List of drow names: female, male, last names, city names & meanings

List of drow names: female, male, last names, city names & meanings

Drows are typically referred to as the dark elven clan that lives underground. This kind of elves worships the evil Lolth and often portray a chaotic nature. If your next fantasy story or game has drows as your characters, read on to find out some of the interesting DnD drow names and further your understanding of drow naming conventions.

drow names
The right name can add depth to your character, making them more memorable and impactful in your story or game
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Even though drows are termed evil creatures, they tend to diverge from their wrongdoings by engaging in good deeds and dabbling in adventurous activities. Drow names contain some harsher-sounding elements, which distinguishes them from the other elven names. All drows require interesting and influential names.

DnD Drow names

Drow elf names are elven-like names. Their names have a more sinister tone which practically makes them more unique. Read on to find out more about some of the interesting drow names out there.

Female drow names

Females are the dominant gender among the drows. They are more potent than the male ones. For that reason, drow female names ought to be spectacular and feminine yet powerful. Have a look at some of best names below.

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  • Adira: One with strength
  • Aimilios: From ancient Greek, meaning strength
  • Akoraa: The queen of destruction
  • Alaunaca: An influential expert
  • Althea: Power to heal
  • Alyace: The legendary dancer
  • Anath: The ancient warrior and goddess's name means the answer
  • Angaer: Rewarded by blood
  • Antigone: A vigorous warrior worthy of one's parents
  • Ardulaeth: Divine and luxury
  • Artemis: A wild Greek goddess and the name means the butcher
  • Asuilo: Meaning to seek asylum
  • Baedaeth: Fate and luxury
  • Balafae: The Burning Slayer
  • Beatrix: One who often travels
  • Briana: Meaning one who is virtuous
  • Brizanna: A prominent advisor
  • Burearra: The mighty queen
  • Celessaryn: The paradise
  • Chalaste: The bearer
  • Charavin: The guardian
  • Cheliberra: The path with poison
  • Draupadi: The fierce goddess, Kali, and means the emerged daughter
  • Ebba: Meaning the strength of an animal
  • Edrei: A strong woman
  • Elfrida: Meaning the elf power
  • Freya: Meaning last of the travellers
  • Gesa: Meaning the strength of the spear
  • Hel: Meaning the priestess of the underworld
  • Isa: Meaning the strong-willed
  • Kaimana: The most robust female name meaning one who has power over the ocean
  • Kundalakesi: A powerful woman with curly hair
  • Lenna: The princess with the heart of a lion
  • Louhi: The Finnish goddess who created the nine deadly diseases like the plague and cancer
  • Minerva: Meaning the intellectual one
  • Morrigan: Refers to three supernatural and powerful women representing death, battles, and sovereignty. It also means a mighty queen
  • Namah: Meaning a female devil
  • Tefnut: Meaning an Egyptian goddess who spits water
  • Xena: A warrior princess
  • Zayada: The one with too much power

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Female drow names
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Male drow names

Of all the predefined drow names you can come up with, drow male names are the less complex to derive. Have a look at some of the male drow names you can consider:

  • Adinaeth: The beast
  • Alakaeth: A luxury
  • Altonagh: The powerful one
  • Antasaghar: Death
  • Bauthbuk: A forced way
  • Beldantar: The burning ruler
  • Bergdaal: The graceful guardian
  • Bhindaer: The sly warrior
  • Briza: Meaning a small gust of wind
  • Chandara: Meaning one part of the moon
  • Chaszdiirn: The earthly brother
  • Chauldith: The secret victim
  • Chelaufein: Poisonous seer
  • Coldorl: The established knight
  • Dandrin: Rogue
  • Dineban: The vassal joker
  • Dolores: Bearer of sorrowful news
  • Dragh: A void
  • Draven: Meaning the child of sorrows
  • Driz: The art of being relentless
  • Drofryn: A living champion
  • Duk: Vicious
  • Elam: The enduring one
  • Elaug: The magical one
  • Elgg: Fearful
  • Elk: A chaotic drow
  • Eragiin: Strange one
  • Erth: Resolute
  • Filkah: Pale beauty
  • Gel: The ambitious one
  • Ghol: Resourceful
  • Ghor: The calm one
  • Golgotha: Meaning a place of skulls
  • Guan: The accursed drow
  • Gul: Spectral
  • Harnar: The first ghost
  • Hidimba: Refers to a powerful devil
  • Ilinor: The obsessed prey
  • Imrae: Mighty strength
  • Jaezrar: The alluring seeker

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Drow last names

drow names dnd
Female drow names. Photo: @artofyorugami
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These dark elves use these names as their drow surnames. Have a look at some of the drow surnames you can opt for.

