250+ cool and famous dragon names, their meanings and origin

250+ cool and famous dragon names, their meanings and origin

Dragon names are fierce, ferocious, and savage. These fictional creatures are believed to have existed between 6200–5400 BC. Mythical stories of many cultures worldwide mention them. Today, dragon characters are in fantasy movies, video games, and other forms of entertainment. This article lists unique male, female, and unisex dragon names.

famous dragon names
Dragons have captivated the human imagination for centuries, appearing in the folklore and mythology of cultures around the world
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People draw cool dragon names from folklore (traditional tales, sayings, dances, or art), novels, fantasy films, manga (comics or graphic novels from Japan), and online games. Read on to find out names from fantasy movies and TV shows like Game of Thrones. You will also find How to Train Your Dragon dragon names and pictures.

What are some dragon names?

Dragons are believed to have been majestic reptilian creatures with supernatural powers. They can use their powers for good or evil purposes. Dragons are also a species of lizards people keep as pets. Here are some awesome fantasy dragon names and their origins:

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  • Alduin - from Skyrim (2011, videogame).
  • Arman - from He’s a Dragon (2015, film).
  • Ascalon - from St. George & The Dragon (1984, children's book).
  • Dagahra - from the Rebirth of Mothra II (1997, Japanese film).
  • Darksmoke - from Adventures of a Teenage Dragon Slayer (2010, film).
  • Diaval - Maleficent’s faithful servant in the Maleficent (2014, film).
  • Draco - from The Dragonheart (1996, film).
  • Dracul - the devil, from Dracula (1897, gothic novel & 1992, movie).
  • Dragonite - a dragon name from a Pokémon!
  • Eborsisk - a two-headed fire-breathing dragon from the Willow (1988, film).
  • Elliot - from Pete’s Dragon (2016, film).
  • Enywas - from Darkmere (1993, videogame).
  • Errol - from Guards! Guards! (1989, book).
  • Eustace Scrubb - from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010, film).
  • Eragon - a dragon rider from The Inheritance Cycle (1983, book series).

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Famous dragon names
Famous dragon names. Photo: pexels.com, @Axel Sandoval (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Falkor - a lucky dragon from The NeverEnding Story (1984, film).
  • Fin Fang Foom - from Strange Tales (1961, Marvel universe's comic book).
  • Firnen - from the Inheritance (2011, book).
  • Ghidorah - from Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (1964, Japanese film).
  • Glaurung - a fire-breathing dragon from The Children of Húrin (2007, novel) and The Silmarillion (1977, novel).
  • Haku - the river spirit in Spirited Away (2001, film).
  • Leliana - from Dragon Age (2011, videogame).
  • Lockheed - from the Uncanny X-Men (1963, Marvel's comic book series).
  • Katla - from The Brothers Lionheart (1973, children's fantasy novel).
  • Maleficent - a dragon-shifting villain in Sleeping Beauty (1959, Disney movie).
  • Mushu - from Mulan (2020, Disney film).
  • Naga - from the Fire Emblem (2003, role-playing game).
  • Ormarr - one of the heroes in the Arena of Valor (2016, video game).
  • Puff - from Puff, the Magic Dragon (1963, film).
  • Saphira - a female dragon rider from The Inheritance Cycle (1983, book series).
  • Shenron - from the Dragon Ball (1986 to 1988, Japanese TV anime series).
  • Singe - from Dragon's Lair (1983, videogame).
  • Smaug - from The Hobbit (1937, book) & An Unexpected Journey (2012, film).
  • Synn - from D&D (1997, role-playing game).
  • Thorn - from Eldest (2005, second novel in the Inheritance Cycle book series).
  • Uruloki - a wingless fire dragon from The Lord of the Rings (2001–2003, film).

