100+ male and female barbarian names for your new character

100+ male and female barbarian names for your new character

Dungeons And Dragons is one of the most famous role-playing games in the world. Players are required to select and name their characters. Unfortunately, selecting barbarian names for new characters can be tricky for most people. A look at some of the names you could use would be of significant help.

barbarian names
Barbarian warriors. Photo: pixabay.com, @Parker_West (modified by author)
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The barbarian level in Dungeons And Dragons is an exciting one. You get to choose a variety of characters and give them either barbarian female names or male ones.

100+ male and female barbarian names

In the game, the barbarians are known for their brute strength and warrior-like skills in battle. Therefore, the barbarian tribe names you choose should reflect exactly that. Here is a list of the most common names you can identify your characters with.

Cool barbarian names for girls

There are various barbarian names female characters could be identified with. You can pick a female barbarian name from the suggestions below.

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  • Alessia: Defender
  • Alexandria: A defender of humankind
  • Amira: An imperial
  • Audrey: Of noble strength
  • Bathilda: Battle
  • Carla: A free woman
  • Casey: Brave in battle
  • Cassandra: It means a man’s defender
  • Clotilda: One who is famous in battles
  • Emersyn: Bravery or powerful
  • Herewith: Strength of the army
  • Lenna: Lion’s strength
  • Louisa: A renowned warrior
  • Lulu: It denotes a famous warrior
  • Maia: It means a brave warrior
  • Marcella: It denotes warlike
  • Marcheline: This French pick means a warrior
  • Martina: A warlike
  • Maude: Battle-mighty
  • Meredith: The protector of the sea
  • Morgan: A sea warrior
  • Moxie: It means boldness and strength of character
  • Myla: A soldier or one who is merciful
  • Nikita: An unconquered one
  • Rosabella: A noted protector
  • Shamara: Ready for battle
  • Valda: It signifies a battle heroine
  • Valentina: Strong, vigorous, and powerful
  • Veerle: To travel to battle
  • Zelda: Means a grey fighting maid

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Good barbarian names for men

dnd barbarian names
A male barbarian warrior with a weapon. Photo: pixabay.com, @Annette
Source: UGC

If you are looking for a Barbarian name for your male character, the list below will be helpful. It contains numerous human barbarian names from different origins.

  • Aloysius: It means famous warrior
  • Amastan: It denotes a protector
  • Attila: One of the most feared ancient barbarians.
  • Berenger: It means a warrior who fights with a spear
  • Boris: It means to fight
  • Cadell: Battle
  • Cahir: Battle man
  • Donnacha: Brown-haired warrior
  • Duncan: Dark warrior
  • Einar: Bold warrior
  • Evander: Strong man and bow warrior
  • Gautier: Ruler of an army
  • Genseric: The Vandal's king
  • Gundahar: Famous Burgundian king known for his battle skills.
  • Gunnar: Bold warrior
  • Harold: An army ruler
  • Hartwig: Courageous in battle
  • Harvard: An army guard
  • Igor: Means a warrior
  • Izemrasen: It means powerful
  • Junaid: It denotes a warrior
  • Kavan: Means battle
  • Koa: Means a warrior
  • Levent: It means naval soldier
  • Lothar: A famous army
  • Ludovic: It means famous warrior
  • Luigi: Renowned warrior
  • Luther: Army people
  • Marceau: A little warrior
  • Marcello: A young warrior
  • Marcus: Warlike
  • Mordecai: A follower of Marduk
  • Nikostratos: Army of victory
  • Ojore: It implies a warrior
  • Oscar: A champion warrior
  • Ptolemy: It means an aggressive one
  • Ragnar: It means warrior
  • Rainer: The name means a wise army
  • Satriya: A knight
  • Swain: A knight’s attendant
  • Tanguy: It denotes a warrior
  • Tew: A warrior God
  • Troy: A foot soldier’s descendant
  • Viggo: The name implies war
  • Villard: It means battle fortress
  • Walter: An army ruler
  • Werner: A protecting army
  • Werther: A worthy warrior

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DnD barbarian names that are unisexual

While playing Dungeons And Dragons, there are unisexual names you can use to identify your characters. Some Barbarian names D&D gamers could use on their characters include;

  • Armani: It means a warrior
  • Callan: It denotes rock and battle
  • Casey: This name means brave in battle
  • Clancy: A red-haired warrior
  • Connery: A warrior-lord
  • Dustin: Could mean Thor’s stone or a brave warrior
  • Harlow: It means army
  • Kelly: It implies war
  • Martia: This name has its roots in Latin and Spanish and means “warlike.
  • Milo: It means merciful and soldier
  • Murphy: A sea warrior
  • Owen: A young warrior
  • Payton: It is a name that means fighting man’s estate
  • Sacha: A defending warrior

Funny barbarian names

Funny names are often more memorable. People are more likely to remember and recognize you based on your unique and amusing username. Here are some reasons why funny barbarian names can be a good choice.

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  • Baloo: Uses bone-crushing bear hug
  • Biff: Music and poetry
  • Blunderbuss: Charges through battles recklessly
  • Boombox: Carries a massive boombox
  • Bubbles: Oddly cheery in battle
  • Chuckles: Known for infectious laughter
  • Flibberflap: Can't resist flirting
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy: Teddy bear-like appearance
  • Gertrude: Easily fooled and gullible
  • Glimmer: Princess
  • Gloop: Malleable body
  • Grizzleknob: Method of settling disputes
  • Grog: Known for his strength
  • Gruntilda: Passionate about food
  • Hilda: One who is ready for a feast
  • Jibberjabber: Can't stop talking
  • Knuckles: Extremely ticklish
  • Muttonchop: Known for large sideburns and love for meat
  • Snaggletooth: Unique, crooked smile
  • Snickers: Fights to protect candy stash
  • Splat: Infamous for dropping weapons
  • Spork: Often bewildered and confused
  • Squishy: Specializes in squeezing opponents
  • Sven: Dealing with his enemies
  • Thorkel: Notorious for his mischievous pranks
  • Thud: Speech is incoherent
  • Toots: Incorporates a horn into battle
  • Ugg: A fierce warrior
  • Wanda: Paranoia

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What are some cool barbarian names from Reddit?

What are some cool barbarian names from Reddit?
A male barbarian warrior. Photo: pixabay.com, @Hansuan_Fabregas
Source: UGC

If you are using Reddit, you may need a unique username that can contribute to building your personal or brand identity. Here are unique names for Reddit you can use.

  • Aqurik Tempestborn
  • Ayla Fireheart
  • Drakar Grimclaw
  • Dyruk Marrowfiend
  • Freya Stormrage
  • Grommash Bloodaxe
  • Hakan Skullsplitter
  • Hildegarde Frostwolf
  • Jàegah Dawnsplitter
  • Jorok Norkerhym
  • Kaldur Blackthorn
  • Madal Whsiperbane
  • Ragnar Blackbeard
  • Sigrun Battleborn
  • Skara Flameblade
  • Sven Berserkr
  • Thrain Ironfist
  • Torvald Thunderstrike
  • Ulfrik Stormrider
  • Vargr Bloodmoon

These are some of the barbarian names for your male and female characters. You could identify them using any of the above-listed forms of identities.

Male and female barbarian names
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Source: UGC

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