200+ cute names to call your girlfriend that she will adore

200+ cute names to call your girlfriend that she will adore

Using cute names to call your girlfriend can enchant her, thus adding fun to the relationship. Also, being proud of the cutesy nicknames your partner gives you is an assurance that you genuinely love him.

cute names to call your girlfriend
How your parents or siblings gave each other nicknames might influence the type of pet name you will choose for your girlfriend. Photo: @canva.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

When looking for cute nicknames for her, it is advised to pick what stands the test of time, not names that quickly become boring. Therefore, know your partner in and out before choosing nicknames for her to avoid making her uncomfortable.

200+ best cute names to call your girlfriend

Typically, the best nickname for your girlfriend depends on her personality, character traits, and, most importantly, her love for the name. Below is a lovely collection of super cute names to call your girlfriend. Therefore, take your time to find several of them.

Cute things to call your girlfriend

Nature is undoubtedly one of the best places to derive a nickname from. You can choose a nickname based on the animals or plants your spouse loves most. Here are some cute animal names to call your girlfriend.

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  1. Alchemilla Mollis (flower): You will always be there for her
  2. Almasi (Swahili): Diamond
  3. Amazon: A strong and tall girl
  4. Amada (Spanish): A loving woman
  5. Amor (Spanish): Love
  6. Amorcita (Spanish): My love
  7. Amante (Spanish): Your lover
  8. Apple: A girl who is the apple of your eye
  9. Angel: Protective and kind
  10. Angel-eyes: She has irresistibly beautiful eyes
  11. Asali (Swahili): Honey
  12. Azar (Persian): A virtuous girl who is like fire
  13. Aziz-am (Persian): My dear
  14. Babe: The one you love
  15. Baboo: An American endearment term for a loved one (baby + boo)
  16. Babyboo: A loved one
  17. Babygirl: You feel an intimate connection with her
  18. Babylicious: You feel a powerful nurturing instinct for her (baby + delicious)
  19. Balım (Turkish): My honey
  20. Barbie: Pretty, popular, and fashionable
  21. Bébé d’Amour (French): Baby love
  22. Bestie: Your closest friend
  23. Black diamond: A woman of colour who is precious to you
  24. Bellezza (Italian): A beauty
  25. Bellissima (Italian): Gorgeous
  26. Bibou (French): A sweet and kind soul
  27. Bliss: She has a way of exciting you till you lose control
  28. Bombshell: She is full of surprises
  29. Boss: A brave girl who keeps things under control
  30. Brainy: Intelligent

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What to call your girlfriend daily

cute names to call your girlfriend
Nicknames are a remarkable way of showing affection, demonstrating love, and projecting tenderness to your partner. Photo: @FatCamera
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You do not have to overthink when choosing the perfect nickname for your partner. Instead, consider using some of the most common terms. While these may often sound somewhat pedestrian, there is a reason most have stood the test of time.

  1. Braveheart: The fearless one
  2. Bree: A calm, intelligent, and charming woman
  3. Brighty: An adventurous girl who is always happy
  4. Brownie: She has alluring brown eyes
  5. Butterfly: She is a symbol of endurance, change, and hope in your life
  6. Camellia (flower): Someone you love but is far away from you
  7. Canım (Turkish): My dear
  8. Candy: Sweet
  9. Caramel: A sweet girl
  10. Care-bear: Protective and caring
  11. Champ: She is competitive and wins most challenges
  12. Chef: She is good in the kitchen
  13. Cherished: A dear one that you would love to protect
  14. Cherry: She completes your life
  15. China-doll: The you never want to hurt for she has a fragile heart
  16. Cielo (Spanish): Sky
  17. Cinderella: A princess
  18. Cinta (Malay): Love
  19. Coco (French): Someone you recently started dating
  20. Cocoa: A stunning brown woman or woman of colour
  21. Cookie: She is fun to talk to
  22. Comedy Central: She cracks the best jokes ever
  23. Compañero (Spanish): Companion
  24. Copycat: She copies your expressions in an amusing way
  25. Corazón (Spanish): Heart
  26. Cuddle-bug: You love her cuddles, or she loves cuddling with you
  27. Cute mama: She is or will be a great mum to your kids
  28. Cutie: She brightens your days
  29. Cupcake: There is never a dull moment with her
  30. Cupid: The mythical cut

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Good nicknames for girls

cute names to call your girlfriend
Brighten up your significant other's face with pet names because using nicknames is one of the many signs of a healthy relationship. Photo: @Visual Ideas/Nora Pelaez
Source: Getty Images

Your partner has some characters that make you feel lucky to have her. So, why not pick nicknames based on what you love most about your woman? Below are some sweet names to call your girlfriend from now henceforth.

