Benefits of dates for women

Benefits of dates for women

The dates are fruits which grow on a date palm tree that is widely spread within tropical regions. The fruit may vary in size and color. This essential product contains a high level of nutrients. You probably have heard about the benefits of dates for women. But are you sure that you know all the useful properties of dates for women's health? Keep on reading to learn more!

Benefits of Dates for Women

The use of dates for health was discovered thousand years ago. This product has successfully become a part of daily nutrition and national cuisine throughout the world. If you plan to include dates into your daily ration, you should learn more about its healing properties for health.

Benefits of dates for health

Benefits of Dates for Women


Thanks to a high content of nutritious minerals, and vitamins, they provide a wide range of benefits for health, especially for women.

Benefits of dates for hair

Those women, who have problems with hair loss, should definitely include dates into a daily ration.

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Dates for hair


The top 5 benefits of dates for hair health:

  1. This essential product contains a high concentration of iron and vitamin B, which are responsible for the stimulation of the circulation of blood and the promotion of hair growth. In addition, you can use this natural remedy as a mask in a mixture with Aloe Vera.
  2. Dates help to make your hair strong, smooth and shiny thanks to plenty of proteins.
  3. Vitamin B5 helps to strengthen hair follicles and reduces hair loss.
  4. If you are disturbed by dandruff or flakes, dates will get rid of the problem in no time.
  5. It often occurs that in the summer season, long and shiny hair loses their perfect state and moisture. Daily consumption of these fruits, guarantees your hair not only UV protection but also the treatment of split ends.

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Benefits of dates for pregnancy

Dates for pregnant

Rich content of nutrients is one of the most beneficial options provided by dates for pregnancy. Dates are a great remedy to treat pregnancy-related constipation and hemorrhoids. This fruit keeps the digestive system healthy, reduces the level of cholesterol, and regulates blood pressure.

What nutrients do dates contain and what is their uses?

  1. Proteins, which are found in these delicious fruits, provide an essential body-building component called amino acids.
  2. There is also a big amount of folate, the target mission of which is to prevent the birth defects, which relate the spinal cord and brains.
  3. Vitamin K. The babies are usually born with a lack of this vitamin. Those mothers, who eat dates, can easily provide children with it by breastfeeds. Vitamin K is of great importance because it takes part in bone formation and clotting.
  4. A woman that eats dates provides her body with the fructose sugars that quickly break down to energy and help to avoid adding extra calories.
  5. As it was mentioned earlier, there is plenty of iron in these small fruits. It has also many benefits for pregnant women, among which are: strengthening of the immune system (baby’s and yours) and the maintenance of hemoglobin.
  6. Potassium. Its great to keep water-salt balance, prevent muscle cramps, and regulate blood pressure. Mind that a lack of this component leads to kidney-related matters.

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Benefits of dates for weight loss

weight loss

The dates are rich in fatty acids and dietary fiber. These components promote the right management of a digestive system. To get rid of extra-weigh, you have to consume these fruit in small portions – 4 – 6 fruit per day. You can also add them as an ingredient to a fruit salad.

Pay attention! The over limited consumption of sweet delicacies may lead to a totally opposite effect.

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Nutritional value of dates

You will probably wonder how much use these fruits provide. Study the chart to see the content of nutritional elements.

nutritional value of dates

Are there any other health benefits of dates? Let’s find out!

Top 12 benefits of eating dates

Dates perform a lot of essential functions to our body. You can hardly count all its uses on the fingers of both hands!

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  1. d ates are a source of antioxidants. They help our body to cope with inflammations, stress, toxins and boost metabolism.
  2. It is the best “remedy” for those people who cannot resist a temptation to taste something sweet after meals, but afraid to get overweight.
  3. The fruit helps to lower the level of blood sugar.
  4. The dates contain calcium and iron, which take part in bone construction.
  5. Daily consumption of dates leads to healthy glowing skin without damages, allergies, and lowers aging processes.
  6. This magic fruit will help you cope with alcoholic intoxication.
  7. It is an energy booster for a body.
  8. Dates are also used as an aphrodisiac to cope with sexual weaknesses.
  9. The fruit promotes natural labor of pregnant women.
  10. Dates improve the health and work of brains.
  11. Consumption of dates prevents heart deceases.
  12. It lowers the risk of colon cancer.

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What are the useful properties of dates?

So small but so useful, this fruit won’t leave you indifferent. Treat this magic fruit with respect and it, in its turn, will give you the overall health and beauty!

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