100+ cute fox names, what they mean and where they come from

100+ cute fox names, what they mean and where they come from

Foxes are small to medium-sized mammals with bushy tails, long fur, pointed ears, and a narrow snout. They look like dogs and have dog-like traits. Here is a list of charming fox names, along with their meanings and origins.

Cute fox names
Fluffy red curios fox in winter forest. Photo: pexels.com, @Funny Foxy Pride
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Cleverness, independence, fun, mischief, beauty, protection, and good luck are all symbols and meanings associated with the fox. Foxes may be found on every continent except Antarctica, therefore they appear in many cultures' mythology and folklore.

Amazing fox names for boys and girls

What are some cute famous fox names? Check out the amusing names below.

Female fox names

Names for foxes
A close up photo of a fox in the grass. Photo: pexels.com, @Funny Foxy Pride
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Here is a whole list of stunning fox baby girl names to choose from if you are looking for some naming ideas.

  • Ariel - Lion of God (Hebrew/Biblical origin)
  • Alawa - Pea
  • Apricot - A fruit, plum (Armenian origin)
  • Alsoomse - Someone who enjoys being independent
  • Arizona - The great oak tree (Basque origin)
  • Chance - Fortune (English origin)
  • Chepi - A fair spirit
  • Coco - Chocolate bean (American/French origin)
  • Cinnamon - A spice (American origin)
  • Dora - God's gift (Greek origin)
  • Dena - From the valley
  • Eva - Giver of life (Hebrew origin)
  • Fuzzy - Loose (German origin)
  • Ginger - Reddish-orange colour (English origin)
  • Haze - Reddish-brown colour (English origin)
  • Hausis - An old woman
  • Huret - Someone beautiful
  • Kanti - A woman who loves to sing
  • Kimi - A secretive woman
  • Mia - Mine (Italian origin))
  • Mystic - Connected to the mystery (Greek origin)
  • Misty - A beautiful female name of American origin
  • Nala - Meaning queen in Swahili
  • Nadie - A wise woman
  • Nijlon - A mistress
  • Nuna - Name for land
  • Penny- Its a character from awesome nets
  • Pules - A lovely pigeon
  • Scarlet - Bright red colour (English origin)
  • Sooleawa - Beautiful silver
  • Sandy - Great name for a light coloured baby
  • Tahki - Something cold
  • Wawetseka - A pretty woman
  • Wikimak - A wife
  • Red - Crimson-haired, the colour (English origin)
  • Rita - Precious name that means pearl
  • Vixen - A female fox, and also a perfect name for a spirited or friend foxy lady!

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Male fox names

Good fox names
A white and black fox on snow. Photo: pexels.com, @Andrew Eaton
Source: UGC

Fox baby names for boys may provide a sense of tradition as well as strength in a youngster. Check out the list of amazing male names below.

  • Ahanu - A man who loves to laugh
  • Anakausuen - A worker
  • Askuwheteau - One who keeps watching
  • Bandit - For the fox who lives to his own laws.
  • Broadway - A fire maker
  • Bomber - One with boundless energy
  • Dexter - Dyer (English origin)
  • Diesel - Ruler of the people (German origin)
  • Dobby - The big-eared dobby from Harry Potter!
  • Eluwilussit - The holy one
  • Enkoodabaoo - One who lives alone
  • Etlelooaat - He who loves to shout
  • Frankie - Free or truthful (American origin)
  • George - Earth/soil (Greek origin)
  • Hurrit - A handsome man
  • Hassun - A stone
  • Jasper - Treasure (English origin)
  • Jamie - Supplanter (English origin)
  • Jax - God has been gracious (English origin)
  • Luke - The bright one (English origin)
  • Maverick - Wild or independent (American origin)
  • Max - Derived from the Aboriginal origin, meaning the greatest
  • Makkapitew - A man with large teeth
  • Matchitehew - An evil-hearted man
  • Mischief- A name for one who gets up to all sorts of mischief!
  • Nelson - Son of Neil (English origin)
  • Nick - Victory of people (Greek origin)
  • Oreo - Mountain/gold (English origin)
  • Rex - King (Latin origin)
  • Ranger - Forest protector (English origin)
  • Rooney - Crimson hired (Irish origin)
  • Rusty - Brunette (American origin)
  • Rufus - Red (From Latin origin)
  • Snipe - Victory of people (Greek origin)
  • Scout - To listen (French origin)
  • Snoopy - Very bold and likes to snoop!
  • Spark - Vivacious sprightly (Old Norse origin)
  • Tod - Clever person (English/Scottish origin)
  • Thor - God of thunder (Old Norse origin)
  • Toby - The goodness in God (Hebrew origin)
  • Tucker - To torment (English/German origin)

