Why is texting messages on a phone better than writing a letter?

Why is texting messages on a phone better than writing a letter?

Communication is much more important for humans, who are social creatures at their most fundamental level. We utilize communication to share information, make comments, ask questions, express wants and needs, build social bonds, and learn social etiquette, among other things. Some people prefer to converse vocally, while others prefer to text, call, or even write letters. At the end of the day, it's all about the message you're trying to get over. However, with the progress of technology, most individuals prefer texting to writing a letter.

Is texting better than emailing?
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Thanks to advances in modern technology, people can communicate with each other no matter where they are in the world, regardless of time zone variations. This paved the way for effective and immediate delivery of critical information and updates on a variety of themes, in addition to just remaining in touch.

Why is texting messages on the phone better than writing a letter?

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Both texting and writing a letter have their benefits. However, texting is more acceptable and desired in some cases, whereas writing a letter is required in others. Why is it that texting messages on the phone is preferable?

  • Texting is the best way to transfer information quickly from point A to B but is also more suited to short messages.
  • Texting is more immediate: While sending a letter may take weeks to respond or even arrive, texting, on the other hand, is instant, and the reply is as fast as seconds depending on who you are communicating with.
  • Texting is less stressful and less expensive. Writing a letter is usually more formal; while texting, you can use many abbreviations.
  • Text messages don't just have to be sent to one person; you can send texts to multiple people.
  • Texts can be delivered quickly and without much thinking.
  • Other technology, known as MMS, is built into smartphones, allowing you to add pictures, videos, and other media to a text chat. 
  • Texting can be done in a rather private environment. It's simple to send and receive texts without disturbing those around you, whether you're in a crowded office, at the movies, or on a train.
  • Regardless of age, gender, or financial background, almost everyone nowadays has a cell phone with texting capability. It's one of the most widely used modes of communication in today's world.
  • Texting is a service that allows you to save and forward information. When you send a text, it is saved on your device for as long as you want it to be.

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Is texting better than emailing?

email vs text message
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Technology now provides many possibilities for electronic communication, making corporate correspondence considerably more efficient than it was previously. Whether you use text messages versus email for business depends on who receives the message. When weighing the advantages of email vs text message, you may determine whether you should make the switch, remain with the old method, or use both.

Advantages of texting

  • It is the method of communication where the sender and receiver exchanges texts via mobile devices.
  • It is mainly used for a personal chat.
  • It is platform-independent.
  • It requires a cellular network to communicate.
  • It does not always require a username and password.
  • It can be done via mobile phones only.
  • It is an urgent method of communication.
  • Texting is less secure than email.

Disadvantages of texting

  • You need to have the app and be logged in to receive any communications.
  • It can be perceived as intrusive.
  • Can be overrun with spam messages
  • Longer messages are not easily composed on digital "keyboards" or keypads.
  • Has size limitations. The SMS text-messaging structure limits the number of characters in a given message unit to 160 characters.
  • Messages might be misunderstood. Brief answers can come across as rude or curt.
  • It can be distracting. The desire to read a text as soon as it arrives and the expectation for an immediate response means text messages can be a distraction.

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Advantages of using Email

  • Email is more secure than texting.
  • It is a reliable method of communication.
  • It can be done via mobile phones, computers etc.
  • It requires a username and password.
  • It requires a stable internet connection to communicate.
  • It is mainly used for professional chat.
  • It is the method of communication where the sender and receiver exchanges messages over the internet network.

Disadvantages of using email

  • Dependent on servers and may not be received in real-time.
  • It is not always opened/read immediately.
  • Higher spam message rates.
  • Can get lost in a sea of emails or end up in the "Junk" or "Spam" folders.
  • With low open and response rates, emails are more likely to go unread.
  • Requires an internet connection.
  • It needs to be constantly maintained due to the volume sent and received.
  • This can lead to information overload.
  • Time-waster due to volume and pressure to check frequently.

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Texting vs email in the workplace: Which is best for business?

texting vs email in the workplace
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Texting vs email in business comes with its advantages and disadvantages. It depends on your goals and objectives. When communicating with contacts and customers, every business or organization has different needs and expectations.

Many people prefer businesses and organizations to interact with them quickly, conveniently, personalized, and responsive. The difference between text and email is that email allows you to make a more visual and convincing story with more room.

On the other hand, text communications will always have a character restriction. Your message provider's character limit may vary, but texts are supposed to be short. They demand that you get to the point faster than you can with email.

Why would someone email instead of text? In the corporate world, e-mail is generally preferred over text since it allows you to send file attachments and provides a recorded trail of correspondence that you may use for records or legal purposes.

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For decades, email has proven to be effective. Businesses and organizations can use personalized marketing strategies to nurture customers, deliver interesting content, and personalize messaging. However, the truth is that many emails go unread or are deleted before they are even opened.

On the other hand, text messages have a high open and response rate. Compared to email, most clients will respond to a text from a business within one hour.

What are some of the text vs email etiquette one needs to follow?

When sending a text or an email, there are some important considerations to keep in mind to prevent making a negative impression on the recipient. Here are some points to consider in terms of politeness and clarity.

  • Use complete sentences to convey important information.
  • Use full words for messages. Avoid using abbreviations such as thnx, gty.
  • Punctuate your sentences and avoid writing nouns in lower case.
  • Remember to use salutations.
  • Keep subject lines brief and omit unnecessary words
  • Reply promptly
  • Be cautious with emojis and text speak

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Deciding on the best communication channel is difficult because the problem is context-dependent. If you wanted to contact someone but couldn't meet them face to face before personal computers, email, or cell phones, you wrote a letter or sent a card. People still write letters and cards, although perhaps not as frequently. Instead, many will type and send an email or a text message.

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