Common Russian girl names and meanings

Common Russian girl names and meanings

Choosing the right name for your lovely daughter may be stressful, more so if you have a limited list of names at the back of your mind. Our compilation of Russian girl names is an excellent addition to your own which will be helpful if you wish to identify your newborn using a Russian name.

Common Russian girl name
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There are several Russian female names you can opt for. Like all other names, they carry meanings behind them. Before you settle on Russian baby names for your kid(s), you ought to find out their definitions in the first place.

Russian girl names

Russian first names for girls are amazingly beautiful and so many that one could be spoiled for choice. Knowing the meaning of particular names is the first step in selecting one them. Here is a comprehensive list of female Russian names and their specific meanings.

  • Anastassia/Anastasia (Nastya): It means resurrection
  • Anna (Anya): Means one who is bright and shiny
  • Daria (Dasha): One who is well natured and trustworthy
  • Yuliia: It is a feminine form of Julian and a variant of Julia. It means 'youth'
  • Ekaterina (Katiya): Clear, perfect, pure
  • Marya: Means uncertain
  • Olga: Holy light

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  • Agata: One who is good at heart and mind, kind, gentle, and pure
  • Akilina: Eagle-like.
  • Alena: Light
  • Oksana: The most beautiful woman
  • Roza: One whose beauty compares to that of a rose
  • Alexandra (Sasha, Sashenka): A defender of humanity
  • Sofya: A wise woman
Russian girls names
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  • Tatiyana (Taniya): Brave, gift
  • Alina: Bright and beautiful
  • Alisa: One who is rational, coherent, and balance
  • Alla: Of noble kind, or defender of men
  • Alya: A heavenly body which is sublime and filled with dignity, greatness and beauty in all facets
  • Angela: An angel sent from heaven to spread peace and love
  • Angelica: Messengers of God sent from heaven
  • Theodosia: God's gift
  • Tianna: An aunty, daughter born to royalty
  • Angelina: Holy angel of God sent from heaven
  • Avdotya: One who is very difficult to resist
  • Dunya: Beautiful and young woman

Popular Russian names for girls

These Russian names for girls are very popular. The names are either identified with prominent people, events or memorable things. If you are looking for Russian girls names that are fashionable, look no more.

Russian girl names
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  • Borislava: Feminine name of Borislav. It means a famous battle
  • Bronislava (Bronya): A woman who gives protection
  • Nadja: A woman who will not give up easily

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  • Vera/Viera: Faith
  • Viktoria: Means victory
  • Yuliana: Youthful
  • Zinaida: Daughter of Zeus
  • Zoya: Life
  • Anushka: A weary and polite person
  • Natalia (Natasha): Christmas day
  • Nika: One who is for God’s purpose
  • Polina: Humble one
  • Rayia: A woman who is like heaven
  • Pavlina (Pasha): Born on Easter
  • Arina: the Greek word for peace
  • Asya: Means grace
  • Melana: Murky, without brightness or lightness at all
  • Bogdana: A woman who is God-given
  • Bojena: She who is a fighter in a battle
  • Lyuba: One who loves
  • Mila: Soldier or merciful

Common Russian names for women

Some commonly used Russian women names include the following:

Common Russian names
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  • Mika: The beautiful fragrance
  • Elizaveta (Liza): One who is everywhere. A devoted individual
  • Emiliya: An Industrious One
  • Eva: Life or a living one
  • Evgenia (Zhenya): Noble
  • Fedora: A divine woman who is a gift from God
  • Galina (Galya): a person who is brave, peaceful and happy
  • Elena (Lena): a dedicated woman
  • Irina (Ira): A watchful one
  • Khyristyna: Follower of Christ
  • Larisa (Lara): Famous and notable to many
  • Lesya: Defender, liberator and protector of women
  • Levka: Lion
  • Lyudmilla: Someone who loves and feels deeply
  • Milaslava: One who likes or wants to be glorified
  • Mischa: A female version of Michael. A messenger from God

Russian girl names can be given to baby girls everywhere across the globe. Before you settle on a specific name, be sure of its meaning first. A name might sound good on your tongue but its meaning might not be the one you intend to associate with your child.

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