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Cute fox names

Cute fox names
A cute fox with a fluffy tail. Photo: pexels.com, @Funny Foxy Pride
Source: UGC

Here is a look at some amazing names for a fox to consider.

  • Akari - Something bright or light coloured.
  • Autumn - A cute name for a fox whose colours remind you of the season.
  • Bashira - a joyful person or a predictor of good news
  • Blagdan - From the shadowy valley
  • Candy - For a fox who is as sweet as candy.
  • Clover - The perfect name for a lucky fox, just like a four-leaf clover.
  • Elf - A fox with large ears.
  • Fluffers -Great name for a sweet fluffy fox!
  • Hiro - A generous person
  • Kira - A hero or anti-hero
  • Mami - One with true beauty
  • Mystic - Does your sweet fox seem to appear just when you'd like to see her?
  • Nibbles - A perfect fox that loves to chew and nibble.
  • Snowball - An apt name for a big white fluffy fox.
  • Snuggles - A cuddly fox.

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Mythical fox names

Mythical fox names
Photo of a fox. Photo: pexels.com, @Funny Foxy Pride
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Ever considered a mythological character? Here are some good fox names.

  • Amor - A cute name to mean love (Roman origin)
  • Aphroditus - It features the male and female parts (Greek origin)
  • Faunus - To befriend (Roman origin)
  • Hapi - Depicted as an intersex (Egyptian origin)
  • Kitsune - A Japanese origin to mean being the strongest.
  • Kudagitsune - A Japanese name meaning
  • Nikephoros - One who carries victory (Greek origin)
  • Nun - The primeval waters (Egyptian origin)
  • Pollux - Something that is very sweet (Roman origin)

Adorable Kawaii fox names

Kawaii fox names
A Vulpes Vulpes scherencki fox sleeping. Photo: pexels.com, @Rara Ku
Source: UGC

Kawaii is a Japanese word that translates to "cute." Consider some of these adorable kawaii baby names for your little one.

  • Akira - Something clear and bright
  • Chieko - A thousand blessings child
  • Chiharu - One thousand springs
  • Chikako - A child of wisdom
  • Dai - A great thing or someone great
  • Daiki - This name in Japanese means born to great glory
  • Daisuke - A great helper
  • Daitan - Daring and bold one
  • Eiji - A popular name for the second child, means prosperity, peace, and eternity
  • Hayami - Rare and unusual beauty
  • Hideyo - Superior generations
  • Hiroki - Abundant joy and strength
  • Hiroto - A great flight
  • Izanagi - A male who invites
  • Jun - An obedient person
  • Kaori - A strong male person
  • Katsumi - Victorious beauty
  • Kisho - One who knows his own mind
  • Minato - Protected port

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Badass fox names

Badass fox names
A white fox lying on a rock. Photo: pexels.com, @James
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A badass name can be both terrifying and tough. Take a look at the list below.

  • Aera - Strength of a lion (Hindi origin)
  • Arsenio - Strength (Greek origin)
  • Aziz - All-powerful (Arabic origin)
  • Einer - A warrior (Scandinavian origin)
  • Enzo - Rules the home
  • Gunnar -Bold warrior
  • Maverick - Independent-thinker (English origin)
  • Neron - Someone strong (Spanish origin)
  • Orion - Son of fore or mighty hunter (Greek origin)
  • Sawyer - Timber cutter (English origin)
  • Talon - For the claw of a bird of prey (French origin)
  • Wyatt - Brave and strong (English origin)
  • Zale - Sea of strength (Greek origin)
  • Zeke - God strengthens (Hebrew origin)

What is a good name for a fox?

An excellent fox name is one that has a distinct meaning and origin.

Choosing a fox name can feel intimidating because foxes are often considered fierce animals. However, fox names are some of the best and unique names you can consider having.

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