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Male dragon names

Famous male dragon names
Famous male dragon names. Photo: pexels.com, @Luis Quintero (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Dragon names are cool names for men. These creatures are believed to have been more powerful, autocratic, and intelligent than humans. Hence, giving the male people in your life dragon names is a thoughtful way of praising them. Here are some cool male dragon names and their meanings:

  • Apalala - a water-dwelling dragon from Buddhist mythology.
  • Apep - to slither, an Egyptian god of evil and darkness.
  • Apophis - to slither in Greek.
  • Askook - the snake, a Native American name.
  • Astarot - the leading one.
  • Attor/Ator - an evil dragon, poison
  • Drago - the Latin word for dragon.
  • Drakon - the Greek word for dragon.
  • Ehecatl - a wind serpent.
  • Fafnir - a dwarf who transformed into a dragon and is a symbol of greed.
  • Glaurung - a wingless, fire-breathing, trickster dragon (The Deceiver)
  • Herensuge - a dragon in the Basque language.
  • Ladon - Greek river god.
  • Nagendra - a snake and the god Indra, hence "snake-Indra."
  • Nidhogg/ Nidhoggr/ Nidhug - a serpent gnawing at the Yggdrasill tree roots in Norse mythology.
  • Nilakanta - blue-throated, a naga king Vasuki in Hindu mythology.
  • Ophiuchus - Greek for serpent bearer.
  • Orochi - an eight-forked snake god Susanoo killed in Japanese mythology for demanding sacrifices of young girls.
  • Pendragon - Celtic for the chief dragon.
  • Pythios/Pythius - a serpent Apollo killed near Delphi in Greek mythology.
  • Quetzalcoatl - feathered serpent.
  • Ryuu - the dragon spirit.
  • Samael - a fallen archangel of poison and death.
  • Shesha - the king of serpents from a Hindi myth.
  • Tatsuo - far-reaching man, or the imperial man.
  • Tatsuya - dragon-assertive.
  • Tezcacoatl - reflecting serpent king.
  • Uther - a variant form of Arthur, which means bear-man.
  • Viper - serpent meaning to bear, to bring forth.
  • Vritra - Hindi myth name of a dragon or serpent that represents drought.

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Female dragon names

female dragon names
Famous female dragon names. Photo: pexels.com, @Sofia Shultz (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Mythical stories portray female dragons are beautiful, big-hearted, broad-minded, forgiving, considerate, and forthright. You can show love to women with these traits by giving them cute female dragon names. The list below can help you find a suitable name for her:

  • Adalinda/Adelinde/Adelonda/Aethelinda - the noble serpent.
  • Amelinda - the work serpent or weak worker.
  • Annabelinda - Latin name Anna (favor/grace) plus German name Belinda (beautiful serpent).
  • Belinda/Bellinda/Belynda/Bindy - the bright serpent or linden tree.
  • Chua - a snake.
  • Chumana - a snake maiden.
  • Chusi/ Coaxoch - a snake flower.
  • Coatl - a snake, a slippery dragon with questionable morals.
  • Durian - a thorn fruit.
  • Fabio - of the Fabian family; noble.
  • Hydra - a nine-headed water dragon Hercules killed in Greek mythology.
  • Linda/Lindy/Lin/Lyndi - an English variant of the German name Lindi (serpent).
  • Malinda - a black or sweet serpent.
  • Kaida - a little dragon.
  • Medousa - one of the three Gorgon monster sisters in Greek mythology. They had snakes for hair, and they turned people into stones.
  • Melusine - wonder or sea fog.
  • Shuman - the rattlesnake handler.
  • Tanis - from the Greek words Phoenician Tanith, which means the serpent lady.
  • Tanit - the goddess of love, the moon, and the stars in a Phoenician myth.
  • Tiamat - the mother of life in the Sumerian language.

