100+ awesome paladin names: find a perfect name for your character

100+ awesome paladin names: find a perfect name for your character

If you are interested in finding paladin names for your hero in the next fantasy story or game, be rest assured that you will find awesome names for your character in the compiled lists below.

awesome paladin names
Creating an awesome name for a paladin character involves blending nobility, strength, and a touch of divine or mythical essence
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When naming a paladin for your story, pick out a name that denotes their strength and prowess in battle. However, it's also important to include elements in their name that show their magical abilities. Have a look at some of these D&D paladin names below and find the perfect fit for your character.

What is a good name for a paladin?

A paladin is not just a mere warrior who swings shiny swords and attacks his enemies, but a combination of holy warriors who use their weapons and embrace their magical powers in battles. Therefore, choosing epic paladin names should be an activity carried out with heed and fun.

Female paladin names

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Have a look at some cool paladin names for female characters:

  • Zillah: Shadow
  • Serina Shadowbane: (Latin) Serene or calm
  • Ideal: Warrior of light
  • Aetati: (Latin) Lifetime, age, or generation
  • Alexia Roseheart: Depicts a spoiler
  • Tilda the Faithful: Mighty in battle
  • Aiyana: (Native American) Eternal flower
  • Amyra: (Arabic) A commander or a princess
  • Daesyn: The beloved one
  • Keziah: The cassia tree
  • Nova: A bright star
  • Taysa: (Greek) Bound together
  • Ela Illuminax: A girl's name that's related to the Hebrew name Eila. It means a tree
  • Bertha Brightshield: (German) Bright
  • Auriol: The fearless one
  • Madlyn the Worthy: (Hebrew) Tower
  • Helissent Dawnguard: The name of an organization devoted to hunting vampires
  • Eloisa Nightbane: The uncorrupted sword of the brave

Funny paladin names

paladin names
Paladin names involve combining elements of nobility, strength, and virtue, reflecting the Paladin's role as a holy warrior and protector
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Perhaps your favourite character is that one paladin who's never serious at all. They are a joke enthusiast and likes to make fun of everything. Here are some funny names of paladins that you will want to consider:

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  • Adikia: The goddess of injustice
  • Aeolus: The god of air and the winds
  • Aether: The god of light and the atmosphere
  • Aidene: (Gaelic origin) The fiery one
  • Calypso: The goddess nymph of the mythical island of Ogygia
  • Cynth: The goddes of the moon
  • Elpis: The goddess of hope
  • Lan: (French) A powerful ruler
  • Paal: (Gypsy) Brother
  • Edan: (Scottish/Celtic) Brightness of fire
  • Falan: (Celtic) To be productive
  • Pali: (Latin) One who embraces humility
  • Antheia: (Greek) Goddess of gardens and flowers
  • Apollo: God of the sun, healing, music, and herding
  • Ares: God of a chaotic war

WoW paladin names

Have a look at some of the World of Warcraft paladin names you can consider:

  • Aelesia: The quest giver in Blood Watch
  • Adrielle: Defender stationed at Blood watch
  • Authur: The paladin trainer in the Cathedral of Light
  • Aldar: Quest giver in Ammen Vale
  • Ansela: The commander and officer recruiter at Silver Hand
  • Arator: Champion of Silver Hand
  • Baatun: Paladin trainer in the Vindicators' Sanctum
  • Cathela: Defender of Alonsus chapel in Stratholme, killed by blood knights
  • Ballador: Commander of champions of light in Lordaeron
  • Dagren: Commander of the crippling force in Lordaeron
  • Bromos Grummner: Paladin trainer in Anvilmar
  • Delgren: He fought the cult of the dark strand on Maestra's Post

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Cool paladin names

No fantasy story would be complete without a cool paladin. So here are some cool names for paladins that you might consider choosing for your character.

