How to not be a dry texter: 21 tips that will help you improve

How to not be a dry texter: 21 tips that will help you improve

Ever sent a text message to someone and waited in vain for a reply? It doesn't feel nice, and you would not wish someone else to experience the same. However, many people are struggling with such poor communication skills, and if you are one of them, then it is high time you learnt how to not be a dry texter.

How to not be a dry texter
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With improved communication technology and many texting applications, which are cheap and fast, many people prefer communicating through text messages. Despite texting being an in-thing in society, many people do not know texting etiquette. Learning how to not be a dry texter puts you in the right position to communicate comfortably with different people.

What is dry texting?

It means non-engaging or boring texting. It usually occurs when whoever you are chatting with through text messages gives you short and plain replies insinuating that they might not be interested in the conversation.

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How to not be a dry texter

Non-engaging texting can make you not get the most out of a conversation with someone. Here are tips on how to fix a dry text conversation.

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1. Be the first to text

Do not always wait for the other person to initiate a conversation. Instead, be proactive whenever you feel like talking about something and start texting. Like any other conversation, texting requires back and forth communication and thus, igniting a conversation through text shows your concern for the other party.

how to not be dry when texting
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2. Respond promptly

Another tip on how not to be a dry texter is to reply as soon as possible. Keeping a person waiting for your text response would make them lose interest in the conversation. Always ensure you respond as early as possible to keep the vibe flowing. Long waits can make someone divert their attention to other things making the conversation less engaging.

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3. Do not use single-word replies

A one-word text is not always the best response if you want to keep a conversation going. It means you either lack what to say or are disinterested in the conversation. Be creative and send text messages with multiple words that can elicit a response from the other party. It is okay to give precise responses, but remember that the conversation should go beyond answering the questions.

4. Make your text appealing by using smileys, emojis, and memes

Plain texts are boring, and you can break the monotony of using them by including other visually appealing symbols. Sometimes, the symbols express your ideas better than your words. Therefore, incorporate symbols such as emojis, memes, and stickers in your texts but be careful not to overdo it.

5. Ask questions when necessary

You can avoid one-word texts by asking a question after an answer. Asking questions means that you are into the conversation and want to get more from it. In addition, questions jog your conversation partner’s mind, and by them giving an answer, it keeps the communication alive for a long time.

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6. Do not forget your humorous side

Find a place for jokes in your texts. No one would mind having a fun moment while texting, and it works great in keeping a conversation going. Sending a random joke, meme, or any funny thing would enhance the mood of the person you are texting, making them smile and laugh occasionally.

Dry texting
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7. Make a conversation, not mere texts

Do not just send texts for their sake but do so logically, leading to a structured conversation. Know how to start a text chat and continue logically until the communication ends. Avoid starting a conversation with words likely to be used to end a conversation.

8. Recall details of past conversations

What impression do you get when someone reminds you about things you talked about in a previous chat? It means that the person values you and is keen on what you say. Therefore, remembering some details of a previous text conversation gives your texting partner a great feeling, making them want to chat endlessly.

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9. Avoid ambiguity

Ambiguity begets misunderstanding, which is another cause of dry texting. If whoever you are texting gets an ambiguous message, then the chances of them responding are minimal. Therefore, always ensure that you compose a straightforward message for easy understanding. Use simple language, avoid typos, and ensure that your texting partner knows them if you use shorthand.

10. Make follow-ups about things you were told in the past

Previous unfinished businesses can also provide fodder for a conversation making it not to be a dry one. As much as you are eager to chat about new things, you must not forget previously what you did not complete talking about. Bring them up in your current conversation and talk about them exhaustively.

11. Enjoy the entire communication process

Give texting the attention it deserves. By texting and doing other things, you are likely not to be attentive and give late responses, which can easily annoy your texting partner. Instead, invest your time and concentration in the conversation to have the best experience.

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12. Be realistic

Always be true to yourself when texting with someone. Do not start a conversation when you know you cannot give it the attention it requires. If someone initiates a text conversation and you are occupied, it is courteous to excuse yourself and suggest an appropriate time for the chat rather than continue dry texting.

13. Be dynamic

Wondering how to fix a dry text conversation? Well, change the topic to something more interesting. When a topic is discussed for long, little is left to be discussed; thus, dry texting sets in. Therefore, being dynamic and discussing other topics of interest for both of you is vital.

What makes someone a dry texter?
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14. Flirt when necessary

Depending on your relationship with your texting partner, you can flirt. Tease them and make them feel nice, making them want to continue the conversation.

15. Ask about their opinions on something

Be ready to accommodate the opinions of other people. While you look forward to expressing your opinion about something, you should also listen to other people’s perspectives. If you do not ask their opinions, you will not get the most out of the conversation.

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16. Say something about yourself

What is interesting about you? Tell your texting partner exciting things they might not know about you. This gives them an idea of who you are and an urge to know you more, thus setting up an engaging conversation.

17. Know your limits

Since you can chat about different topics, you do not have permission to delve into sensitive matters that might annoy your texting partner. Therefore, to maintain a conversation without spoiling their mood, especially when talk about things they are not comfortable discussing.

18. Have a purpose when texting

If you have a purpose for texting, you will never miss what to text. Like a meeting with agendas, you will sequentially discuss issues with your partner without having dead time between your texts. It might seem too professional to have a purpose for casual texting, but it is a good guide for an engaging conversation.

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How do you fix a dry text conversation?
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19. Do not be over-eager

When text chatting, it is important to allow a reasonable time before getting a response. Do not be over-eager for a response such that after a short wait, you conclude that your texting partner has ignored you. Allow a reasonable time for the other party to read your message and reply.

20. Be original in your thinking

Your texting partner would easily know when you copy and forward text messages to them. Being original in your texts shows that you are creative and mean what you say. Being true makes the other party feel you are honest and gives them the motivation to carry on with the conversation.

21. Know how to end a text conversation

After texting with someone for a long time and you feel like ending the conversation, you should do it properly so that the person does not feel ignored. Choosing to go silent is not courteous. You should inform the person on the other end of your intention to end the chat and probably continue another time.

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What makes someone a dry texter?

Many things contribute to someone being a dry texter. One-word texts, late replies, and plain responses are the leading things that make one a dry texter. However, you can overcome dry texting by using the tips above on how to not be dry over text.

The above tips on how to not be a dry texter can help you improve your texting habit. However, remember that creating an engaging conversation also depends on your partner’s texting skills and habits; therefore, do not hesitate to share these tips with them to help them improve.

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