150+ cool water names for boys and girls to make your child unique

150+ cool water names for boys and girls to make your child unique

Do you know your name is an incredibly important part of your identity? It carries significant personal, cultural, and historical links. It also gives you a sense of self and belongingness in the community. Consider water names if you are a soon-to-be parent who wants a unique name for your child.

water names
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Without water, human beings and animals would not exist. Water symbolises life, wisdom, grace, power, and music. It is also associated with fertility and refreshment. As a result, water names are powerful and symbolic.

Cool water names for boys and girls

There are many cool water names in different languages. Below is a compilation of awesome boy and girl names that mean water.

Water names for boys

There are numerous cool names for water in different cultures and communities. Learn some of them today and their origin.

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Latin names for water

Latin is the language of ancient Rome and its empire. Below are some of the sea, stream, or ocean names for boys in this language.

CaryPleasant stream
Marius From the ocean
TrentGushing water

Sanskrit/ Indian

water-related names
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All parents desire to give a unique and meaningful name to their baby. You can borrow from the Sanskrit/ Indian community if you want a unique one.

AhimCloud water traveller
AmavOne connected to a body of water
AmbasthaOne who resides in water
AmbavaMaking a sound like running water
AmbhojaBorn of water
AmbupaProtector of water
AmburuhaBorn in the waters
AmbuvicaLiving in water
ApsavyaBeing in water
AvikLiving in water

English water-related names for boys

Most people think of traditions when England is mentioned. This is probably because of the culture Queen Elizabeth and her predecessors have supported. Below are some cute options for parents looking for a traditional yet somewhat unique name.

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ArledgeDweller at the rabbit lake
BeckhamHomestead by the stream
BlackwellBlack stream
BourneOne who lives near the stream
BradfordWide river with shallow water
BrooksSmall stream
CalderRocky water
KelbyDweller at the farm by the stream
OrwellRiver branch
WadeBy the river crossing

Japanese water names for boys

ocean names
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The Japanese culture is also rich, and its naming system is done patrilineally, i.e. from one's father and shared with other siblings. If you admire this community, check out some amazing options below.

Afuru To flood
Dansui Ocean
Etsumi Cold water
Junto Pure like water
MinamotoRiver source
Hiroka Ocean
Hinami Ocean
Hasumi Ocean
Kimi Beautiful water

French names meaning water

Many people associate the French language and culture with finesse and class. Here are some great names from this community.

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DestanBy the still waters
WisconsinGathering of waters
MortimerStill water
Sailor/ SaylorBoatman
TroyWater soldier

Hebrew water names

The Hebrew community is mostly linked with Biblical teachings because Hebrew was the language of scholars and the scriptures. Below are cute options from this community.

ArnonRushing stream
Moses Drawn from water

Water-related names from other communities

cool names for water
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There are thousands of communities and languages in today's world. As a result, there are many names associated with moisture, and some are listed below.

AftonCelticFrom the Afton River
AndreusGreekOf River Peneius
BergrenScandinavianMountain stream
DouglasScottishDark water
FirthScottishArm of the sea
Deniz TurkishSea
Murdock ScottishSea
ArnoItalianFlower water
MasikaEgyptianBorn during rain
KallanScandinavianFlowing water
KelvinGaelicFrom the narrow river
OhioIndigenous AmericanLarge river
PavatiIndigenous AmericanClearwater
RilianGermanSmall stream
SachielGreekAngel of water
TahoeIndigenous AmericanEdge of the lake

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Water names for girls

Choosing a name for your little baby girl can be daunting. You want to give them one that sounds nice and is meaningful. Here are options you should consider, including some names for bodies of water.

Latin names for water

names for water
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Almost all Latina names and nicknames for water are cute and unique. If you come from this community or simply love the Latin language, below are options you should look at.

AlmaRiver in Crimea
MarellaShining sea
MarinaBasin on a shore of a body of water
NaidaWater nymph
RosemaryDew of the sea

Icelandic names that mean water

Did you know Icelandic is a North Germanic language spoken by about 314,000 people globally? Most of them are based in Iceland, and below are two cute names for you.


Sanskrit/ Indian

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The Indian community has several female names related to water, and some are listed below.

AbjaBorn of water
AmbhiniBorn of water
AmbudaOne who gives the water a cloud
AmbumatiContaining water
AsitaRiver Yamuna
AmbupadmaLotus of the water
AmbuvahiniCarrying water
AshneerSacred water
BindhuDrop of water
BisaGreatly loved water snow
ChanchariBird vortex of water

English water-related names

names for bodies of water
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Here are some beautiful English baby girl names and their respective meanings.

BayCoastal line
BeverlyDweller of the beaver stream
BrookeSmall stream
BrooklynSmall stream
CascadeWater falling downward
DeltaDivides the river
EyreGravel riverbank
HarborPlace on the coast for ships and boats
KendallValley of the River Kent

Japanese water names for girls

The Japanese community has beautiful options for your little girl. They are easy to pronounce for people from other communities.

AnnaPeaceful water
Doremi Waterway
Erena Water route
KazemiOne who controls wind/ water
Kiyomizu Pure water
MahoTo cross a body of water
Manahimeko Lake
Ryūjin God of the sea

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French names meaning water

water names for girls
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Have you been searching for a powerful French name for your soon-to-be-born girl? We have compiled amazing options for you.

ArielQueen of the ocean
ChamireeCrooked stream
EvianSpa town in France
Loire From Loire River in France
SelinFlowing water
PierLanding stage for boats
TaleaseBeautiful water
VaitiareWater flower

Hebrew water names

Did you know that the Hebrew community has unique options besides the commonly-used Abigail, Anna, Eliana, Eva, Leah, Maya, Naomi, and Sarah for girls? Check out these options below.

Adva Ripple
DaylaTo draw water
CherithWinter stream
Miriam Rising water
TaliaDew from heaven

Water-related names from other communities

names that mean water
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Going through all names meaning water or water nicknames is a challenging task. This is why we have compiled a list of cute and unique options from different communities and cultures for you to choose from.

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AdairScottishA river near oaks
AmayaBasque Night rain
AnahitaPersianRiver goddess
CordeliaWelshDaughter of the sea
DorisGreekGift of the ocean
GuadalupeSpanishRiver with black stones
GuinevereWelshWhite wave
JennaWelshWhite wave
KaimanaHawaiianPower of the ocean
LupeSpanishWold river
NoelaniHawaiianHeavenly mist
SabrinaCeltic From the river Severn
TallulahIndigenous AmericanLeaping water
ZaryaSlavicWater priestess

Gender-neutral names

names for water
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Do you wish to prevent gender stereotyping or sexism in your child's future? If so, you should consider gender-neutral names, including those listed below.

AbitalHebrewMy father is the night dew
AeronWelshA small river in Wales
AraArabicOne who brings rain
ArnaIndianWave or stream
BayouFrenchSmall stream
ClydeScottishOne who washes
DylanWelshTide flow
FisherEnglishOne who fishes
FjordNorwegianTo pass over water
ItzelIndigenous AmericanDew
JordanHebrewTo flow or descend
LagunaItalianLake or pond
NiraIndianPure water
Nirvelli Indigenous AmericanWater child
ShandyEnglishWise river

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What is the Greek name for water?

The translation for water in Greek is ύδωρ (hydor). Some Greek water names are Hali, Thalassa, and Anahita.

What does water symbolise?

Water is a symbol of life, fertility, motion, refreshment, and purity. It is the difference between life and death.

There are numerous water names one can give their newborn baby. Different cultures and countries have different water-related names for boys and girls.

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