How to play hard to get: 15 tips that will ensure their interest

How to play hard to get: 15 tips that will ensure their interest

Have you been thinking of how to play hard to get? Men love challenges, especially when it comes to girls. Don't make things too easy for him because, for some reason, he is hard-wired to chase girls. Give him all the reasons to feel the hunger and desire to chase you.

How to play hard to get
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Playing hard to get will help you test your partner's level of interest and commitment in the relationship. How do you play hard to get? Well, the secret is learning how to be attractive to him in different ways and knowing how to get his attention. Then, after winning his attention, switch gears by becoming aloof.

How to play hard to get with your crush

Have you fallen for a guy and want to grab his attention? Worry no more because these tips on how to play hard to get could make the mission a success.

1. Staying busy

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It is natural for a man to love what he can't have. Don't be afraid to turn down a date or not receive his calls. The harder you are to get hold of, the more he will want to see you. Being a bit more unavailable makes you more attractive to him. He will feel special when you have free time to meet him once in a while despite your busy schedule.

2. Let him make the first move

Men always like to go after a girl. If you want to play hard to get, make him put an extra effort while chasing you. Let him find out whether he wants you badly enough to go after you and take actual risks to win you over. It will help you know whether he values you.

3. Be confident

Confidence is a s*xy trait. You do not need a guy to reassure you how awesome you are. The more you work on loving who you are, what you do and how you look, the more enticing you will be to him. If you are confident enough, it will make him work harder to get your attention.

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4. Don't give him your number the first time

If he asks for your number, don't be so willing to recite it to him. Deny him but not in a rude way. Make him ask for it atleast two or three times before you finally give it to him.

5. Don't express your feelings too early

Don't make the mistake of telling him directly that you love him, for it will end the game of playing hard. Instead, you can give him mild signs of liking or flirt with him a little but don't go to the extreme. The point is to let him pursue you and keep guessing.

Play hard to get with a man

Playing hard to get
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Men don't fall for girls who are desperate and clingy. They like it where they chase and earn a reward in the end. Check some of the best tactics to make him see that you are worth pursuing.

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6. Reject him with an excuse

When he asks you for a relationship, give him a no answer, but dont tell him a simple no. Instead, could you give him a reason for your rejection? Doing so shows that he has to put forth more effort to see you.

7. Don't accept last-minute dates

If a guy asks you out for the next day, decline it. You don't want to appear that you have no other plans of your own. Tell him you have plans and make him wonder about what you are doing. He will ask you out again if he likes you, hopefully with more advanced notice.

8. Tell him that you have male friends

Don't forget to mention your male friends. Mention them to make him understand that other guys desire you, but you are not interested in them. To you, you see them as just friends. It will make him jealous and realize that he likes you even more.

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9. Give him space to miss you

In the early stages of dating, people tend to spend all their time together. If you want to play a bit hard to get, have a little distance now and then. Always ensure that before you give each other a space, leave while you're still having a great time and enjoying each other's company.

The time apart will make him chase you and be excited to see you again. Additionally, it gives you a little breather to do your own things and helps build a strong foundation in a relationship.

10. Don't rush to physical intimacy

You decide to play hard to get to establish a long-lasting relationship. Don't be in a hurry to have s*x with a guy; even if he insists, assure him that denying him the pleasure is not a lack of love. You don't want him to see you as an easy girl who sleeps with men on their first dates or the first few weeks of dating. By doing so, he will respect your boundaries.

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How to play hard to get over text

Play hard to get with a guy
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Texting a guy you like is not as simple or easy as it seems, especially when you want to play hard to get. Therefore you need to learn how to maintain a perfect balance between keeping him wondering and entertained. The following amazing tips will keep him hanging and wanting you more.

11. Don't reply to texts right away

Replying to his texts the minute after they come in portrays that you have no life. Taking a while to reply implies that you have other things to do and aren't always there when he's ready to talk. It works wonders when you are looking to grab his undivided attention.

12. Don't wait for his calls and texts all-day

When you give so much importance to the guy you like by waiting for his calls and texts, he will realize that you are already into him. As a result, he will lose interest in you and stop chasing you. Hang out with your friends or pursue your hobbies to avoid focusing on him alone. In addition, reply to his texts when you are available.

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13. Don't overload his phone

If you are using text as a way to play hard, avoid sending two or three messages even before he replies to the first one. Do not blow his phone with text messages, for it will turn him off.

14. Inquire about his interests

Playing hard doesn't mean that you pretend as if you don't care. It might make the guy think you are not interested in him. Instead, drop some subtle hints now and then to show that you like him. One way is by inquiring about his interests when having text conversations. The more you learn about him, the more he will gain interest in you.

15. Keep it balanced

It's fun to be wanted and chased, but remember, the other person shouldn't put in all the effort. He might think this is your personality and hence lose interest in you. If you learn that he gets so angry when you take days without replying to his texts, avoid that by giving him a few of your time. Do not always leave him on shut-down conversations.

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What is playing hard to get?

When someone plays hard to get, it simply means they pretend to be less interested in having a romantic relationship with a person to make the person more attracted to them. The aim is to be moderately hard to get and selective, not completely inaccessible.

Does playing hard to get work?

Some of the behaviours and tactics associated with playing hard to get, succeed far more than they fail. On the other hand, it can be frustrating if you are on the receiving end.

What do you do when you find yourself in such a situation? All you need to do is to think of it positively. For instance, remember that they consider it a good catch or want you to like them more than you already do.

At this point, you must have a few tactics to use when trying to learn how to play hard to get. Girls have used these tactics and have not been disappointed. The secret is knowing how to balance pulling the potential partner in and pushing them away.

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