150+ cool anime names for boys and girls and their meanings

150+ cool anime names for boys and girls and their meanings

Anime is a global phenomenon that originated in Japan. It encompasses culture, art, and entertainment. As a result, anime names have rich history and meaning, and more and more modern-day parents are giving them to their children. If you are looking for anime names for your child, here is a list of choices to consider.

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Did you know that not all anime names have a Japanese origin? While the phenomenon has its roots in Japan, anime names are drawn from different cultures.

150+ cool anime names for boys and girls

There are numerous names options to choose from, but the cool ones are those that feel right for your child and are meaningful. Choosing what to call your little boy or girl is a daunting task for many parents because there are millions of options. Therefore, the one you choose must sit right with your gut.

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Anime names for boys

A cute name is one that sounds nice to the mind and is smooth to pronounce. Here are some excellent best male anime names.

  • Akatsuki: The red moon
  • Aoiro: The colour blue
  • Arata: Fresh or new
  • Ash: An English name drawn from the ash tree
  • Astro: Greek for a boy of the stars
  • Bolt: Anglo-Saxon for a small farm
  • Chiyoko: A thousand generations.
  • Chouko: Butterfly child
  • Daisuke: Means the great one
  • Elric: Means king
  • Haruki: One who shines brightly
  • Haruto: Sunlight
  • Hiroshi: Tolerant, prosperous, or generous
  • Ichigo: Strawberry
  • Itachi: Japanese for a weasel
  • Jun: Chinese for king or ruler, or Korean for handsome and talented
  • Kaoru: Fragrant or one who smells nice
  • Karatachi: Trifoliate orange
  • Kuro: Black
  • Naruto: Japanese for fish cake
  • Roy: Irish for red
  • Shikamaru: Japanese for deer-like
  • Takashi: Noble and prosperous person
  • Tōshirō: Talented or intelligent
  • Yuu: The gentle person or one who is distant and leisurely

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What are some cool anime character names for boys?

anime names
A male anime character. Photo: pixabay.com, @jsks
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In the present-day world, there is a shift towards picking cool and unique names for children. If you are a fan of the anime genre, here are some cool male anime names one can choose from.

  • Alex: Greek for defender of man
  • Alphonse: German for one who is ready for battle
  • Brock: English for badger-like
  • Daiki: Japanese for shining
  • Dante: Latin for enduring
  • Elrick: English for a king
  • Hideo: An excellent man
  • Hikaru: A pioneer or the first
  • Isamu: The courageous one
  • Jiraya: Young thunder
  • Kouki: Happiness and joy
  • Kouta: The peaceful one
  • Levi: Hebrew for joined together
  • Masashi: Commander
  • Megumi: Love, blessing, or affection
  • Noburu: It means to expand
  • Osamu: Discipline
  • Ryoichi: A good person
  • Ryuu: A dragon
  • Seiji: Lawful
  • Shinichi: The truthful one
  • Tanjiro: A high-valued son
  • Tatsuya: An achiever
  • Tenzin: One who holds teachings

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What are some of the dark male names in anime?

Depending on the circumstances, some children are given names with dark meanings. Some common options with dark connotations are listed below.

  • Akui: Malicious or spiteful
  • Akuma: Demon or devil
  • Akuma: The trickster
  • Inuyasha: Dog demon
  • Kage: Shadow or silhouette
  • Kokushibou: Black death or dark lord
  • Kokuto: Black blade or dark sword
  • Kurai: Gloomy
  • Kuro: Black
  • Kurogane: Black steel or dark metal
  • Nikushimi: The spiteful one
  • Obake: Ghost or apparition
  • Yami: Darkness shadow
  • Yami: Prince of darkness
  • Yoru: Night
  • Youkai: Apparition, spirit, or phantom
  • Zankoku: The unforgiving one

Cute anime girl names

cool anime character names
A female anime character. Photo: pixabay.com, @jsks
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Selecting a name for your daughter is also a big responsibility. It is a fun yet stressful experience for most parents. You should always look up the meaning of a name before picking it. If you are an anime lover, consider giving your newborn daughter one of these anime nicknames.

