Top 200+ cute and sweet names to call your girl crush that will show your love

Top 200+ cute and sweet names to call your girl crush that will show your love

Using loving names to call your girlfriend can enchant her, thus adding fun to the relationship. Pet names normally increase couples' satisfaction in their relationships. They express affection and communicate levity.

names to call your girlfriend
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When looking for cute names to call your girlfriend, you should pick those she likes to make her excited. Therefore, know your partner in and out before choosing nicknames for her to avoid making her uncomfortable.

Names to call your girlfriend

The best nicknames for your girlfriend depend on her personality, character traits, and, most importantly, her love for the name. Below is a lovely collection of sweet names to call your girlfriends.

Cute nicknames to call your girlfriend

Here are some cute things to call your girlfriend. They are inspired by things found in nature and personal attributes or traits.

  • Alchemilla mollis: The garden lady's-mantle or lady's-mantle flower
  • Almasi: Precious and beautiful. It is also Swahili for diamond
  • Amazon: A lovely, strong, and tall lady
  • Amada: A loving woman, in Spanish
  • Amor: My love, in Spanish
  • Amorcita: My love, in Spanish
  • Amante: My lover, in Spanish
  • Apple: She is the apple of your eye
  • Angel: A kind and protective lady
  • Angel-eyes: A woman with irresistible eyes
  • Asali: Sweetness or honey, in Swahili
  • Azar: Persian for a virtuous and fire-like lady
  • Aziz-am: Persian for a dear one
  • Babe: The woman you love
  • Baboo: An endearment term for a loved one. It is a blend of the words baby and boo
  • Babyboo: A lady you genuinely love
  • Babygirl: A lady you feel a special connection with
  • Babylicious: A combination of the words baby and delicious. It means you have powerful feelings for her
  • Balım: My honey, In Turkish
  • Barbie: A popular, pretty, and fashionable woman
  • Beautiful: A lady of a very high standard and is pleasing the senses or mind
  • Bébé d’Amour: Baby love, in French
  • Bestie: Your closest ally with whom you share everything
  • Black diamond: An African lady who is precious in your life
  • Bellezza: Beauty and finesse, in Italian
  • Bellissima: A gorgeous woman, in Italian
  • Bibou: A sweet and kind soul, In Italian
  • Bliss: A lady has a way of exciting you until you lose control
  • Bombshell: A woman full of lovely surprises
  • Boss: A brave lady who has mastered keeping things under control
  • Brainy: An intelligent woman

What to call your girlfriend daily

best nicknames for your girlfriend
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You do not have to overthink when choosing the perfect nickname for her. Instead, check her attributes and likes for inspiration. Check out these beautiful pet names for girls below.

  • Braveheart: The confident and fearless woman
  • Bree: A calm, intelligent, and charming lady
  • Brighty: An adventurous and happy lady
  • Brownie: A beautiful woman with alluring brown eyes
  • Buttercup: Sunny personality
  • Butterfly: A woman who symbolizes endurance, change, and hope
  • Camellia: A loving woman who is far away from you. It can also mean the Camellia flower
  • Canım: Turkish for my dear
  • Candy: Sweet and flavorful
  • Caramel: A sweet and caring lady
  • Care-bear: A protective and caring soul
  • Champ: A competitive woman who wins most challenges
  • Chef: A girlfriend with excellent culinary skills
  • Cherished: A dear one you wish to love and protect with all your might
  • Cherry: A woman who completes your life. Besides, aren't cherries just cute?
  • China-doll: She has a fragile heart you would never break
  • Cielo: The sky, in Spanish
  • Cinderella: A gorgeous princess
  • Cinta: Malay for my love
  • Coco: French for someone you recently started dating and are head over heels for
  • Cocoa: A stunning brown woman
  • Cookie: A woman who is fun to talk to or engage with
  • Comedy central: A girl who cracks the most hilarious jokes
  • Compañero: A revered companion, in Spanish
  • Copycat: A girl who enjoys copying your expressions in an hilarious way
  • Corazón: Spanish for my heart
  • Cuddle-bug: A lady who enjoys cuddling or whom you enjoy cuddling
  • Cute mama: She is or will be a great mother to your kids
  • Cutie: She is a ray of shine in your life
  • Cupcake: An attractive woman you lobe because there is never a dull moment with her
  • Cupid: A lady for whom you feel passionate desire

Lovely nicknames for girls

pet names for girls
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What do you love most about your woman? Below are some sweet names to call your crush or girlfriend from now henceforth.

