Top 5 football trophies and their worth

Top 5 football trophies and their worth

Football trophies always showcase an incredible achievement. But have you ever wondered what the worth of this or that soccer trophy is? Are some of them really made of gold? We promise you will not regret reading the post below about the top 5 football trophies and their worth.

Football trophies and their worth
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When a football team wins a championship and gets an award, they experience great excitement for their achievements. The victory brings not only great happiness and self-confidence for being the best of the best, it does not only inspires for more achievements but also is a great responsibility and honour to carry the name of the winner. It was all about the moral side of the victory what about the material one? The winners of the world popular football competitions get not only respect and the title of the best; they get a trophy, the price of which makes a lot of people gasp in amazed delight. Are you ready to find out the worth of the most expensive football trophies in the world?

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List of most expensive football trophies in the world

All lovers of this ball game get ready! We are going to tell you about the most costly cups awarded for the winners of soccer competition. We promise that you will be amazed at how high the price of success can be.

5. The Emirates FA Cup

Football trophies
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The Challenge Cup is one of the oldest trophies, which is awarded to the winning FC in England. The cup itself was established in 1871, and traditionally it has ribbons of two colours, which belong to the teams taking part in a tournament.

Currently, the owner of the trophy is Chelsea FC. They have it since their triumph in 2018. The current price of the FA Cup is 5,000 pounds sterling according to website.

4. UEFA Champions League

Football trophy
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This trophy is awarded to UEFA Champions League competition winners. The winning FC holds it for ten months. This cup has been awarded since the year of 1956. The current holder of the trophy is Real Madrid CF, which, by the way, is the most frequent owner of the award.

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Now, the trophy's cost is 10,000 US dollar. This information is provided by

3. Premier League

Premier League a football trophy
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So, what is next? Our next world's most expensive and desired award is Premier League cup. It gives its owner a lot of respect in the football environment. And also, it is of reasonable size and weight. Premier League award weighs as much as 25 kilograms, and its height is 76 centimetres. In addition, it is made of pure silver and generally has a distinguished design.

This precious cup costs 10,000 US dollars, as well as the cup we have mentioned before. The information is taken from For the present day, the owner of the trophy is Manchester City Football Club.

2. European Championship Trophy

European Championship Trophy
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European Championship Trophy is also known as the Henri Delaunay Trophy. The award is named in honour of the UEFA General Secretary, who has established the concept of this particular championship. The current holder of this prestigious award is the national football club of Portugal. Today, the European Championship Trophy price is 15, 000 US dollars.

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1. FIFA World Cup Trophy

FIFA World Cup
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FIFA World Cup Trophy is considered to be the most valuable and appreciated award among all football cups in the whole world. Its current version is awarded to the winners in the World Cup since the year of 1974 by Stabilimento Artistico Bertoni company in Italy. Previously, it was known as the Jules Rimet award called "Victory." The design of the award is pretty symbolical — it depicts two people holding the globe. The current owner of this fantastic trophy is the national football club of France. We are sure you will be impressed to learn that the price of the FIFA World Cup Trophy is currently comprising 20 million US dollars. Pretty shocking, right? The cup stands 36.8 centimetres high and weighs 6.1 kilograms, it is made of gold with bands of semi-precious malachite on the base and was designed by Italian sculptor Silvio Gazzaniga.

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The last trophy is reviewed, now you know the names of the top 5 football trophies and their worth, which means that we can call it a day. So, what can we conclude? The more valuable the prize, the more respect points the football team receives winning it. The logic is simple, isn't it?

But the moral value of the moment when someone wins one of these football trophies cannot be exaggerated as every time victory brings much joy, self-respect and inspires to reach new heights. And that is the exact thing we wish to our Nigerian national team!

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