How to break-up with your partner because you fell in love with another person

How to break-up with your partner because you fell in love with another person

It's never easy to say goodbye to someone you are in love with, and sometimes it may be more challenging than anything you can think of. How to break up with your partner depends on your specific experience with them. When you are in a long-term relationship, it is normal to fall in love with someone else other than your partner. But it is crucial to choose someone you truly love.

Falling in love with someone else when you are in a relationship
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What do you do when you're dating someone but like someone else? You need to take a look at what you want from a relationship and as well what you don't want. This will help you point out the best qualities of a partner you really want.

Importantly, don't rush to break up with your partner because of a crush who maybe loves someone else already. However, it is important to understand you can't love two people at ago.

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How to break up with your partner because you fell in love with another person

People break up because of various reasons. Some break up because they found another person who matches their desired qualities, and some for other reasons. The problem comes when you want to move from your current relationship to another. How do you do it?

When a relationship ends, everyone gets hurt, especially the one who has been dumped. They may feel sad and disappointed because of the sudden shock of ending the relationship. Obviously, the one ending the relationship is usually not subjected to much pain and stress.

How to break up with someone when you like someone else

How to break up when you love someone else
How to break-up with your partner because you fell in love with another person
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I'm in a relationship, but I love someone else. What will I do? If you genuinely find your feelings for your crush are beyond, and you can’t stay in your current relationship anymore, you can end the relationship in a kind, honest, and respectful way. So, how will you handle the break-up without affecting your partner adversely?

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Think over what you want and why you want it

  • Make sure the break-up is what you want: Falling for another person does not clearly indicate that you should end your relationship with your partner. You will only end things when you realize your partner’s interests, ideas, values, and feelings do not match what you wanted. If they don't fit, find ways of letting go the break-up thoughts.
  • Write down the reasons why you want to break up: Take time to consider your feelings and the reasons for your decision. Then, ask yourself several questions like will I give it another chance? Will things get better? Is the other person worth leaving my current relationship? Will I regret this decision?
  • Reflect before taking action: Don't rush to break the news to your partner. Have your own time, and be clear and confident about your reasons for breaking up.

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Think about what you'll say and how the other person might react

If ending the relationship is the best choice for you, then tell your current partner why the relationship is not working for you.

Before breaking the sudden news, try to think about how your partner will receive or react to it. Will your partner get disappointed, hurt, mad, or cry? And if you get answers to your questions, you will be able to handle that kind of reaction.

Have good intentions

Leaving a long-term relationship for another person can make you feel like you’re also letting go of everything it once was. But try to take the opportunity to appreciate the good things about the relationship, including anything you might have learned from it. Validate those feelings.

Also, keep in mind that you should not attempt to give the details about your crush because that can be awfully hurtful to your partner.

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Be honest about your feelings

When breaking up with your partner, have an honest conversation and show some empathy, as it is really tough and hurting for the other person. It is also advisable to acknowledge the real issues that led to the break-up.

Break up in person

Leaving a long term relationship for someone else
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If you have been dating for a long time, don’t break up with your partner by text, phone call or email. Instead, meet your partner in person and explain what led to the break-up, avoid text messages because this may sound disrespectful to your partner and maybe more hurtful.

Take responsibility for your decision

Accept that breaking up is want you really wanted instead of taking the blame on your partner.

Listen to your partner without defending yourself

Do not blame only the other person for the break-up. Give your partner enough time to ask questions and answer them as you can. Put yourself in his shoes and imagine how you could feel if you were the one being dumped.

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Remember, you are the one who wants to end the relationship, not your partner. It may be too difficult for him or her to accept the situation without a genuine explanation. Don’t mind if your partner gets mad and upset with what you have to say; instead, try to be calm and sympathetic.

Don't disrespect your partner

Note that the person has been your significant partner, and you have been there for one another. Instead, try to show some appreciation for their good qualities.

Don’t offer them false hope

Don’t try to make your partner feel better or give false hopes even as you are ending the relationship. Don’t let your partner think you could possibly get back together.


Is it normal to have feelings for someone else while in a relationship?

Sometimes it is expected to have a crush on someone when you are in a long-term relationship. It is normal to admire and get attracted to beautiful, intelligent, rich, and confident people.

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Should you break up with someone if you like someone else?

Probably yes. However, make sure that your partner’s qualities do not match the qualities you wanted when entering into the relationship.

What do you do when you're dating someone but like someone else?

Some people may consider a break-up when they are certain that someone they love doesn’t quite meet their relationship needs and no longer loves them as they did.

Does breaking up with someone because you have feelings for someone else make you a bad person?

No, it makes you an honest person and true to yourself. It is better to end the relationship rather than cheat on your partner.

What are you not supposed to do when you break up with your partner if you are seeing somebody else?

Do not devalue them, stop avoiding the other person or the conversation you need to have, and never rush into a difficult conversation without thinking it through. You may end up saying things that will make you regret afterwards.

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Will I end my relationship if I fell in love with someone else while in a relationship?

Before you break up with your significant partner, try to ask yourself a few questions. If the other person you have fallen in love with is worth leaving your current relationship. Then it will be essential to end the relationship as soon as you know it can’t go on and will never work out for both of you.

Breaking up with the person you have been dating may be challenging, but sometimes it is unavoidable. In other circumstances, breaking up gives you a chance to do your best and respect another person's feelings. There are various reasons why people end their relationships. For instance, falling in love with someone else when in a relationship. This may also indicate that your relationship is not working out well, resulting in a break-up.

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