200+ cute, cool and unique nicknames for boyfriend with meanings

200+ cute, cool and unique nicknames for boyfriend with meanings

Sweet and unique nicknames are not for women alone. Men also love being called sweet names by their loved ones or partners because they are a way of showing affection. Therefore, finding unique nicknames for guys is important for romantic relationships.

Unique nicknames for guys
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Men feel nice when you use cool pet names for them. We have compiled a list of unique nicknames for guys that you can choose from.

Unique nicknames for boyfriend

Are you looking for sweet things to call your boyfriend or partner? While there are numerous options, not all are suitable for your loved one. A pet name that may seem cool and cute may offend the other party.

You can avoid offending them by choosing the nickname wisely and confirming that he agrees to it. When picking names to call your boyfriend, consider the meaning too.

Cute names to call your boyfriend

Are you looking for nicknames that will make him blush? Here is a selection of cute nicknames for guys you should consider using.

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  • Baby: A lover or spouse.
  • Babyface: An attractive guy.
  • Bebetom: Turkish for my baby.
  • Big Mac: A strong and sweet person.
  • Boo Bear: Someone that you will love forever.
  • Bubba: An easygoing companion.
  • Captain: A man who is always in charge of things.
  • Casanova: A full-time lover.
  • Cutie cutes: A handsome guy.
  • Darling: A person who is very much loved or liked.
  • Dreamboat: Attractive and dreamy.
  • Dumpling: An attractive and loveable person.
  • Good lookin’: An attractive person.
  • Hercules: A strong man.
  • Honey: A nice and sweet person.
  • Hunk-a-lunk: A brawny man.
  • Light of my life: A guy who makes your days bright and happy.
  • Maverick: A free and independent thinker.
  • Mister Man: A macho man.
  • PIC: Acronym for a partner in crime.
  • Pooh bear: A cute-type boyfriend.
  • Pookie: A cute guy.
  • Prince: A royal man.
  • Sir-loves-a-lot: A very loving person.
  • Stud: A guy who meets all your needs.
  • Studmuffin: A man with well-developed muscles.
  • Superstar: One who is destined for great things in life.
  • Sunshine: A man who radiates warmth and love.
  • Sweets: A naturally pleasant, kind, and gentleman.
  • Tater-tot: A small-bodied man.

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cute names to call your boyfriend
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Cute Spanish nicknames for your man

Spanish is considered one of the most romantic languages worldwide. The language has cute pet names you can give your boyfriend.

  • Amante: A lover.
  • Azúcar: Sweet as sugar.
  • Bombón: A sweet person.
  • Bonito: Attractive guy.
  • Caramelo: Sweet as candy.
  • Cariño: A darling or sweet person.
  • Conejito: Little bunny.
  • Dulzura: A sweet person.
  • El cerebro: A sharp or well-learned guy.
  • Guapo: Handsome and attractive.
  • Gordito: A sweet and chubby person.
  • Hermosa: A handsome guy.
  • Jefe: A boss.
  • Lobo: A wolf.
  • Mi alma: My soul.
  • Mi amado: My beloved.
  • Mi amor: My love.
  • Mi cielito: My heaven.
  • Mi corazón: My heart.
  • Mi hombre: My man.
  • Mi león: My lion.
  • Mi media naranja: One who fits perfectly with you.
  • Mi tesoro: My treasure.
  • Mi vida: My life.
  • Papá: An older and fatherly man (great for people dating older men).
  • Papi chulo: A handsome and powerful man.
  • Pollito: A small-bodied person.
  • Precioso mío: A precious person.
  • Príncipe: A prince.
  • Querido: A beloved one.

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French nicknames for your man

The French language and accent are considered the hottest in the world. You can get a cute pet name for your lover in this language.