  • Abaeir: Dark or hidden place
  • Abbylan: A sense of unity or cooperation among family members
  • A'Dararn: Night's legacy
  • Aleanana: Keeper
  • Arabtyl: Mistress of shadows
  • Argith: Ambition or striving for power
  • Argith: Infernal power
  • Beltaulur: Related to crafting or skill
  • Blaerabban: Mystery or enigma
  • Blundyth: Resilience or strength
  • Chaulssin: Connection to a particular city or region in the Underdark
  • Chaulssin: Forgotten Citadel
  • Coborel: Elegance or refinement
  • Cormrael: Spider's web
  • Daevion'lyr: Dance of shadows
  • Dalael: Sorrowful bloodline
  • Daluan: Misfortune
  • Delyl: Mysteries
  • Despzynge: Legacy
  • Dhalmass: Dominance and control
  • Dhunnistyn: Dominion of shadows
  • Dhunnyl: Serpent's whisper
  • Doavae: Manipulation of fate and destiny
  • Faertala: Beauty or allure
  • Filifar: Nature
  • Glannath: Water or the sea
  • Glaurach: Darkness
  • Helviiryn: Health or well-being
  • Helviund: Echo
  • Hun'rae: Cursed
  • Hunzrin: Clever
  • Hyluil: Moonlit elegance
  • Ilaleztice: Dark destiny
  • Illistyn: Eternal ambition
  • Illykur: Mystic enigma
  • Kilani: Loyalty and honour
  • Kilsek: Silent blade
  • Lueltond: Ancient heritage
  • Lueltune: Harmony
  • Nenna: Hidden truths

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What are a few common drow names?

drow last names
Dark elf flying. Photo: liuzishan
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Have a look at some more drow names you can put into consideration.

  • Amalika: Meaning peerless
  • Briza: Associated with the wind
  • Chandara: The moon
  • Imrae: Strength
  • Jalal: Loftiness and greatness
  • Jalal: Meaning majesty, loftiness, and greatness
  • Kinleigh: Meaning a fair-haired warrior
  • Lyme: The brighter one
  • Malag: The mysterious drow
  • Mara: Meaning nightmares
  • Masthaer: Beautiful sight
  • Menzothel: The guided gambler
  • Micar: The lost one
  • Oussafin: Shadows and darkness
  • Perdita: Refers to being lost
  • Pharyrd: The captain
  • Phyrra: Depicts the red-hot flames
  • Rel: Resilient
  • Rhyl: The moon
  • Rylu: The art of being patient
  • Sarn: Dangerous
  • Sav: The mischievous drow
  • Scasyn: The superior
  • Shav: The envious one
  • Shimyra: Meaning god's light
  • Shimyra: Meaning the light of god
  • Sorn: The enchanted one
  • Suss: The shining light
  • Tohopka: Referring to a wild beast
  • Wynonna: Meaning the first male child
  • Zinead: Refers to mercy, compassion, and forgiveness
  • Zolyn: Cold and unyielding natures

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Famous drow city names

What are a few common drow names?
Dark elf sorcerer standing in old ruins and holding blue fire in his hands. Photo: FairytaleDesign
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Have a look at some famous drow names that you may find interesting.

  • Abaethaggar: A city that exists on its own
  • Baereghel: The battle mages' headquarters
  • Ched Nasad: City of shimmering webs
  • Lith My'athar: Very small town
  • Menzoberranzan: City of spiders
  • Silver Marches: City of Silverymoon
  • Sshamath: City of dark weavings
  • The Nelanther Isles: City raided by an island of mostly non-human pirates
  • Undraeth: City known for its military might
  • Zirnakaynin: City of the Lightless Depths

What do drows call themselves?

Drows are also known as dark elves, deep elves and night elves. They are a fictional race of dark-skinned elves in various fantasy settings, such as the Dungeons & Dragons.

How do you name a drow?

It always seems impossible to find names for nonhuman creatures. However, for drows, there are so many options considering that they are dark elves. In addition, several factors, such as gender and the drow's house of origin, affect name derivation.

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How do drow names work?

A drow name often follows some patterns before the derivation of the full name. They are superstitious, for they believe in using names similar to their gods.

These drow names and meanings are highly affected by various factors, such as the specific clan and house they come from and the gender of a particular drow. Each house is governed by a matron mother with the help of her toddlers, for they live in a matriarchal society.

Is a drow an elf?

Drows, also called dark elves, are a subterranean race of elves. They are noted for their cruelty and powerful magic. So basically, drows are somewhat elves.

What is a half-drow?

A half-drow is an offspring of a human and a drow. This drow generally has dusky skin, silver or white hair, and typical human eye colours. In addition, they have a dark vision but lack other specific drow traits and abilities.

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Do drows have child names?

In many fantasy settings, including Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), drow society does have a system of child names. Drow names often consist of a given name and a family name. When drow children are born, they are typically given a child name by their parents.

Drows, also known as dark elves, are the elven creatures in a fantasy game known as Dungeons and Dragons that are faithful to the treacherous ways of the Spider Queen Lolth. If you are a fantasy gamer and find it hard to look for DnD drow names, be rest assured you will find an interesting name above.

List of drow names
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Source: UGC recently published an article about elf names. Elves are inarguably some of the most popular characters in the fantasy genre of films and literature.

What are some of the best elf names, and what are their meanings and origins? Read on to find out more about the elven naming conventions, their origins, and name meanings in general.


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