65+ top things to talk about with your girlfriend everyday

65+ top things to talk about with your girlfriend everyday

Keeping the conversation going with your significant other is crucial. Without it, a relationship is unlikely to thrive. You should know how to have an engaging conversation with your girlfriend. What should I talk about with my lady? If you have asked yourself this question, fret not because there are multiple things to talk about with your girlfriend.

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If you are wondering about things to talk about with your girlfriend, we believe this article will be helpful for you, and you will discover many exciting topics to talk about with her.

Interesting things to talk about with your girlfriend

Open and honest communication is the foundation of a strong and lasting relationship. There are numerous things to discuss with your girlfriend over text, in person, or through calls.

While everyone desires to keep the conversation going with their loved ones, running out of things to talk about is not unusual. If you experience this and are looking for new and exciting things to talk about with your girlfriend, read on for amazing ideas.

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1. Things you have in common

People who meet and fall in love have common likes and dislikes. Talking about what you share in common is one of the good topics to discuss with your girlfriend. This conversation will bring you closer and help you understand each other better.

2. Things you like about her

Every woman loves to hear positive things about her that make her man love her. Talking about her good qualities is not only romantic but is also a great conversation starter.

There are high chances that she will also want to talk about your good qualities. This is one of the most important conversations to have with your girlfriend because it will make her feel appreciated.

3. Vacation destinations

Vacation destinations are some of the fun things to talk about with a girl. Everyone has a certain place they would wish to visit in their lifetime.

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Discussing your dream holiday destinations will help you learn more about each other. It will also give you ideas about what to surprise her with next.

4. S*x

Physical intimacy is one of the topics to talk about with your girlfriend, especially if you intend on becoming physically intim*te. The conversation does not have to be obscene or overly kinky.

You can have healthy s*x-related conversations, e.g. what she likes or what excites her. You will discover a lot about physical and emotional intimacy when you talk about it.

5. Future plans

Conversing about your future together are great topics, especially if you are in a serious relationship. Beware that if you talk about this too soon or before you know each other well enough, she may freak out.

You can discuss where you would want to live, the number of children you desire, and how you want to raise your future kids.

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what should i talk about with my girlfriend
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6. Hobbies and interests

If you are wondering what to discuss with your girlfriend when you see her next, hobbies and interests is a great topic, especially if you are a new couple. Knowing her interests or how she spends her free time will help you identify ways to support her. You are likely to discover surprising things about her.

7. Definition of romance and love languages

Did you know that romance may mean different things to different people? Every human being has love languages they consider romantic.

One person may prefer a night out together, while another would rather sit at home watching a movie. Love languages are among the topics to talk about with a girl because the subject will help you understand her better and strengthen your bond.

8. Role models and sources of inspiration

Talking about who she looks up to and what inspires her will help you understand her goals, purpose, and intentions in life. It will also help you understand why she does certain things.

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You should learn more about her role models and things or people that inspire her to become her best self.

9. Dislikes and pet peeves

In any relationship, people want to bring out their best sides. As the relationship matures, you soon discover that she has dislikes, irks, and pet peeves.

One of the important topics to talk about with a girl is her pet peeves. While it may be tempting to talk about positive things, discussing what puts her off is crucial. It will help you learn how to treat and relate with her better.

10. Sources of happiness

We are living in an era where happiness, self-care, and self-love are priorities. If she is not happy, your relationship will be unhappy.

Therefore, it is crucial to know what makes her happy, aside from your relationship. Support the things that make her feel joyous for a happy and healthy relationship.

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11. Deepest fears

Did you know that describing your fears helps you overcome them? Every human being has things they are afraid of.

Some fears are small, while others are quite big or profound. Discussing these issues with her will help you learn more about her and deepen your bond.

12. Religion and spirituality

If you have been pondering what to talk about with your girlfriend, consider discussing issues related to religion or spirituality. Beware that this is a sensitive and deep topic because individual beliefs may vary.