  • Beau: Sweetheart or handsome.
  • Beau brun: Cute and dark-haired.
  • Belle gueule: A good-looking guy.
  • Bijou: My jewel.
  • Calinours: This is for a boyfriend who is cuter than a teddy bear.
  • Doudou: My darling.
  • Frappadingue: Crazy boyfriend.
  • Mon amour: My love.
  • Mon ange: My angel.
  • Mon beau: My handsome man.
  • Mon bébé d'amour: My baby love.
  • Mon chéri: My darling.
  • Mon chou: My sweet bun.
  • Mon coeur: My heart.
  • Mon grand: My big guy.
  • Mon home: My man.
  • Mon lapin: My rabbit.
  • Mon loup: My wolf.
  • Mon nounours: My teddy bear.
  • Mon petit: My little love.
  • Mon poussinet: A dedicated and adorable boyfriend.
  • Mon preux chevalier: This is for your knight in shining armour.
  • Mon prince: My prince.
  • Mon roi: My king.
  • Mon souriceau: My mouse.
  • Mon tigre: My tiger.
  • Mon trésor: My treasure.
  • Mon villain: My naughty.
  • Roudoudou: My candy.
  • Zeus: A leader.

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cute names to call your boyfriend
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Cool pet names for your man

Here are some cool and unique pet names you can give your man.

  • Amore mio: Italian for my love.
  • Bambi: A cool baby deer.
  • Cool breeze: Warm, pleasant, and a source of comfort any time.
  • Dashing: A stylish person who is attractive and cool.
  • Dove: One who is pure, gentle, and magnificent.
  • Fluffy: A man who has a soft, sensitive, and tender heart.
  • Gelsomino: A person with a beautiful soft voice.
  • Knight: A guy who makes a girl feel seen, heard, and protected.
  • Magician: One who can seemingly do the impossible, always find a way out of a hopeless situation.
  • Liebling: German for my favourite person.
  • Mellow: An easy going guy.
  • Morning breeze: One whose presence is refreshing.
  • Mr Incredible: A perfect lover.
  • My gentleman: A guy with impeccable manners or a good reputation.
  • My heart: The one you love the most.
  • My soul: A guy you cannot do without.
  • Ninja: A discreet, mysterious, and strong person.
  • Peaches and crème: Elegant and all-around classy.
  • Perfect: You would not change a thing about him.
  • Pickle pie: Exciting and adventurous.
  • Pikachu: A symbol of shyness or gentleness.
  • Raindrop: He is deep and finds solace in quiet places.
  • Schmooky: A funny and lovable man.
  • Schnookums: Honey or darling.
  • Shmoopie: An adorable guy.
  • Silly goose: A man who never fails to make you laugh.
  • Skittles: A sweet man.
  • Sleepy: A phlegmatic guy.
  • Smiles: One with a lovely smile.
  • Snookums: The precious one.
  • Strong nutlet: A strong and healthy man.

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Nicknames based on hobbies, talents, and behaviour

Your partner's natural or learned abilities and behaviours can inspire a pet name. Check out some cute names to call your boyfriend based on his talents, hobbies, or behaviour.

  • Ace: A genius
  • Adorable: A guy who inspires great affection.
  • Beagle: A calm and intelligent guy.
  • Bear: A huge guy, with a warm and fuzzy personality.
  • Bee’s knees: An excellent boyfriend.
  • Beethoven: Lover of classical music.
  • Bibbles: A dope guy with a refreshing attitude.
  • Bookworm: One who enjoys reading.
  • Boss: A great nickname for a guy who loves to take charge.
  • Brainiac: A brilliant guy.
  • Brushcchi: A kindhearted guy.
  • Bubbles: A fun and energetic guy who lives in a world of his own.
  • Butterfingers: A clumsy guy.
  • Cheeky chimp: Funny and playful.
  • Cheerleader: A guy who’s always supportive of your efforts.
  • Cheese ball: Goofy, corny and adorable.
  • Deepwater: A guy who can engage in a deep and thoughtful conversation.
  • Dimples: A guy who has great dimples.
  • Doodlebug: A great artist.
  • Dreamer: A guy who can imagine the best things even when everything looks bleak.
  • Dulce: A smart, funny and down to earth man.
  • Enigma: A weird and mysterious guy.
  • Feisty: A touchy, tough and resilient guy.
  • Firecracker: An eccentric guy.
  • Foodie: One who loves food or eating.
  • Funny hunny: One who always makes you laugh.
  • Goofball: A guy who is silly, playful, and lighthearted.
  • Honeybunch: A man who is like a pile of sweetness.
  • Quarterback: One who plays football.
  • Starbucks: A coffee lover.

