
NwachukwuGod's child
NwadinobichiA child in God’s heart
NwaekerenduThe child destined to live
Nwankpa/NwadinkpaVery important child
NwaokochaChild of a fair man
NwokeochaA fair boy/man
NwokeomaA handsome man
NzubechukwuGod’s plan/God’s wish
NwabugwuA child is a thing of pride
NdubuezeLife is king
NkemakolamMay my own not leave
NwadiasoThis child is sweet

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Igbo male names starting with O

new Igbo names for baby boy
A person carrying a baby. Photo: pexels.com, @esmakaragoz
Source: UGC

If you are scouting for nice Igbo boy names, these are some of the options you could consider:

OchudoHe who chases after peace
OguchinalurumThe fight God fights for me
OnyekachiWho is bigger than God?
OnyenekeHe who creates
OsinachiFrom God
OkezikaPerfect creation from God
OmezikaPerfect creation from God
OkoroStrong man
ObiajuluMy heart is at peace
Obiefune GaniruFull of good luck
OkennaFather’s share
OliselokaGod has thought well
OnyedikachiWho is like God

Igbo baby names for boys starting with S

These are some unique Igbo names for twins you could consider:

SomadinaMay I not be alone
SomayinaMay I not be or walk alone
SochimbuchiMy Lord is the only God
Sobechukwu Follow the Almighty
Sochima Only God knows
Sochimbuchi My Lord is the only God
Somtochukwu Join me, praise God
Sopuruchukwu Honour
Somkenechukwu Praise the Almighty with me
Soluzochukwu Follow the way of the Lord

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Igbo names for boys starting with T

These are the unique Igbo name for baby boys starting with T:

TobennaWorship the father
TobechukwuWorship the Almighty
TochukwuPraise God
Tonna Praise the Father

Latest Igbo names for baby boys starting with U

These are the new Igbo names for baby boys starting with U:

UchechukwuThe thoughts of God
UchennaThe thoughts of the father
Ugosinachi Honour comes from God
UzodimmaThe road is good
UwajimetochiThe world praises God because of me

Modern Igbo names starting with Z

cute Igbo names for a baby boy
Close-up photo of a cute baby wrapped in green knitted fabric. Photo: pexels.com, @abelsillano
Source: UGC

What are good Igbo names? These are some of the names that have a particular bounce that most people find interesting:

ZeribeAvoid bad people
ZikoraifechukwuShow the world the light of God
Zimuzoo and ZimifeShow me the wa, Show me the light
ZinachidinmaShow that the Lord is good
ZikoShow that the Lord is good
ZimihekachimShow me a thing that is bigger than my God
ZimuzochiShow me the way of the Lord
ZinachidinduShow the world that God is alive
ZimuzoShow me the way
ZioranachidinmaShow the world that the Lord is good

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Adorable Igbo names for twins

Here is a collection of names you can choose from for your twin boys.

Akachi and UkachiThe hand of the LordThe plain of the Lord
Akuabata and IfeabataWealth has comeLight has come
Beluolisa and BerechiIf not for the sake of God
Chialuka and ChibundomGod is my peaceGod is my resting place
Chidike and ChidireGod is strongGod is powerful
Chiemezugo and ChiemerigoGod has completed his workThe Lord has won
Chinenye and ChinonyeThe Lord givesThe Lord be with me
Ikemefuna and AfamefunaMy strength shall not be lostMy name shall not be lost
Jachima and JachikePraise the Lord for his goodnessPraise the Lord for his strength
Kamdiri and KambiliI shall live
Chikaima and KamtochukwuIt’s the Almightyalone we knowLet me praise the Lord
Gbolibe and OkwudilichukwuRejoiceLet the word be to God alone
Somkene and SomtochukwuPraise the Almighty with me
Ugonna and UgochukwuPride of the fatherPride of God
Zimuzo and ZimifeShow me the light

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Now you have some of the best Igbo names for boys and their meanings. The names will propel your son to greatness.

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