100+ incredible pet snake names, their meanings and origins

100+ incredible pet snake names, their meanings and origins

Even though most people fear snakes, some find them charming and adorable and keep them as pets. The names given to pet snakes vary according to size, type, and colour. Some snake owners also name their snakes after cultural influences such as favourite books or movies, while others name them based on their looks or personalities. What are some incredible pet snake names, and what are their meanings and origins?

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What are some good snake names? Here is a look at some cool snake names you can consider.

Incredible male and female pet snake names

Here are some suggestions for pet snake names, organized alphabetically for your convenience. Consider which one is your favourite.

Famous snake names

Here are some famous snake names you can pick from.

names for snakes
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  • Adaj: Dark coloured individual with large black eyes
  • Adham: Arabic origin meaning black stallion.
  • Alpha: First or the strongest (Greek origin)
  • Alpha: From Greek, origin to mean the strongest
  • Amazon: A cool female snake name that refers to the world's largest river.
  • Andromeda: Origin from a mythological Greek Goddess that means ruler of men.
  • Apollo: Manly beauty (From the Greek God of archery)
  • Arcada: Pastoral simplicity and happiness (Greek)
  • Arya: Honorable (Indian)
  • Asuna: A Japanese origin word meaning tomorrow
  • Athena: Inspired by the Goddess of war and wisdom. It means praise.
  • Balthazar: Bel protects the king (From Akkadian origin)
  • Banana: Suitable for your yellow pet snake.
  • Basilisk: A little king (Greek origin)
  • Beast: Brave and fearless
  • Bellatrix: A female warrior (Arabic origin)
  • Bindi: A drop (Indian origin)
  • Blade: An English name meaning wealthy glory
  • Bowser: A nickname from the Norman term of address 'fine sir.
  • Brutus: Heavy or muscular (Latin origin)

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More famous and cute snake names include:

  • Buddy: A good friend
  • Calypso: From Greek origin meaning she who hides
  • Cassandra: Inspired by a Greek mythological character meaning one who shines and excels over men.
  • Cobs: He who supplants (Hebrew)
  • Coral: Semi-precious sea growth often deep pink or red (Latin)
  • Dahlia: Elegance and dignity
  • Destiny: Fate (Latin)
  • Diablo: Devil
  • Diem: Pretty
  • Eden: Delight (Hebrew)
  • Elektra: Is a famous character from Greek that means amber or shining.
  • Ethan: Powerful and strong
  • Eve: Life or living (Originated from Latin name Eva)
  • Executioner: A dangerous male snake name meaning the one who carries out a death sentence.
  • Fang: A Chinese name that means wind
  • Fergus: Person full of strength
  • Flint: A sharp stone
  • Flint: English and German origin meaning a stream.
  • Fortune: An English and French nickname for a gambler or for someone considered fortunate or well favoured.

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Unique names for snakes

cute snake names
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Take a look at some of these unique names for both male and female snakes.

  • Gethwine: Welsh name that means dark skin
  • Gnome: Earth dweller (Latin)
  • Godzilla: Japanese words for Gorilla/Gojira
  • Goldie: The precious metal gold (Scottish)
  • Hades: A Greek origin name meaning sightless
  • Halo: Divine Aura (Greek)
  • Hendrix: Ruler of the home (Germanic Heinrich)
  • Hercules: The glory of Hera who is the queen of gods (Latin)
  • Hughe: The heart, mind, and spirit
  • Hunter: One who hunts (English origin)
  • Hydra: Water serpent
  • India: Praise or law
  • Indigo: A Greek origin gender-neutral name to mean blue dye
  • Ivy: It is both English and Latin origin meaning vine
  • Jade Dragon: A perfect name for your green snake
  • Jade: Stone of the colic (Spanish)
  • Jafaa: Hebrew baby name meaning beauty
  • Jax: God is gracious
  • Jinx: Spell (Latin)
  • Kage: Japanese name standing for shadow
  • Leon: Another word for lion meaning brave
  • Loki: One of the best names for pet snakes and is a perfect fit for a mischievous snake. It means God of air (Germanic origin)
  • Lolly: Latin name for a sweet bay tree
  • Magnum: A perfect Latin name for a great and dangerous snake.
  • Maleficent: A name that belongs to a wicked Queen character who does evil and harm.
  • Mars: The name of the Roman God of war.
  • Medusa: is a name inspired by the mythological character that has snakes as her hair. It's of Greek origin meaning cunning.
  • Minerva: The Roman goddess of wisdom who was depicted as a snake.
  • Mochi: Gender-neutral name of Japanese origin that refers to a sweet, chewy treat.
  • Myrtle: Associated with love, peace, fertility and youth (Greek origin)
  • Pandora: The all endowed (From Greek)
  • Petra: Stone or rock (From Greek)
  • Poison Ivy: A great name for green snakes.
  • Qaisar: One who is born to be a ruler
  • Ramses: Origin from the ancient Egyptian ruler meaning begotten or the sun of god
  • Raven: Dark haired or wise (English and Scottish)
  • Rose: Famous type (English)
  • Set: A Hebrew name meaning compensation
  • Slithers: A good name for your pet snake that loves to move silently.
  • Slytherin: Spanish/Basque name of the palace

