100+ subtle flirty questions to ask your crush while texting

100+ subtle flirty questions to ask your crush while texting

Flirty questions to ask your crush are a great way to start a conversation and show that you are interested in them. It can be tricky if you don't know what to say, but it is not that complicated. Ensure that the questions you ask are not the same ones everyone else asks.

flirty questions to ask your crush
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Wondering what are some good questions to ask your crush? This post shares some of the best flirty questions to ask your crush while texting.

Flirty questions to ask your crush

Here are some flirty questions you can ask your crush to make them feel good, excited, and interested.

  • How should the first date go?
  • How is someone like you lonely?
  • What gets you excited?
  • Do you have any questions about me?
  • Tell me about a childhood memory you cherish.
  • Which colour do you think I prefer?
  • What did you initially think of me?
  • What about me is rejuvenating?
  • Which plant would I be if I were one?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What do you care a lot about?
  • What do you want in a girl or a guy?
  • How did you become so pretty?
  • What would be the perfect date for you?
  • Who is your favourite star?
  • How many times a day do you think of me?
  • What do you think about it before you rest?
  • Have you ever composed a letter but never sent it?
  • What do you like best about being with someone?
  • What are you doing when you're feeling the happiest?

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Questions to ask your crush while texting

questions to ask your crush while texting
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Have you got your eye on someone you want to learn a little bit more about? Here are some excellent text-based conversation starters for your crush.

  • Which are your bad habits?
  • What task are you afraid to perform?
  • How religious are you?
  • Who in your life are you most close to?
  • Are you more traditional or modern?
  • What lifts your spirit when you're moody?
  • What are you planning to do in the future?
  • What similarities do we have?
  • What activity do you do that is helpful to everyone?
  • What is your favourite food?
  • What food do you like preparing?
  • What has been your best road trip?
  • My heart feels like it's flying off, or is there an airline nearby?
  • What has so far been your most unforgettable life moment?
  • What is the funniest item someone can buy or spend money on online?
  • What has been the strangest incident that has happened to you lately?
  • What is the worst thing you've ever said or performed next to someone you care about?

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Short things to ask your crush over text

things to ask your crush over text
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Use these great questions to get to know someone over text. They are excellent if you are eager to know your crush better.

  • What's your main hobby?
  • What motivates you regularly?
  • Do you prefer the beach or the hills?
  • What makes you the happiest and why?
  • What are you currently pleased with?
  • When we are together, how do you feel?
  • Have I ever been in your dreams?
  • What are your hopes and objectives?
  • How do you pronounce your name?
  • What do you like to do on the weekends?
  • What superpowers would you like to possess?
  • Which kind of people do you not trust in life?
  • If I invited you out tonight, what would you say?
  • Do you know how much I enjoy speaking with you?
  • What kindest deed have you ever done for a foreigner?
  • I've got a cut on my lip, will you comfort it by kissing it?
  • Did the fall from heaven cause you a lot of pain?

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Int*mate questions to ask your crush

things to ask your crush over text
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Love is a beautiful sensation that can evoke a wide range of feelings, but do you know the right questions to ask your crush? Below are some of those int*mate questions you can ask your crush.

  • What year was your first kiss?
  • Do you think astrology is real?
  • What would the ideal date night entail?
  • Do you think we are soul mates?
  • Do you prefer mornings or evenings?
  • What sport are you now obsessed with?
  • Are you currently bored?
  • Which clothing style do you prefer?
  • Which pizza variety is your favourite?
  • Which animal do you prefer?
  • Are you familiar with blind dates?
  • What term could you use to refer to yourself?
  • What was your most memorable celebration?
  • What source do you believe your humour came from?
  • Would you be willing to visit my home over the weekend?
  • How do you relate with your family members?
  • What motivates you to get up early in the morning?
  • Which qualities do you highly appreciate in a companion?
  • Can you identify one item you are pleased with and stick it on?
  • Can you get frightened when your fantasies become real?

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Long questions to ask your crush over text

questions to ask your crush over text
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Questions come in handy if you want to know your crush on an entirely different level. Below are some flirty questions to help you learn more about your guy.

  • What bond do you share with your grandmother?
  • What did you take away from the previous friendship?
  • What does day-to-day serenity seem like for you?
  • What causes you to feel anxious and uncomfortable?
  • What about your family will be shocking to learn?
  • What wisdom would you impart to me about my career?
  • Have you ever been in love with someone far from you?
  • What was the most acceptable counsel you ever gave to a friend?
  • Where would you like to go if time and money were not a constraint?
  • What do you personally feel grateful for in the spirit of giving thanks?
  • What words of wisdom have you learned from the union of your mom and dad?
  • I require some rapid solutions for my math assignment; how can I reach you?
  • What are your thoughts on having sexual relations before getting engaged?
  • What are your thoughts on second chances and general comebacks?
  • What is your choice between rural living and lively, fast-paced urban life?
  • What do you think about the debate between brains and beauty in courting?
  • Which do you value more about romance and marriage: money or personality?
  • Who do you frequently think could make your life better if you had known them earlier?
  • My parents warned me to avoid interacting with strangers, but what if we make friends?
  • What aspect of society would stand out as the finest if you were to swallow your pride right now?

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Subtitle flirty questions to ask a guy

questions to ask your crush over text
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Not sure where to begin when addressing your crush? Here are some flirty questions to ask a guy if you want to know more about him.

  • What do you consider to be your best age?
  • Which year in your career has been the greatest?
  • What is the fascinating place on earth to you?
  • Which music is currently your top pick?
  • Who did you initially fall for?
  • Did you ever feel uneasy when talking to girls?
  • Have you ever imagined yourself dating a girl who is similar to me?
  • Would you date a man similar to you if you were a girl?
  • How would you define love?
  • What would your ideal relationship look like?
  • What romance film is your favourite?
  • What makes you the happiest?
  • What annoys you the most?
  • What might you say or do to entice me?
  • Are you a massage fan?
  • What is the ideal location for a first date?
  • What do you consider to be my greatest strength?
  • Do you have me on your weekend schedule?

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Flirty questions to ask her

subtle flirty questions to ask a guy
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It can be difficult and frightening to approach the girl you just have met if you are unsure what to say. Additionally, it can be challenging to keep the conversation interesting when texting her. Use these flirty questions over text to keep the conversation going.

  • What aspect of a man's body do you find most alluring?
  • Where would you like to go if I could take you out right now?
  • Do you enjoy having fun?
  • Do you have a feminine bedroom?
  • Do you intend to wed someday?
  • Which type of men do you a favour, good or bad?
  • Do you prefer kissing or just normal hugs?
  • Do you prefer tall and dark men or light-skinned ones?
  • Do you desire a religious wedding?
  • What was your most romantic action?
  • When will I be able to give you my first kiss?
  • Do you favour a wild night out or a quiet evening indoors?
  • Do you like it when guys approach you first?
  • Would you instead be thought of as bright or hot?
  • Describe your favourite three body parts in detail.
  • Which fruit would you say is my favourite?
  • Which colour would you wear on your date?

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Ultimately, you want to find somebody who appreciates you for the same reasons you like them. Flirty questions to ask your crush will help you understand your crush better and also get to learn more bout them.

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