17 signs he likes you but is hiding it: how to tell if a guy is into you

17 signs he likes you but is hiding it: how to tell if a guy is into you

Sometimes sharing deep feelings with someone is the hardest thing. Guys are incredibly complex creatures, and girls sometimes have a hard time reading their signals. When you throw romance into the mix, it's hard to tell the signs he likes you but is hiding it. These signs will help you unravel the mystery of whether the guy likes you but is hiding it. Valerie Nwoji, a certified relationship expert and self-discovery coach, provides insights into recognizing signs that indicate a guy may be in love but is keeping it hidden.

signs he likes you but is hiding it
Signs he likes you but is playing it cool. Photo: pexels.com, @divaplavalaguna
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It would save a lot of time and angst if, when we liked someone, we all had the guts to tell them. But, on the other hand, it would take a lot of the fun out of it. So, how will you know if someone likes you and they are hiding it from you?

17 signs he likes you but is hiding it

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Is there a guy you are crushing on, but you're not sure he likes you too? A guy might like you but doesn't want to let you know just yet. Here are the signs that he likes you but is hiding it.

1. He declares his relationship status

If he likes you but tries to hide it, he will tell you he is single. If he likes you, he will somehow indicate to you that you're the only girl he could date. This is because he doesn't want to be mistaken for being in a relationship.

2. He makes jokes about liking you

How do you tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it? One way is that he becomes flirty banter about liking you. A guy will try to throw jokes here and there that he likes you to see your reaction. He can even crack a joke about you two going on a date. If you react negatively, he pulls back to spare his ego. So if you hear these jokes, know he likes you but is afraid of saying it.

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3. He may try to make you jealous

How to tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it
Things guys do when they secretly like you. Photo: pexels.com, @picha
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One of the signs he likes you but is playing it cool is if he tries to make you jealous. He mentions his dating life and talks about the people he's been seeing to see if you get jealous.

He wants to see your reaction, so he knows if you're interested. He'll ask your opinion of what you think he should do in situations with other girls. He'll be careful not to put you off.

4. He invites you to hangout

One way how to tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it is he keeps on wanting to see you. He also may ask you to hang out with him, but not like a date.

Instead, he may say he's heading your way and ask if you would like to meet. In reality, this is a less intimidating way for him to ask you out without being obvious. If he asks you to hang out, this can mean that he's into you.

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5. Eye contact

Eye contact is one of the signs he secretly likes you but is hiding it. He constantly looks at you when you're not looking. When you look his way, he immediately pretends he isn't staring.

Eye contact is one way to show that he is admiring you. Men are eye creatures and cannot help but stare at something they like. So when he likes you, he can't keep his eyes off you.

6. He is always trying to talk to you all the time

Regular friends don't talk that often. He will always find a reason to call you and has a lot of things to talk about. He will also ask many questions and advise to keep the conversation going.

This is a sign that he wants to get to know you better. So when you see a guy always wanting to talk to you, he may have feelings for you.

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7. He never talks about other girls

signs he likes you but is playing it cool
Signs he secretly likes you but is hiding it. Photo: pexels.com, @diva-plavalaguna
Source: UGC

If he never mentions other girls to you, know there's a reason. He is afraid you might think he likes someone else. So even if he meets another girl, he doesn't tell you about it.

This is also evident when hanging out with a group of friends. He never mentions any other women either. He is also quick to deny seeing other women if the question pops up during a conversation.

8. He is always closer to you

How do you know if a guy has feelings for you but is hiding it? One of the things guys do when they secretly like you is that they want to be close to you all the time. For instance, he goes where you want to go and only leaves when you leave. He will try to slow down to walk with you if you're out in a group. You can tell a man likes you when you see him everywhere you go, cafes, the gym etc.

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9. He becomes supportive

He may not tell you he has feelings for you but will show you how much he cares about you by his actions. He will support everything you do and offer help even before you ask.

Even in a discussion, if he doesn't agree, he will still support your point of view. He will be interested in your goals and encourage you to achieve them. When you experience all this support, fill in the blanks for yourself, he is into you, girl.

10. Treats your friends well

Guys know that girls' friendships are very important and can make or break a relationship. A guy that likes you will want your friends to like him. He knows you value their opinion, so he will do his best to be in their good books. He will act nicely to your friends and want to get close to them.

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11. Becomes jealous and overprotective

How to tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it
Photo: pexels.com, @rextimedia
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Men are very jealous and protective of the women they like. If a guy likes you, the green-eyed monster will come out even when little things are involved. If you're talking about another guy, you will notice obvious jealousy on his face. His actions will sell him out when he sees other guys flirting with you, even if he's trying to hide it.

12. He is always there for you

This is one way how to tell if someone likes you but is hiding it. If you are looking for a sign that a guy likes you, check whether he is always there for you.

If he is always there in your hour of need and wants to spend time with then, he likes you. He is always there when you make plans and makes no excuses; he is into you. Guys always help those girls they like.

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13. He is trying to impress you

How do you know if a guy secretly likes you? If he is always trying to impress you, this is one sign he likes you. He has feelings for you but just isn't ready to reveal them to you just yet. He can also say things about himself that he knows will impress you. He could even let you know what he has so you can like him and think highly of him.

