Thousands Flock To Black Mass To Pledge Their Souls To Satan

Thousands Flock To Black Mass To Pledge Their Souls To Satan

Thousands of people flock to the lakeside town of Catemaco in Mexico from across the world to seek change in their lives by taking part in a devil-worshipping 'Black Mass'.

A chief shaman Enrique Verdon gave insight on one of the most mysterious ceremonies called Black Mass, where chicken and goats are sacrificed before their fresh blood is poured over participants who had pledged their souls to Satan.

"Our black magic stems from Native American Olmeca culture, and we are experts in calling upon the devil and his dark power. People come to our devil-summoning ceremonies when they want to achieve change in their lives. Some come to ask Satan to give them success in the future, others come to get over their difficult pasts."

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A total of eight satanic priests had come from across Mexico to conduct the ceremony below a full moon. "We are all powerful individuals. Some are healers, others are destroyers. Tonight we are going to open the portal to another dimension so that those who ask to communicate with Satan will be heard. But if you don't fulfil your promises to Satan he will take everything away from you," said Joyri Ra, a devil worshipper.

The ceremony began with a group of teenage girls, carrying the terrified sacrificial offerings along a candlelit path to the main altar, all of them should be virgins, and be both mentally and physically pure. Those who had come to plead their cases to Satan were called forward and ordered to kneel before the shamans, who wrung the necks and removed the heads of chickens before pouring the birds' blood over the kneeling penitents' heads.'

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"The blood pumped from a still-beating heart is the purest form of energy. These animals have to die so that we can continue our spiritual work. Their blood will be offered up to the dark powers. We are calling upon Satan, the prince of the Earth, to appear before us. This sacred blood give us the energy and spiritual power we need to make our black magic,"  Verdon told the horrified crowd.

Visitors were encouraged to take the blood, pumped from a still-beating heart, and rub it into their skin in the name of purity. In total, eight animals were sacrificed during the ritual. Following the sacrifices, the shamans stood before a large burning pentagram and attempted to summon the devil through their chants. Then they and the new adherents of the black mass  are descending to an underground cave decorated with inverted crosses, animal carcasses and a large statue of Satan with an erect penis.

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The eight shamans gathered round each individual penitent and swore oaths to the effect that their soul now belonged to Satan, and that if their promises to the devil were not upheld then their spirit would be forfeit. The dedicated black masses by the devil worshipping cult began in 1970. Held on the first Friday of March, they have grown steadily in both notoriety and popularity over the subsequent 45 years

Source: Legit

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