Approach this topic cautiously, as you do not want to belittle or discredit her thoughts and opinions. Your beliefs are among the most important things to tell your girlfriend because they affect how you relate.

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13. Embarrassing moments

Are you looking for fun conversation starters with a girl? Tell her about embarrassing moments you have had in life.

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Like any other human being, she has lived through some embarrassing moments too. While this is a fun topic, it may feel a little awkward at first. Ensure she feels comfortable enough to talk about these moments.

14. Fun things you have done together

If you are dating her, chances are that you have done fun things together. These can be as simple as going for a picnic or as big as your recent trip together.

Reminiscing about your happy moments together will make both of you feel good and will help you plan for other fun activities in the future.

15. Goals outside your relationship

What is her biggest dream in life? What are her career or health goals? Before you started dating, she was a woman going about her daily life.

She has her dreams and goals in life, and it is essential that you know them and share yours with her too.

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16. Childhood memories

Everyone's childhood shaped the person they are today. Childhood is a critical period in the life of a human being because it is when we learn many things about ourselves and the world.

The way you were raised could be different from hers. Discussing your best and worst childhood memories is a cool topic that will cement your bond.

17. Favourite TV shows and movies

We all have different movie and television show preferences. You may like action, but she would rather watch drama or comedy.

Talking about your favourite shows and movies will help you strike a balance with each other whenever you want to go to the cinema or watch something at home.

18. Your families

If you are in a long-term relationship, your significant other may be interested in learning about your family. Talk to her about your family so she can learn more about your background.

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She needs to feel connected to you and your family. If the relationship is new, do not give too many details about your relatives.

19. Favourite food

Food plays an important social function in the lives of all people. Each person has their favourite meals, drinks, snacks, and fruits.

Talking about these will help you plan your next picnic. Besides, you can surprise her with her favourite meals or snacks whenever possible.

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20. Finances

Money is a sensitive conversation point but an important one among couples in long-term relationships.

You may encounter incidents that require you to share expenses or contribute towards something. Your spending and saving habits have a significant effect on your relationship.

21. Expectations in the relationship

What do you expect of her? Tell her. You should also give her room to express her expectations of you and your relationship. This will help you know how serious the two of you are and how best to relate with each other.

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22. Favourite books

Reading books is one of the ways to prevent cognitive decline, reduce stress, and learn more about the world. Ask which her favourite book is and why she considers it the best. If possible, you should read it too and discuss more later.

23. Favourite music

What is her favourite genre of music, and who is her favourite artist? Asking this simple question can start a conversation that will last for hours.

If you wish to go the extra mile, you can create a custom playlist for her later. She will appreciate that.

24. Gratitude

Everyone has things they are grateful for, some of which they do not discuss openly. Asking what she is grateful for will show you more about the people and things she values most in life.

Besides, talking about gratitude will make you feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, and build a stronger relationship.

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25. Interesting things during the day

Sometimes, we fail to realise that we find the most joy in our daily activities. Talking about her day will make her feel valued and seen. Ensure you create a safe space for her to talk about her highs and lows.

26. Friendship

Human beings are social beings. We all have friends we hang out with when not with our partners. You can talk about friends and friendships.

This way, you will know who is important to her and why. Ensure you do not discuss specific people too much, as that may be a recipe for disaster.

27. Conflict resolution

Even if you have the best relationship ever, you will not avoid fights with your girlfriend. You can create a healthier relationship by talking about conflicts and how to manage them together.

This will help the two of you resolve your issues faster and in a manner that does not cause further rifts.

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28. Health and health-related issues

Today's generation is more conscious about health and the importance of developing healthy habits and practices. Ask about her health and tell her about your health status.

You can discuss various lifestyle diseases or genetic conditions in your lineage. This will let her know how deeply you care about her well-being. Do not forget to discuss mental health.

good topics to discuss
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29. Periods/ menstruation and contraceptives

For many years, menstruation and contraceptives were not discussed by men. Things are now changing, and the two should be discussed in any relationship.

Discussing periods and contraceptives will help you learn more about the female body and assist you in offering her the necessary support whenever she needs it.

