200 cool and famous dragon names, their meanings and origin

200 cool and famous dragon names, their meanings and origin

Dragon names are fierce, ferocious, and savage. If you love playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, then you may be familiar with these mystical creatures. Dragons have existed in many myths and stories.

Dragon names
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These majestic creatures are fascinating to everyone who enjoys fantasy stories. Here are some amazing dragon names.

What are some good dragon names?

Before we get into the different fantasy dragon names and their meanings, have a look at the following list of the most famous dragon names. These dragon names belong to fictional creatures that are universally known and loved.

  • Falkor - the lucky dragon.
  • St. George & The Dragon
  • Saphira - of the Inheritance Cycle series, Eragon.
  • Mushu - from Mulan.
  • Toothless - from How to Train Your Dragon.
  • Fin Fang Foom - fictional character from the Marvel universe.
  • Draco - from the film Dragonheart.
  • Smaug - from The Hobbit.
  • Elliot - from Pete’s Dragon.
  • Puff - from The Magical Dragon.

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Here is a list of male, female, and unisex dragon names.

Male dragon names

Check out these cool male dragon names:

  • Apalala - one of the Hindi water dragon names.
  • Apep - to slither.
  • Apophis - to slither.
  • Askook - the snake.
  • Astarot - the leading one or the chief.
  • Attor, Ator - gall; poison; venom.
  • Chua - snake.
  • Coatl - snake.
  • Dracul - dragon or the devil.
  • Drago - Italian form of Latin Draco.
  • Drakon - Greek for dragon.
  • Ehecatl - wind serpent.
  • Fafnir - dwarf who transformed into a dragon and is a symbol of greed.
  • Glaurung - the wingless, fire-breathing, trickster dragon known as "The Deceiver" and "Father of Dragons."
  • Herensuge - refers to a dragon in the Basque language.
  • Iormungand - giant pole.
  • Knucker - serpent.
  • Ladon - Greek river god.
  • Leviathan - Anglicized form of Hebrew Livyathan, which means coiled, twisted in folds, and wreathed.
  • Longwei - meaning dragon greatness in Chinese.
  • Nagendra - a snake and the god Indra, hence "snake-Indra."
  • Nidhogg/ Nidhoggr/ Nidhug - dreaded striker. According to myths, it is a serpent who gnaws at the roots of the world tree Yggdrasill.
  • Nilakanta - blue-throated; a title belonging to the naga king Vasuki, as the myths say.
  • Ophiuchus - Greek for serpent bearer.
  • Ormarr - made of the elements orm "serpent" and herr "army," thus making the "serpent army."
  • Ormr - dragon, serpent, or snake.
  • Orochi - big snake in Japanese. Myths indicate that it is an eight-forked serpent who demanded sacrifices of young girls and was killed by the god-hero Susanoo.
  • Pendragon - Celtic for chief dragon.
  • Pythagoras - Is a Greek word made of Pythios, which is a python, and the word agora, meaning market, thus creating the name "python market."
  • Pythios - from the word pythein, meaning "to rot." According to myth, this is the name of a serpent killed by Apollo near Delphi. Its variant is Pythius.
  • Quetzalcoatl - feathered serpent.
  • Ryuu - the dragon spirit.
  • Samael - refers to a fallen archangel, who is also the angel of poison and death.
  • Shesha - according to Hindi myth, this is the name of a naga king of serpents, who is one of the primal beings of creation. The name came from Sanskrit root shiş, which refers to "that which remains."
  • Tatsuo - far-reaching man, or the imperial man.
  • Tatsuya - dragon-assertive.
  • Tezcacoatl - reflecting serpent king.
  • Uruloki - sub-species of a wingless fire-breathing dragon, also known as the fire-drake.
  • Uther - a variant form of Arthur, which means bear-man.
  • Vasuki - a king with a gem on his head.
  • Veles/ Volos - a variant form of Slavic Volos, which means ox.
  • Viper - serpent meaning to bear, to bring forth.
  • Vritra - Hindi myth name of a dragon or serpent that represents drought.