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Unisex dragon names

Unisex dragon names
Unisex dragon names. Photo: pixabay.com, @Artie_Navarre (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Most people use dragon names as nicknames or monikers for themselves, friends, family, or reptile pets. These names also suit dogs, cats, and other types of pets. Below is a list of famous dragon names:

  • Aidan - little fire.
  • Arrow - dragon slayer.
  • Blaze - fire-breather.
  • Brantley - a famous German fire dragon name.
  • Bomris - champion of the black dragons.
  • Drake - one who has the power of a snake and dragon.
  • Ehecatl - the wind serpent from Aztec mythology.
  • Iormungand - giant dragon pole.
  • Knucker - serpent.
  • Leviathan - an enormous sea serpent from the Bible.
  • Longwei - a dragon's greatness in Chinese.
  • Ormr - dragon, serpent, or snake.
  • Pythagoras - a python market in Greek.
  • Pachua - feathered water snake.
  • Ryoko - she who is like a dragon.
  • Sirrush - dragon on Babylon's Ishtar Gate (Babylonian mythology).
  • Xiuhcoatl - fire serpent or the weapon of destruction.
  • Vasuki - a leader with a gem on the head.
  • Veles/Volos - a variant form of Slavic Volos, which means ox.

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Game of Thrones dragon names

Game of Thrones dragon names
Game of Thrones dragon names. Photo: pexels.com, @Aman Ullah Khan (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Names of dragon characters in Game of Thrones are some of the world's most famous ice dragon names. Dragons in this fantasy movie breathe cold air and freeze humans. Below are inspiring Game of Thrones dragon names you can use as your baby's middle name or nickname:

  • Absinthe - wormwood, bitterness.
  • Brenton - fire, flame
  • Blizzard - snowstorm.
  • Chilalea - snowbird.
  • Daenerys - lady of light.
  • Eisdrachen - ice dragon in German.
  • Eirwen - blessed snow.
  • Etoirir - champion of the blue.
  • Frostine - ice queen.
  • Lodsmok - ice dragon in Polish.
  • Nidhogg - powerful.
  • Nieves - lady of snows.
  • Rhaegal - Khaleesi’s medieval dragons.
  • Sarmite - frost.
  • Snowstorm - heavy fall of snow along with the wild.
  • Valkoinen - white.
  • Viserion - first rain or autumn rain
  • Watatsumi - historical Japanese water deity.
  • Yukiharu - snow ruler.
  • Yukina - snow flower.

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What are good bearded dragon names?

Bearded dragon names
Bearded dragon names. Photo: pexels.com, @Antony Trivet (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Wild bearded dragons are native to Australia and make excellent pets. They have an even temperament, cute appearance and bonds closely with their owners. There are many choices when it comes to names for your bearded dragon. Here are some sweet names you can give your lizard, other pets, or nickname a loved one:

  • Bing - from Angry Beavers (1997-2001, series).
  • Bugsy - a lizard with buggy eyes.
  • Claw - a reptile with scratchy nails.
  • Devon & Cornwall - two-headed dragons from Quest for Camelot (1998, movie).
  • Gan - Aboriginal word for reptile.
  • Joanna - from Rescuers Down Under (1990, film).
  • Gex - from Gex (1995, videogame).
  • Godzilla - a giant prehistoric dinosaur-like monster in Godzilla (1954, film).
  • Grouch - a lizard that looks grouchy or flares its beard a lot, Sesame Street (1969, film).
  • Flare - a reptile with a wide flare.
  • Fork - a lizard with a pronounced tongue.
  • Lettie Lutz - a bearded woman from The Greatest Showman (2017, film).
  • Lucky - a lizard that has survived an illness or a bad fight.
  • Norbert - from Harry Potter (1997-2007, fantasy novels).
  • Ngarrang - Aboriginal word for bearded dragon.
  • Pinocchio - a lizard with a longer snout than normal.
  • Randall - from Monsters, Inc. (2001, film).
  • Rango - from Rango (2011, film).
  • Reef - from the Great Barrier Reef on the northeast coast of Australia.
  • Scarface - a reptile with a scar or scary appearance.
  • Sisu - from Raya and the Last Dragon (2021, film).
  • Sleestak - reptile-like creatures from Land of the Lost (2009, film).
  • Stumpy - a reptile with a missing portion of the tail.
  • Tripod - a lizard with a missing leg.
  • Waddles - an overweight bearded dragon.

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What are some good fire dragon names?

