35 biggest turn-offs for men that you should avoid at all cost

35 biggest turn-offs for men that you should avoid at all cost

There is nothing better than when a relationship is going well, especially with a new guy. However, when a man is turned off by something you have done, he quickly pulls away from the relationship. Identifying turn-offs for men, as a lady, can help you to stay away from what men dislike.

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Turn-offs for guys are still a mystery to most women. You could be in a new relationship, and suddenly, the man ghosts you. You could have gone on a first date, and for no apparent reason, you never hear from him again. It is most likely that the guy was turned off by something you did.

35 biggest turn-offs for men

While every man has different things that turn him off, knowing the general turn-offs can help you avoid them. Here is a list of turn-offs for a guy you should avoid.

1. Talking too much

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Men are generally not very talkative. Men are generally not very talkative. Talking too much is a big turn-off for men as they sometimes want you to be quiet. While some may tolerate you, others may see it as a weakness.

2. Mothering him

Many women consume the saying that men like to marry women who are like their mothers. While this is true, most men hate being told what to do all the time. Mothering a man will make him avoid you.

3. Talking about serious things too soon

Talking about the future in a relationship is important. However, it is a topic you want to shelve until the relationship is solid. Men are turned off when you bring up things like kids too soon in the relationship.

4. Spending too much time on your phone

One of the major turn-offs for men is when a lady spends too much time on her phone. Say you are on a date, and instead of talking to him, you busy are on your phone. He might not tell you, but the next time you may not see him again.

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5. Bad breath

If you wonder what turns men off, bad breath tops the list. No one wants to spend time with someone with a foul smell, leave alone kiss her. Bad breath will send a guy packing so fast you won't know what hit you.

6. Being too needy

Neediness is one of the things that turn guys off. Guys love to give the women they love attention, but when a lady demands too much of it, it's a turn-off. If you want to keep a guy interested, make sure you are self-sufficient.

7. Lack of spontaneity

Guys are very spontaneous, and they like women who are fun and spontaneous too. A guy will ghost you if you are too rigid and boring.

8. Dishonesty

Many women wonder what are some turn-offs for men that can jeopardize a relationship. There is no bigger turn-off than a lady who lies. Dishonesty is a turn-off for any relationship, especially a new one.

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9. Flirting with other men in front of him

Nothing emasculates a man more than his girlfriend flirting with other men in front of him. This shows you don't respect him, and it is reason enough for him to dump you.

10. Putting on too much makeup

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Men love women who look good naturally. Putting on makeup is not bad but ensure it is moderate. Makeup is supposed to enhance your features, not create new features. Putting on too much makeup is a turn-off to men as they see you as fake.

11. Leaving your clothes at his place

Women call this marking your territory. Unless your guy tells you it's okay to leave your clothes at his place, don't do it. Marking territory turns off men, especially if you do it too early.

12. Trying to make him jealous

Making your man jealous might seem like a good idea, but it's a big turn-off. This might even break the relationship.

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13. Talking about yourself all the time

A major turn-off for guys is when a lady constantly talks about herself. It's important to pay attention to your man and give him a chance to express himself.

14. Talking about your exes

There is no bigger turn-off for a man than a woman who goes on and on about her exes. It is probably one of the biggest turn-offs for ladies too. Whether you are praising them or talking ill about them, it's a turn-off to guys. Keep your exes where they belong, in your past.

15. Lack of respect

Respect is a man's language of love. A man will disappear from you so fast if you don't respect him.

16. Being too available

One of the biggest turn-offs for a guy is a lady who is too available. Guys love women who have their own thing going on. Keep yourself busy and let your man miss you.

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17. Nagging

Men have listed nagging as their number one turn-off. Nobody likes to be with a nagging girlfriend. It makes a man feel inadequate to the woman. If you want to keep your man, don't nag him.

18. Taking too many photos

Women love taking selfies with their men, especially when they go out. On the flip side, men don't like too many photos. This can turn your man off, so go slow on those selfies.

19. Being negative

A negative attitude is contagious and is a big turn-off to a guy. Guys don't like women who only see the bad in people or situations. The minute a guy finds out you are a pessimist, they avoid you like the plague.

20. Never showing appreciation for things he does

Appreciation is the holy grail of dating, and the lack of it is a big turn-off. Every man wants their lady to appreciate him for what he does for her. A kiss on the cheek and a thank you go a long way in appreciating your man.

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21. Eating with your mouth open

Showing your food in the mouth is a sign of bad table manners. It is not only disgusting but a turn-off to most men. So learn some table manners if you want to keep him or create a good first impression.

22. Being mean

Mean women are a big turn-off to men. A guy likes a woman with a kind heart who can understand him. Being mean will only leave you single for a long time.

23. Calling him pet names in public

Most men love to be called sweet names by their women but only privately. Calling him pet names in front of his friends will embarrass him.

24. Constant complains

Sometimes people complain, and it's normal. However, your positivity should far outweigh your complaints. If you're constantly complaining about your friends, your family, and your life, it's an automatic turn-off.

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25. Wearing too much perfume

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Sure, women should smell good all the time. It is, however, a turn-off when you soak yourself in perfume. Everything is good when done in moderation. Make sure you don't choke him with your fragrance when he gets close to you.

26. Long fingernails

Cute nails are attractive to any man, but sometimes women overdo them. For example, no man wants nails that can scratch him when you play or are having fun. Also, too long nails are a turn-off as many are not easy to clean.

27. Dirty hair

Many men, especially Africans, have never been fans of wigs. This is because some women will stay with braids or wigs for so long until they smell. It is such a turn-off to a guy, and this could make him avoid you like a bad disease.

28. Clinginess

Clinging to a man will make him leave you with an apology. Men need their space to be men and to hang out with other guys. Some women always want to be with their men, leading to them disappearing.

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29. Dumbing yourself for him

This is simply playing dumb to please your man. Intelligent men love women who are intelligent and can hold their own. When you try to play dumb, he will leave you as he can tell from a mile away that you are pretending.

30. Lack of confidence

One of the most attractive qualities guys find attractive in women is confidence. On the other hand, low self-esteem will turn off a guy, so wear your confidence with pride.

31. Not showering

There is no turn-off greater than bad body hygiene. Bad body odour is a romance killer, and men are disgusted by women who don't shower.

32. Not taking care of your health

If you want your man to run off, show him you don't care about your health. This means physical health, mental health and spiritual well-being.

33. Laziness

A hardworking woman is very attractive to a man. Being lazy means your man will have to do all the heavy lifting. If you're lazy, don't ask why you're still single.

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34. Giving advice instead of listening

Guys don't like women who are quick to give advice when they should be listening. If you keep telling him what to do, you will lose him.

35. Bad dressing

Dressing inappropriately is another bigger turn-off for men. Always wear something respectful to your man if you want your relationship to thrive.

What are turn-offs for a guy?

Turn-offs for a guy are things a woman does that a guy doesn't like and can lead to him leaving her.

What turns a guy off when texting?

A guy can be turned off through texting when you send too many texts, using a bad tone when texting, not replying to his text on time, or ignoring his messages.

No matter how long your relationship has been, it is important to be aware of your man's deslikes. His behaviour or reaction will tell you if what you are doing is a turn-off, even if he doesn't say anything. You should constantly be working to improve yourself and be a better partner. Avoiding these turn-offs for men will help you be more desirable and attractive to your man.

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