100+ rare Igbo names for boys and girls and their meanings

100+ rare Igbo names for boys and girls and their meanings

Igbo people are sometimes called Ibo. They are an ethnic group predominantly in southeastern Nigeria. They speak the Igbo language. The language has many beautiful names for boys and girls. Here, we explore the rare Igbo names and their meanings.

rare igbo girl names
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The Igbo ethnic group has numerous names for boys and girls. Names are not mere tags to distinguish one thing or person from another in this community. They are expressions of the nature of that which they stand for, and below is a compilation of rare Igbo names and their meanings.

Igbo names for boys

Igbo children are dedicated to a god called a chi at birth. The god is responsible for the guidance and protection of that child. Today, many names from this community are Christianised. Below is a list of beautiful rare Igbo names for boys.

Igbo names for boys starting with the letters A-C

Check out these beautiful rare Igbo names for a baby boy in 2022. Some have a modern touch, while others are old names.

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  • Abaeze: Branch of kings
  • Achebe: One protected by the goddess
  • Afamefuna: May my name never die
  • Anozie: We are now settled or well positioned
  • Arinzechukwu: God's assistance and grace
  • Azubuike: Strength gained from experiences of the past
  • Bunkechukwu: The one who belongs to the Lord
  • Chetachi: One who always remembers the Lord
  • Chibuike: God is my strength
  • Chibunna: God is my father
  • Chibundu: God is life
  • Chibuzor: The Lord leads
  • Chidiadi: There is God
  • Chidiebere: God is merciful
  • Chidiebube: The Lord is glorious and great
  • Chijioke: The Lord Almighty is the custodian of all talents and blessings
  • Chijundu: God holds life
  • Chimagozielam: This person is blessed by God
  • Chimankpa: The creator knows my needs
  • Chimaroke: God knows how to share gifts
  • Chimezie: God restores or repairs
  • Chinedu: The Lord leads
  • Chizitere: Godsent
  • Chukuemeka: God has done something great
  • Chukwumerije: The Lord Almighty created the journey

Igbo names for boys starting with the letters E-M

igbo names for boys
A woman holding a baby boy. Photo: pexels.com, @Adera Abdoulaye Dolo (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Are you looking for modern Igbo names for your little boy? Below are fantastic options to consider. All have a positive meaning.

  • Ebubedike: Glorious warrior
  • Echezonachuku: Never forget your God
  • Ejike: With power
  • Eyinnaya: My father's friend
  • Ifeanyichukwu: There is nothing the Lord Almighty cannot do
  • Igwebuike: Strength in number
  • Iheanacho: Precious and sought-after
  • Ikenna: God's power
  • Jachike: Give praise to the Lord Almighty
  • Jidenna: Hold on to your father
  • Kamanu: The God of thunder
  • Kamdilichukwu: Let me live for God
  • Kamfeechi: Let me worship God
  • Kanayochukwu: Let us keep begging from the Lord
  • Kaodinakachi: Leave your destiny to God
  • Lotanna: Remember the father
  • Maduka: People are worth more than riches
  • Munachimso: One who always agrees with the Lord Almighty

Latest Igbo names for baby boys starting with the letters N-Y

what are the best igbo names?
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Are you looking for new or old Igbo names that are not too common? Check out the selection of amazing names with deep meanings.

  • Nchedochukwu: God's protection
  • Nkemakolam: May my own never leave me
  • Nnabuenyi: The father is great
  • Nnduka: Life is more important than everything else
  • Nnamdi: My father lives
  • Ndubuisi: Life is important and precious
  • Nwabueze: The child is the king
  • Nwankpa: A child in need
  • Nwigwe: Child of the heavens
  • Nwokeoma: A handsome man
  • Nwolisa: Child of God
  • Nzeribe: Avoid bad people
  • Obiefune: Do not lose hope
  • Obimaburugonachukwu: The Lord comforts my heart
  • Obinna: A father's heart
  • Obunmaeme: It is not my doing
  • Okeke: Born on eke market day
  • Onwuegbuchulam: May death not wipe me away completely
  • Ositadinma: May good things become permanent
  • Yafeu: A bold and strong man

Rare Igbo names for baby girls

Are you looking for unique Igbo names for a baby girl in 2022? We have a fantastic collection, and all have deep meanings. They are also pretty easy to pronounce.

