Funny church program themes to keep your congregation entertained

Funny church program themes to keep your congregation entertained

The church is serious business and very important to the faithful who congregate weekly for spiritual nourishment. However, doing the same thing every week can get boring at times. These funny church program themes can help you keep your congregation entertained and focused at the same time. You can do more than give a sermon and leave.

funny church program themes
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There are many reasons why people go to church every week. Many go there to worship God. But many others also go to build a community. And the best way to build a loving and lasting community is to get the congregation to let loose and have fun together.

Funny church program themes

Church program themes don’t have to be serious and boring. However, sometimes Nigerian pastors can go a little overboard with the humour, resulting in very funny church program themes. Here are some of the funniest church program themes that Nigerian churches have made.

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1. Lamentations, but make it Nigerian!

funny church program themes
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Things don’t always go the way you want them to. Sometimes all your plans fail, and you feel like God may have forsaken you. However, that is no excuse for losing your sense of humour. Fashion your service after this pastor, and make your lamentations funny and engaging. You can include some funny Nigerian jokes that everyone will relate to.

2. Marriage is a must

funny church program themes
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Many young people in your church are probably hoping and praying for marriage, so why not make it a theme? Draw inspiration from the funny church program themes above. Make it clear that it’s not a negotiation this time–they must get married!

3. Witch and demon hunters

funny church program themes
Photo: @asefadzi, @akincraig, @candy.wabule on Facebook (modified by author)Photo: @asefadzi, @akincraig, @candy.wabule on Facebook (modified by author)
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Like the pastors above, you could use your service to clarify what your church is about. Are you all about hunting demons and witches? Well, say it with your theme!

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4. Church hair and car chronicles

funny church program themes
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You are encouraged to be very specific about your woes when you pray. Yes, even if your woe is that your hair won’t grow or you have "monitoring spirits". So, have your congregation members pray for their hair and cars. You might be surprised by how many people relate to these struggles.

5. TV-inspired themes

funny church program themes
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Every so often, a TV show sweeps the world and has everybody hooked. You can lean into that to capture your congregants’ attention like their favourite TV show. Did you particularly enjoy Prison Break? This is your chance to be Sucre or Scofield. Do you prefer a more action-packed show instead? Your creativity is your only limit.

6. Challenge your wicked family

Funny church program themes
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Not everybody will wish you well, but unfortunately, sometimes the poison is at home. These pastors used church services to let their congregation pray over their problematic family members. Your congregation is even encouraged to invite their problematic relatives to the service to hit the nail on the head.

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Funny Christmas programs for church

Christmas is the happiest season for many church-goers. It also offers a great opportunity for everyone to be creative and experimental. They are also not just for the richest pastors, as they can be done on a budget. These funny Christmas programs for the church can keep children and adults entertained and involved in the season’s festivities.

1. Christmas Carol-oke

Although karaoke may not be a conventional church activity, it may be just what your Christmas program needs. You could plan for the congregation to sing karaoke or Christmas carols after the service. You will get some laughs as your “worst” singers try to hit the high notes.

2. Ugly Christmas sweater contest

This theme speaks for itself. Challenge your congregation to channel their creativity – or lack thereof – with an ugly Christmas sweater contest. They must make their sweaters as hideous as possible, and you’ll see the worst Nigerian outfits. The ugliest sweater wins!

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3. Claim the new year in style

funny church program themes
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Christmas is a great time to take stock of the year that’s ending and prepare for the coming year. This makes the Christmas program a perfect time to claim your new year in style. You could borrow a leaf from the funny pastors above.

4. Christmas bakeoff

Borrow a leaf from the British show The Great British Bake Off and challenge your congregation to bring some baked goods. Not only does this theme let you gauge people’s baking skills, but it also provides great food for everyone!

5. A Christmas talent show

This theme is the opposite of the ugly Christmas sweater contest. Have your congregation try to look good rather than hideous. Let everyone showcase their talent, from fashion to singing and everything in between. Just make sure all the performances and decorations are Christmas-themed.

6. I smell America

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funny christmas programs for church
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Speaking of great plans for the new year and grand talents, you could try out your great sense of adventure during this holiday! This pastor could smell America and prayed for his congregation to have four great days of travelling there.

Fun church themes for the children’s ministry

Children easily get bored, and it can sometimes take a lot to recapture their attention. Singing songs and playing games every week may be fun for them. However, you can transform the church experience for the children at your children’s ministry with any of these fun church service ideas.

1. Superhero Sunday

Many children and adults enjoy superhero movies and TV shows, which makes them a fun theme for children. You could have the children dress up and talk about Biblical superheroes. The best part is that there are many to choose from, from Samson and Noah to David and Jesus. This is a chance for the children to explore their creativity.

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2. God’s love around the world

Children need to learn about other countries around the world and their cultures. Every child can pick any country around the world and learn about it. They can dress up in that country’s national attire or bring food from its culture. This is also a chance for the children to learn intercession by presenting prayer points for their country of choice.

3. Kings and commoners

There are many kings in the Old Testament, and this theme is a fun way to teach children about them. Consider decorating the church like a palace and splitting the children into kings and commoners. They could choose to be their favourite Biblical king for the day and present their chosen king’s strengths and weaknesses.

4. Amazing (G)race

The Amazing (G)race theme is a perfect way to get the children to enjoy the outdoors. Tap into fun in the way of the American reality show The Amazing Race while giving it a church twist. Feel free to draw inspiration from the children’s favourite Bible stories for clues. This way, the children can get some exercise and outdoor play while simultaneously learning the Bible.

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5. Church art and drama

fun church service ideas
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Plays are a tried-and-true way to keep the congregation entertained, regardless of age. Have the children and their parents wear costumes and put on a play inspired by a Bible story. The best part is that this theme works in all seasons, not just Christmas or Easter. You can also involve children with all talents, from art to acting to singing.

6. Blessed is the hand that gives

Teach the children about sharing and giving with this giving theme. Assign each child someone to give to, and they can study each other to figure out the best gift for them. The best gift wins, though it may be hard to define the “best” gift.

Funny church program themes are a great way to keep your congregation engaged and excited to attend church. There is a variety to select from, from cute themes for children to absurd and hilarious themes for adults. Just make sure you remember that at the end of the day, it’s about worship and prayer, not theatrics.

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These old-school activities will keep younger generations active and engaged during church services. Being old-school would also appeal to the older generations, keeping everyone together. For instance, who wouldn’t enjoy Easter brunch on a budget?


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