50+ fun websites to go on when you're bored and don’t know what to do

50+ fun websites to go on when you're bored and don’t know what to do

The internet is an amazing place because it fulfils our curiosities, interests and hunger for knowledge. It is the best way to cure boredom. There are numerous fun websites you can visit whenever you are tired of catching up with people on social media.

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It is easy to find yourself agonising about what to do when bored. However, do not fret; there are various cool websites you can visit whose content will leave you refreshed and wanting to spend even more time on the site.

Best fun websites to kill boredom

Wondering where to find a fun website when you're feeling dull? Below are some of the websites to visit when bored.

The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal is a massive library of fabulous, funny and fantastic comic content, mostly comprised of graphics. The content on this site will make you crack your ribs and keep you coming back for more.

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HowStuffWorks teaches you a broad spectrum of skills and topics using illustrations and videos to guide you. Topics covered include gardening, historical aspects of how things came to be, the meaning of various symbols on items like currency bills/notes, and caring for pets, among many others.

Little Alchemy

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Little Alchemy has you combining essential elements like air, Earth, water and fire to create everything else, from dust to life. It allows you to kill boredom while learning in the process.

Mental Floss

It is a site with stories covering developments in historical and scientific works. It provides a great way of learning and improving your knowledge through engaging in fun games, trivia, quizzes and facts.

The Onion

If you are a fan of satirical news, The Onion will be your favourite site, if it isn't already. There, you will find all sorts of news that almost sound like the real deal. Since 1988, this site has kept humorous high writing standards from the headlines to the article.

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A Good Movie to Watch

You can enjoy human-curated movie reviews and recommendations on this site. You will find great films here, and even if they may be unpopular, they are exciting to watch. Additionally, you can get a film recommendation based on your current mood.

The Odd 1s Out

It is a comical site that covers everyday life topics in a satirical and funny way. This site mainly comprises of graphics in its massive library of excellent, fun-filled, fantastic content. It also has a YouTube channel.


Sporcle is a site full of trivia and quizzes. You get only 15 seconds to answer each question asked, so you have to be a quick thinker!

Honest Slogans

This blog is a collection of fake promo images with slogans that 'match' the brand better than their existing ones. Although it has not been active in a while, it has pages of content for your to go through.

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The Moth

This site has people's real-life stories. There is also a podcast, The Moth, where these stories can be listened to. The site brings out the art of storytelling beautifully.


random websites
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The tagline for this site is "Do Everything Better", which is the main objective of articles on it. Here, you can learn tricks and tips that will make you more productive.


This site collects viral images every week. Enjoying all of them in one place by just scrolling makes it entertaining.


Here, you can view photos, videos and articles others have shared from their mix. You are also allowed to share from your mix as well. It is about a community of people who contribute to surprising themselves and others and then letting the internet sort all of them out.

Wizarding World

To all Harry Porter fans, you have arrived at the epitome of a fun-filled destination at the Wizarding World (formerly Pottermore). You will be busy finding Patronus, your wand type and Hogwarts house.

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Need a perfect GIF for your Tweet, chat, comment or post? Look no further; Giphy has myriads of them, enabling you to win all your GIF battles while getting entertained, too.


Even though the height of its popularity has passed, BuzzFeed is still an excellent place to go to when you are bored. It has everything, from interesting articles, to quizzes, to shopping.


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Forgotify avails the songs that have been forgotten on Spotify to you. "Forget Me Not" is this site's tagline. It is further explained by their caption, "Let's give them new life in new ears – yours".


Are you bored and not sure what to prepare for your next meal? Visit Supercook, enter the ingredients you would like to use, and you will be given a recipe in return. For those who enjoy exploring new recipes, this should be your go-to site.

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Apartment Therapy

Do you enjoy home transformations, home décor, DIY projects and fancy home items? Then you will surely find Apartment Therapy engaging. From house tours to cleaning, find whatever your heart desires.

15 Facts

Would you like to gain knowledge in tidbits without drowning or being overwhelmed? You will learn about literature, entertainment, history, science, and geography here.

One Tiny Hand

One Tiny Hand is one of the websites to go on when bored. This site has photos of different calibres of people, like athletes, singers, and political leaders, among others. They then make one their hands smaller, hilarity ensues.

Bouncy Balls

If you find yourself in a noisy place, you can open this page, turn on your microphone and enjoy watching the balls react to sounds. It can be a great tool for teachers who can turn this into a game with their class.

Wait But Why

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Wait But Why is among the coolest websites. It features stick figures and well-written articles explaining various subjects such as relationships, religion and outer space.


This game has become a phenomenon in the past few years, and you can play it through your browser as well. You have 6 tries to guess a 5-letter word, and that word changes every day, so good luck.


For geography enthusiasts, this is your site. You will take trips from your home through the photos of various randomised places worldwide. You will be expected to guess their location. It allows you to discover new places, but not the tourist attractions you might be expecting.

