Top 50 Tiv names and meaning for baby boy and girl 2022

Top 50 Tiv names and meaning for baby boy and girl 2022

The Tiv people, also known as the Tivoid people, are an ethnic group that constitutes slightly above 2% of Nigeria's population. The Tiv are made up of about 5 million people, with a few living in Cameroon. The tribe is primarily found in Nigeria's Plateau, Nasarawa, Taraba, and Benue states. Like other tribes, the Tiv people have a naming system with numerous names meaning different things. What are the best Tiv names for boys and girls today, and what do they mean?

Tiv male names
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Most Tiv names are tied to the tribe's profound religious beliefs. The Tiv people are also quite renowned for their generosity and easy-going personalities.

Top Tiv names and their meaning

The Tiv language is closely related to the Benue-Congo language family. This explains the similarities in names and meanings found in dialects within the language family. Here is a look at the top Tiv Benue names and meanings.

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Male names

Tiv names and their meaning
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Are you looking for a great Tiv name to bestow upon your child? It is important to consider the name's meaning to ensure it resonates with your beliefs and preferences. Here are some amazing Tiv male names and the meanings behind them.

  • Tyehimba: We stand as a nation.
  • Hemen: The one who leads
  • Cieryol: Amazing or wonderful.
  • Ngutor: God is King
  • Bundesaan: No longer lost
  • Tor: The king
  • Vershima: The focused one
  • Fanan: Well-given
  • Terdue: The Lord has appeared
  • Gowon: The rainmaker'.
  • Ushahemba: The heavenly one is great
  • Aondoawase: May God help
  • Budepuun: No longer despised
  • Dooshima: The loving one
  • Sekav: We understand God's works
  • Mmemna: Her rest
  • Pasem: Reveal to me
  • Kator: God is king
  • Aondohimba: Gob above all things
  • Kumasughun: Time to thank God
  • Bemshima: Peace of mind
  • Bem: Peace
  • Ishughun: Thankfulness or gratitude
  • Boseda: Born on Sunday
  • Teremun: Father's acceptance

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Female names

Tiv female names
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There are numerous Tiv female names, all meaning different things. Here is a quick look at the top names of women from the Tiv people.

  • Seember: We rejoice
  • Mimidoo: The truth pays
  • Iywanger: Light
  • Ngusorun: God is visiting
  • Sengohol: We have received
  • Iyua: Gift
  • Mesuur: I will trust the Lord
  • Shiana: He has given again
  • Hembafan: He knows the best
  • Nguamo: God is with me
  • Kumasughun: Thanking God
  • Awase: God's help
  • Umbur: Remembrance
  • Wueseter: Praise the Lord
  • Fanen: Be aware
  • Ember: Rejoice
  • Doosuur: It is good to trust the Lord
  • Ahemen: Let God lead
  • Dooember: It's good to rejoice
  • Nguember: He is rejoicing
  • Terungwa: The Lord has heard my prayer
  • Nguyilan: He is calling
  • Mwar: I have survived
  • Dookenger: Beautiful to behold
  • Famimi: Know the truth

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Where are the Tiv people found?

They live on both sides of the Benue River in Nigeria. They are largely found in Plateau, Nasarawa, Taraba, and Benue states.

Who are some famous Tiv people?

Notable Tiv figures include Joseph Tarka, a Nigerian politician and human rights activist, Barnabas Gemade, the former PDP party chairman, and Iyorchia Ayu, a former senate president.

The Tiv people have interesting beliefs, traditions, religion, and naming systems. All the names bestowed upon children by the Tiv have meanings behind them. This guide will help you choose an appropriate Tiv names for your little one.

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