  • Annika: Sweet-faced and favoured by god
  • Asena: Mother of wolves
  • Ezlyn: One who lives by the water
  • Lysandra: The one who defends a man
  • Asena: The mother of wolves
  • Ezlyn: The one who lives by the water

Below are some more cool paladin names you can consider:

female paladin names
Choosing the right Paladin name can add depth and character to your Paladin, making them stand out in any fantasy setting
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  • Nesryn: A wild rose
  • Renna: (Ireland) The little successful one
  • Minka: (Slovenian) Strong and resolute
  • Nesryn: A wild rose
  • Renna: (Ireland) The little prosperous one
  • Enyo: (Greek) Goddess of war.
  • Gavril: Warrior of God
  • Hercules: (Greek) The strongest man on earth.
  • Amaris: (Hebrew and Spanish) It refers to the child of the moon promised by god.

Famous paladin names

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Have a look at some famous paladin names you can opt for your character:

  • Ayanna: Strong, beautiful, and powerful
  • Brina: The protector
  • Eira: Snow
  • Fintan: White fire
  • Lovis: (German origin) Meaning the famous warrior who is glorious in a battle
  • Morrigan: The great queen
  • Polaris: This is a unique Paladin character name that means the north star
  • Ryuu: (Japanese origin) It means the dragon spirit

Below are some more famous paladin names for your character:

  • Sheridan: (Gaelic name) meaning the feral or wild
  • Skender: Defender of humankind
  • Tosia: (Polish name) that means highly praiseworthy
  • Sahar: (Arabic language) the dawn
  • Salem: (Hebrew name) pronounced as Say-lum, meaning hope
  • Tauriel: The daughters of the forest
  • Zander: This name is a variation of Alexander, and it means defending or the defender of men
  • Plin: (Latin) he who has many skills
  • Pliny: (Pliny the Elder) Roman author, naturalist, and natural philosopher
  • Vlad: (Slavonic) To rule

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Best paladin names

You will want to pick a paladin name for your character that stands out. Have a look at some of these names of paladins that can best suit your character:

Best paladin names
A knight in green armor stands beside his wolf companion in a snow covered winter landscape. Photo: @Daniel Eskridge
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  • Faraline: Mapmaker to the royal family
  • Niran: This name is a Thai name meaning eternal
  • Polaris: This is the name of the North Star. It is an exclusive paladin character name
  • Irestorm: Alchemist of arson
  • Ryuu: This is a Japanese name meaning the dragon spirit
  • Goodfellow: God's wordsmith
  • Sheridan: (Gaelic origin) meaning feral or wild
  • Pallav: (Hindi origin) meaning the new leaf
  • Skender: The defender of mankind
  • Enigma: The unknown or the difficult

Have a look at some more best paladin names you can consider for your character in the new game or fantasy story:

  • Tosia: This is a popular paladin name originating from Poland. It means "highly praiseworthy"
  • Daesyn: This name means "beloved"
  • Andagard: (Dutch origin). The master of hand to hand to battle
  • Diante: The patron saint of revolutionaries and winemakers
  • Acabar: Hotheaded and angry. Liable to explode with rage at any given time
  • Bacchus: Takes great joy from death at sea
  • Nova: A bright star
  • Borf: (Patron Saint of double dealers and Spies) Teller of secrets
  • Zillah: This name means shadow
  • L'Ascotia: (French/Prussian) Builder of mighty towers
  • Amyra: (Arabic) meaning a commander or a princess

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Paladin surnames

If you are looking for some paladin surnames for your character, below is a compiled list of those names:

  • Honfoi: The friendly one
  • Bertha: The bright shield
  • Wilmot: The one who walks in the morning
  • Hornsounder: The one to lead the charge onto the battlefield
  • Habblepower: Has the power of hobble; The power of an ancient game of daring the devil to do good through trickery
  • Nightbreaker: Bringer of the night
  • Diante: The patron saint of revolutionaries and winemakers
  • Duskbreaker: Bell ringer that alerts the village/town to the death of an elder
  • Elderqueen: The Queen Mother's aide and assistant for life
  • Castaguard: (Latin) Meaning watcher of the coastline and avenging angel of pirates and vagabonds
  • Haresign: (English version – Harrison) Meaning the keeper of the poisons
  • Grayscar: Family from the North of the mountains covered in scars
  • Faraline: Mapmaker to the Royal family
  • Hokard: (Dutch/German) Heart of the army and love of warfare
  • Brutus: Bringer of pain and torture
  • Arrowsmith: Highly skilled archer and sniper