Rare Igbo girl names starting with the letters A-C

igbo names for girls
Parents holding their child. Photo: pexels.com, @Anna Shvets (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Below are unique Igbo names for girls you should consider giving your little girl.

  • Adaego: Daughter of wealth
  • Adamma: Beautiful first daughter
  • Adaobi: The first daughter in the family compound.
  • Adaolisa: God's daughter
  • Adaoma: A good and virtuous woman
  • Adaora: The people's daughter
  • Adaugo: A beautiful daughter or daughter of an eagle
  • Ahunna: One with her father’s body or is her father’s look alike
  • Akachukwu: The hand of the Lord Almighty
  • Akuada: A girl born into a wealthy family
  • Akunna: Her father’s wealth or riches
  • Bianonyerem: Come and stay with me
  • Chiamaka: God is wonderful
  • Chiasoka: God is too sweet
  • Chibuzo: God comes first
  • Chideziri: God wrote
  • Chimamanda: My God will never fail me
  • Chisimdi: The Lord says I shall live
  • Chinechezirim: God thinks good of me
  • Chinyere: God's gift
  • Chioma: Good luck
  • Chizitaram: God sent me

Modern Igbo names for baby girls starting with the letters D-M

old igbo names
A man holding his daughter. Photo: pexels.com, @Greta Hoffman (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The beautiful names below will influence your baby girl to become a virtuous woman in society.

  • Daberechi: Lean on God
  • Daluchi: Thank you, God
  • Eberechi: God’s mercy
  • Ekpereamaka: Prayer is beautiful
  • Erinma: A child of beauty and great prospect
  • Eziamaka: One who believes that good things are obtained by going out
  • Ezinne: A good mother
  • Ifunanya: Love
  • Ijeawele: Journey of favour
  • Kamfeechukwu: Let us worship and praise the Lord
  • Kamharida: I shall not fall
  • Kamsiyonna: The Lord has granted my request
  • Kamtochukwu: Let me praise the Lord
  • Kanyinulia: Let us rejoice and have fun
  • Kesandu: One who spreads life to all
  • Kosisochukwu: However it pleases the Lord
  • Kosarachi: Tell it to the Lord
  • Mkpulumma: Seed of beauty
  • Mmadiya: A woman whose beauty makes her husband proud
  • Mmasichukwu: The will of the Lord
  • Nchekwube: Trust in God
  • Ndidi: One who is patient
  • Ndidiamaka: It is good to be patient

Modern Igbo names for baby girls starting with the letters N-Z

igbo names for girls
A little girl and her mother smiling at each other. Photo: pexels.com, @William Fortunato (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Check out these unique Igbo names for baby girls starting with the letters N-Z.

  • Nkeiruka: The future is bright
  • Nnedimma: Motherhood is wonderful
  • Nnenna: My father's mother
  • Nwanyibuife: A woman is light
  • Obiageli: One born into wealth
  • Obiajulu: My heart is at peace
  • Ogechi: A fresh and successful ending of a struggle or contest
  • Ogechukwukama: The beginning of a new style of living
  • Oluebube: Miracle
  • Omasirichi: It pleases God
  • Somtochukwu: Praise God with me
  • Udumelue: Crowned with honour and pride
  • Ugommaeze: One whose beauty brings pride to the king
  • Ugoulo: Pride of a home
  • Ukumaka: Religion or the church is good
  • Urenna: Her father's pride
  • Zikeoranachidimma: Show the world the goodness of the Lord Almighty
  • Zinachidinma: Show that the Lord is good

What do Igbos call twins?

The Igbo names for twins are Taiwo or Kehinde, depending on whether they were born first or second.

What is the most popular Igbo name?

Some of the most popular names in this community are Emeka, Ada, Chika, Eze, Obinna, Ngozi, and Chidimma.

What are the best Igbo names?

The best names differ from one person to another. Some prefer traditional names, others modern ones. Even so, the most commonly used names are Ada, Emeka, Eze, Ngozi, Obinna, and Chidimma.

There are many beautiful and rare Igbo names for little boys and girls. Most names in this community have a close connection with God and divinity.

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