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Cool pet snake names

cool snake names
Person holding red and black snake. Photo: pexels.com, @Pixabay
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Here are more cool snake pet names.

  • Sorceress: Related to the mysterious and magical side of snakes.
  • Spartan: Male snake name inspired from the Greek City and its warriors to mean simple or frugal.
  • Stormy: American origin meaning impetuous nature. It is best for any dark, black or grey snakes.
  • Tofu: A Japanese word that means bean curd or bean ferment
  • Vasuki: Indian name that implies king of the serpents.
  • Venus: Inspired by the Roman Goddess of love and beauty.
  • Vienna: Forest stream (Latin)
  • Viper: A name that implies a deadly snake derived from Latin.
  • Walter: Commander of the army (Greek)
  • Wilbur: A wild boar (German)
  • Wizard: A magical name that denotes a mysterious snake
  • Worm: Middle Low German word for snake or dragon
  • Xena: Guest or stranger (Greek origin)
  • Ximena: Hearkener or listener
  • Xiomara: Battle-ready
  • Yoshi: A cute name to mean good luck.
  • Ziggy: A male name of German origin that means victorious protector.

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Badass pet snake names

badass pet snake names
Woman in orange knit sweater holding brown and black snake. Photo: pexels.com, @Beatriz
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Here are some badass names for your pet.

  • Ahiratha - Means having a snake (Indian)
  • Askook - Snake (Native American)
  • Chu'mana - Snake maiden (Native American)
  • Dipili - Green snake (German)
  • Egle - A maiden who married a grass (Lithuanian)
  • Fani - Hood of snake (French)
  • Lynda - Lime tree (German)
  • Manidhar - Mythical snake (Indian)
  • Nathaira - A water snake (Scottish)
  • Nagendra - Lord of snakes (Indian)
  • Ophiuchus - Serpent bearer (Greek)
  • Quetzalcóatl - Feathered water snake (Nahuatl)
  • Sheshdhar - One who holds snake (Indian)
  • Shuman - Rattlesnake handler (Native American)
  • Vasuki - King of the serpents (Sanskrit)

Names that mean snake

cool snake names
Person holding snake. Photo: pexels.com, @Davyd Bortnik
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Here are some names that mean snake.

  • Anguis: In Latin
  • Baem: In Korean
  • Bibilava: In Malagasy
  • Cuska: In Latvian
  • Gata: In Samoan
  • Hebi: In Japanese
  • Kaarme: In Finnish
  • Kigyo: In Hungarian
  • Nahesa: In Hawaiian
  • Nathair: In Gaelic
  • Serp: In Catalan
  • Slange: In Danish

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Silly and funny snake names

Take a look at a few of these names that sound funny and silly.

  • Buttercup
  • Cuddles
  • Cupcake
  • Fluffy
  • Kitty
  • Monty the Python
  • Mr. Huggy
  • Muffy
  • Nofeet
  • Noodles
  • Pretzel
  • Pringle
  • Pyro
  • Randy
  • Rex
  • Rhodes
  • Ricky
  • Rio
  • Rumplesnakeskin
  • Salt
  • Scales
  • Serpico
  • Session
  • Siberia
  • Silver
  • Slasher
  • Sly
  • Slyde
  • Slytherin
  • Smiles
  • Snuggles
  • Sparkles
  • Spyro
  • SSSSSam
  • Stranger
  • Sydney
  • Tequila
  • Toad
  • Tootsie
  • Toto
  • Trasher
  • Walter
  • William Snakespeare
  • Yoshi

Choosing a name for your snake pet should be simple. There are many snake names to choose from if you wish to name your pet. Always pick a name that is a good match for your pet in terms of colour, size, origin, or even behaviour.

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