30. Latest gossip

A good couple talks about anything and everything. You can have fun discussing the hottest celebrity topics or news. Talk about her favourite celebrities and what they have been up to. Discussing this will make her feel happy that you know what she likes.

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31. Views on life

One's outlook on life is based on different factors, including how one is raised and experiences in life. Talking about her views on life, in general, will help you learn more about her. It will also help you know what you agree on and the different perspectives you may have.

32. Deepest secrets

Everyone has secrets they have not shared with anyone else. You can talk about her deepest secrets and also shares yours with her. For this to happen, you must know each other well enough.

33. Deepest regrets

We all make mistakes in life, and some mistakes we make become our deepest regrets. You can converse about her deepest regrets, ensuring you make her feel comfortable enough to talk about this.

34. Mutual interests

A friendship based on mutual interests offers the chance to shape and sharpen each other's interests. Talking about what the two of you agree with or desire will help you build each other. You can work on a project together, and this will bring you closer.

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35. Ask for advice/ help

Seeking help or advice from the right person and in the right way will help you develop smarter solutions to challenges, deepen your thinking, and sharpen your decision-making skills. Asking your girlfriend for advice or assistance shows her you value her opinion and trust her.

36. Set couple goals

Setting goals with your girlfriend is a fantastic way of ensuring you are on the same page about various issues. It is also a way to plan the future. Goals for couples are healthy for a relationship because they allow both partners to communicate their desires.

37. Your feelings

Most men were taught that being manly is not expressing their feelings. This fallacious notion has pushed many men to depression.

You can have a conversation with your girlfriend about your feelings and not appear weak in her eyes. Before you express your raw feelings, you must build some level of trust and intimacy.

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38. Struggles in life

Experiencing low moments in life is a normal part of life. We often shy away from expressing our struggles because we fear being judged harshly by others.

However, people in a committed relationship should talk about their struggles to get support to overcome them. Sharing this requires both partners to be vulnerable with each other.

39. Gender roles (if any)

We live in a world that is changing every day. In the past, the kitchen was seen as a woman's place. That notion is slowly changing, and so are other gender roles. Discuss your gender expectations of each other and ensure you are on the same page about them.

40. Weekend plans

Being in a relationship means spending some, if not most, of your weekends together. You may want to go all out on some weekends and lay low on others. Discussing the plans beforehand is necessary to ensure you do what feels suitable to both of you.

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41. Newest projects

What project have you been doing the last couple of days, or do you intend to do? Talking about your new or recently completed projects is crucial. Offer to support her in your latest projects, and hopefully, she will support yours too.

42. Animals and animal care

If you are an animal lover or have a pet, you can always talk about them. Discuss whether you want to keep a cat or a dog if you move in together. You can also talk about caring for your fur family.

43. Moving in together/ marriage

If you are in a serious relationship, you may want to discuss moving in together or getting married. Do not have this conversation if your relationship is new or casual. You can discuss how you expect to live with each other once you take the next step.

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44. Things she values most

Among the fun questions to ask your girlfriend are the things she values most in life. You will be surprised to learn she values things or people you had not thought about.

45. Unwritten rules

Did you know they not speaking about the unwritten rules is one of the biggest causes of conflicts in relationships? Unwritten rules refer to the behavioural constraints imposed in societies that are not voiced or written down.

Knowing her unwritten rules will help in reducing conflicts and will help you understand what is expected of you in the relationship.

things to talk about with your girlfriend
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46. Idea of success

Everyone defines success on their own terms when they take time for self-reflection. To some, success means having a lot of money, while others define it as being happy in life. Asking her what her idea of success is will help you know her values and goals in life.

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47. Common/ general knowledge

General knowledge helps us to grow on personal and academic levels. It also helps us analyse situations better than we would without proper knowledge.

You can hold a trivia where you ask each other general knowledge questions to test how much you know about different things.

48. Fashion

If she likes fashion, you can discuss her style and trending styles. Talking about clothes and decor is a fantastic way of learning about each other. If you have a keen eye for style, you can also help style her outfits.

