Latest short gown styles for real fashionistas

Latest short gown styles for real fashionistas

What are the latest short gown styles for real fashionistas? The stylish short dress is an indispensable attribute of a wardrobe.

Latest short gown styles

What is a short dress for a woman? First of all, it’s the opportunity to show the world her beauty. Therefore, fashion designers don’t miss the possibility to offer their beautiful models of a short gowns to the beautiful half of humanity. They can emphasize the figure’s merits of each lady advantageously.

Short gown styles

As you know, fashion does not stand still. Every year it offers all new styles of short dresses with interesting combination of textures, decoration, and cut. The main trend 2020 is refined femininity.

Short gown with a feminine silhouette

The main feature of short gowns in 2020 is feminine silhouettes. Dresses can clearly sit on a figure from a stiff fabric or easy flow with a set of draperies, folds, and flounces. But soft flowing lines dominate.

Short gown with a bright print

We should pay tribute to designers. They easily manage to please fans of any style. In collections of famous brands, you can find the whole range of women's preferences completely different from each other.

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Satin short gown

Fabrics used for making dresses 2020 are

  • cotton;
  • velvet;
  • satin and silk;
  • lace;
  • organza;
  • chiffon;
  • jeans.
Short gown with asymmetry

Details of tailoring for short gowns 2020

  • Slits (they can be located both on the hem of the item and on the sleeves);
  • décolleté, covered with lace;
  • asymmetrical hemline;
  • open shoulders;
  • transparent sleeves (they can be made from organza, lace, chiffon with a small floral print or plain);
  • flounces, ruches, frills;
  • insets from lace, chiffon, guipure and mesh, leather and even fur (in one dress there can be several types of inserts at once).
Short dress with a bright pattern

Multi-colored short gown

A color palette of short dresses 2020

A variety of color solutions harmoniously complements your image this season. Some tones can be identified as particularly relevant. The trendy colors are pastel tones, all shades of pink, khaki, mustard, turquoise, olive, lilac, red, silver, and gold.

Short gown with floral pattern

Trendy patterns 2020

Floral prints

The fabrics with a scattering of red flowers on a black, dark blue and milky-white background are very popular.

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Short gown with geometric prints

Geometric prints

Strips, cage, and rhombuses are often used. A shallow abstract pattern is also in trend. A strict geometric print can be used with soft flowing textures, forming draperies.

Short dress with jacquard patterns

Jacquard patterns

Bustier short gown

Latest short gown styles

Bustier short gown styles

The most relevant is the bodice tailored in a straight line. The bodice with the heart shape fades into the background. Such dresses are made in retro style and neo-vintage. They have a tight bodice and a bell skirt or flared skirt with drapes. A ‘mullet’ model with a shortened front hem and diluted with a bright floral print is very popular.

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Short dress with open shoulders

Short dresses with open shoulders

Another popular trend of the season is open shoulders. The fact that the sleeveless and strapless dress is in trend this year is proved by the numerous variants of such dresses on fashion shows. Open styles are more suitable for evening activities and beach fashion since bare shoulders, after all, give frankness to the image.

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Open shoulders

Short gown with one bare shoulder and frills

For example, the gowns with one sleeve and one bare shoulder look very feminine. A wide frill can draw attention to the most beautiful part of the female body, giving an extra volume to the chest.

Ankara short gown

Ankara short dress

Ankara short gown styles

Special attention should be given to Ankara short dresses. Bright Ankara fabrics are used for beautiful dresses’ designs in casual and office styles. Moreover, Ankara mix gowns with lace, chiffon, and fringe, embroidered with beads and sequins are the excellent options for events.

Short gown for plump fashionistas

Short dresses for plump ladies

The V-shaped cutouts on the neck and hem help to extend the silhouette. Another indispensable fashion element is the sleeves of an unusual flying cut. Thanks to it, the line of shoulders and arms seem more fragile.

Short gown for ladies with extra pounds

The trendy colors for plump ladies 2020 are white, light blue and violet, light emerald, cool-lilac. Warm yellow and ivory tones are not desirable. They make women visually plump. The dresses can be of gold and silver colors. Besides, bright light tones, such as peach, honey, a white wine’s tone are also relevant.

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Short chiffon gown

Short chiffon gowns

The main feature of such dresses is modest closed tailoring with a lack of deep cuts, a flared skirt, and long sleeves. It gives to a gown a special charm and femininity. The most current models are made of translucent chiffon of dark colors. And models with floral prints, thin silver strips or stones’ scattering are in trend too.

Little black dress

Little black dress styles

For many years, the little black dress does not give up its position.

Short office gown

Short office dress

Short office gowns

Classic office style is a dress-case made of dense material. Asymmetry of the neckline or hem adds a variety to this style. Color blocking made of two or three basic tones is suitable for office options. They are black, white, gray and beige colors. You can add a note of diversity in the working palette with mustard, olive and dark blue colors.

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Short dress-shirt

Shirt dresses are also relevant. White, beige, and khaki colors are very popular. For shirt dresses, dense fabrics are better to.

Short gown with flounces

Short dresses with ruffles

One of the brightest fashion trends as before are dresses with frills, flounces, and ruffles. Undoubtedly, this element of clothing is the embodiment of femininity. The entire dress or some of its parts can be decorated with frills. For example, the sleeve’s bottom, neckline, shoulder line, and hem.

Short dress with frills

Short ‘baby doll’ dress

Short gown in ‘baby doll’ style

Short gowns in ‘baby doll’ style

Dresses in ‘baby doll’ style have undergone some changes. They have a loose waistline, and ‘sleeves-lanterns’ are replaced by the ‘sleevless' styles For their sewing, as a rule, natural materials and pastel tones are used.

Short gown with a simple tailoring

Short dress with a simple tailoring

Short dresses with a simple tailoring

The clothes’ minimalists are pleased with styles of short dresses. The fitted silhouette without unnecessary details and complex shapes resembling a T-shirt or sleeveless T-shirt looks very stylish and allows you to focus onyour figure’s benefits.

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Short lace gown

Short lace dress

Short lace gown styles

What kind of lace do you prefer: cord lace or French lace? Gowns decorated with lace or completely sewn with lace are the trend of 2020. Lace gown styles will be relevant for a long time.

Short lace gown with complex tailoring and frills

Short shiny dress

Short shiny festive gown

Short shiny dresses

Designers propose to wear shiny gowns not only for parties. Many dresses in casual style are decorated with beads, sequins, and rhinestones this season. The dress should sparkle!

Short gown with various patterns and decor

What is a perfect short gown in 2020? Of course, it should be relevant for an occasion, but not too boring. Besides, it must correspond to the type of figure, but not hide it completely. The dress can be coquettish but not vulgar. The trends of short gown styles are suitable for ladies who are striving to create a unique wardrobe.

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