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things to call your boyfriend
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Hot nicknames for guys

If you are looking for an appropriate romantic nickname for your BF, check out the options below.

  • Butter age: One who looks younger than his age.
  • Dr Hot B*tt: A man with an attractive body.
  • Handsome: A good-looking fellow.
  • Hunk: A strong man.
  • Hot bod: A guy with a well-chiselled body and well-developed muscles.
  • Hot pants: A ridiculously good-looking man.
  • Hot stuff: An attractive person.
  • Hottie: A good-looking person.
  • Hotshot: A hot man.
  • Hotsy-totsy: A guy who is as hot as he is cute.
  • Hubba bubba: A s*xually appealing man.
  • Jazzy: A classy and fabulous guy.
  • Knockout: A guy that knocks you off your feet.
  • Lollipop: A boyfriend that is irresistible and delicious.
  • Loverboy: A guy who always comes on dates with flowers, candy, and romance.
  • Love genie: A guy who brings out the magic in you.
  • Luscious lips: A great kisser.
  • Main squeeze: A man that knows how to get the best out of you.
  • Major: The number one guy in your life.
  • Mr Naughty: A playful and a little sassy boyfriend.
  • Muscle man: A strong and physically fit guy.
  • Nibbles: One that drives you crazy.
  • Hot two-shoes: A desirable man.
  • Rashes: A guy that is always all over you.
  • Rum-rum: A guy that gives you a different kind of high.
  • Hot angel: A man who provokes the wildest of thoughts without even trying.
  • Scrumptious: A cute guy.
  • Wuggles: A guy that you love to spoon.
  • Yummers: He is so adorable that you wonder how he could be in your life.

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Cute names for a confident and strong guy

Men love names that boost their ego and feel them feel loved, appreciated, and valued for who they are. Therefore, it is important to choose a meaningful pet name for him. Below are unique nicknames for your boyfriend meaning confidence or bravery.

  • Alpha: A fearless leader of the pack.
  • Cadillac: An attractive and confident man
  • Captain: One who is in control.
  • Champ: A confident man.
  • Chief: A great leader.
  • Braveheart: A confident and brave guy.
  • Khal: A strong leader.
  • Light priest: A knowledgeable and noble guy.
  • Quake: Bossy person.
  • Radical: A person who would rather travel the road less taken.
  • Rockstar: A popular, fashionable, and stylish guy.
  • Soldier: A tough guy who is not fazed by anything life throws at him.
  • Sphinx: A mysterious and enigmatic man.
  • Sport: A tough and resilient guy.
  • Tarzan: Wild and exciting.
  • Tiger: An energetic guy that never gets tired.
  • Tweetie-pie: A sweet, adorable, and confident guy.
  • Unstoppable: A determined man that can overcome any barrier.
  • Viking: A guy that will tear down walls for you.
  • Wolfie: An energetic and resilient man.
  • Wonder guy: A person that is very good at all he does.
  • Wookums: An exciting and courageous person.

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What is a good nickname for a guy?

A good choice is simple to pronounce, has a positive meaning, and does not sound too mushy. Never use his negative traits or features to come up with his nickname.

What nicknames do guys like?

Men like pet names that make them feel special and respected. It is important not to overdo things when inventing or using a nickname for your loved one.

What are flirty nicknames for guys?

Flirty nicknames are those that make the man know he is attractive in a cool and playful way, for example, scrumptious, hot angel, hotsy-totsy, etc.

Choosing an appropriate pet name for your partner is not always easy. We hope this list of unique nicknames for guys will assist you in finding the best one for your partner.

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