Rare Igbo names for boys and girls

Rare Igbo names for boys and girls

There are rare Igbo names that you have heard, but could not even guess their meaning. By what are parents guided when choosing a name for their baby? The names of the Igbo tribe are so diverse that it is challenging to remember all the meanings. Parents, do not miss this1

Igbo names

Rare Igbo names with meaning

The name is not just a set of letters that is given to a person at birth, it is primarily the identification of a person and his defense in front of evil forces. The name determines the fate of a person, so the choice must be approached thoughtfully. Keep reading the post to find the option that reflects your love for the child, culture and the heritage of the family, especially if you are from Southern Nigeria.

Most of Igbo names have a complex specific grammatical construction and symbolic meaning. Names signify the circumstances in which the baby was born. Names also mean the relation of the family to religion and God, because most parents give names to their newborn babies with divine overtones, wanting to protect them in such a manner.

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Rare Igbo names

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Rare Igbo male names

Choosing a name for a boy, the people of the Igbo tribe are guided primarily by the qualities that they want to lay in the little man. As practice shows, the name really affects both fate and character. Therefore, it is better to choose a few names that you like and then see their meanings.

Igbo names for boys

Well, let's look at some rare Igbo male names and their meanings.

The fate of the baby depends on the name
  • Azubuike - this name is incredibly strong because it means that a person’s strength comes from his past, from experience, and from all old events. This does not apply to the baby, as well as his parents and ancestors.
  • Chimbuchi - literally means "my personal God is the universal God."
  • Ifesinachi - means that God has sent this baby, that he is holy and will do good deeds.
  • Ikemba - this name means that its bearer has the strength of all the people, of the whole nation. Here we can trace the tendency of names associated with power and divine origin.
  • Kachisicho - meaning "God's desire", that is, God himself desired that exactly this person be born.

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The meanings of Igbo names are unique
  • Maduka - this name means that people deserve more than to be simply rich, that is, the name contains not only self-knowledge, all-development, and self-sufficiency but also the renunciation of material wealth.
  • Mmaduabuchukwu - among all the divine meanings of names, only it says that man is not God, but only a Lord created man and in his likeness.
  • Obiefuna - means that a person is tolerant, educated, and respectful with other people.
  • Utondu - means "the sweetness of life".
  • Zimife - literally means "show me the light".

Having studied some meanings of the Igbo names, we can conclude that most of the names of this ethnic group mean a particular attitude to God, as well as strength and self-knowledge. But even here we find a logical connection, the power to know oneself can be obtained only from faith in God.

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Interesting Igbo names for boys

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Rare female Igbo names

As mentioned earlier, the name given at birth gives its "owner" certain qualities. It can both help in life and interfere. That is why the choice of the name should be treated with all responsibility.

Rare Igbo names for girls

In the Igbo tribe, it is believed that it is not the best idea to choose the same name for daughter as her mother has: this can make it difficult to understand each other. Such an approach is not welcomed by popular beliefs, which consider that girls with the same name always have conflicts.

Let's look at some rare female Igbo names and their meanings.

  • Anwuli - this name means "joy".
  • Apunnwu - means that a girl with this name will grow beautiful and very sweet, that she is like "not spoiled by the sun."
  • Chimagozielam - means that this girl is blessed by God.
  • Ebube - literally means "glory," that is, the owner will grow famous and successful.
  • Esimnachibia - means"I came from God."

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Female Igbo names
  • Ezinne - means that the baby will grow a good mother, because of it the name immediately lays in the girl kindness, sincerity, and generosity.
  • Ezinwanyi - literally "good woman"
  • Ifechukwu - means that this girl is God's gift and light that is given to people.
  • Ifunanya - literally "love"
  • Ndidi - this name means "patience"

After analyzing the female Igbo names, we can say that they also have a close connection with God and all divine, but the meaning of these names indicate the primordially feminine nature.

There is feminine nature in every female Igbo names

Female and male Igbo names are completely different, but they are joined by faith and love for God, high moral qualities, and holiness. We hope that our article will be useful for you and will help in choosing a name for your baby.

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