150+ powerful Nigerian names and their meanings that will fascinate you

150+ powerful Nigerian names and their meanings that will fascinate you

Naming a child is one of the most important rituals after birth. In Nigeria, it is believed that names can have an impact on the life of a child. However, before settling on a name, ensure you know what the name means. Have you just given birth and don't know what to call your kid? There are several powerful Nigerian names with meanings you can try.

Female Nigerian names
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Nigerian names have deep meanings and beautiful sounds for those inspired by the culture. These names mostly come from major ethnic groups, like Hausa-Falani, the Igbo, and the Yoruba. The following are some Nigerian names that will fascinate you.

Nigerian names and their meanings

Nigeria's cultural diversity is reflected in the names, which are mostly from the different ethnic groups. Here is a list of the best Nigerian names and their meanings.

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  • Aretta: A charming and enchanting woman
  • Abiola: Wealth has been born
  • Abiodun: Born at the time of the festival
  • Abeo: The bringer of happiness
  • Afolabi: Born into wealth and high status
  • Akpan: Firstborn son
  • Akpofure: Life is peaceful
  • Bolanile: Wealth of this house
  • Chinua: God's blessings
  • Chizoba: God protect us
  • Dayo: Joy has arrived
  • Ekowo: God's time
  • Elakeche: World's mystery
  • Enoche: King's mother
  • Enyanwu: Sun goddess
  • Kachiside: The will of the Almighty
  • Kamfeechi: Let me worship the Lord
  • Obiye: Comforter
  • Ochanya: Queen
  • Onyabahi: Luxurious woman
  • Onyaomale: Wisdom
  • Onyeche: Nobody wants to be relegated
  • Tambara: A girl who is at ease

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Best Nigerian girl names

nigerian girl names
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Naming your baby girl is fun but can sometimes be tedious as there are so many female Nigerian names to choose from. Below are some amazing names for a baby girl you should consider.

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  • Adaure: Daughter of Uruala
  • Aderiyike: The pampered crown
  • Ahunna: One with the body of her father
  • Anwuli: Joy
  • Chiagozie: The Lord has blessed me
  • Chinara: Received by God
  • Chichima: Precious girl
  • Daluchi: Thank God
  • Ekoche: My own
  • Ekondu: Belonging to God
  • Ema: Peace
  • Emiene: God's plan
  • Enayi: Mother of children
  • Ene: Mother
  • Enekole: Mother of the family
  • Enewa: Mother of a multitude
  • Igbe: My share or mine
  • Igweye: The people felt joyous about something
  • Ihotu: Love
  • Ihotukum: My love
  • Ijewoda: Money brings pride
  • Iyowaichofe: God has a greater plan
  • Ijeoma: A good journey in life
  • Isoken: Contented with her destiny
  • Kaisoluchukwu: Let's follow God
  • Kesandu: One who spreads life to all
  • Naija: The one from the Niger river
  • Nnenne: Resembles grandmother
  • Nmakani: Too much surprise
  • Obiabo: Generous or giver
  • Ochejife: A person is worth more than money
  • Ochoyama: God's doing
  • Odachi: Miracle
  • Ojonya: Beauty
  • Oka: Royal bead
  • Okah: Princess
  • Oloha: A blessing bearer
  • Olotuche: Faithful person
  • Oloture: Endurance
  • Onyeyibo: Beautiful child
  • Onyiloko: Woman of strong virtues
  • Rayowa: Life
  • Somtochukwu: Praise the Lord with me
  • Tujuka: Cheerful one
  • Ugoulo: Pride of a home
  • Yejide: One who looks like her mother
  • Zauna: To be alive
  • Zinachidinma: The Lord is good
  • Zoputan: Protector

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Nigerian boy names

Nigerian first names
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You have confirmed that you will have a baby boy soon. You are excited, and the next step is finding your baby boy a name. Below is a list of Nigerian male names you can give your small boy.

  • Abaeze: Branch of the kings
  • Achebe: You are protected
  • Azi: Youth
  • Abegunde: Born during the holiday
  • Adebola: The crown plus wealth
  • Adebowale: The crown has returned home
  • Adetokunbo: The crown that came from overseas
  • Abidemi: Born while father was away
  • Alhaji: Pilgrim
  • Ayokunle: Joy has filled our home
  • Azubuike: Your past is your strength
  • Babatunde: Father has returned
  • Bamidele: Follow me home
  • Bitrus: The Hausa version of Peter
  • Chetachi: One who always remembers his maker
  • Chiemeka: God has performed great deeds
  • Chidozie: May the Lord fix it
  • Debare: Born during good times
  • Durojaiye: Waits for the joy of life
  • Ekene: Thanks and praise
  • Ekwueme: He does what he says he is going to do
  • Emem: Peace
  • Enitan: A person with a story
  • Enyinnaya: Father's friend
  • Folami: Respect and honour
  • Golibe: Rejoice
  • Hanyechukwu: Leave it to God
  • Ibrahim: My father is exalted
  • Idowu: Born after twins
  • Ifeanyichukwu: Nothing is impossible with God
  • Ikechukwu: The power of God
  • Itoro: Praise the Lord
  • Imeka: The Lord has done so much
  • Jachike: Hail God
  • Jaiyesimi: Enjoying the life
  • Mahammadu: Prophet Muhammad
  • Machie: Replacement of a lost gem
  • Maduka: Worth more than riches
  • Oshay: Strong-willed one
  • Kayode: He who brings joy
  • Kyauta: Gift
  • Olufunmilayo: The Lord has given me joy
  • Olumide: God has come
  • Olamilekan: Wealth is increased
  • Olu: God
  • Olufela: God increases wealth
  • Sadiq: Loyal
  • Uduak: Desire