Fire dragon names
Fire dragon names. Photo: pexels.com, @Сергей Христинич (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Fire dragons are also called Draco Ignis.They are the oldest dragon species that vary in size, shape, color, relations, and subspecies. You can never go wrong with gender-neutral dragon names for loved ones and pets. Below is a list of fiery and hot dragon names:

  • Abeloth - the bringer of chaos.
  • Akhekh - a beast from Egyptian mythology.
  • Archion - a chief magistrate in ancient Athens.
  • Astrite - agile.
  • Bazzoit - the gifted.
  • Blaze - fire.
  • Brugmo - thunder.
  • Cedric - bounty.
  • Deadheart - cold heart.
  • Draigoch - powerful.
  • Druk - thunder creature of Bhutanese mythology.
  • Frerryry - the powerful one.
  • Jergintarth - the fire starter.
  • Ju-long - powerful and gigantic.
  • Marun - lightning.
  • Reombarth - the quiet and dangerous one.
  • Rex - a fiery king.
  • Starblaze - a comet.
  • Unniass - the powerful one.
  • Zysyss - the eternal one.

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What is a cute name for a dragon?

Cute name for a dragon
Cute name for a dragon. Photo: pexels.com, @Swapnil Kulkarni (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Female dragons are less aggressive as opposed to male fire dragons. You can give elderly ladies cute female names that mean dragon if they like to be teased. Here is an elaborate list of cute dragon names for you to choose from:

  • Aiden - Celtic word for fire.
  • Aine - fire.
  • Beardie - cute way of calling your pet.
  • Cadmus - dragon teeth.
  • Fafnir - a greedy dwarf who transformed into a dragon in Norse mythology.
  • Fluffy - covered with fluff.
  • Inferno - a large fire that is dangerously out of control.
  • Jormungand - a world serpent from the Norse mythology
  • Kai - fire.
  • Merlin - sea fortress.
  • Nithe - serpent.
  • Opal - a gemstone.
  • Ormr - serpent or snake.
  • Pebble - a small stone.
  • Pickles - a preserved cucumber.
  • Sprinkles - small drops or particles of a substance.
  • Smokey - filled with or smelling of smoke.
  • Sugar - sweet crystalline substance.
  • Sydney - wide meadow.
  • Wyvern - dragon.

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Cool dragon names

Cool dragon names
Cool dragon names. Photo: pixabay.com, @sherisetj (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Dragon lizards may have flaps, spines, and crests on their back and head. Many species are brown or gray. The males are more brightly colored in some species. If you like to keep pets, here are some awesome dragon names for them. You can use these names as nicknames for humans too:

  • Absinthe - a drink.
  • Antoinette - priceless.
  • Brenna - blazing light.
  • Bonaventure - good fortune.
  • Briony - to sprout.
  • Dino - dinosaur.
  • Ebeneezer - stone of help.
  • Edna - fiery red.
  • Elmo - helmet, protection.
  • Eponine - horse goddess.
  • Glismoda - a gothic name.
  • Hamnet - house, home.
  • Hedwig - battle, combat.
  • Mindy - dark serpent.
  • Rex - the king dragon.
  • Scylla - dragon monster.
  • Sobek - god of the Nile.
  • Tanwen - white fire.
  • Uwibami - giant snake.

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How to Train Your Dragon dragon names

How to Train Your Dragon dragon names
How to Train Your Dragon dragon names. Photo: pixabay.com, @Josch13 (modified by author)
Source: UGC

You should check out cute dragon names from Meet the New Dragons (book) and How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (series). The book and the movie are about the adventures of Hiccup, Astrid, Toothless (a dragon), and other dragons. Dragon characters in this film and book are:

  • Barf and Belch - a member of the mysterious dragons with unique attacking skills. One head produces sparks to light fire, while the other produces a thick green gas.
  • Cloudjumper - a storm cutter with woody brown scales, cream underbelly, and iridescent blue highlights.
  • Crimson Goregutters - a boulder class of dragons with antlers and axe-shaped tails. They are gentler than they appear and like peace.
  • Dart - a multi-striker night light dragon, the offspring of Toothless and the Light Fury.
  • Deathgrippers - heavily armored dragons hunt in packs and are more than capable of killing their fellow dragons.
  • Fishmeat - a baby dragon with rough brown skin on his upper body and a softer bumpier yellow underbelly.
  • Grumps - a different breed of boulder-class dragons known as hotburples. They make lava slugs from molten minerals and prefer iron ore over rocks.
  • Hobgobbler - a creature from Appalachia folklore that grants wishes and plays tricks on humans. It can turn into a turkey.
  • Hookfang - a monstrous nightmare from a stoker-class dragon that has very powerful blasts.
  • Light Fury - the caller of the wild, which is key to Toothless' destiny.
  • Meatlug - an affectionate creature who loves to fly, cuddle, and discover new dragons.
  • Pouncer - an energetic and playful night light dragon, the offspring of Toothless and the Light Fury.
  • Ruffrunner - a receptive and friendly night light dragon, the offspring of Toothless and the Light Fury.
  • Skullcrusher - he's the bloodhound of dragons.
  • Stormfly - Astrid Hofferson's deadly nadder.
  • Toothless - a dark dragon who lacks many primal instincts regarding love.

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Amazing dragon names

Amazing dragon names
Amazing dragon names. Photo: pexels.com, @Safari Consoler (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Children who watch movies, play games, and hear/read stories with dragon characters imagine magic and adventure when they think about these creatures. You can give them dragon nicknames to keep their childhood alive. Below are more exciting dragon name options:

  • Campe - winged dragon.
  • Chinglai - strong.
  • Corypheus - the head, being at the top.
  • Doryu - one who understands the ways of a dragon.
  • Ejder - serious and thoughtful.
  • Eltanin - head.
  • Fraener - dwarf.
  • Helios - the sun god.
  • Heperios - one who guards golden apples.
  • Irad - Biblical reference.
  • Jeysar - a crouching tiger.
  • Jiao-long - scaled.
  • Kagero - scenery, view.
  • Kraken - a mythical sea monster said to have appeared on Norway's coast.
Amazing dragon names
Amazing dragon names. Photo: pexels.com, @Craig Adderley (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Kētŏs - any huge sea creature or sea monster in ancient Greek mythology.
  • Khuzaimah - tree.
  • Knucker - water dragon.
  • Kur - the first dragon creature.
  • Laurana - a variant of Laura.
  • Libelle - dragonfly.
  • Longxing - happy.
  • Meguro - circumstance.
  • Melly - brave, unique.
  • Nocturne - of the light.
  • Oboth - Biblical name.
  • Ryoma - truth.
  • Ryuhei - noble, prosperous.
  • Ryuu - the dragon spirit.
  • Sarkan - dragon in Slovakian.
  • Seiryu - imperial.
  • Shulgan - water king.
  • Solontu - horned.
  • Syrax - charisma.
  • Yang - brave.
  • Yongjin - real, genuine.
  • Zilong - child.

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How to choose a dragon name?

Amazing dragon names
Amazing dragon names. Photo: pexels.com, @Ákos Helgert (modified by author)
Source: UGC

You can consider using dragon names as endearing nicknames for your loved ones but also allow them to decide between dropping or keeping them. These questions will guide you when picking a dragon nickname for humans:

  • A dragon nickname that withstands the passing trends, especially for a baby.
  • The other parent should agree with the dragon nickname you choose for your child.
  • A dragon nickname for a loved one should honor your culture and religion.
  • The loved one should be able to like the dragon nickname. Avoid monikers that offend people.
  • Consider the meaning of the nickname to avoid offending others.
  • Check its pronunciation to know how it sounds to the ears.
  • Rearrange letters or combine several dragon names to create a unique nickname.
  • Think through all possible dragon nicknames for your loved one before making the final decision.

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Dragon names are unique and different. Most of them mean power and strength. People give their pets and loved ones cute female, male, and unisex dragon names for fun.

Legit.ng listed the coolest anime names for boys and girls. Anime is a hand-drawn and computer-generated cartoon character. These artic works originate from Japan.

There are different male and female cartoon characters, and most are used in movies and online games. Anime lovers agree that these names are unique and cool.

Source: Legit.ng

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