50+ popular French names for boys and girls and their meanings

50+ popular French names for boys and girls and their meanings

France is popularly known for its beautiful sights, food, wine, and rich history and culture. It is also known for its elegant and romantic language which provides the perfect inspiration for baby names. French names have a certain je ne sais quoi that is truly unmatched; this is why you should consider them while naming your baby.

French names
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As the name a child is given can significantly influence its growth and development, one needs to be careful when choosing a name for their baby. Giving your child a unique and beautiful name is very important.

As you will notice below, French names have not only amazing pronunciations but also special and significant meanings.

What are some male French names?

Here is a list of the best male French monikers to give your baby boy:

  • Lucien: Light
  • Macairem: Blessed
  • Mainard: Strong and hardy
  • Martin: Of the sea
  • Pepin: Seed of a fruit
  • Reinald: Wise ruler
  • Mercelon: Little one of the sea
  • Donatien: Given by God
  • Edmond: Protector of prosperity
  • Richard: Powerful ruler
  • Denis: Follower of Dionysos
  • Clovis: Famous warrior
  • Devereux: Those which overcome by the yew
  • Constantin: Steadfast
  • Colombe: Dove
  • Salomon: Peaceable
  • Waltier: Ruler of the army
  • Thierri: King of nations
  • Mathis: Gift of God
  • Berenger: Bear-spear
  • Chandler: Candle merchant
  • Didier: Longing

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Here are some more cute French boy names that will make your boy baby unique:

  • Ancel: A parcel of land/ The Knight’s attendant
  • Warren: From La Varenne in France
  • Vicky: From the village
  • Yves: An archer
  • Xavier: Enlightenment
  • William: A protector
  • Vial: Lively
  • Verrill: To be true
  • Julian: Child born of love
  • John: Filled with God’s mercy
  • Guy: Mentor or Guide
  • Gustave: The royal staff of the ruler
  • Gil: To be youthful
French boy names
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Here are more cute French male names that will make your baby boy stand out:

  • Geoffrey: Peaceful
  • Friedrich: To be free
  • Francois: A free-spirited man
  • Fontane: Mountain
  • Darcel: From Arcy
  • Colin: The victory of the people
  • Charles: Great manly strength
  • Chappel: From the precincts of the chapel
  • Brett: From Britanny
  • Bo: Of bow’s strength
  • Blais: Stutter/ Lisp when speaking

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Unique French names for boys

Some unique French boy names are:

  • Ames: Friend
  • Forrest: Woodsman
  • Fabien: Bean farmer
  • Fabrice: Craftsman
  • Bailey: Administrator
  • Chevalier: Knight
  • Christophe: Christ bearer
  • Armand: Army
  • Eliot: Jehovah of God
  • Arnaud: Strong eagle
  • Firman: Strong
  • Ancil: God’s protection
  • Andre: Manly

What are some girl French names?

There are many French names for girls that you can give your little angel. Here are some unique French girls names:

  • Beaufort: From the beautiful fortress
  • Benoit: Blessed
  • Florentin: Flowering or blooming
  • Blondel: Blonde one
  • Clark: Cleric
  • Antoine: Priceless
  • Charlot: Son of Charlemagne
  • Frederic: Peaceful ruler
  • Darvell: Town of eagles
  • Eugene: Nobility
  • Bay: Auburn haired
  • Beal: Handsome
  • Cheney: From the oak forest
  • Fontaine: Fountain
  • Aurelien: Golden
  • Dean: Leader
French girl names
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What are some pretty French girl names?

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Here are some more pretty French girl names:

  • Audrey: Noble strength
  • Brigitte: Magnificent and great
  • Élise: God is satisfaction
  • Gabrielle: God is my strength
  • Jeanne: Feminine version of John
  • Beau: Handsome
  • Chase: Hunter
  • Juliette: Youthful
  • Marie: Lady of the sea
  • Mélanie: Little dark-haired girl
  • Noémie: Pleasant
  • Sylvie: From the forest
  • Stéphane: The crown of glory

Popular French female names

Here are some common female French names:

  • Abella: Breath source of life
  • Emma: Universal whole
  • Davet: Beloved
  • Burkett: Fortress
  • Auguste: Noble
  • Acelin: Noblewoman
  • Ines: Pure/Gentle
  • Adalaide: The nobility
  • Louise: Renowned fighter
  • Alice: Truth/ Reality
  • Manon: Bitter
  • Mila: A gracious/Beautiful dear
  • Abtielle: A woman of God

Unisex French baby names

Are you searching for a gender-neutral French name to give your unborn child? Here are some common options that you can pick from:

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  • Gabriel: God is my strength
  • Jade: Thankful
  • Jules: Youthful
  • Adrianna: From Harida
French baby names
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What are some French first names?

Do you want to give your child a French first name? Below are some of the options that will instantly catch your attention:

  • Charlotte: Little Charles
  • Adeline: Noble
  • Charles: Free man
  • Josephine: Jehovah increases
  • Natalie: The birthday of the Lord
  • Genevieve: Keen woman
  • Travis: Tollgate-keeper
  • Amy: Beloved
  • Nicole: Victory
  • Madelyn: High tower
  • Belle: Beautiful
  • Michelle: Who is like God
  • Warren: Park-keeper
  • Margot: Pearl
  • Marc: War-like
  • Marcellus: Young warrior
  • Talon: Large claw of a bird of prey

There are many French names with beautiful meanings. Understanding the meaning of the name before giving it to your child is very important. Which one among the ones above do you like?

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