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Female dragon names

These female dragon names are elegant and fiery at the same time.

Famous dragon names
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  • Adalinda - the noble serpent. Its variants include Adelind, Adelinda, Adelinde, Adelonda, Dalinda, and Aethelinda.
  • Amelinda - the work serpent or weak worker.
  • Annabelinda - English compound name derived from the Latin Anna, meaning favor or grace, and German Belinda, which is a beautiful serpent.
  • Belinda - the bright serpent or bright linden tree. Its variants include Bellinda, Belynda, and Bindy.
  • Chumana - a snake maiden.
  • Chusi/ Coaxoch - a snake flower.
  • Hydra - a Greek name derived from the word hydor, which means water. According to myths, it refers to the many-headed water dragon that was killed by Hercules.
  • Linda - an English name, derived from a Germanic Lindi, which means serpent. Its variants are Lindy, Linnie, Lynda, or Lyndi.
  • Malinda - variant spelling of English Melinda, or Mindy, meaning either black/dark or sweet serpent.
  • Kaida - little dragon.
  • Medousa - guardian. It refers to one of the three Gorgons who had snakes for hair and whose glance turned anyone who looked at them to stone.
  • Melusine - wonder or sea-fog.
  • Shuman - the rattlesnake handler.
  • Tanis - originates from the Greek form of Phoenician Tanith, which means the serpent lady.
  • Tanit - comes from the Phoenician myth name of the goddess of love, the moon, and the stars.
  • Tiamat - comes from Sumerian elements ti "life," and ama "mother," which means mother of life.

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Unisex/ neutral names

If you are looking for a lovely name that exudes power and strength, then these inspiring names meaning dragon will be perfect.

Gender-neutral dragon names include:

  • Drake - one who has the power of snake and dragon.
  • Brantley - one of the famous fire dragon names.
  • Ryoko - excellent child.
  • Arrow - dragon slayer.
  • Tatsuya - the sign of the dragon.
  • Pachua - feathered water snake.
  • Chance - luck or fortune.
  • Aidan - little fire.
  • Blaze - fire breather.
  • Xiuhcoatl - fire serpent or the weapon of destruction.

Ice dragon names

The dragons appear in Game of Thrones and can breathe cold air and freeze humans. Check out some dragon names that are strongly inspired by them.

  • Absinthe - wormwood, bitterness.
  • Blizzard - snowstorm.
  • Chilalea - snowbird.
  • Daenerys - lady of light.
  • Eisdrachen - ice dragon in German.
  • Eirwen - blessed snow.
  • Etoirir - champion of the blue.
  • Frostine - ice queen.
  • Lodsmok - ice dragon in Polish.
  • Nidhogg - powerful.
  • Nieves - lady of snows.
  • Sarmite - frost.
  • Snowstorm - heavy fall of snow along with the wild.
  • Valkoinen - white.
  • Watatsumi - historical Japanese water deity.
  • Yukiharu - snow ruler.
  • Yukina - snow flower.

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What are some good fire dragon names?

Take a look at some fiery and hot dragon names.

  • Starblaze - comet.
  • Reombarth - the quiet.
  • Blaze - fire.
  • Jergintarth - the fire starter.
  • Unniass - the powerful one.
  • Archion - a chief magistrate in ancient Athens.
  • Abeloth - the bringer of chaos.
  • Bazzoit - the gifted.
  • Zysyss - the eternal one.
  • Frerryry - the powerful one.
  • Rex - king.
  • Cedric - bounty.