OCEARCH Shark Tracker

Here, you can track sharks and other marine creatures swimming around the oceans. The Marine Research Group OCEARCH lets you track animals tagged through their The Track Sharker tool as they expedite across the globe.

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Would you like to know what websites transformed from their current state? On this site, you get to pick a date to see a site's exact look at that given time. You can also use it to find things lost to time and discover hidden gems.

The Oregon Trail

If you went through the American education system in the 80s and 90s, especially in Oregon, chances are, you've played this game, or at least heard of it. If you want to relive your childhood, or try this incredibly hard old-school survival simulator for the first time, this website has you covered.

Web Sudoku

Are you a brain game enthusiast? Here is your chance to shine. There is no need to save local newspapers as through your web browser, you can play Sudoku.


Cracked is your everyday pseudo-magazine. It makes snarky observations of pop culture that are ridiculous by design or just ironic. It consists of what someone thinks of but is afraid to say out loud.

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The website reports on astronomy news and trends through easy-to-digest content. You can tap into your inner space enthusiast and learn how a black hole forms in space.


This site allows you to check out real estate in areas you may desire to live in. It will also enable you to check out places you may never live in but would love to in your dream world.


Wikipedia is one of the random websites to visit when you're bored. In the proverbial Wikipedia black hole, you might start out looking up some actor's credits, and a few hours later find yourself deep into the article on the fall of the USSR.


It is a free drawing multiplayer and guessing game. The game can make you laugh whether you are a pictionary enthusiast or not. Play with people from anywhere, or your friends, and enjoy everyone's attempts at art.

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Typing Club

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Typing Club is among the websites for when you're bored. Professional touch typing is addictive. The advantage of it is that it builds muscle memory. Whenever you are tired of keyboard two-finger pecking, try Typing Club and have fun.

100,000 Stars

This site is a platform with interactive 3D visualisation of the stellar neighbourhood, including the nearby 100,000 stars. A glance at the beauty and vastness of our universe is mesmerising and entertaining.


Sometimes, it only takes bringing out your inner child to entertain you. Patatap plays funny sounds, musical notes, animations and graphical notes based on keys you type on your keyboard. Get to tapping and have the wildest fun you haven't had in a long time.


The objective when playing Minesweeper is to reveal all blank squares while avoiding hidden mines. You deduce mine locations by strategically using numeric clues to show squares. This makes it a mentally stimulating and engaging game.

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Card Games

For the lovers of all things Solitaire (and other related card games), this website is perfect. Here, you can find anything, from FreeCell to Yahtzee.


Are you a Greek mythology site? On this site, you will explore all there is to learn for a Greek geek. You take up a virtual quest to discover more information, explanations and answers to appease your Greek river deity Styx curiosity.


This website converts the song of your choice into chords. The objective is to enable you to learn it on musical instruments like guitar, ukulele, saxophone or piano.

Flash By Night

People who have been on the Internet for a long time will remember websites full of fun little Flash games. This site is the next best thing. Find a perfect time-waster for you.


This website asks you to think of a made-up or real-life character. It then asks you questions about your character and eventually guesses your choice based on them. The website almost always guesses right, try it for yourself.

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Are you a fan of brain riddles, trivia, puzzles, games, quizzes and teasers? Braingle is your one-stop site for them all. It is a maze of fun and excitement, besides being intellectually challenging.


On Kleki, you can try to make digital illustrations using editing tools such as layers and brushes. You can save, upload or import images to this platform for editing. It brings out your hidden artistic talents and creativity.


On the Musicca website, you will have fun learning how to play the instruments virtually. Whether you own the instrument or not is a non-issue as you get to play virtual piano, drums, guitar and more that the platform offers.


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Are you a quizzes and puzzles person? This is your fun-filled spot. You get to try a variety of quizzes. You could also play online games for free and find facts and epic jokes on this platform.

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World History Encyclopedia

For all the history buffs, this is your destination for travel, world maps, and language translations. It is a one-stop-venue for quenching knowledge of the past thirst. Dive in and enjoy.

The Invisible Cow

This game requires patience as finding the cow on a blank screen based on the volume of someone screaming the word 'COW' is quite tasking. Once you find 5 cows, you can switch to finding a goat. After finding 50 animals, you can unlock the third animal (no spoilers!).


MapCruch gives you unparalleled adventure to random points in the world from where you can navigate your way and virtually explore the destination. You will have a filled adventure from the comfort of your home.

The Useless Web

If none of the aforementioned pages have struck your fancy, this is the answer to your problems. By pressing the big 'Please' button, you'll be taken to some random website, which can either be a great time waster, or an actually useful source of knowledge. You never know!

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Above are some of the best fun websites to cure boredom. They will keep you entertained while improving your quality of free time. Additionally, a lot of them will help you improve your knowledge and skills.

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