  • Curvy: Her body is curvy and s*xy
  • Dancing-feet: A fantastic dancer and music lover
  • Delbar-am: Persian for the woman who holds your heart
  • Destiny: You believe, without a shadow of doubt, that she is the one for you
  • Diamond: A precious and special girl
  • Dimples: She has beautiful dimples on her cheeks
  • Diva: A bold and sassy woman
  • Dolcezza: My sweetheart, in Italian
  • Dragonfly: She quickly adapts to different environments and scenarios
  • Dreamboat: The lady of your wildest dreams
  • Dreamgirl: She is your favorite and cherished companion
  • Dreamy: She has many lovely ideas about your future together
  • Doll: An extremely beautiful and flawless girl
  • Duchess: A lady who is your priority in life
  • Enchantress: A woman who blows your mind away
  • Energizer: A lady with addictive energy
  • Estrella: A star, in Spanish
  • Fantasy: She makes you feel like you are in an endless fairy tale
  • Firecracker: A strict and no-nonsense girlfriend
  • Flower: A gorgeous and fragile woman
  • Fluffy: A lady with soft skin
  • Freesia: A girl who is always on your mind, or the freesia flower
  • Gangsta baby: She is tough on the outside but quite the softie inside
  • Genius: She always brings up brilliant ideas and solutions to issues
  • Giggles: A habitually smiling or giggly girl
  • Goddess: A lady whose beauty you admire deeply
  • Gold: A woman you hold in high esteem
  • Google: A brilliant and well-read or knowledgeable woman
  • Gülüm: My rose, in Turkish
  • Güzel: A beautiful woman, in Turkish

Sweet names to call your girlfriend

things to call your girlfriend
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Did you know pet names spice up a relationship? Choose cute pet names for your girlfriend to bring out the best in her.

  • Bubbles: A bubbly personality
  • Bunny: Cute like a bunny
  • Hamsar-am: Persian for my lover
  • Happy-feet: A girl obsessed with music, dancing, or both.
  • Hayatım: My life, in Turkish
  • Heaven-sent: A girl with all the good qualities you like in a partner
  • Hearty: A cheerful and bubbly girl
  • Himmel: The sky, in German
  • Honey-bunny: An endearment name for an alluring young woman
  • Hummingbird: A girl who enjoys singing or humming
  • Internet girl: A girl who spends plenty of time online
  • Jāné del-am: Persian for one who adds life to your heart
  • Joon-am: My life, in Persian
  • Juliet: The goddess or heroine of your love story
  • Kiki: A cute French nickname for lovers
  • Kind-witch: You love how she makes you go crazy
  • Kissy-face: She often posts selfies with a kissy-face
  • Kitty: She is playful like a kitten
  • Kitty-cat: She loves kittens
  • Kız arkadaşı: Turkish for a gorgeous girlfriend
  • Liebling: German for my darling
  • Lilin: Malay for a flickering flame
  • Little dove: She has a pure and gentle heart
  • Little monkey: A naughty girlfriend
  • Lovergirl: She is loving and always shows interest in you
  • Lovebug: You are attached to her. Did you know lovebug insects are always in pairs?
  • Love-genie: She is all you wished for in a partner
  • Lovie: You are fond of her
  • Lucky: You are fortunate to have found her
  • Lucky charm: She brings you good luck
  • Scarlet: A pure soul
  • Smally/ smalls: A little or tiny-bodied girl

Romantic names to call your girlfriend

unique nicknames
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Arguments, standoffs, and disappointments are normal in relationships. You can soothe her heart using a romantic name. Have a look at these romantic and endearing nicknames for your lady.

  • Cutie-head: A little silly
  • Kit Kat: Chocolate-like
  • Lollipop: Sweet
  • Little Muppet: Cute and funny
  • Soulmate: A girl whose character, attitudes, beliefs and ideologies match yours
  • Sunbeam: She lights up your life and world
  • Mali: Swahili for one who comes with wealth and blessings
  • Ma nana: French for my girlfriend
  • Ma mie: My dear, in French
  • Mariposa: A butterfly, in Spanish
  • Marshmallow: A super soft-hearted person
  • Mea aloha: A loved one, in Hawaiian
  • Mermaid: She is as beautiful as the mermaid characters in the movies
  • Mi angelita: Spanish for my guardian angel
  • Mine: A cute way of saying she is yours without being possessive
  • Miss fabulous: She is incredible in every way
  • Miss perfect: She stands out effortlessly when doing things with other people
  • Mo Chroí: My heart in Gaelic
  • Mocha Latte: Her skin is as brown as creamy coffee
  • Motema: Congolese for my heart
  • Moonshine: Her face is as bright as the moon
  • Mon amour: French for my love
  • Moyo: Swahili for heart
  • Muru: Bread crumb, in Finnish
  • My princess: A girl who likes fairy tales
  • Nae sarang: My love, in Korean
  • Nefesim: Spanish for my breath
  • Nene: Spanish for my baby
  • Neshama sheli: My soul, in Hebrew
  • Njiwa: Swahili for a beautiful dove
  • Nyota: Swahili for star
  • Snoepje: Little candy, in Danish
  • Ya hayati: My life, in Arabic