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Have a look at some more paladin last names that you can highly put into consideration:

  • Avelane: Natural route finder
  • Hella-Lumis: The power of light. Imaginative one, bringer of truth
  • Mornshield: Knight of the morning watch
  • Inigo-Holy: High priest of the Ingot bank of Olympus
  • IbrisMeaning: One without doubt or modesty
  • Firequest: Bringer of fire. Alchemist of Sulphur
  • Ishrell: God's seeker of truth. The untouched one
  • Seeker: Forever wanting glory through battle
  • Firefly: The lightning bringer. Power of controlling the skies
  • Justice-Ranger: One that travels to dispense and avenge injustices. Also known as the angel of time
  • Mountsetter: Patron saint of mountain people and travelers
  • La Muerte: (Spanish) The binger of death to all. Complete and total bringer of the end game
  • Gatekeeper: The one that has power over life and death
  • Spinebreaker: The taker of courage, fortitude and strength

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Here are some more paladin last names you can consider for your character:

  • Killswitch: Suicidal barbarian. (English/Latin) The one who breaks and destroys
  • Kai-Cherryboom: (Japanese/Dutch) Supernatural bringer of explosions from the sky
  • Sunsquareg: Destroyer of enemies through magnified light from the sun
  • Proudmouth: Speaker of two truths. Reconnaissance agent of the underworld
  • Kitty-Slay: Provocateur and spy for the good
  • Torchlight: Seer through lies and subterfuge. The light of truth shines and lights the way
  • Launcelot: The golden one yet honourable but untrustworthy at the same time
  • Lin-Linguard: (Chinese/Old English) goddess of the sun place. The power of death from the sun
  • Heartstop: Biological weapon that controls blood
  • Nightshade: One who knows the poisons of the forests. Also known as pharmacological genius
  • Firedraw: The ability to transmit their own image. They draw fire from the enemy with an astral projection
  • Highkind: The innocent one who is a friend to all and enemy to none until pushed
  • Deforce: One man army that will storm a battlefield and kill everything

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There will definitely be some characters in your fantasy story which portray holiness and godliness. Have a look at some of these names for your character:

paladin names
A knight in golden armor rides on horseback with the damsel he has just rescued sitting in the saddle behind him: a nice medieval romantic scene. Photo: @Daniel Eskridge
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  • Adikia: Goddess of injustice
  • Aeolus: (Also known as Aeolos, Aiolos, Aiolus, Eolus) meaning the god of air and the winds
  • Aether: (Also known as Aither, Akmon, Ether) meaning the god of light and the atmosphere
  • Aidene: (Gaelic origin) The fiery one
  • Antheia: (Greek mythology) The goddess of gardens and flowers
  • Apollo: (Also known as Apollon, Apulu, Phoebus) god of the sun, healing, music and herding
  • Ares: (Also known as Aries, Mars, Enyalius) god of chaotic war
  • Calypso: Goddess nymph of the mythical island of Ogygia
  • Cynth: The moon ogddess
  • Elpis: Goddess of hope
  • Enyo: (Greek mythology) goddess of war
  • Gavril: Warrior of god
  • Hercules: (Greek) He is believed to be the strongest man on earth

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Male paladin names

Have a look at some of the male paladin names for your male characters:

male paladin names
Young handsome knight holding sword looking aside on a dark background. Photo: @Surovtseva
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  • Kindlyman Doogoode: Kindlyman means a kind, caring, and sympathetic man
  • Miles Lightbringer: Lightbringer
  • Roland Sunguard: The famous land
  • Ryker the Titan: (Greek) A mighty big man
  • Honfoi the Friendly: This name is often given to paladins who are known to be friendly
  • Wilmot Mornwalker: (Old German) Will helmet
  • Robinet Firesword: The name Robinet comes from the English name Robert, which refers to a light cannon
  • Geofridus Avelane: A loving and caring individual with a tendency to put the needs of others before theirs

There are so many awesome paladin names that you can choose. Check out the compiled names in the lists above to find the perfect name for your character in the next fantasy story and game.

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