  1. Curvy: She is endowed with curves
  2. Dancing-feet: A great dancer and music lover
  3. Delbar-am (Persian): The one who holds your heart
  4. Destiny: You believe she the one for you
  5. Diamond: A precious girl
  6. Dimples: She has dimples on her cheeks
  7. Diva: She is bold and sassy
  8. Dolcezza (Italian): Sweetheart
  9. Dragonfly: She quickly adapts to situations and environments
  10. Dreamboat: The girl of your dreams
  11. Dreamgirl: She is your ideal female companion
  12. Dreamy: She has lots of beautiful ideas about your future
  13. Doll: A pretty and flawless girl
  14. Duchess: She is your priority
  15. Enchantress: She blows your mind away
  16. Energizer: Her energy is addictive
  17. Estrella (Spanish): A star
  18. Fantasy: She makes you feel like you are in a fairy tale
  19. Firecracker: A no-nonsense girlfriend
  20. Flower: Gorgeous and fragile
  21. Fluffy: A girl with soft skin
  22. Freesia (flower): She is always on your mind
  23. Gangsta baby: She is tough on the outside but soft inside
  24. Genius: She always brings up savvy solutions and ideas
  25. Giggles: A habitually smiling person
  26. Goddess: You admire her beauty
  27. Gold: You hold her with high esteem
  28. Google: A brilliant woman
  29. Gülüm (Turkish): My rose
  30. Güzel (Turkish): Beautiful

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Sweet names to call your girlfriend

cute names to call your girlfriend
Nicknames can be funny but respectful. Photo: @Adam and Kev
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Why do people claim love is sweet, yet some have never tasted its goodness? You must put in more effort to spice it up. Choose cute pet names for your girlfriend to bring out the best in her. However, pet names for girls should not necessarily be animals' names, but nicknames that her apart from your friends and colleagues.

  1. Happy-feet: Someone who is obsessed with music, dancing or both.
  2. Hamsar-am (Persian): Lover
  3. Hayatım (Turkish): My life
  4. Heaven-sent: She has all the good qualities you like
  5. Hearty: The cheerful one
  6. Himmel (German): Sky
  7. Honey-bunny: An endearment name for an alluring young woman
  8. Hummingbird: She loves singing
  9. Internet girl: She knows a lot about the internet, but social media
  10. Jāné del-am (Persian): She gives my heart life
  11. Joon-am (Persian): My life
  12. Juliet: The heroine of your love story
  13. Kiki (French): A nickname for lovers
  14. Kind-witch: You love how she sometimes makes you go crazy
  15. Kissy-face: She often posts selfies with a kissy face or emojis
  16. Kitty: She has playful antics like a cat
  17. Kitty-cat: She likes the kitten a lot
  18. Kız arkadaşı (Turkish): Girlfriend
  19. Liebling (German): Darling
  20. Lilin (Malay): Flickering flame
  21. Little dove: She has a pure heart
  22. Little monkey: A naughty girlfriend
  23. Lovergirl: She always shows interest in you
  24. Lovebug: You are attached to her (Lovebug insects are always in pairs)
  25. Love-genie: She is all you wished for
  26. Lovie: You are fond of her
  27. Lucky: You feel fortunate to have found her
  28. Lucky charm: She brings you good luck
  29. Scarlet: Pure soul
  30. Smally: A tiny girl

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Best nicknames for your girlfriend

cute names to call your girlfriend
Couples use personal idioms, pet names, and inside jokes more when they get close to each other. Photo: @Ronnie Kaufman
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With all the arguments, standoffs, breakups, and disappointments in most modern relationships, implementing something that adds fun to yours can make it last forever. So, have a look at these funny nicknames for your girl.