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  • Ai: Japanese for indigo
  • Akira: Bright, clear, or intelligent
  • Aku: Powerful demon
  • Aoi: Hollyhock flowers or wholesome person
  • Asami: Hemp or future
  • Aya: Beautiful or colorful
  • Chi: Blood
  • Haruka: Remote or distant
  • Hei: Square jewel or blessing
  • Kei: Rapture
  • Makoto: Dark truth or sincerity
  • Rin: Dignified demon
  • Sakura: Japanese for cherry blossom
  • Shi: The strong one
  • Shion: Means aster
  • Sofiya: A name of Russian origin meaning wisdom
  • Taiga: Designed to sound like the word "tiger"
  • Tamaki: Ring
  • Tomoko: Wisdom child
  • Tooru: Pierce
  • Yakumo: Eight clouds
  • Yoko: Ocean child
  • Yui: To tie or bind
  • Yuki: Happiness or snow
  • Yūko: Gentle child
  • Yuri: Lilies or abundant ideals in Japanese, or light of God in Hebrew

Cool anime girl names

aesthetic names from popular anime
A character from the anime The Seven Deadly Sins. Photo: pixabay.com, @ermaltahiri
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If you are searching for a name for your baby girl but are unsure what kind of name will best suit your child, consider the cool options below.

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  • Abigail: My father's joy
  • Aika: Time (Finnish)
  • Aiko: Love child
  • Aimi: Beautiful love
  • Akeno: Japanese for in the morning
  • Aki: Bright or glistening
  • Asuka: Perfume
  • Hanako: Flower child
  • Hayate: The smooth one
  • Hikari: Light or radiance
  • Hinata: Sunflower or facing the sun
  • Itsuwa: Peace, calm, or serenity
  • Kyouko: Respectful or influential
  • Mikasa: Beautiful blossom flower
  • Motoko: Resourceful child
  • Nadia: Delicate, moist, or tender
  • Nobue: Delight or pleasure
  • Rei: Beautiful or lovely
  • Rena: Born again
  • Rika: Means pear or flowers
  • Seibā (Saber): The truthful one
  • Shizuka: Quiet or fragrant
  • Tohru: Clear or persistent
  • Usagi: Rabbit

What are some nature and colour inspired anime girls' names?

It is a common notion that girls love bright colours and nature. If you want a girly and colourful name for your daughter, consider the unique anime names below.

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  • Chinatsu: A thousand summers
  • Fubuki: Snowstorm
  • Kanna: Summer waves
  • Miyako: Beautiful night
  • Moriko: Forest
  • Nagisa: Beach or water's edge
  • Nanami: Seven seas
  • Sora: Sky
  • Uiharu: Early spring
  • Akane: Japanese for brilliant or deep red
  • Ayano: Japanese for color
  • Kohaku: Amber
  • Kushina: Beautiful black stone
What are some of the dark male names in anime?
A female anime character with purple hair. Photo: pixabay.com, @jsks
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Popular anime often have a large and dedicated fan base. Choosing a name from a beloved anime can create an instant connection with everyone around you. Here are cool names you can go for.

  • Thurston: Hammer of Thor
  • Betzalel: In God's shadow
  • Blagdan: From the shadowy valley
  • Bashira: A predictor of good news
  • Etsuko: A child of happiness
  • Fumio: Scholarly child
  • Gohan: Cooked meal
  • Gilgamesh: Ancestor is a hero
  • Goku: Aware of emptiness
  • Haru: Born in the spring
  • Hiroyuki: Harmony
  • Izuku: Hero
  • Katsuhiko: Respectable man with wit and virtue
  • Jiro: Second son
  • Michio: Man on a journey
  • Moe: Dark skin, to love, and God’s helmet
  • Mikio: Three trees together
  • Natsu: Born in the summer
  • Kirito: A person who cuts
  • Obit: Respectable person
  • Renji: To make happy
  • Shinjiro: Truthful
  • Taichi: Large one
  • Itaru: Advance the road
  • Takumi: Skillful one
  • Yukio: Snow boy or happy boy
  • Yuu: Gentle or lithe
  • Yo: Honest
  • Yoshi: Quiet
  • Sho: One who can fly

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There are numerous anime names for boys and girls to choose from in the modern-day world. Hopefully, the list above helps you get the perfect one for your little boy or girl.

Сool anime names for boys and girls
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