49. Bad habits

We all have at least one bad habit we wish to stop. It could be taking too many soft drinks or procrastination. You can ask her about the habits she does not like about herself and help her break them.

50. Gifts

Have you ever received a gift you did not like? This happens quite often, but you can avoid it in your relationship by talking about gifts and gifting.

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You can ask her about the gifts she considers ideal. The best part about this conversation is it will save you the headache of choosing her next gift.

51. What you are learning

We learn new things every day. One of the mature topics to talk about with your girlfriend is what you are learning in life in general or about manhood.

52. Standards and boundaries

Standards and boundaries dictate what we are willing to accept from other people within our inner circle. They also help us define what we are willing to accept within ourselves.

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53. Current emotions

Talking about your current emotions and listening to hers is a great topic of conversation. As you do this, do not complain about your life too much. Remember, she is your girl, not your therapist.

54. Pop culture

Pop culture is one of the random things to talk about with your girlfriend. There is always something trending in pop culture, and talking about it will make you laugh.

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55. Dating history

One of the deep things to talk about with your girlfriend is your dating history. Beware, this topic may incite jealousy.

Mention key aspects of your relationship, e.g. length, important events, and why things ended. Do not overshare your history.

56. Good habits

It is always fun to circle around to the good habits you have in life. This will help the two of you reinforce them and help you understand each other better.

57. Annoying habits

Your girl has something she finds annoying about you, and vice versa. Tell her what you find annoying in her, and be ready for the blowback because she will be sure to do the same to you.

58. Browser histories

Did you know browser histories offer a glimpse into the pure darkness of our souls? Let her know the weird stuff you Google when nobody else is around and vice versa. This requires trust!

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59. Bucket lists

What does she want to scratch off the old bucket list before leaving the Earth? Sharing these items is great for getting to know each other better.

60. Human evolution

If you are looking for an intense topic, talk about human evolution. Different people have different beliefs about the origin of humankind. Talk about them with your significant other.

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61. Artificial intelligence (AI)

Did you know artificial intelligence can predict whether your relationship will last based on how you speak to your significant other? AI is among the biggest technological developments of recent times. Discuss your thoughts on it.

62. Childhood trauma

Sharing our childhood trauma offers profound insight into who we have become in adulthood. Talking about traumatic stories from our childhood is one of the most vulnerable topics to talk about.

63. The meaning of life

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Some people believe the meaning of life is to make other people's lives more meaningful. Others have a different opinion. Talk about this to know more about your partner.

64. Improving your relationship

Each relationship is unique and can be made better. Talk about the things the two of you need to do to become better partners or lovers. You will realise that simple changes will make your relationship stronger.

65. Aliens

Do you believe in aliens? Share your passionate beliefs and interests about aliens. Be sure this will be an interesting conversation.

66. Dark humour

Dark humour focuses on parts of life we normally do not enjoy talking about, e.g. disaster, death, disease, and depression. If you can stand it, talk about dark humour. Ensure you do not trigger your partner's emotions or insecurities.

things to talk about with your girlfriend
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What should you not talk about with your girlfriend?

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You should not talk about her friends being hot, past relationships, and negative things about friends and family. You must also not compare her with other girls.

How do I keep a conversation going with my girlfriend?

You can keep the conversation going by talking about one of the topics listed above. You can also keep the conversation alive by asking follow-up questions.

What can I talk about with my girlfriend in chat?

You can converse about many things with your girlfriend via chart. Talk about her day, interests, worries, successes, failures, and more.

What should I talk about with my girlfriend?

You can talk about many things with your bae. You can start with simple things like how the day was and move deeper to issues like fears, goals, and ambitions in life.

How can I talk romantically to my girlfriend?

You can start a romantic conversation by complimenting her personality, physical appearance, and talents. Allow the conversation to slow, and do not force anything.

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There are multiple things to talk about with your girlfriend over text, call, or in person. We hope you find interesting things to discuss with your partner from the topics explored above.

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