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Popular Nigerian names

Modern Nigerian names
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People embrace their African heritage, and Nigerian names have become very popular here and abroad. Here is a list of names from Nigeria you can adopt.

  • Ade: King
  • Chidi: God is real
  • Chibuike: God is strength
  • Chidinma: The Lord is good
  • Abiodun: Born during a war
  • Chika: God is the greatest
  • Adedayo: The king became a joy
  • Ifeoma: Good thing
  • Adisa: Clear-spoken person
  • Amandi: worthy of love
  • Ngozi: Blessing
  • Nneka: Beautiful
  • Sade: Honor grants a crown
  • Adebayo: The joyful crown
  • Chiemeka: God has performed great deeds
  • Obi: Heart
  • Olufemi: The Lord loves me

Nigerian first names

Uncommon Nigerian names
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Nigerians like to use their native names as first names instead of traditional English ones. Most of them are derived from their culture, ethnic group and religion. Here are fantastic names you can use for your baby.

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  • Juwon: God is gracious
  • Chiamaka: God is great
  • Uchenna: The thought of God
  • Sunday: First day of the week
  • Ola: Wealth or high
  • Chinyere: God gave
  • Emeka: The Lord has done so much
  • Olajuwon: Wealth is the greatest
  • Sani: A brilliant child
  • Hauwa: Happy girl
  • Ayomide: My joy has arrived
  • Oreoluwa: A gift from God
  • Chinelo: Thought of God
  • Olabisi: Joy and honour have increased
  • Tomilola: God is enough wealth for me
  • Chiamaka: The Lord is more beautiful
  • Igho: Money
  • Chinonso: God is near
  • Tolulope: To God be the glory
  • Kelechi: Thank the Lord
  • Oluwakemi: God pampers me

Modern Nigerian names

Popular Nigerian names
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When a parent gives birth, naming the baby is one of the most important things. You want to sample from traditional to modern ones. Here is a list of modern Nigerian name ideas you can choose from.

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  • Abeke: I bring joy
  • Aarin: Central
  • Sunkanmi: Draw close
  • Toluwalase: Authority is God's
  • Adesewa: The crown brings forth beauty
  • Iyiola: The prestige of wealth
  • Sarki: King
  • Nahantsi: Born at the dawn
  • Alade: The crowned one
  • Osinachi: Sent from God
  • Otito: Praise
  • Akenjuy: Over-pampered
  • Dangali: The only male
  • Somayina: I shall not walk alone
  • Jigo: Leader
  • Afini: The fire of God
  • Nomau: Born during the farming season
  • Chibuike: God is strength
  • Achojah: Rise to a challenge
  • Adango: Father's wealth

Uncommon Nigerian names

Nigerian baby names
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Nigerian baby names are unique to the culture of this region, and finding them in another country is hard. Here are some top names from Nigeria if you are looking for a unique name for your baby.

  • Abah: Intelligent one
  • Abayomi: Brings joy
  • Abadom: Request not to be chastised
  • Abaeze: Section of the kings
  • Abike: Born to be pleasured
  • Abdulrahaman: Servant of a merciful
  • Abieyuwa: Children born into prosperity
  • Chetachukwu: One who always remembers God
  • Chiagozie: The Lord has blessed me
  • Chibuike: God is strength
  • Chimezie: Let God do it
  • Daluchi: Thank the Lord
  • Durojaiye: One who waits for the joy of life
  • Ebunoluwa: God's gift
  • Echezonanna: Don't forget your God and your father
  • Egbo: Forest
  • Folade: The honour arrives
  • Ginika: What can be greater than God
  • Hassana: Twin Girl
  • Ifekristi: The light of Christ
  • Jachike: Give praise to God or Hail God
  • Kairaluchukwu: Let's leave it to God
  • Lebechi: Look unto God
  • Mfoniso: Good luck
  • Nasha: Born during the rainy season
  • Ndidi: Patient one
  • Obinna: Charm of a king
  • Oviereya: Queen
  • Tayo: Boy full of happiness
  • Tujuka: Cheerful
  • Urhie: River
  • Zauna: To be alive
  • Zoputan: The protector

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A name is one of the most important parts of a person, as this is how other people identify you. Naming a child can be tricky since numerous traditional and modern options exist. Nigerian names have meaning behind them according to their ethnic background and cultural influences. The above list of Nigerian names will help you decide which name to give your baby.

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