  1. Softie: She has a soft in her voice and character
  2. Soulmate: A girl whose character, attitudes, beliefs and ideologies match yours
  3. Sunbeam: She lights up your world
  4. Mali (Swahili): She brings wealth and blessings
  5. Ma nana (French): My girlfriend
  6. Ma mie (French): My dear
  7. Mariposa (Spanish): Butterfly
  8. Marshmallow: She is super soft-hearted
  9. Melody: She has a melodious voice
  10. Mermaid: She is as beautiful as the movies' mermaid characters
  11. Mi Angelita (Spanish): My guardian angel
  12. Mine: A simple way of saying she is yours without being possessive
  13. Mini-me: She is like your twin from another mother
  14. Miss fabulous: She is incredible in every way
  15. Miss perfect: She effortlessly stands out when doing things with other people
  16. Miss magical: Enchanting and mysterious
  17. Mocha Latte: Her skin is as brown as creamy coffee
  18. Motema (Lingala, Congo): Heart
  19. Moonshine: Her face is as bright as the moon
  20. Mon amour (French): My love
  21. Moyo (Swahili): Heart
  22. My inspiration: Your source of consolation and encouragement
  23. My fairy: The one who stole your heart
  24. My princess: It fits a girl who likes fantasy
  25. My queen: The most important woman in your life
  26. My Valentine: Someone you would like to date
  27. Nefesim (Spanish): My breath
  28. Nene (Spanish): Baby
  29. Njiwa (Swahili): Dove
  30. Nyota (Swahili): Star

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Unique nicknames for your girlfriend

cute names to call your girlfriend
Please find out how deep your relationship is by giving her a good nickname and observing her reaction. Photo: @PeopleImages
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Are romantic names like babe, sweetheart, and princess becoming too popular for your liking? If so, then you are not alone. More people are now opting for rarer names. Additionally, giving your girl a unique name is one of the best ways of showing gratitude for her love. Therefore, consider some of these:

  1. Odie: Your best friend forever
  2. Omr-am (Persian): The purpose for pressing on in life
  3. Paparazzi: She knows more about celebrities than you
  4. Peaches: She blushes alot
  5. Pendo (Swahili): Love
  6. Pépette (French): A girlfriend you highly value
  7. Perle (Spanish): Pearl
  8. Pikachu: A Pokemon fan
  9. Pretty lady: Charming
  10. Princesa (Spanish): Princess
  11. Prometida (Spanish): Fiancé
  12. Rabbit ears: She has a sharp sense of hearing
  13. Rainbow: She makes your life colourful
  14. Ragazza (Italian): Girlfriend
  15. Richie-rich: A wealthy girlfriend, or someone you want to grow rich with
  16. Red tulip (flower): You want to spend the rest of your life with her
  17. Reina (Spanish): Your queen
  18. Sanchita (Bengali): You have set her aside from other women as the special one
  19. Schatz (German): Treasure
  20. Secret keeper: She is good at guarding your secrets
  21. Shadow: Your partner in crime
  22. Shadi (Persian): Your happiness
  23. Sheereen-am (Persian): Honey, or sweet
  24. Shoppy: She loves shopping
  25. Shortie: A short and beautiful girl
  26. Shug: She is full of sweetness
  27. Sirenita (German): Little mermaid
  28. Smily: She likes to smile
  29. Sparky: A glance at her uplifts your spirit
  30. Speedy: A quick and reliable girl

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Contact names for your girlfriend

cute names to call your girlfriend
A relationship has matured if both individuals do nothing but smile or blush when calling each other by their pet names. Photo: @Moyo Studio
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Relationships require some seriousness that can easily make partners forget the flirtatious moments they enjoyed in their early days. To avoid this, save your girlfriend's number using a flirty nickname and watch her reaction. Here is a list of some amazing ones:

  1. Sprinkles: She spreads happiness
  2. Sugar bomb: She makes your life sweeter than before you met her
  3. Sugar-lips: She gives you the pleasure and desire to kiss her
  4. Summer: She brings a light to your life
  5. Supergirl: You consider her as extraordinary
  6. Sweet-lips: You love her lips
  7. Tatlım (Turkish): My sweety
  8. Tara (Persian): Star
  9. Tarzan: Her wildness is exciting
  10. Teacup: She keeps your mind refreshed, just like tea reduces stress
  11. Teddybear: A huggable girl
  12. Tenerezza (Italian): Tender
  13. Tiger-toes: Short-tempered
  14. Time-thief: She steals your time
  15. Tiny: Slim and short
  16. Tramposo (Spanish): Trickster
  17. Tricky: She is almost difficult to understand
  18. Twinkle: She brightens your life like a star
  19. Vogue: Fashion oriented woman
  20. Warrior: She supports you throughout your struggles
  21. Weirdo: You love her strange personality
  22. Wondergirl: A girl filled with wonders
  23. Wifey: Your fiancé, or the one you consider as your future wife
  24. Wikipedia: The know-it-all girlfriend
  25. Zucchero (Italian): Sugar

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Getting some cute nicknames for your girlfriend goes a long way towards making her smile and feel special. Of course, some people will opt for the common ones, while others prefer the rarer ones. Which one do you love most?

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