For example, he could mention he owns a house, or he attended a prestigious university or his cool job. All this is to tell you he is doing well and would like you to like him.

14. He asks you a lot of questions

How to tell if someone likes you but is hiding it
Man having a conversation with a woman sitting on orange sofa. Photo: pexels.com, @diva-plavalaguna
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When a guy is interested in a girl, he asks many questions about her. A man who likes you will want to know everything about you, and he does this by asking questions. If he doesn't like you, he won't bother to know anything about you.

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15. He acts weird around you

How to know if a guy secretly likes you is to check if he acts weird around you. A man who is interested in you will act a little weird and different when you are around.

Please pay attention to the small details, such as how he acts around you, like his voice, etc. If he is usually confident, he may start to stutter when talking to you. This is because he is nervous and trying hard to impress you.

16. Fast text replies

If he is replying to your messages immediately, he is obviously into you. He doesn't want you to think he is a creep, so he will instantly reply to your texts. His aim is to keep you interested in him, so he won't make you wait for too long.

17. He wants to know your relationship status

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If you are looking for a sign that a guy likes you, he will want to know your relationship status. Most guys will ask this question early enough to avoid being disappointed later. If a guy doesn't ask if you are single or not, then he might not be interested in you.

During an interview with Valerie Nwoji, a certified relationship expert and self-discovery coach, she emphasized the complexity of interpreting non-verbal signs indicating hidden romantic interest. Nwoji shared some common signs to observe if a guy is interested in you. They include:

  • Eye Contact: Intentional eye contact can strongly indicate a romantic interest. Maintaining consistent eye contact can mean someone is interested in you.
  • Body Language: Take note of how someone leans in when speaking with you; this body movement can suggest an interest in you.
  • Compliments: Constant compliments on looks or your style can create an impression.
  • Initiating Conversations: If someone constantly starts a conversation with you, it may indicate romantic interest.
  • Active Listening: People interested in you will actively listen to you and contribute to most of your discussions. Some go to the length of agreeing with almost everything you say.
  • Consistency: Look for consistent behavior; doing something once or twice might not hold water, but a constant act means a lot.

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Nwoji added that the best way to navigate mixed signals is to communicate with her about your feelings and intentions, give her time to know how she truly feels, respect her boundaries, and be observant to ensure you don't make mistake friendly gestures for romantic gestures.

How do you know if a guy secretly likes you?

How do you tell if a guy is secretly into you? Check out this list for some obvious signs. They include:

  • He "accidentally" touches you.
  • He sneaks a compliment here and there.
  • He talks a lot when he is around you.
  • He looks at your lips.
  • He initiates a way to see you again.
  • Never use his phone around you.
  • He constantly looks at you with a smile.
  • He pays attention to you when you are around.
  • He talks to you almost every day.
  • He never talks about other women when you are around.
  • He likes your friends.
  • He tries to hang around you.
  • He's supportive.

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How do you know if a girl secretly likes you?

Nwoji highlighted that determining if a lady likes you is based on individual personality traits. She provided some guidelines to consider:

  • Extra attention: When extra attention is given to something you like, or you say in passing, it can suggest she likes you.
  • Emotional Moment: When a lady opens up to you on something very personal, it may signal a deep connection.
  • Instinct: Trust your intuition; it hardly ever misleads you, but keep an open mind that you might be wrong.

Difference between genuine and misleading signals

Nwoji pointed out that misconceptions often arise, emphasizing that interpreting a friendly gesture as indicative of a romantic relationship can be one such misunderstanding. She said:

This happens a lot and needs to be corrected. Personally, direct questions have always worked to eradicate unnecessary assumptions. That's why I recommend open and honest communication rather than doing things based on assumptions.

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This happens a lot among two friends who grew up together in the same environment, even attending the same school from primary to high institution. They will have been used to each other, and one might later develop affection along the line while the other fellow will be oblivious of it due to familiarity.
Misinterpretations might arise, so it's best to ask the other fellow directly or indirectly in the form of suggestions on your observation, perception, or feelings.
  • Reduce the jokes or play to communicate your feelings. Know when best to share such intention. I think saying your choice lazily might need to be taken more seriously.
  • Be sensitive to everything they do and say.
  • Your facial expression and body language also determine how you will be perceived.

How to overcome fear

In her conclusion, Nwoji expressed that overcoming shyness or the fear of expressing romantic interest is gradual. She likened it to a journey of self-discovery, where building confidence and self-improvement are essential starting points. Nwoji said:

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Also, set realistic goals for yourself; only go for something as big as you. Start with a small task per day. For example, you can start by giving simple compliments. You can also listen to people's comments about you to observe your emotions and know your strengths better. Lastly, be authentic. Authenticity is the real deal. So, be sure to stay true to yourself and your feelings.

When it comes to matters of the heart, guys are afraid to take the first step and admit their feelings. On the other hand, ladies find it difficult to tell if a guy likes them or not. The above signs he likes you but is hiding it will come a long way.

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