Unique nicknames for your lady

contact names
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Are romantic names like babe, sweetheart, and princess becoming too popular for your liking? If so, then you are not alone. More people are now opting for unique names.

  • Buah Hatiku: Fruit of my heart, in Indonesian
  • Chuchuzinho: Pumpkin in Portuguese
  • Liybimaya: My love, in Russian
  • Odie: Your BFF or best friend forever
  • Omr-am: Persian for a reason for pressing on in life
  • Paparazzi: She knows more about celebrities, including the latest gossip
  • Peaches: She blushes often
  • Pendo: Swahili for love
  • Pépette: French for a girlfriend you value so much
  • Perle: Spanish for pearl
  • Pikachu: A Pokemon fan
  • Pretty lady: A charming and beautiful girl
  • Princesa: Spanish for a princess
  • Prometida: Spanish for my fiancée to a lady to whom you are engaged
  • Rabbit ears: A girl with a sharp sense of hearing
  • Rainbow: She makes your life bright and colorful
  • Ragazza: My loving girlfriend
  • Richie-rich: A wealthy girlfriend
  • Red tulip: A flower you wish to spend the rest of your life with
  • Reina: My queen, in Spanish
  • Sanchita: Bengali for the one you have set her aside from other women because she is special
  • Schatz: German for a precious person or treasure
  • Secret keeper: She is good at guarding your secrets
  • Shadow: Your partner in crime
  • Shadi: My happiness, in Persian
  • Sheereen-am: Persian for honey or sweetness
  • Shoppy: A woman who enjoys shopping
  • Shortie: A short and beautiful woman
  • Shug: A woman full of sweetness
  • Sirenita: German for a little mermaid
  • Smily: A lady who likes to smile
  • Sparky: A single glance at her uplifts your mood
  • Speedy: A reliable girl who gets into action pretty fast

Flirty nicknames for girlfriends

flirty nicknames for girlfriends
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Check out these sweet and flirty contact names for your girl.

  • Cherub: An angel
  • E ipo: My darling, in Maori
  • Habibi: My love, in Arabic
  • Jaanu: My life, in Hindi
  • Khaleesi: The queen in Game of Thrones
  • Kasih: My love, in Indonesian
  • Kochanie: Honey, in Polish
  • Ma choupinette: My little cabbage leaf, in French
  • Ma cheri: My darling, in French
  • My Goddess: A lady you truly revere
  • Sprinkles: One who spreads happiness
  • Sugar bomb: One who makes your life sweeter than was before meeting her
  • Sugar-lips: She incites the desire to kiss her
  • Sweet-lips: You love her s*xy lips
  • Tatlım: Turkish for my sweety
  • Tara: Persian for star
  • Tarzan: She has exciting wildness
  • Teacup: She refreshes your mind and reduces stress
  • Teddybear: A huggable girl
  • Tenerezza: Italian for a tender person
  • Tiger-toes: Cute and short-tempered
  • Time-thief: Times flows by so fast whenever you are with her
  • Tiny: A slim and short girl
  • Tramposo: Spanish for trickster
  • Tricky: She is mysterious and challenging to understand
  • Turtle dove: A gentle and loving woman
  • Twinkle: She brightens your life like a star brightens the sky at night
  • Vogue: A fashion-oriented woman
  • Warrior: She supports you through thick and thin
  • Weirdo: You love her strange or weird personality
  • Wifey: Your fiancé, or the one you consider as your future wife
  • Zucchero: Italian for sugar

What can I call my girlfriend?

You can call your girlfriend many names. Choose names she likes and reflect her personality or good attributes.

How do I make my crush love me?

You can make them love you by spending time with them, avoiding mind games, and vocalizing what you appreciate about them.

Is a crush a love?

No, a crush is a brief and intense infatuation with someone. On the other hand, love is an intense feeling of deep affection for someone.

Using cute names to call your girlfriend will make her smile and feel special. Always choose names she likes and those that boost her confidence.

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