What is a cute name for a dragon?

what are good dragon names
Serpent's sculpture. Photo: pixabay.com, @sherisetj
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Here are some cute dragon names:

  • Trixie - bringer of joy.
  • Sydney - wide meadow.
  • Harper - a musician, especially a folk musician who plays a harp.
  • Opal - a gemstone.
  • Merlin - sea fortress.
  • Fluffy - covered with fluff.
  • Beardie - cute way of calling your pet.
  • Fabio - of the Fabian family; noble.
  • Durian - a spiny oval tropical fruit containing a creamy pulp.
  • Pickles - a preserved cucumber.
  • Sugar - sweet crystalline substance.
  • Cricket - an insect related to the grasshoppers but with shorter legs.
  • Pebble - a small stone.
  • Sprinkles - small drops or particles of a substance.
  • Inferno - a large fire that is dangerously out of control.
  • Smokey - filled with or smelling of smoke.
  • Aiden - fire.
  • Cadmus - dragon teeth.
  • Ehecatl - wind serpent.
  • Fafnir - dwarf.
  • Kai - fire.
  • Nithe - serpent.
  • Ormr - serpent or snake.

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Cool dragon names

Awesome dragon names include:

  • Brenna - blazing light.
  • Edna - fiery red.
  • Kaida - little dragon.
  • Mindy - dark serpent.
  • Scylla - dragon monster.
  • Tanwen - white fire.
  • Uwibami - giant snake.
  • Wyvern - dragon.
  • Antoinette - priceless.
  • Absinthe - a drink.
  • Rex - king.
  • Sobek - god of the Nile.
  • Ebeneezer - stone of help.
  • Elmo - helmet, protection.
  • Eponine - horse goddess.
  • Bonaventure - good fortune.
  • Briony - to sprout.
  • Hamnet - house, home.
  • Hedwig - battle, combat.
  • Dino - dinosaur.
  • Glismoda - a gothic name.

More amazing dragon names

Read on for more exciting dragon name options:

  • Doryu - one who understands the ways of a dragon.
  • Ejder - serious and thoughtful.
  • Fraener - dwarf.
  • Jiao-long - scaled.
  • Ju-long - powerful and gigantic.
  • Khuzaimah - tree.
  • Libelle - dragonfly.
  • Deadheart - cold heart.
  • Druk - thunder creature of Bhutanese mythology.
  • Ghidorah - three-headed hydra.
  • Helios - sun god.
  • Knucker - water dragon.
  • Nocturne - of the light.
  • Oboth - Biblical name.
  • Shenron - derived from the Dragon Ball anime.
  • Irad - Biblical reference.
  • Melly - brave, unique.
  • Syrax - charisma.
  • Yang - brave.
  • Akhekh - fantastic beast from Egypt.
  • Campe - winged serpent.
  • Heperios - one who guards Golden Apples.
  • Ketos - Kraken.
  • Kur - the first creature.
  • Draigoch - powerful.
  • Alduin - from Skyrim.
  • Enywas - from Darkmere.
  • Marun - lightning.
  • Naga - from the Fire Emblem.
  • Singe - from Dragon's Lair.
  • Synn - from D&D.
  • Corypheus - head, top.
  • Chinglai - strong.
  • Brugmo - thunder.
  • Astrite - agile.
  • Eltanin - head.
  • Jeysar - crouching tiger.
  • Kagero - scenery, view.
  • Laurana - variant of Laura.
  • Leliana - character from Dragon Age.
  • Longxing - happy.
  • Meguro - circumstance.
  • Ryoma - truth.
  • Ryuhei - noble, prosperous.
  • Sarkan - dragon in Slovakian.
  • Seiryu - imperial.
  • Shulgan - water king.
  • Solontu - horned.
  • Uryuu - rainy.
  • Yongjin - real, genuine.
  • Zilong - child.

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How to choose a dragon name

If you are wondering about possible name for your little fictitious reptile, a piece of advice for you would be choosing one according to its personality.

In case your pet is funny and lively, you could pick a quirky and hilarious option for it. However, if it is serious, maybe a more reserved one would do.

Dragon names are unique and different. Whether you want a female, male, or unisex option, you can be sure that there is one that fits your needs.

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